Index of Articles for the Month of May 2005
Monday, July 18, 2005 7:01 PM

U.N./Police in Haiti launch major offensive against Cite Soleil 31/5/05

Welcome to the Third World By Reza Fiyouzat 31/5/05


Fallujah: An Unnatural Disaster by Joe Carr 30/5/05

ColdType: June issue

CAFTA and its Discontents by Laerry Birns 31/5/05

Impeachment Fever and Media Politics By Norman Solomon 30/5/05

What if Chavez Frias attacked an embassy in downtown Washington D.C.? by Oscar Heck 30/5/05

Bush regime displays its astonishing virtuosity as liar and user of loopholes… by Chris Herz 27/5/05

Uzbekistan: U.S.-Trained Forces Present in Crackdown By Burt Herman 31/5/05

Uzbek Police Hold Activists By Aziz Nuritov 31/5/05

“Things are getting worse by the day.” Dahr Jamail’s Iraq Dispatches 30/5/05

The U.S. removes the Nuclear Brakes: Transforming the Nuclear Bomb into a “Legitimate Weapon” for Waging War by Reuven Pedatzur 26/5/05

GI SPECIAL #3b46 - What Has Our Country Become 31/5/05 (PDF)

The crime against humanity that is the state of Israel. Is there no end? by William Bowles 30/5/05

GI SPECIAL #3b45 - Lt Col Says Bush, Rumsfeld Are Traitors 30/5/05 (PDF)

GI SPECIAL #3b44 - The Army Lied To Me 29/5/05 (PDF)

The last word has not been said yet in this saga of fear, power and love 29/5/05

The 10 Deadly Enemies of Humanity in the USA By Charles Mercieca, Ph.D. 10/5/05

Iraq Living Conditions Tragic – Report by Niko Kyriakou 10/5/05


FBI Files Show Guantanamo Detainees Reported Desecration of Koran Beginning in 2002 26/5/05

The Bush administration’s shameful rejection of Venezuela’s extradition request 27/5/05

Sketchy Details Dahr Jamail’s Iraq Dispatches 27/5/05

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and the Silver Bullet by Kurt Nimmo 26/5/05

GI SPECIAL #3b42 - “Time To Get ANGRY AMERICA DEMAND Answers” 27/5/05 (PDF)

Why I’m still a lefty or the rake’s progress by William Bowles 27/5/05


A day in the life of an innocent visitor to Tel-Rumeida, Palestine By Eldad Kisch 24/5/05

“ACCORDING TO SECURITY SOURCES” – what remains of the Israeli media by Tanya Reinhart 24/5/05

Uzbekistan – Latest 26/5/05

The Silent Media Curse of Memorial Day By Norman Solomon 26/5/05

Iraq Diaries 23/5/05: Tom Fox, Dahr Jamail | Death Penalty Concerns

GI SPECIAL #3b41 - Anti-War Soldier Speaks Out“ WAR IS Money” 26/5/05 (PDF)

Death and despair plague Haitians in one of hemisphere’s worst slums, despite UN’s presence by Reed Lindsay 25/5/05

Imperialism 101: Chapter 1 of Against Empire by Michael Parenti 26/5/05

The Provocateur State: Is the CIA Behind the Iraqi “Insurgents”—and Global Terrorism? by Frank Morales 25/5/05

Just In Time Terrorism: Al-Qaeda in Palestine by Kurt Nimmo 23/5/05

Statewatch News Online, 25 May 2005

THE WEEKLY SPIN, Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Uzbekistan – An Activist Counts 500 Bodies By Aziz Nuritov 25/5/05

UK: Climate-Change Prompts Rebellion at Exxon by Terry Macalister 24/5/05

Adding Insult to Injury Halliburton Contractors Denied Insurance Benefits by David Phinney 24/5/05

Sharon Gets Hostile Reception in D.C. by William Hughes 23/5/05

Tracking the Number of Contractors Dying in Iraq Proves Difficult by Jim Krane 21/5/05

