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Wednesday, June 3, 2009 11:42 AM
Index of Articles for the Month of May 2009

Africom Newslinks 28-31 May, 2009

The Return of the Resistance By Dahr Jamail

NATO Newslinks 30-31 May, 2009

Iran Newslinks 30-31 May, 2009 Venezuela Headlines for Friday, May 29, 2009 (Caracas time)

I asked her why she said Gaza is worse than the prison she worked in back in Pennsylvania By Philip Weiss (in Gaza)

Palestine Solidarity Campaign Weekly Update – Friday 29 May 2009

Afghanistan Newslinks 30-31 May, 2009

GI Special 7E25 31 May, 2009: The Countdown

ICH 31 May, 2009: Life in Vichy America

Pakistan Newslinks 30-31 May, 2009

URUK Net 30 May, 2009: Abandoned…

URUK Net 29 May, 2009: Amnesty International Annual Report on Israel and the Occupied Territories 2009

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 31 May, 2009: Halutz: “We tried to assassinate Nasrallah during the Lebanon war”

CounterCurrents Newsletter 30 May, 2009 – Sri Lanka’s Hidden Massacre

CounterCurrents Newsletter 29 May, 2009 - Torture Photo Revelations

What Is The Fetishism Of Commodities? By Thomas Riggins

Video: Sri Lanka: ‘20,000′ civilians killed

Thought crimes in Israel - Nadim Rouhana: This suppression is symbolic of a state that fears its past

Racists for Democracy By Uri Avnery

Video: AL NAKBA: The Palestinian Catastrophe 1948 by Benny Brunner

Video: The Concrete Curtain by Benny Brunner

Population Control: 10 Reasons Why It’s the Wrong Answer By Simon Butler

Climate & Capitalism: In U.S., Warming Will Hit Poor and Minorities Hardest

Video: Interview with Abderrahmane Sissako on “N’Dimagou — ‘Dignity’”

Manipulation: How Financial Markets Really Work By Stephen Lendman

GI Special 7E24 30 May, 2009: Behold The Dawn Of Day That Breaks Upon The World: Fort Hood Active Duty Soldiers March Against The Wars

Against All Odds: Revolution in Nepal Moving Forward By Derek Rosin

Video: Free Gaza Promo

Pakistan Newslinks 29 May, 2009

Afghanistan Newslinks 29 May, 2009

Iran Newslinks 29-30 May, 2009

Iran Newslinks 28 May, 2009

Occupied Palestine: The never-ending evacuation By Nehemia Shtrasler

FreeGaza Newsletter May 2009

ICH 29 May, 2009: Weekend Edition: The Main Result of the “War on Terror

NATO Newslinks 29-30 May, 2009

NATO Newslinks 28-29 May, 2009

GI Special 7E23 30 May, 2009: “Most Soldiers Know” “There’s Stupid” “And Then There’s Army Stupid”

Video: John Berger reads Ghassan Khanafani’s “Letter from Gaza”

Sri Lanka: Ten Questions By Satya Sagar

Video: US military in South Korea ‘pushing’ the North

Afghanistan Newslinks 28 May, 2009

URUK Net 28 May, 2009 Part 2: FLASHBACK: The Pentagon’s Secret Stash
Why we’ll never see the second round of Abu Ghraib photos.

URUK Net 28 May, 2009: New York “terror” arrests: another government-orchestrated plot

URUK Net 27 May, 2009: War is Unsuitable for Children: Another YouTube outrage

ICH 28 May, 2009: Confirmed: Abuse Photos 'Show Rape'

CounterCurrents Newsletter 28 May, 2009 – Tree Of Life Venezuela Headlines for Wednesday, May 27, 2009 (Caracas time)

UPDATE FROM THE ELECTRONIC INTIFADA 27 May, 2009: Finland-Israel | Netanyahu’s subterfuge | Politics of water | And more …

WHAT’S NEW ON CORPWATCH 28 May, 2009: The True Cost of Chevron; Mexico’s Other Crisis

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 28 May, 2009: Knesset approves initial bill criminalizing anyone who denies Israel as a Jewish State

