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Saturday, October 10, 2009 12:43 PM
Index of Articles for the Month of September 2009

CounterCurrents Update 30 September, 2009 – The Population Myth

URUK Net 30 September, 2009: Obama Fires Diplomat for Urging Fraud Probe in Afghan Vote

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 30 September, 2009: Israeli army vandalizes Azzun water station in raid

Scottish PSC human rights activists face political trial on same day as Palestinian citizens of Israel protest racist state

CounterCurrents Update 29 September, 2009 - Is Democracy Melting? By Arundhati Roy

URUK Net 29 September, 2009: Exclusive. Pakistan On The Edge of The Precipice

URUK Net 28 September, 2009: Muzungu : White Man, Black Soul…

US Repression of Haiti Continues

Haitian Narration By Burleigh Hendrickson

On Board with Free Gaza...

William Blum: Anti-Empire Report, Number 74 Ridding the world of the sickness of pacifism

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 29 September, 2009: Is the Middle East heading towards the eighth war?

Cuban Embargo: The President's Words Versus His Performance: One More Prong of His Presidency Shifting Towards the Democratic Centrist Wing of the Party By Sophia Weeks

US Army Prisoners Isolated, Denied Right to Legal Counsel By Dahr Jamail

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 28 September, 2009: Israel's Fear of Jewish Girls Dating Arabs

Military Resistance [GiSp] 7I14 28 September, 2009: Half Being

Everything You Know About Iran Is A Myth By Lawrence of Cyberia

Honduras Newslinks 28 September, 2009

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 27 September, 2009: Israel demands PA drop war crimes suit at The Hague

Military Resistance 7I13 28 September, 2009: Meet The Insurgents

Gaza and the Goldstone Report: Your urgent action needed today

URUK Net 26 September, 2009: Muntadhar Al-Zaidi on Al Jazeera

Video: Africom or Africon? Pt 1

Big Brother “Fusion Centers” Part of US Domestic Intelligence and Surveillance Apparatus By Tom Burghardtf

Honduras Newslinks 27 September, 2009

URUK Net 25 September, 2009 Part 2: U.S. Intelligence Budget: $75 Billion, 200,000 Operatives. Fusion Centers Will Have Access to Classified Military Intelligence

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 26 September, 2009: Medics: Israeli forces fire on Gaza funeral, injuring 12

Military Resistance [GISp] 7I12 27 September, 2009: Preparing For War

Military Resistance [GISP] 7I11 26 September, 2009: Censoring Helmand

Honduran Coup Regime Mocks UN Security Council with Embassy Attacks By Al Giordano

Military Resistance 7I10 25 September, 2009:The Sun

Iran Newslinks 25-26 September, 2009

URUK Net 25 September, 2009: Happy Junta Grounds: Militarist Machiavellis Maneuver for More War

Pakistan Newslinks 25-26 September, 2009

Honduras Newslinks 26 September, 2009

ICH 25 September, 2009: Weekend Edition: “Have you no shame, no decency?”

US, NATO Poised For Most Massive War In Afghanistan's History By Rick Rozoff

Chávez a Fox News: como dijo Penn son unos estupidos

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 25 September, 2009: Birth defects in Gaza due to illegal weapons used by Israel during the war

URUK Net 24 September, 2009, Part 2: Death in the Samouni compound

Video: The siege of Tegucigalpa

NeoConOpticon – The EU Security-Industrial Complex by Ben Hayes

URUK Net 24 September, 2009: At UN general assembly, Obama urges international support for US wars

CounterCurrents Update 23 September, 2009 - The Era Of Xtreme Energy

URUK Net 23 September, 2009: Max Boot: Vulgar Propagandist and Apologist for War Crimes

National Security Archive Update, September 24, 2009: Conspiracy of Silence? Colombia, the United States and the El Salado Massacre

IPS 24 September, 2009 – CLIMATE CHANGE: Act Now or Lose Forever, Summit Told

IPS MIDEAST 23 September, 2009: U.S. Pushing Beyond Settlement Freeze

IPS 16 September, 2009: U.N. Team on War Crimes Condemns Israel, Hamas

NO2ID Supporters’ Newsletter No. 132 – 24th September 2009

Honduras Newslinks 24-25 September, 2009

ICH 24 September, 2009: Classified Report: 500,000 Troops Required In Afghanistan

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 24 September, 2009: Israel planning a new settlement in East Jerusalem

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 23 September, 2009: The Gaza War 'victory' - Has Israel grown dependent on terror?