U.S. Claims Over Siege Challenged by Dahr Jamail 19/5/05

GI SPECIAL #3b40 - Roll Call 25/5/05 (PDF)

On the Spit Fines by Edward Teague 24/5/05

Haiti Report for May 24, 2005

The British (State) Broadcasting Corporation – A Coalition of the Killing? by William Bowles 24/5/05


GI SPECIAL #3b39 - Article 15: “Long Live The Empire Sir” 24/5/05 (PDF)

Just what every Iraqi needs: A Bible 23/5/05

Venezuela: building a social model that avoids the Marxist errors of the past by Hector Dauphin-Gloire 23/5/05

And Now, It’s Time For … “Media Jeopardy!” By Norman Solomon 23/5/05

GI SPECIAL #3b38 - You're Going To Kill Sand Niggers 23/5/05 (PDF)

Out Damn Spot – Oil Prices that is! by William Bowles 23/5/05

GI SPECIAL #3b37 - Target The Predators 22/5/05 (PDF)

Haiti - AHP News May 20, 2005

GI SPECIAL #3b36 - “We Shouldn't Be There And We Shouldn't Have Gone There.” 21/5/05 (PDF)

Daily Life in Baghdad, from Afar Dahr Jamail’s Iraq Dispatches 22/5/05

Tomgram: Dahr Jamail on Living in Two Worlds Dahr Jamail’s Iraq Dispatches 20/5/05

Displaced Iraqis Simmering with Anger in Amman Dahr Jamail’s Iraq Dispatches 18/5/05

“Official” Terrorist lights fires of resistance in Afghanistan by Edward Teague 22/5/05

GI SPECIAL #3b36 - We Shouldn't Be There 21/5/05 (PDF)

Uzbekistan – Latest 21/5/05

George Galloway disappears by Edward Teague 21/5/05

Peer Review: French Military Looks at US Performance in Iraq 20/5/05

Network Viewers Still in the Dark on “Smoking Gun Memo” Print media continue to downplay story 19/5/05

Working for the Americans – Dahr Jamail’s Iraq Dispatches 19/5/05

GI SPECIAL #3b35 - How Many Died? Pentagon Knowingly Issued Defective Body Armor To Marines In Combat 20/5/05 (PDF)

Flag Day: Three unarmed Haitians died from a bullet yesterday, May 18, 2005 19/5/05

Palestine: Aprēs Nous, Nous: Covering the Colonial Retreat Peter Lagerquist with Tom Hill 19/5/05

The Upcoming Iranian Presidential Elections By Reza Fiyouzat 20/5/05

Newsweek, the Quran and the “Green Mushroom” Following the real rules of modern journalism 19/5/05

Statewatch News Online, 19 May 2005

THE WEEKLY SPIN, Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Flag Day:An unarmed Haitian will die from a bullet tomorrow 17/5/05

“Democracy” in Iraq Dahr Jamail’s Iraq Dispatches 18/5/05

Venezuela - It’s about time that the people of the USA began to learn about reality 20/5/05

Venezuela - Violence? Deception? Manipulation? Military intervention? War? 20/5/05

What’s next in Venezuela? 20/5/05

GI SPECIAL #3b34 - Fuck The Army 20/5/05 (PDF)

Uzbekistan – Latest 18/5/05

Newsweek Finds Bad Stories Aren’t Equal By Robert Parry 18/5/05

GI SPECIAL #3b33 - “I Think They Are Shafting Everybody” 18/5/05 (PDF)

U.S.: Gitmo and Torture – A Tale of Two Stories Commentary – By Jim Lobe 17/5/05

“Break Them Down: The Systematic Use of Psychological Torture by US Forces” 1/5/05