IPS MIDEAST 28 May, 2009: Israel Prepares for North Korean Fallout

The Carmel Academic Center in Haifa Closes Academic Track As Too Many Palestinian Students Registered

Newly declassified documents reveal More than $97 million from USAID to separatist projects in Bolivia By Eva Golinger

Mohamed Khodr - The Three Branches of the AIPAC: The Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial

FEAR OF A MUSLIM PLANET: Hip-Hop’s Hidden History By Naeem Mohaiemen

But Governor, You CAN Create Money! Just Form Your Own Bank. by Dr. Ellen Brown

Video: Free Gaza News 27th May 2009

NATO Newslinks 27-28 May, 2009

West Plots To Supplant United Nations With Global NATO by Rick Rozoff

Colonizing Culture By Dahr Jamail

ICH 27 May, 2009: Exploding Debt Threatens America

Pakistan Newslinks 28 May, 2009

The North Korean nuclear test: What the seismic data says By Jeffrey Park

The North Korean nuclear test: A perilous path back to the negotiating table By Jeffrey Goldstein

Aryeh Eldad: Israel’s Little Hitler By Khalid Amayreh

Africom Newslinks 22-27 May, 2009

NATO Newslinks 25-26 May, 2009

Tuesday 26th May: CodePink Delegation Enters Gaza Venezuela Headlines for Monday, May 25, 2009 (Caracas time)

Our boats will sail again to Gaza By Mary Hughes Thompson

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 27 May, 2009: Palestinian factions slam Israel’s new law

URUK Net 26 May, 2009: Plain & Simple

Afghanistan Newslinks 26-27 May, 2009

Pakistan Newslinks 27 May, 2009

IS THIS AN AGE OF FINANCIAL REFORM OR PLUNDER WITHOUT END? Will All The Financial Reforms Lead to Change or Just Prop Up the Status Quo? By Danny Schechter

Armando Valladares’ CIA organization linked to plot against Evo Morales By Jean-Guy Allard

ISRAELI WAR CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN: Results of Palestinian Human Rights organization's investigations

Afghanistan Newslinks 25 May, 2009

Pakistan Newslinks 25-26 May, 2009

URUK Net 25 May, 2009: The Human Rights Situation in Occupied Palestine

URUK Net 24 May, 2009: U.S. prepares to withdraw, Iraqi resistance prepares for battle

CounterCurrents Newsletter 26 May, 2009 – A Small Step For Indian Justice

CounterCurrents Newsletter 25 May, 2009 – New Reign Of Terror

CounterCurrents Newsletter 24 May, 2009 – Police Brutality Against Baloch People Of Iran

The Bilderberg Plan for 2009: Remaking the Global Political Economy By Andrew G. Marshall

ICH 26 May, 2009: Another Outrage

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 26 May, 2009: Settlements contaminate Palestinian water supply in Hebron

NATO Newslinks 24-25 May, 2009

Ken Loach open letter to the Edinburgh Film Festival

Palfest closed by armed Israeli policemen BY BRENDA HEARD

GI Special 7E22 24 May, 2009: Can This Be The End?

Video: Shell on Trial: Landmark Trial Set to Begin Over Shell’s Role in 1995 Execution of Nigerian Human Rights Activist Ken Saro-Wiwa

U.S.: “There’s No Way I’m Going to Deploy to Afghanistan” By Dahr Jamail

Netanyahu Chooses Warehousing By Jeff Halper

More twists in the tale of Binyam Mohamed By Andy Worthington

Deepankar Basu, “The Left and Electoral Politics in India”

Marx, Marxism and the Cooperative Movement By Bruno Jossa

Lebanon-Syria Newslinks 24-25 May, 2009

Iran Newslinks 24 May, 2009

Video: Iran: Saman Salour, “The Final Match”

Guillaume Andreux and Charlotte Pello, “Ken Loach: ‘Make the Interests of Ordinary People Come First’”

GI Special 7E21 25 May, 2009: Rage

Joe Bageant: A redneck view of the Obamarama

ICH 24 May, 2009: Weekend Edition: Bush, God, Iraq and Gog

URUK Net 23 May, 2009: ‘Israel Map’ Withdrawn from London Tube

HLLN: 25 May 2009: Bill Clinton – Haiti’s Great White Hope? by JOHN MAXWELL | A Letter to Rush Limbaugh | HLLN Action Alert on Limbaugh | Unclaimed bodies

