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Monday, October 1, 2007 8:52 AM
Index of Articles for the Month of September 2007

Information Clearing House Newslinks for September 2007 Zipped

The File on Blackwater contains links and descriptions to stories on Blackwater from the present to December 2006 (to 30/9/07)

Information Clearing House 25-30 September 2007 information from occupied iraq 30/9/07

Breaking News and Commentary from CLG for 30 Sep 2007

MERCENARIES WITHOUT BORDERS, the “dogs of war” of financial globalization By Karel Vereycken

Truthout Newslinks 26-29 September 2007

The betrayal of Iraq’s media professionals by  Dirk Adriaensens, 29 September 2007

GI Special 5I26: Demorats Promise Endless War (PDF) 29/9/07

CounterCurrents 29/09/07 – Iraq: A Bush Family Jihad? information from occupied iraq 28/9/07

The Red and the Green: Part One - Economic Democracy by William Bowles 29/9/07

‘Afghanistan: Cleared of Wrongdoing’ by Sarah Meyer, Index Research
Mr. Nawab Buntangyar was shot in the head by an American soldier in Afghanistan. The case focused not on the murdered Afghan’s plight but on the `procedures’, And, so, yet another American has been let off the hook for murder.

Climate and Capitalism Latest:
Canadian Mining Company May Be Kicked Out of Ecuador
Ecuador President Rafael Correa to UN: We Offer to Forsake Oil Revenue, for the Sake of Humanity

Truthout Newslinks 26-28 September 2007

GI Special 5I25: 80% (PDF)

STOP THE WAR COALITION NEWSLETTER No. 1019 28 September 2007 from occupied iraq 28/9/07

NEWS DISSECTOR: More Dead in Burma As China Vetoes UN Sanctions September 28, 2007

Keep Space for Peace Week-International Days of Protest to Stop the Militarization of Space-October 4-13, 2007

Iraq: New U.S. Base - Wasit by Sarah Meyer Index Research

NO2ID Supporters' Newsletter No. 81 - 28th September 2007

Media Savvy: Olbermann Vs. O’Reilly 27 September 2007

Haiti Report for September 27, 2007

IPS-UN Declaration Gives Morales Unexpected Boost, 27 September 2007

Russia promises retaliation if weapons deployed in space

Statewatch News Online, 27 September 2007 (21/06) information from occupied iraq 27/9/07

CounterCurrents 27/9/07 – How The Iraqi Oil Grab Went Awry

Truthout Newslinks 26-27 September 2007

IPS: BURMA: Riot Police Set Upon Protesting Monks 26 September 2007

IPS: How Gang of 4 Lost Iraq 26 September 2007

IPS: Ozone Deal Also Cuts CO2 24 September 2007

IPS: Cockroach Cartoon Crossed the Line 19 September 2007

NEWS DISSECTOR September 27, 2007 Daniel Ellsberg Says: There Has Been A COUP in the USA

VTJP: OccupiedPalestine and Israel: News and Articles 26/9/07

Media Savvy: Memo to O’Reilly: MF-er, Just Shut the F Up! September 26, 2007 information from occupied iraq 26/9/07

GI Special 5I24: "Not One Soldier" (PDF) 26/9/07

Information Clearing House 25-26 September 2007

26/09/07 - American Vampire In New York



Media Savvy: The Next Edward R. Murrow? September 25, 2007

NEWS DISSECTOR September 25, 2007

Media Savvy: Iraq: Repugnant Black Water September 24, 2007

Truthout Newslinks 21-25 September 2007

VTJP: OccupiedPalestine and Israel: News and Articles 25/9/07 information from occupied iraq 25/9/07

I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your centrifuges down William Bowles 25/9/07

25/9/07 – Now Is Time For Non-Violent Earth Revolution

Information Clearing House 25 September 2007

GI Special 5I23: It Needs To End (PDF) 25/9/07

VTJP: OccupiedPalestine and Israel: News and Articles 24/9/07 information from occupied iraq 24/9/07

Information Clearing House 20-24 September 2007

GI Special 5I22: IVAW Front And Center (PDF)

Blackwaters run deep by William Bowles 24/9/07

NEWS DISSECTOR: With Your News Dissector On The Hustings 23/9/07

VTJP: OccupiedPalestine and Israel: News and Articles 23/9/07

23/09/07 – Ignorance Of Iraqi Death Toll No Longer An Option information from occupied iraq 23/9/07

VTJP: OccupiedPalestine and Israel: News and Articles 22/9/07 information from occupied iraq 22/9/07

