Index of Articles for the Month of September 2004

Palestinian Intifada – 4th Anniversary Summary of Press Conference 27/9/04

Target Iran 2005 Will A Kerry Presidency Make A Difference? By Stephen Gowans 30/9/04

Media Finding Fault on Both Sides Can Be False Balance 30/9/04

GI SPECIAL #2b77 “Souls, Friends & Conspirators” (PDF) 30/9/04

Media Post-Debate Fact-Checking Is Media's Main Job 29/9/04

Palestine The Women and Children of the Jahalin Bedouins 29/8/04

Media IMMORAL MILESTONES The Guardian Responds To Blair‚s Speech 29/9/04

GI SPECIAL #2b76 Truth (PDF) 29/9/04

Media Brokaw Broadcasts “Bible Ban” BS 28/9/04

Media Shelving a Story to Boost Bush? CBS puts Niger exposé on hold as boss endorses Republicans 28/9/04

Venezuela Those who don’t study and comprehend history will be forced to relive it… 27/9/04

GI SPECIAL #2b75 16,000 U.S. Casualties (PDF) 28/9/04

The Tragedy of Haiti Victims of the Storms By Kevin Pina 26/9/04

Actions Edward W.Said A Continuing Legacy Conference & Cultural Evening

GI SPECIAL #2b74 Goodbye To A Soldier (PDF) 27/9/04

GI SPECIAL #2b73 F.T.A. 2004 (PDF) 26/9/04

Venezuela Media War Against the People A Case Study of Media Concentration and Power in Venezuela By Eva Golinger 25/9/04

Venezuela USA's FCC raids KFAR 90.9FM half-hour after 'Axis of Good' premiere… 25/9/04

Iraq F.T.A. 2004 22/9/04

History Chile 1964: CIA Covert Support in Frei Election Detailed 25/9/04

Venezuela Andrew McKillop Oil prices … fiscal folly begins at Fifty-Five 24/9/04

SpysRUs NO2ID NEWSLETTER – Supporter's Newsletter No.5 – 24th September 2004

GI SPECIAL #2b72 WAR! (PDF) 25/9/04

Iraq Abuse at Unlisted U.S.-run Prisons 23/9/04

GI SPECIAL #2b71 Rally At Ft. Bragg (PDF) 24/9/04

Media DECEPTIVE APPEARANCES An Exchange With The Guardian 23/9/04

Vedic Olympics by Satya Sagar 23/9/04


GI SPECIAL #2b70 War Reports (PDF) 23/9/04

PR Watch THE WEEKLY SPIN, Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Media CNN's Dobbs Attacks Annan on Iraq War Legality 21/9/04

GI SPECIAL #2b69 Real Men Get Raped (PDF) 22/9/04

GI SPECIAL #2b68 Why We Cannot Win (PDF) 21/9/04

Another disaster in Haiti: we name the guilty parties Haiti Support Group 21/9/04

GI SPECIAL #2b67 How It Is (PDF) 20/9/04

Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Friday, 17 September 2004

Venezuela Karl B. Koth: Rapprochement or truce with the USA is impossible! 20/9/04

Iraq Yes! I’ve Killed Innocent People In Iraq! Oh God Forgive Me! I Refuse To Go Back Again! It’s a Sin! 19/9/04

GI SPECIAL #2b66 Bush's Vietnam (PDF) 19/9/04

Poetry Sweet Dream Motel A New Poem by Arlette Lurie 18/9/04

GI SPECIAL #2b65 “Bush's War Is Lost” (PDF) 18/9/04

The Anti-Empire Report, No. 13 by William Blum 17/9/04

Media PBS Panders to Right With New Programming 17/9/04

Missing: A Media Focus on the Supreme Court by Norman Solomon 17/9/04

How to Win Enemies and Influence People: Ralph Nader’s Campaign Victories —A Mid-Campaign Assessment By Greg Bates 17/9/04

GI SPECIAL #2b64 Blackmail At Ft. Carson (PDF) 17/9/04

Media The Mysterious Case of the CBS Memos 16/9/04

Middle East “Fahrenheit 9/11” Plays Cairo by Garay Menicucci 16/9/04

ACTIONS ‘Get on the Bus’ for the Million Worker March, OCT. 17, 2004, Washington, D.C.! 16/9/04

ACTIONS ISRAELI ARMY KILL FIVE MEN EXECUTION STYLE According to medical examinations 16/9/04