Operation Cast Lead: Dozens of Tons of Depleted Uranium and other radioactive substances were spread across the Gaza Strip Venezuela Headlines for Sunday, May 24, 2009 (Caracas time) Venezuela Headlines for Saturday, May 23, 2009 (Caracas time)

Pakistan Newslinks May 24, 2009

Afghanistan Newslinks 24 May, 2009

Aerial Bombing Makes Terrorists By: Abdul Malik Mujahid

Reviewing Ellen Brown’s “Web of Debt:” Part V By Stephen Lendman

Reviewing Ellen Brown’s “Web of Debt:” Part IV By Stephen Lendman

Reviewing Ellen Brown’s “Web of Debt:” Part III By Stephen Lendman

Haiti’s hunger made in USA By G. Dunkel

Haiti Report for May 23, 2009

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 24 May, 2009: Europe’s 'Hope' convoy expected to arrive in Gaza within hours

Mark Steel: What filthy rich really means

The Development of Venezuela’s Popular Economy, Pt. 1 By Jan Ullrich

Globovisón: The Loose Cannon of Venezuelan Media By Carlos Ruiz

Rosalind Gill, “From Sexual Objectification to Sexual Subjectification: The Resexualisation of Women’s Bodies in the Media”

Rick Wolff, “Capitalist Crisis, Socialist Renewal”

“To save planet, end capitalism,” Morales says By Simon Butler

Video: John Bellamy Foster, “Ecology, Capitalism, and Socialism”

Video: “Massive Casualties Feared in Nigerian Military Attack on Niger Delta Villages”

A Moratorium on Genetically Manipulated (GMO) Foods By F. William Engdahl

Video: Nigeria - Sweet Crude Directed by Sandy Cioffi

Iraq: Provoking the Inevitable By Dahr Jamail

‘Right to refuse’ By Harry Feldman

Obama, Netanyahu and Iran

Afghanistan Newslinks 23 May, 2009

Pakistan Newslinks 23 May, 2009

GI Special 7E20 23 May, 2009: Mules

Lebanon-Syria Newslinks 23 May, 2009

On Obama’s Chopping Block: It’s The Turn of General Motors The greatest single attack on American workers since the Great Depression By Shamus Cooke

Video: “Absolutist” to defend the law? Michael Ratner

Obama offers little new By Ali Abunimah

Iran Newslinks 22-23 May, 2009

NATO Newslinks 22-23 May, 2009

URUK Net 21-22 May, 2009: Media Ignores Real Controversy Behind Torture Photos; They Show Prison Guards Raping Children

ICH 22 May, 2009: Conservative radio host gets waterboarded, and lasts six seconds before saying its torture

NO2ID Supporters’ Newsletter No. 123 – 21st May 2009

CounterCurrents Newsletter 22 May, 2009 – Horrific UN And US Death Statistics Expose Obama’s Fake War On Terror Venezuela Headlines for Friday, May 22, 2009 (Caracas time)

Pakistan Newslinks 21-22 May, 2009

Afghanistan Newslinks 22 May, 2009

Afghanistan Newslinks 21 May, 2009

HLLN 22 May, 2009: Obama still denies Haiti TPS – Flooding kills at least 11 in Haiti | J’Accuse! CNN Distorts and Twists the News

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 22 May, 2009: Israeli extremists attack vehicles, stores in East Jerusalem

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 21 May, 2009: Netanyahu: “Jerusalem is ours, will never be divided again”

GI Special 7E19 22 May, 2009: Welcome To Obamaworld

Internet Threatened By Censorship, Secret Surveillance, And Cybersecurity Laws By Stephen Lendman

An Analysis of El Salvador’s Political and Economic Realities: Can Funes Succeed?

