Index of Articles for the Month of July 2004

GI SPECIAL #2b19 Kerry Promises to Keep US Troops Dying in Iraq (PDF) 11/07/04

A Vision of Joint Life – Israelis Acknowledge Right of Return 12/07/04

Iraq: What Went Wrong? by Stephen Soldz 26/07/04

Wither the Empire: The Rise of Global Resistance by Omar Barghouti 29/07/04

Hope Is Not On the Way, But Hopefully Bush Is On the Way Out By Norman Solomon 30/07/04

Human Rights Horrors in Haiti by Anthony Fenton 28/07/04

The Iraqi Interim Government of the `Green Zone’ … Fiction in the Making … 28/07/04

Palestine/Israel World Court's Ruling on Wall Speaks with Utmost Clarity by Nidal Sliman 27/07/04

Roots of Empire The Imperial Lament by Joel Beinin July 2004

Media Media Alert: The Bias in ‘Balanced’ Journalism 28/07/04

Iraq The real reasons Bush went to war by John Chapman 28/07/04

Venezuela Carlos Andres Perez rejects the past and considers himself the future 27/04/04

Africa Sudan: Round Gazillion By Stephen Gowans 27/07/04

PRWatch THE WEEKLY SPIN, Wednesday, July 28, 2004

9/11's Big Dirty Secret 27/07/04

9/11 Unanswered Questions Remain 27/07/04

Release of 9/11 Commission Report – Statement 22/07/04

Spys 'R' Us NO2ID NEWSLETTER – Supporter's Newsletter No.1 26/07/04

Venezuela US citizens' mis-information, arrogance sorely portrays us around the globe by Lourdes Vela 26/07/04

Venezuela is not AmeriKa’s bitch anymore … get used to it! by Joseph Pena 26/07/04

911 A Citizens' Critique The 9/11 Commission Process 26/07/04

911 COMMISSION REPORT: Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States Executive summary 26/07/04

911 Puzzled & Curious By Sibel Edmond 23/07/04

Venezuela Why doesn't President Hugo Chavez Frias just leave? by Gustavo Pereira 24/07/04

Palestine Ultra-right Establish a Fake Machsomwatch Website by Angela Godfrey-Goldstein 24/07/04

Palestine Death in a cemetery By Gidon Levy 23/07/04

Lies and assumptions betrayed by Azmi Bishara 22/07/04

ACTIONS Protest at London Levi’s Store Over Sacking of 350 Workers in Haiti 23/07/04

In Hebron by Yitzhak Laor 22/07/04

Ode to Cynthia By Israel Shamir 22/07/04

Palestine 60 year old dies at military gate 4 year old girl, two 16 year olds, a 19 and a 21 year old boy among the Palestinian over last 10 days. 21/07/04

9/11 Commission Report

Media Macho Politics and Major Consequences By Norman Solomon 22/07/04

PR Watch THE WEEKLY SPIN, Wednesday, July 21, 2004

ACTIONS Palestine: Cycling for Peace London 14 August 2004

ACTIONS Campaign to Stop Killer Coke Update 20/07/04

Venezuela The Christian Right’s Crusade and US Foreign Policy by Karl B. Koth 21/07/04

Palestine Let Us Dream By Fausto Giudice 30/01/30

Palestine Disengagement and the Death of the Two-State Solution A Panel Discussion with Hani Issawi and Yacov Ben Efrat 20/07/04

Stolen Innocence: The Story of Sally Clark Reviewed by Edward Teague 21/07/04

Iran Time for a New Approach Robert M. Gates, Suzanne Maloney, Zbigniew Brzezinski Council on Foreign Relations (PDF 1.8mb) 19/07/04

Middle East Israel targets Iran nuclear plant By Uzi Mahnaimi and Peter Conradi 19/07/04

Iraq Scandals of Oil for Food by Joy Gordon 19/07/04

People Under Occupation: A Periodical Deals With The Israeli Violations July 2004

Spys 'R' Us Coup d'Etat in America? by Michel Chossudovsky 10/07/04

Iraq Who is Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi? by Michel Chossudovsky 11/06/04

Iraq Interview with Celeste Zappala, Mother of Army Sgt. Sherwood R. Baker By Jay Shaft 19/07/04

The Ten Commandments of Hand, the Invisible, God of the USSA

GI SPECIAL #2b18 Kerry’s Bloody Agenda (PDF) 10/07/04

Media Terrorism and the Election: Trial Balloons and Spin By Norman Solomon 16/07/04