Spineless at Newsweek: the Koran Story Gets Flushed by Kurt Nimmo 16/5/05

Guantanamo Controversies by Juan Cole 16/5/05

Newsweek Got Gitmo Right by Calgacus 16/5/05

Is there another Hugo Chavez in Latin America? An Exclusive Interview with Ecuador’s New President 17/5/05

British Memo Reopens War Claim By Stephen J. Hedges and Mark Silva 17/5/05

Bill Moyers’ speech to the National Conference for Media Reform 16/5/05


Uzbekistan – Latest 18/5/05

GI SPECIAL #3b32 - War Is Shit 17/5/05 (PDF)

Houston, We Still Have A Problem – An Alternative Annual Report on Halliburton 16/5/05

90th International Peace Activist To Be Deported By Israel 16/5/05

Press Release – Evidence forged in Senate case against Galloway 16/5/05

News Media and “the Madness of Militarism” By Norman Solomon 16/5/05

Uzbekistan: They speak with forked tongue by William Bowles 16/5/05

This Year’s Appendix B: One Year Forward, Two Years Back by S. Artesian 15/5/05

A “Welcome Parade” of Blood and Seething Anger Dahr Jamail’s Iraq Dispatches 15/5/05

Palestinian defiance By Eric Hazan 4-5/05

GI SPECIAL 3b31 - DoD Still Lying About Armor 16/5/05 (PDF)

GI SPECIAL #3b30 -Don't Let Our Vets Die Forgotten 15/5/05 (PDF)

Campaign for the Return of Democracy to Haiti 15/5/05

President Bush’s New Best Friend Slaughters As Many As 200 Civilians In Uzbekistan 14/5/05

Uzbekistan– Soldiers load bodies onto a bus in Uzbekistan after blocking families from collecting them 14/5/05

Journalists expelled from Uzbekistan 14/5/05

Haiti - Reporting For the Ezili Danto Witness Program – “Live From Site Soleil” 14/5/05

Silence on Uzbekistan – Why it Matters for Peace-in-Space Activists 14/5/05

Amman, Iraq, and Al-Qaim Dahr Jamail’s Iraq Dispatches 14/5/05

Haiti Report for May 14, 2005

GI SPECIAL #3b29 - 17 Troops Dead Since Last Saturday 14/5/05 (PDF)

The Canadian Corporate/State Nexus in Haiti By Anthony Fenton 12/5/05

Two-way independence: In many ways, Israel is the giver and the U.S. is the receiver 11/5/05

Historical process will give Chavez’ new Venezuelan socialism concrete form 13/5/05

Iraq’s Children - When Silence Becomes Betrayal Jay Shaft 12/5/05

Let’s face it – the state has lost its mind by John Pilger 13/5/05

Today’s Prophetic Noahs and Paul Reveres Sound Alarms by Shepherd Bliss 11/5/05

The Intensifying Global Struggle for Energy by Michael T. Klare 9/5/05

GI SPECIAL #3b28: Military Judge Says: “Any Seaman Recruit Has Reasonable Cause” To Believe Iraq War Illegal 12/5/05 (PDF)

(S)Peaking of oil… again‘ - Peak oil’ – Newsspeak for ‘too many poor people’ William Bowles 12/5/05

Jeffrey St. Clair exposes Bush’s covert policy of “renditions” Torture Air, Inc. 12/5/05

War by Other Means By Stephen Gowans 10/5/05

THE WEEKLY SPIN, Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Confronting Empire: The Fight For Global Justice

GI SPECIAL #3b27: Support GI Resisters 12/5/05 (PDF)

Nuclear power fading …? by Edward Teague 11/5/05

GI SPECIAL #3b26: 1600 Dead 11/5/05 (PDF)

US - No Real Debate for Real ID  By Kim Zetter 10/5/05

Smoking Gun Memo? Iraq Bombshell Goes Mostly Unreported in US Media 10/5/05

Haiti’s president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide speaks on Democracy Now!, May 10, 2005