Iran Newslinks 21-22 May, 2009


CounterCurrents Newsletter 21 May, 2009 – Two Funerals And A Wedding

PCHR Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory No. 20/2009 14– 20 May 2009

ICH 21 May, 2009: Don’t Miss This Edition – Watching Obama Morph Into Dick Cheney

Statewatch News Online, 20 May 2009 (09/09)

URUK Net 20 May, 2009: U.S. Officials Admitted that Boys Were Sodomized In Iraq Prison

URUK Net 19 May, 2009: Living amongst the dead in Gaza

URUK Net 18 May, 2009: Pakistani Military Killing Fleeing Swati Civilians

NATO Newslinks 21-22 May, 2009

Book Review: Emilie Sueur, “Jasad, the Body Unveiled”

Book Review: Nathaniel Mehr, “Making Visible the Frames of War”

GI Special 7E18 21 May, 2009: Deadline: JUST 10 DAYS LEFT! For The Splendiferous Spring 2009 GI Special Fund Raising Raffle

The Cuban Five: A Starkly Controversial Case

The Weimar Hyperinflation? Could it Happen Again? By Ellen Brown

Iran Newslinks 20-21 May, 2009

Red Herrings and The “War on Terrorism” By Larry Chin

The Toll Booth Economy By Michael Hudson

The March of Folly, Continued By Norman Solomon


Africom Newslinks 18-20 May, 2009

IPS 20 May, 2009 ENVIRONMENT: West Bank Becomes Waste Land

ICH 20 May, 2009: Why Obama Won’t Release Torture Pictures

ICH 19 May, 2009: Noam Chomsky: Unexceptional Americans

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 20 May, 2009: UN: Gaza inquiry will continue even without Israeli cooperation

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 19 May, 2009: How Many Secret Prisons Does Israel Have?

NATO Newslinks 20-21 May, 2009

NATO Newslinks 19 May, 2009

Iqbal Jassat - ‘Terror’ Channels Face Freedom Threat

Afghanistan Newslinks 19-20 May, 2009

Pakistan Newslinks 20 May, 2009

Iran Newslinks 19 May, 2009

Pakistan Newslinks 19 May, 2009

Action, cut! By Eric Walberg

The Week with IPS 18 May, 2009: Will U.S. Make a Difference on Human Rights Council?

URUK Net 17 May, 2009: Cloud of Unknowing: Ignorance and Arrogance in the Af-Pak ‘Surge’

ICH 18 May, 2009: The Disease of Permanent War

The Economy’s Search for a “New Normal” By Shamus Cooke

Media Lens 18 May, 2009: Beholden To The Big Powers: Israel, Gaza And The UN

The Tamil Protests: Resistance in the Face of Genocide By S.K. Hussan

Obama’s Animal Farm: Bigger, Bloodier Wars Equal Peace and Justice By Prof James Petras

M. Junaid Levesque-Alam, “Pakistan at the Precipice”

The A H1N1 Pandemic: Pig to Human Transmission of the Swine Flu? By Michel Chossudovsky

GI Special 7E17 19 May, 2009: “Until Soldiers Refuse” - “Almost Every Soldier I Know Is Disillusioned With These Wars”

GI Special 7E16 18 May, 2009: Fort Stewart A Priority For Establishing Contact With And Providing Support For U.S. Soldiers Opposing Wars Of Empire

Pakistan Newslinks 18 May, 2009

NATO Newslinks 17-18 May, 2009

Afghanistan Newslinks 17 May, 2009

Iran Newslinks 17-18 May, 2009

Iran Newslinks 15-16 May, 2009

ICH: Sunday Edition – 17 May, 2009 ElBaradei: Israel strike on Iran would be ‘insane’

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 17 May, 2009: As Palestinians mark the Nakba, Occupation places the West Bank under siege

URUK Net 16 May, 2009: Rumsfeld’s renegade unit blamed for Afghan deaths

GI Special 7E15 17 May, 2009: Nag Nag Nag — 15 DAYS LEFT! For The Splendiferous Spring 2009 GI Special Fund Raising Raffle