North Korea Human rights or sweatshops? By Stephen Gowans 16/07/04

From Gaza with love: The Story of the Seven Gates by Mona El Farra 13/07/04

Iraq German TV: US has held, abused Iraqi children in prisons 12/07/04

Iraq The Butler Report (PDF) 14/07/04

Media Guest Media Alert Exposing the Ministry of Mendacity 14/07/04

Palestine Nick Pretzlik - In Memorium 14/07/04

PR Watch THE WEEKLY SPIN, Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Iraq On the road again by Edward Teague 13/07/04

Health Good News on Adverse Events? By Edward Teague 13/07/04

Venezuela Richard Smith: Geopolitical chess … looking inwards and eastwards 11/07/04

Iraq CIA Whites Out Controversial Estimate on Iraq Weapons 09/07/04

Opposition’s plans for a Venezuela without Chavez: eliminate public industry, referenda and civil protest 11/07/04

Venezuela Answer to the testimony of Jose Miguel Vivanco of Human rights Watch 11/07/04

Venezuela Exposing Black Propaganda 10/07/04

Spys ‘R’ Us The Lie That Will Not Die: Cheney and the Iraq/al-Qaeda Link By Gary Leupp 09/07/04

Spys ‘R’ Us Postponing the November Election? 10/07/04

Spys ‘R’ Us The Criminalization of the State by Michel Chossudovsky

Media Media Lens Cogitation: Bloody Uniform 09/07/04

Guest Writings Why Three Out of Four Experts Predict a Terrorist Attack by November by Maureen Farrell

Haiti Option Zero in Haiti by Peter Hallward

GI SPECIAL #2b17 “They Cannot Be Defeated” (PDF) 09/07/04

Commentary on the International Court of Justice ruling on the Wall by Neve Gordon 09/07/04

Transcript: Senate Intelligence Committee Report Released 09/07/04

Media Class War: Firing Shots Across the Edwards Bow By Norman Solomon 08/07/04

[Refuseniks_Updates] Military Parole Committee 08/07/04

The Militarist and Messianic Ideologies by Neve Gordon 08/07/04

Repression of Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli Shata (Gilboa) Prison 07/07/04

Another Day A New Poem by Arlette Lurie

Fuelling Suspicion US ‘Loses’ $20 Billion of Iraq’s Oil Money (PDF)

Christopher Hitchens collects check from Microsoft, calls Moore a coward By Matt Taibbi

Haiti's Civil Society: So much more than the 184 06/07/04

THE WEEKLY SPIN, Wednesday, July 7, 2004

GI SPECIAL #2b15 Resistance (PDF) 06/07/04

Critiquing the critique: Pandering to the lies the Left tells itself about the Democrats By Stephen Gowans 06/07/04

Is the Intifada over? (Reading Chaucer in the Holy Land) By Israel Shamir 06/07/04

Killing the President By Edward Teague 06/07/04

Media Alert: Covering for Mr President The Guardian And BBC Interview Bill Clinton 06/07/04

GI SPECIAL #2b14 60% Say War Not Worth It (PDF) 05/07/04

The Limits of Media Dream Machines By Norman Solomon 05/07/04

SLIPPING TOWARD ARMAGEDDON: Israel in Iraq By Mark Gaffney 05/07/04

PLAN B by Seymour M. Hersh 21/06/04

Foreseeing the future By Uzi Benziman High Court decision grants the Israeli government a great deal of leeway for constructing the wall 04/07/04

GI SPECIAL #2b13: “My Boy Was A Piece Of Meat” (PDF) 04/07/04

Fahrenheit 9/11 Breaks all Records by Michael Moore 04/07/04

Standing against the claws of the wall By Tanya Reinhart 30/06/04

“Irreversible mental damage” By Uri Avnery 19/06/04

GI SPECIAL #2b12 Stop-Loss Mermits OT Pay! (PDF) 03/07/04

Beware the Liberal War on Terror by Dave Stratman 28/06/04

The Bush Ego … the 2004 Campaign That Will Run on Manipulations of War and 9/11 … 03/07/04

GI SPECIAL #2b11 Poodle Bites Bush (PDF) 02/07/04

Bush Or Kerry? Look Closely And The Danger Is The Same by John Pilger 03/04/07

GI SPECIAL #2b10 Thai Troops Going Home (PDF) 01/07/04

IDF blows up water wells in Kfar Yamoun 29/06/04

The Bush family‚s murky dealings in Venezuela by Edgar Gonzalez Ruiz 01/07/04

Saddam's So-Called Judges, Tribunal and Juries Could Be Without International Mandate 01/07/04

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