Military Resistance 7I9 25 September, 2009: Unprepared

ICH 23 September, 2009: Marc Faber : US Govt May Fail In 5 To 10 Years

Healthcare Revolution That is Second to None By Netfa Freeman

Caster Semenya: An Unlikely Challenger of Sexual Binary and Beauty Images By Jamala Rogers

The Real News Network - Zelaya's return to Honduras met with force

YES MEN HONCHO SPRUNG FROM CLINK: "Balls Across America" direct-action campaign launched

PANAMAX 2009 and Honduras: Did They or Didn't They Attend the Annual War Games?

Narconews: Seven Million Hondurans Under House Arrest as Micheletti Writes of "Democracy"

URUK Net 22 September, 2009: Obama administration shields CIA torturers

The Other Israel 22 September, 2009: The greater the injustice, the greater the silencing

ICH 22 September, 2009: U.S. Buys Pakistan

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 22 September, 2009: Settler leaders: Construction freeze can’t stop us

The Nile Water... When would water go after gas to the Zionist state? BY Ali Hattar

Landmark Decision: Massive Relief for Homeowners and Trouble for the Banks By Ellen Brown

Dyke in BBC 'conspiracy' claim

Missile Defense: The Other Story

Israeli Organ Harvesting - The New "Blood Libel?" By Alison Weir

Media Lens: The Cockroach Test

Who’s Afraid of Sibel Edmonds? By Sibel Edmonds and Philip Giraldi

Upcoming Cover Story on Edmonds 'Outs' Video-taped, 'Blackmailed' Dem Congresswoman; Alleges State Dept. Mole at NYTimes; MUCH MORE... By Brad Friedman

URUK Net 21 September, 2009: Brutal Destruction Of Iraq’s Archaeological Sites Continues (Photogallery)

URUK Net 21 September, 2009 Part 1: Iraq’s September Eleven

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 21 September, 2009: IAEA demands that Israel open nuclear facility to inspection

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 20 September, 2009: Justice This Time Around: Will Goldstone's Report Deliver?

ICH 21 September, 2009: Paul Craig Roberts: The Economy Is A Lie, Too

Flu Frenzy and Missile Defense Selected Articles

REDD: Privatising the World’s Forests By Susan Austin

Military Resistance 7I8 21 September, 2009: The Perfect Day

The YES MEN: Last chance to be BIG and STUPID tomorrow in NYC!

URUK Net 20 September, 2009: Ramadan At Qalandia Checkpoint

URUK Net 19 September, 2009: Urgent Call: A Minor Abused Sexually in Jail

MR 7I7 20 September, 2009: Gooodbye GI Special Hullo Military Resistance

Hands off my camera! By Nathalie Rothschild

The Execution of a Palestinian Journalist

ICH: Weekend Edition 19 September, 2009 – Everyone Seems to Be Agreeing with Bin Laden These Days

URUK Net 18 September, 2009: For Britons, The Party Game Is Over

ICH 18 September, 2009: Why I Threw the Shoe

CounterCurrents Update 18 September, 2009 - India And The Politics Of ‘Austerity’

ICH 17 September, 2009: U.S. Death Squads Roam The Globe

GI Special 7I6 19 September, 2009: The Company Man

CounterCurrents Update 17 September, 2009 - Iraq: Massive Fraud And Corruption In Higher Education

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 17 September, 2009: Tel Aviv suburb starts anti-miscegenation patrol to “assist young girls in the habit of mingling with men from minorities”

ICH 16 September, 2009 – The News Media Scam

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 16 September, 2009: How US Tax Breaks Fund Israeli Settlers

GI Special 7I5 16 September, 2009: The Officers Cannot Read

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 15 September, 2009: How Israel's Nuclear Arsenal Endangers Us All

GI Special 7I4 12 September, 2009: Military Resistance

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 19 September, 2009: British trade unions back boycott of Israel

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 18 September, 2009: Israeli demolition of 55 homes in Nablus is both illegal and immoral, states human rights group

Climate Justice: ‘A potent mix of 46 essays, talks and declarations’

Israel Escalates Anti-UN Campaign; Its Most Important Diplomatic Battle in Years By Batoul Wehbe

U.S. Missile Shield Plans: Retreat Or Advance? By Rick Rozoff

A Criminal State that MUST be Isolated. Reading the Goldstone Report By Khalid Amayreh

Afghanistan: Where Empires Go to Die By Dahr Jamail

ICH 15 September, 2009: Obama Is Pushing Israel Toward War?

US Special Ops operates psywar websites targeted at UK By Lewis Page

Palestine Video: Bil’in night raid, some injuries By haitham al katib

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 14 September, 2009: UN report: Gaza water system on verge of collapse

ICH 14 September, 2009: Sick and Wrong

Stuart Littlewood – How Low will Israel Stoop to Win the Propaganda War?

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 13 September, 2009: Dividing War Spoils: Israel's Robbery of Palestinian Property

Haitham Sabbah – Photo of the Day

Israel’s Arab Citizens Call General Strike By Jonathan Cook

ICH 13 September, 2009: What Role Did The U.S.-Israeli Relationship Play In 9-11?