NATO Newslinks 16-17 May, 2009

Pakistan Newslinks 16-17 May, 2009

NATO Newslinks 15 May, 2009

Afghanistan Newslinks 15-16 May, 2009

Pakistan Newslinks 14-15 May, 2009

NATO Newslinks 13-14 May, 2009

NATO Newslinks 12-13 May, 2009

Afghanistan Newslinks 13-14 May, 2009

Pakistan Newslinks 12-13 May, 2009

Afghanistan Newslinks 11-12 May, 2009

URUK Net 15 May, 2009: Barack Obama, Murderer and War Criminal-in-Chief

URUK Net 14 May, 2009: White Phosphorus Lies

Africom Newslinks 8-16 May, 2009

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 16 May, 2009: Obama, Netanyahu, to meet Monday; Obama has no new plan for peace

GI Special 7E14: Barack Obama, The Butcher Of Granai Venezuela Headlines for Friday, May 15, 2009 (Caracas time) Venezuela Headlines for Thursday, May 14, 2009 (Caracas time) Venezuela Headlines for Wednesday, May 13, 2009 (Caracas time)

CounterCurrents Newsletter 15 May, 2009 – Winning The Peace In Sri Lanka

CounterCurrents Newsletter 14 May, 2009 – Free Binayak Sen

CounterCurrents Newsletter 12 May, 2009 – How The U.S. Empire Contributed To The Economic Crisis

ICH 16 May, 2009: New Torture Photographs Emerge : Weekend edition

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 15 May, 2009: Here's how Israel would destroy Iran's nuclear program

CounterCurrents Newsletter 11 May, 2009 – War Crime In Sri Lanka

CIA Chief In Secret Israel Talks; Netanyahu Heads To US

Video: EuroPalestine, “Action Boycott Israel in Montigny, Paris Region”

Video: John Bellamy Foster, “One World Ecology”

Culture & Barbarism Metaphysics in a Time of Terrorism By Terry Eagleton

On TV: Israeli siege kills baby aged 2

Reham Alhelsi – 61 Years of On-Going Nakba: the Old Still Live through Us and the Young Never Forgot

WHAT’S NEW ON CORPWATCH 15 May, 2009: Goa Cursed By Its Mineral Wealth; Regulating Ramatex: Authorities Shut Out in Namibia

PCHR 14 May, 2009: War Crimes Against Children: new report on the 313 children killed during Gaza offensive

PCHR: Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory No. 19/2009 07– 13 May 2009

PCHR Condemns Arrests of Supporters of Islamic Movements in the West Bank

Global Network 14 May, 2009: StratCom and the Domination of (Cyber) Space By Tim Rinne

IPS Indigenous Peoples 15 May, 2009 – BRAZIL: Guaraní Suffering Breakdown of Culture, Suicides

URUK Net 13 May, 2009 - Part 2: Obama prepares to resume military commissions of Guantánamo Bay prisoners

ICH 15 May, 2009: Who Rules America?

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 14 May, 2009: Lieberman seeks a ban on Nakba commemoration

Pentagon Preparing For War With The Enemy: Russia By Rick Rozoff

GI Special 7E13 15 May, 2009: The Dwindling

URUK Net 13 May, 2009: “Sadistic . . . violent . . . inhuman.”

URUK Net 12 May, 2009: “As good as it gets”

URUK Net 11 May, 2009: The Children’s Crusade

URUK Net 10 May, 2009: Deja Vu: White Phosphorus in Afghanistan

ICH 13 May, 2009: US Attack Killed 93 Children

ICH 12 May, 2009: Bin Laden Was US Operator: President Asif Ali Zardari

ICH 11 May, 2009: The Two-State Delusion

The Week with IPS 11 May, 2009 – MIDEAST: Palestinians Rebuild With Mud


VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 13 May, 2009: Israel issues more orders to demolish Palestinian apartments in East Jerusalem

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 12 May, 2009: Israeli Police arrests Haaretz reporter for entering Gaza

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 11 May, 2009: Jerusalem governor: “Palestinians facing ethnic cleansing in cleansing in Jerusalem”


GI Special 7E12 14 May, 2009: Help Wanted

Of Swine and Scapegoats: Reflections on Racism and Right-Wing Nuttery By Tim Wise

GI Special 7E11 13 May, 2009: Torture

GI Special 7E10 13 May, 2009: New Traveling Soldier Now!