Media No Mea Culpa From the British Media – Part 3 Reply From the Head of BBC TV News 15/9/04

The Milosevic Trial Up Against These Laws, International Law (And Milosevic) Haven't A Chance By Stephen Gowans 15/9/04

Media Should Probe Bigger Questions About Bush's Record 14/9/04

George W. Bush, The Neocons, & The Nazis: The Ties That Bind By Glen Yeadon 8/21/04

GI SPECIAL #2b63 40% Of IRR No Show For War (PDF) 16/9/04

GI SPECIAL #2b62 219 U.S. Wounded In Week (PDF) 15/9/04

Iraq Motive for Haifa Street Helicopter Massacre Remains a Mystery by Brian Dominick 14/9/04

GI SPECIAL #2b61 The Lie Stops Here (PDF) 14/9/04

Why Bush May Well Be The Lesser Evil: Elections, Alliances and Empire By GABRIEL KOLKO 13/9/04

GI SPECIAL #2b60 “He Wasn't Defending Our Country” (PDF) 13/9/04

Gandhi, Guns 'n Gaza by Satya Sagar 12/9/04

GI SPECIAL #2b59 An Open Letter To America (PDF) 12/9/04

Torturing the Tongue by Satya Sagar 8/9/04

History Mullah Omar Called Washington in 1998, New Documents Show Taliban Leader Initiated Call 2 Days After Cruise Missile Attack On Terrorist Camps 11/9/04

IRAQ The Brave Posturing of Armchair Warriors By Norman Solomon 11/9/04

GI SPECIAL #2b58 A Truly Brave Lt. (PDF) 11/9/04

SPYSRUS NO2ID NEWSLETTER– News from the NO2ID Campaign No.4 10/9/04

Palestine Toward a True Democratic State in the Middle East: The Emerging Case for a Single-State Solution By Todd May 9//9/04

Ralph Nader Conservatively Speaking The long-time progressive makes a pitch for the disenfranchised Right 11/9/04

GI SPECIAL #2b57 Ramadi Death Trip 10/9/04 (PDF)

Media Alert Targeting Iran – An Exchange With BBC's Newsnight Editor 9/9/04

United States government tries to cover up covert financing to the Venezuelan opposition and Sumate to the tune of US$10 million 9/9/04

GI SPECIAL #2b56 Occupation In Retreat 9/9/04 (PDF)

GI SPECIAL #2b55 1,000 Gone (PDF) 8/9/04

PR Watch THE WEEKLY SPIN, Wednesday, September 8, 2004

911 Approaching third anniversary sees rapid growth of 9/11 truth  movement. Major events planned world-wide! 7/9/04

GI SPECIAL #2b54 Officer Condemns Iraq War (PDF) 7/9/04

Media No Mea Culpa From The British Media ˆ PART 2 7/9/04

Palestine The Spider Web By Israel Shamir 6/9/04

Palestine Noah Cohen’s Confusions by Assaf Kfoury 6/9/04

GI SPECIAL #2b53 Wounded Toll Skyrockets (PDF) 6/9/04

GI SPECIAL #2b52 New Helmets Kill (PDF) 5/9/04

Palestine WALLS WON'T HELP— TOI-Billboard Sept.4, 2004

Palestinians Have A Right To Go Home by Phyllis Bennis 3/9/04

US Christian evangelicals raise the stakes by Chip Berlet 3/9/04

GI SPECIAL #2b51 Ordered To Lie (PDF) 4/9/04

Media If Only They Had Invented the Internet The Failure of Fact-Checking at the Republican Convention 3/9/04

Venezuela's President Chavez Frias and the referendum: myths and realities by James Petras 2/9/04

GI SPECIAL #2b50 Iraq Vets Against The War (PDF) 3/9/04

Middle East Kuwait's Parliament Considers Women's Political Rights, Again by Mary Ann Tétreault 2/9/04

ACTIONS “Stop the Eviction of Palestinians from the South Hebron Hills” 2/9/04

Media Lens Challenges Senior Editors 2/9/04

GI SPECIAL #2b49 Assholes In Command (PDF) 2/9/04

Iraq War Reports: The Resistance Point Of View 29/8/04

Palestine More than 4,000 prisoners enter 17th day of hunger strike 31/8/04

911 CROSSING THE RUBICON: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil Michael C. Ruppert 1/9/04

Notes From Bedlam By Stephen Gowans 1/9/04

PR Watch THE WEEKLY SPIN, Wednesday September 1, 2004

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