CounterCurrents - Ice Withdrawal ‘Shatters Record' 22/9/07

Truthout Newslinks 21-22 September 2007

VTJP: OccupiedPalestine and Israel: News and Articles 21/9/07

GI Special 5I21: Kiss The Bankrupt Empire Goodbye (PDF)

GI Special 5I20: Brains (PDF) information from occupied iraq 21/9/07

Media Savvy: MediaChannel Visits Wall Street September 21, 2007

VTJP: OccupiedPalestine and Israel: News and Articles 20/9/07

Space Industry Wants Nuke Power, but Public Fear Persists By Robert Lemos 20/9/07 information from occupied iraq 20/9/07

Information Clearing House 20 September 2007

Truthout Newslinks 15-20 September 2007

GI Special 5I19: 5% Of Americans Trust Bush On War (PDF) 19/9/07

Information Clearing House 15-19 September 2007 information from occupied iraq 19/9/07

Media Savvy: Shock Therapy On Wall Street: What’s Next? September 19, 2007

Countercurrents 19/9/07 - ‘Too Late To Avoid Global Warming’

Truthout Newslinks 15-19 September 2007

Media Savvy: Greenspan, Iraq, Oil. September 18, 2007 information from occupied iraq 18/9/07

VTJP: OccupiedPalestine and Israel: News and Articles 18/9/07

The Media Ignore Credible Poll Revealing 1.2 Million Violent Deaths In Iraq

Global Cashastrophe by William Bowles 17/9/07 information from occupied iraq 17/9/07

GI Special 5I18: If They Choose To Do So (PDF) 18/9/07 information from occupied iraq 16/9/07

CounterCurrents 16/09/07 - A Deafening Silence On One Million Iraqi Death

GI Special 5I17: Betrayed Again (PDF)

CounterCurrents 15/9/07 - Warming ‘Opens Northwest Passage’...

CounterCurrents 14/9/07 – The Cracks In The Fašade Are Widening...

CounterCurrents 13/9/07 – The Revolution That Is Arising From The Earth... information from occupied iraq 15/9/07 information from occupied iraq 14/9/07

GI Special 5I16: Impossible (PDF)

GI Special 5I15: "He Died For Nothing" (PDF)

Stop the War Coalition Newsletter 14/9/07

GI Special 5I14: "They Gave Him Prozac" (PDF) 14/9/07

Information Clearing House 11-14 September 2007

Truthout Newslinks 9-14 September 2007

Statewatch News Online, 12 September, 2007

Communicating with the ancestors William Bowles 14/9/07 information from occupied iraq 13/9/07

Truthout Newslinks 1-8 September 2007

GI Special 5I13: Soldiers Questioning The War (PDF) 13/9/07 information from occupied iraq 12/9/07

Economics 10000001 or the revenge of the Ninjas William Bowles 12/9/07

Here’s the Smell of the Blood Still By Norman Solomon 12/9/07

Loaded Words: 'Surge', 'Reconstruction' And 'Withdrawal' 12/9/07

GI Special 5I12: "America Needs To See What We See Through The Eyes Of The Soldier" 12/9/07 information from occupied iraq 11/9/07

GI Special 5I11: The Anbar Lies (PDF) 11/9/07 information from occupied iraq 10/9/07

Haiti Report for September 10, 2007

Information Clearing House 6-10 September 2007 information from occupied iraq 9/9/07

Iraq and Oil — Why the mainstream media won’t talk about it William Bowles 10/9/07

GI Special 5I10: More Petraeus Lies (PDF) 10/9/07

GI Special 5I9: "Get Over It. Get Out." (PDF) 9/9/07 information from occupied iraq 8/9/07 information from occupied iraq 7/9/07

GI Special 5I8: Petraeus The Perfidious (PDF) 8/9/07 information from occupied iraq 6/9/07 information from occupied iraq 5/9/07

(Yet More) Rumours of War and other tales from Psy-Ops Central by William Bowles 7/9/07

GI Special 5I7: Mirror Images (PDF) 6/9/07

Information Clearing House 1-5 September 2007 information from occupied iraq 4/9/07 information from occupied iraq 3/9/07

GI Special 5I6: Coalition Of The Surreal (PDF) 5/9/07

GI Special 5I5: August KIA Up 25% (PDF) 4/9/07

GI Special 5I4: The Fog Of Fame (PDF) 4/9/07 information from occupied iraq 2/9/07

VTJP: OccupiedPalestine and Israel: News and Articles 2/9/07

GI Special 5I3: "Come And Gone" (PDF) 3/9/07 information from occupied iraq 1/9/07

Who said Marx wasn't Green? William Bowles 2/9/07

GI Special 5I2: "A Rose Colored Lens" (PDF) 2/9/07

GI Special 5I1: Basra Falls (PDF) 1/9/07

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