The IMF Collects Debts on Behalf of the World’s Largest Banks By Michael Hudson

GI Special 7E9 11 May, 2009: Prison For Principles

Pathway To Darkness, Part 1: “The Easter Bombers”

Fidel Ordered Chavez ‘Rescue’ By Fidel Castro and Ignacio Ramonet

Unfit for Combat By Dahr Jamail


Israel Knows That Peace Doesn’t Pay By Amira Hass

Video: Osama bin Laden was US operator: President Asif Ali Zardari

Philippe Leymarie, “From Blunder to Blunder in Afghanistan”

Video: The Middle East from Bush/Sharon to Obama/Netanyahu: Results and Prospects with Gilbert Achcar

URUK Net 9 May, 2009 Part 2: Quietus in Pakistan

Pakistan Newslinks 10-11, 2009

Afghanistan Newslinks 10 May, 2009

GETTING PERSONAL: On Turning Points, Change, Action and the Universal By Gaither Stewart

Emir Sader, “The Obama Government’s First Massacre”

NATO Newslinks 9-11 May, 2009

“Web of Debt”: The Inner Workings of the Monetary System A review By Stephen Lendman Part Two

VTJP News & Articles 10 May, 2009: Jerusalem governor: “Palestinians facing ethnic cleansing in cleansing in Jerusalem”

Aurobinda MAHAPATRA: Crisis Deepens in Nepal

Lavalas Flexes its Muscles in Haiti By Kevin Pina

GI Special 7E8 10 May, 2009: 30,000 Defective Helmets

Afghanistan Newslinks 9 May, 2009

Pakistan Newslinks 9, 2009

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 9 May, 2009: Israeli escalates settlement construction in the occupied West Bank

Strategic Culture Foundation Online Publications 3-5 May, 2009

URUK Net 9 May, 2009: Obama Readies Troops as Afghans Pile Up Body Parts

ICH 9 May, 2009 Weekend Edition –After US Strikes, Afghans Describe “Tractor Trailers Full of Pieces of Human Bodies”

Nil NIKANDROV: European Terrorists in an Attack in Bolivia

GI Special 7E7 9 May. 2009: Little Girls And Boys

Thoughts On The War Between The USA And Pakistan By Winter Patriot

NATO Newslinks 8-9 May, 2009

Iran Newslinks 8-9 May, 2009

Spying on Individuals and Organizations: Anglo-American Defense Giants Entrusted with “Mastering the Internet” by Tom Burghardt

The Prospects of a New Cold War? Towards the Consolidation of the Russian-led CSTO Military Alliance By José Miguel Alonso Trabanco

Afghanistan Newslinks 8 May, 2009 Venezuela Headlines for Friday, May 08, 2009 (Caracas time)

G20 Newslinks 8 May, 2009

URUK Net 8 May, 2009: A giant US military base emerges in Afghanistan

URUK Net 7 May, 2009: Syngué Sabour – Stone of Patience

Pakistan Newslinks 8, 2009

Palestine Solidarity Campaign Weekly Update – Friday 8 May 2009

ICH 8 May, 2009: Tortured To Death? US Interrogators Have Killed Dozens

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 8 May, 2009: Obama official admits Israel has nuclear weapons

Housmans Radical Books Newsletter May 2009

NO2ID Newsletter No.122 7 May 2009 Venezuela Headlines for Thursday, May 07, 2009 (Caracas time)

URUK Net, 6 May, 2009 Part 2: Video: Scores dead after US strike in Afghanistan

Media Lens 8 May, 2009: The Left-Wing Media Fallacy Jeremy Bowen, The BBC, And Other National Treasures

The Smearjob On the Durban World Conference Against Racism By Sid Shniad


Frédéric Bobin, “Antonio Giustozzi, Researcher, London School of Economics and Political Science: ‘The New Afghan Taliban Are Waging a Real Guerrilla War’”

Africom Newslinks 2-7 May, 2009

G20 Newslinks 7 May, 2009

Iran Newslinks 7-8 May, 2009

Pakistan Newslinks 7 May, 2009

Iraq: Laying the Groundwork for Violence By Dahr Jamail

AMERICAN EXPRESSion: CARD COMPANIES RESISTING REFORM: Will The US Senate Pass Long Needed Reforms Of Credit Card Abuses? By Danny Schechter