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 12 September, 2009: Israeli forces continue escalation of night raids of non-violent anti-Wall organizers

ICH 11 September, 2009: Weekend Edition: The Real Friends of Terror

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 11 September, 2009: Israeli High Court orders demolition of dozens of structures in Nablus villages

ICH 10 September, 2009: If You Think Corporations Run The Government Now

ICH 9 September, 2009: Europe’s Complicity in Evil

Black Sea Crisis Deepens As US-NATO Threat To Iran Grows By Rick Rozoff

London Conference: A Model of Ecosocialist Collaboration By Ian Angus

Video: Climate & Capitalism - Ian Angus Speaking in London

An Epoch of Rest By William Bowles

"Wall Street's 9/11": Did Lehman Brothers Fall or Was It Pushed? By Ellen Brown

Men with Guns, in Kabul and Washington By NormanSolomon

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 10 September, 2009: Settler leaders plan to escalate protest against temporary settlement freeze

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 9 September, 2009: NGO Monitor: Ki-moon: "Israeli settlements illegal"

Honduras Newslinks 8 September, 2009

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 8 September, 2009: NGO Monitor: Gaza war probe tainted by anti-Israel ideology

ICH 7 September, 2009: Members of Congress ‘Bribed, Blackmailed’

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 7 September, 2009: Israeli settlers hold 'groundbreaking ceremony' for major new settlement in East Jerusalem

URUK Net 7 September, 2009: Video: Sadness Of Fallujah’s Sick Children

URUK Net 6 September, 2009: Caged by Freedom

Following Afghan Election, NATO Intensifies Deployments, Carnage By Rick Rozoff

A New Message for Labour Day 2009? By Leo Panitch

URUK Net 5 September, 2009: Villagers claim 150 civilians dead in NATO Air Raid

Lockerbie: Megrahi Was Framed By John Pilger

Kawther Salam - Palestinian Organs for Sale and Experiments

Honduras Newslinks 5-7 September, 2009

Honduras Newslinks 1-4 September, 2009

CounterCurrents Update 6 September, 2009 – Lockerbie: Megrahi Was Framed

ICH 6 September, 2009 – Photo of Dying Marine Draws Fire from Pentagon


URUK Net 3 September, 2009 Part 2: Israel Schemes in Kurdistan

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 6 September, 2009: Israel starts new settlement in the Jordan valley

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 5 September, 2009: Carter slams Israel, says it wants one bi-national state

Art as Resistance By Dahr Jamail

Video: Palestine - Like Never Before (Never Before Campaign)

The Real News Network – Mr. Zelaya goes to Washington

Confronting Russia? U.S. Marines In The Caucasus By Rick Rozoff

The Real News Network – Prosecuting Israel for war crimes

Haitham Sabbah - Obama's 'Peace Plan' Revealed

Forced Vaccine Campaigns and Global Militarization - Selected Articles 27 August - 1 September, 2009

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 4 September, 2009: Occupying Israeli administration may legalize settlement outposts that even it deemed illegal

ICH 4 September, 2009: Weekend Edition – Pilger – Chomsky – Rall

The Rise of Mercenary Armies: A Threat to Global Security By Sherwood Ross

CounterCurrents Update 4 September, 2009 – The Missing Link In Palestinian Organ Theft

URUK Net 3 September, 2009: Afghan Resistance Statement

URUK Net 2 September, 2009: Palestinian Children Murdered by IDF Snipers

URUK Net 1 September, 2009: The Truth Of Iraq’s City Of Deformed Babies

ICH 3 September, 2009: Winners Lose

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 3 September, 2009: Palestinian government forms a committee to follow-up on ‘Organ harvest’ issue

Imperialism and Financialism. A Story of a Nexus

GI Special 7I3 4 September, 2009: Be Advised

GI Special 7I2 3 September, 2009: Firestorm

Class War at the Copenhagen Climate Change Talks

Video: Benjamin Zephaniah, "Money"

ICH 2 September, 2009 – Bush’s Third Term? You’re Living It

IPS MIDEAST 2 September, 2009: Olmert’s Peace Plan May Go Down With Him

ICH 1 September, 2009: Obama: The Last Emperor

William Blum: Anti-Empire Report, Number 73

GI Special 7I1 2 September, 2009: A Son In Afghanistan

The Other Israel Press Picks - 1 September, 2009

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 2 September, 2009: Israel moves detained female reporter to Petah Tikva interrogation center

Israeli organ harvesting? By Alison Weir

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 1 September, 2009: Red Crescent: “Army fired at our medics as they to save the life of a wounded child”

FAIR Media Advisory: Erasing Katrina

Media Lens: “An Existential Threat”: The US, Israel and Iran

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