Haiti - HLLN Announcements 10/5/05


Iraq URUK Net News Links 10/5/05

Statewatch News Online, 10 May 2005

British Government Ordered Shutdown Of Fake Ricin Story 14/4/05

Ambushing Dissent – The BBC’s Jeremy Paxman Interviews George Galloway 10/5/05

Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Thursday, 5 May 2005

B’tselem Video Testimonies about Life Conditions in the Occupied Palestinian Territories 7/5/05

The Law of the Jungle – New Labour’s Version by William Bowles 10/5/05

GI SPECIAL #3b25: Stand Up For Benderman & Paredes 10/5/05 (PDF)

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s Laptop by Kurt Nimmo 6/5/05

Nomadic Abstracts by Reza Fiyouzat 5/505

The Case of Kamel Bourgass - The sound of one hand clapping or a conspiracy of one by William Bowles 9/5/05

GI SPECIAL #3b24: Frag An Officer 9/5/05 (PDF)

Iraq URUK Net News Links 8/5/05

US-UK-Italian Uranium Science Fraudulent: Patients Betrayed by Italian Scientist by Bob Nichols 8/5/05


Iraq URUK Net News Links 6/5/05

Haiti - Yvon Neptune Nears Death By Brian Concannon, Jr. 5/5/05

Palestine - The uncovering of the under cover agents – on video 4/5/05

Haiti Report for May 7, 2005

GI SPECIAL #3b22: Bush Belongs in Prison 7/5/05 (PDF)

Basra Oil Union Organises Historic Anti-Privatisation Conference 6/5/05

Proof Bush Fixed The Facts by Ray McGovern 5/5/05

The secret Downing Street memo 5/5/05

A call to mothers and grandmothes around the world & An Prensip by Brian Concannon 6/5/05

UN says PM jailed illegally, Waters Urges Bush to Save Neptune’s Life, et al…6/5/05

The people of Cite Soleil still need our attention 5/5/05

Ezilidanto Haiti News Roundup 4/5/05

Rep. Conyers Letter to Bush Calling for a Further Inquiry Into a Secret U.S.-UK Agreement to Attack Iraq 5/05

Nuclear Fundamentalism and the Iran Story By Norman Solomon 4/5/05

If Neptune is flown into exile, he wants the world to know, it was a kidnapping 4/5/05

Uncovering the past or how I got my degree in political archeology by William Bowles 5/5/05

Tony Blair Can’t Win By Greg Palast 4/5/05

Come on Back, Tony Blair By Ian Williams 4/5/05


GI SPECIAL #3b20: War Support Hits New Low 5/5/05 (PDF)

The Gatekeepers Of The So-Called Left by Charles Shaw 3/5/05


International Conference for Ending Occupation, War and Violence Jerusalem 12-16 August 2005

Beating a Slow, Stubborn Retreat at Guantānamo Bay by Charles Schmitz 5/05

Iraq URUK Net News Links 3/5/05

Iraq URUK Net News Links 2/5/05

Iraq URUK Net News Links 1/5/05

Planned US-Israeli Attack on Iran by Michel Chossudovsky 1/5/05

GI SPECIAL #3b19: “Send Your Friends To Iraq, Or You'll Have To Go." 4/5/05 (PDF)

GI SPECIAL #3b18: “15,257 Attacks Against Coalition Forces” “The U.S. Considers All Of Iraq A Combat Zone” 3/5/05 (PDF)

The Uncensored Version of the Multi-National Force-Iraq Investigation into the murder of Secret Agent Calipari and the wounding of Ms. Sgrena 3/5/05

The Censored Version of the Calipari shooting 4/05 (PDF)

Walking Over Corpses – The New Statesman And The Guardian On Voting Labour 3/5/05

GI SPECIAL #3b17: A Pure Fire 2/5/05 (PDF)

GI SPECIAL #3b16: There's No Need for This 1/5/05 (PDF)

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