Afghanistan Newslinks 7 May, 2009

NATO Newslinks 7-8 May, 2009

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 7 May, 2009: Netanyahu to offer Autonomy, not a state

Video - US strike in Afghanistan kills dozens

Bi'lin murder suspect
Palestine: Wanted - Murder suspect

PCHR: No. 18/2009 29 April – 06 May 2009: Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) Continue Systematic Attacks against Palestinian Civilians and Property in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (oPt) and Continue to Impose a Total Siege on the Gaza Strip

Review of “Web of Debt”: The Inner Workings of the Monetary System By Stephen Lendman

Bolivia Rising: The Fun House Mirror: Distortions and Omissions in the News on Bolivia By Dan Beeton

Is There a Save Darfur Industrial Complex? By Bruce Dixon

URUK Net 6 May, 2009: US interrogators may have killed dozens, human rights researcher and rights group say

Onward Af-Pak Soldiers: Kill The Turbans So We Don’t Have To

Iran Newslinks 6-7 May, 2009

NATO Newslinks 6-7 May, 2009

Pakistan Newslinks 6 May, 2009

G20 Newslinks 6 May, 2009

Afghanistan Newslinks 6 May, 2009

ICH 6 May, 2009: US Afghan Strikes Kill 100, ‘Mostly Civilians’

Palestinian and Israeli Human Rights Organisations Release Joint Fact Sheet Calling for an End to International Donor Complicity in Israeli Violations of International Law Venezuela Headlines for Wednesday, May 06, 2009 (Caracas time)

URUK Net 5 May, 2009: Al Jazeera Strikes Back at Pentagon, Releases Unedited Footage of US Soldiers’ ‘Bible Study’ in Afghanistan

CounterCurrents Newsletter 6 May, 2009 – Turmoil In Nepal

IPS Iraq & the Middle East, 6 May, 2009: U.N. Inquiry Critical of Israeli Attacks in Gaza

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 6 May, 2009 Part Two: West Bank: The Israeli military kidnapped six civilians during invasion on Wednesday

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 6 May, 2009 : Israeli MK: “The Pope, holocaust denier, not welcome in Israel”

Amal Amireh - Israel Using Gays to Bomb Iran

Climate & Capitalism: Anti-capitalism, Climate Change, and Copenhagen

Bolivia Rising: (Video) Part Three - Interview with Evo Morales about socialism and Bolivia today

Bolivia Rising: (Video) Part Two - Interview with Evo Morales about socialism and Bolivia today

Bolivia Rising: (Video) Part One - Interview with Evo Morales about socialism and Bolivia today

Australian Military Buildup And The Rise Of Asian NATO By Rick Rozoff


GI Special 7E6 6 May, 2009: Gentle Reminder: The Splendiferous Spring 2009 GI Special Fund Raising Raffle

South Africa: Zuma presidency: New era or business as usual? By Fazila Farouk

Videos: AIPAC, Interrupted

Finance Capital And The Real Global Pirates By Larry Pinkney Venezuela Headlines for Tuesday, May 05, 2009 (Caracas time)

URUK Net 4 May, 2009: The FBI’s Department of Precrime

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 5 May, 2009: Israeli MK: “The Pope, holocaust denier, not welcome in Israel”

Congo Ignored, Not Forgotten - When 5 million dead aren’t worth two stories a year By Julie Hollar

Iran Newslinks 5-6 May, 2009

Afghanistan Newslinks 5 May, 2009

NATO Newslinks 5-6 May, 2009

We Need a Green New Deal By Norman Solomon

ICH 5 May, 2009 Buying Brand Obama

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) Annual Report for 2008 that covers the period of 1 January – 31 December 2008.

The Crisis in Somalia: US-NATO Plans to Control the Indian Ocean By Rick Rozoff

RIPA and Crowded places - 2 surveillance related consultations - 23/4/2009

URUK Net 3 May, 2009: When, Where the Pope Inspires No Hope

Iran Newslinks 4-5 May, 2009

Afghanistan Newslinks 3-4 May, 2009

Spain okays Gaza war crimes probe against Israelis

Pakistan Newslinks 5 May, 2009 Venezuela Headlines for Monday, May 04, 2009 (Caracas time)

Video: Capitalism Hits the Fan Richard Wolff on the Economic Meltdown

NATO Newslinks 4-5 May, 2009

Is it the “Mexican Flu”, the “Swine Flu” or the “Human Flu”? What are the origins of the pandemic? By Michel Chossudovsky

PCHR: Aftermath (8) Life is blind

G20 Newslinks 1-5 May, 2009

PCHR welcomes the Spanish National Court’s decision to continue investigating suspected Israeli war criminals

PCHR Strongly Condemns Israeli Plans to Confiscate 12,000 Donums of Palestinian Land in Order to Link the Illegal “Ma’ale Adumim” and “Qedar” Settlements


CounterCurrents Newsletter 4 May, 2009 – It’s The Flu People!

The Week with IPS 4 May, 2009 – ENVIRONMENT: Israel Stripping West Bank Quarries

Indigenous Summit Shows the Way on Climate Change By Diana Bronson

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 4 May, 2009: The Jerusalem municipality hands out more demolishing orders to Palestinian-owned homes

GI Special 7E5 5 May, 2009: Last man to die in Iraq

Combat Operations in Fallujah By Dahr Jamail

Occupying Hearts and Minds By Dahr Jamail

William Blum: Anti-Empire Report, Number 69 - Some thoughts about torture. And Mr. Obama.

ICH 4 April, 2009: America’s Shame

An open letter to Caryl Churchill from a Palestinian Mother 3 May, 2009

The Wall Street Demos Commemorating ML King’s 1967 Anti-War Speech & 1968 Assassination By Lenni Brenner

Fake Faith And Epic Crimes By John Pilger

Jamal Dajani, “Pakistan: Who’s to Blame?” Venezuela Headlines for Sunday, May 03, 2009

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 3 May, 2009: Israeli forces arrest nine Bedouins as 'terrorists' for throwing stones, toppling poles

Statewatch News Online, 3 of 3: 5 May 2009 (08/09)

Statewatch News Online, 2 of 3: 4 May 2009 (08/09)

Statewatch News Online, 1 of 3: 3 May 2009 (08/09)

URUK Net 2 May, 2009: U.S. Coup Plans In Pakistan

GI Special 7E4 4 April, 2009: +25000 - Who Could Have Believed It?

Palestine Solidarity Campaign Weekly Update – Thursday 30 April 2009

Israel: Protest the investigation of New Profile and political persecution

Message to Obama: What To Do When the Bailout Fails By David Schweickart

Who is Representing Who? The Haitian People Need a Lobbyist By RICHARD MORSE

NATO Newslinks 2-3 May, 2009

NATO Newslinks 1 May, 2009

Afghanistan Newslinks 1-2 May, 2009

National Security Archive Update, May 1, 2009: “How Much is Enough?”: The U.S. Navy and “Finite Deterrence”

URUK Net 1 May, 2009: Feds drop charges against pro-Israel lobbyists

ICH 1 May, 2009: Weekend Edition: Children Victims of Bush’s War Crimes

Iran Newslinks 2-3 May, 2009

Iran Newslinks 1 May, 2009

CounterCurrents Newsletter 2 May, 2009 – Gujarat Carnage: Role of Narendra Modi Venezuela Headlines for Friday, May 01, 2009

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 2 May, 2009: Four settlers, including two settler-soldiers, arrested after attacking a Palestinian village

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 1 May, 2009: Four injured, dozens suffer gas effects in Ni'lin weekly protest

GI Special 7E3 3 May, 2009: "Taliban In Every Village"

Video: South Asian People’s Unity Forum presents: Imperialism and South Asia

GI Special 7E2 2 May, 2009: No Pot To Piss In

Eleven Talking Points On 21st Century Socialism By Carl Davidson

Political Lies and Media Disinformation regarding the Swine Flu ‘Pandemic’ By Michel Chossudovsky

GI Special 7E1 1 May, 2009: Noble Anniversary

The Hugo Chavez Show: the other side

Matthew Thomas Clement, “Energy (and Empire) in World History”

Robert Fitch, “The Return of the Shadow”


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