Index of Articles for the Month of October 2004

A Soldiers’ Hurt Child (PDF) 1/10/04

GI SPECIAL #2b79 Army Backs Off (PDF) 2/10/04

GI SPECIAL #2b80 Wounded Get Pay Cut (PDF) 3/10/04

Haiti Slums under siege 4/10/04


Venezuela Iran and Indonesia will follow once Russia moves to the Euro… it would destroy the US$ as a reserve currency 4/10/04

Guest Writings Beheading the UN by Satya Sagar 4/10/04

GI SPECIAL #2b81 Most Mil. Families Oppose War (PDF) 4/10/04

Spys ’R’ Us RED ALERT MEANS MARTIAL LAW By Mike Whitney 5/10/04


GI SPECIAL #2b82 “My Son Died For A Lie” (PDF) 5/10/04

Palestinian Girl killed on her way to school 5/10/04

Guest Writings Pro-Capitalist, Pro-Investment and Fiscally Conservative: What Brazil Is And The Two Remaining Members Of The Axis Of Evil Aren’t By Stephen Gowans 6/10/04

Guest Writings What If Kerry Wins? by Al Giordano 6/10/04

What would Israel do without UNRWA? By Amira Hass 6/10/04

Israeli Official Explains Why Sharon Works Against Peace 6/10/04

Haiti UN troops and police surround Haiti slum 6/10/04

Actions/Events Film: “About Baghdad” – The Other Cinema, London 28 October 2004

PR Watch THE WEEKLY SPIN Wednesday, October 6, 2004

GI SPECIAL #2b83 Casualties Of War (PDF) 6/10/04

Media Beyond the Debates, a Referendum on an Emperor By Norman Solomon 7/10/04


GI SPECIAL #2b84 198 Troops Wounded Last Week (Web page) 7/10/04

NO2ID – Supporter’s Newsletter No.6 7th October 2004

Actions/Events ‘Alternate’ European Social Forum - Four Days of Communications Rights and Tactical Media Production

Middle East Afghanistan’s Presidential Elections Spreading Democracy or a Sham? by M. Nazif Shahrani 8/10/04

Palestine Heroism in the Holy Land: Chris Brown beaten for walking children to school by Alison Weir

More… FBI seizes Indymedia servers

Spys ’R’ Us “More Intimidation Than Crime-Busting” Says IFJ As Police Target 140 Independent Media Network Computers Worldwide! 8/10/04

Actions/Events European Social Forum - London October 15-17 2004

GI SPECIAL #2b85 “We Don’t Belong There” (PDF) 8/10/04

Haiti Brazilian soldier wounded in Haiti slum raid Haiti Information Project (HIP) 9/10/04

Venezuela Human rights? Yeah, sure … human rights, my big foot! by Oscar Heck 9/10/04

Venezuela Energy transition and final energy crisis by Andrew McKillop 9/10/04

The Year of Surrendering Quietly by Alexander Cockburn

GI SPECIAL #2b86 Army Base Virus Kills (PDF) 9/10/04

Iraq Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Tuesday, 5 October through Friday, 8 October 2004

More on Indymedia

US Authorities Seize IMC Servers in the UK 9/10/04

Statewatch Statement US Authorities Seize IMC Servers in UK 9/10/04

Indymedia servers in the US and UK confiscated by the FBI! 9/10/04

Guest Writings Slippery Sisters by S Artesian 9/10/04

Palestine Machsom Watch – Women for Human Rights – WEEKLY DIGEST: REPORTS FROM CHECKPOINTS 3 – 9.10.04

Iraq vs. Vietnam: Is There a Difference? … As War Continues … 10/10/04

GI SPECIAL #2b88 Dangerous Opinion 11/10/04 (PDF)

Palestine Gaza Families Live In The Shadow Of Death By Laila El-Haddad in Gaza 10/10/04

Guest Writings An Unconscionable Outcome: Chomsky and the Hopelessness of Lesser Evilism by Kim Petersen 10/10/04

Spysrus Horowitz’s Campus Jihads With liberal professors in his crosshairs, David Horowitz is engaging in some good old-fashioned campus cleansing by Bill Berkowitz 10/10/04

Media Sinclair Broadcasting ’Attackumentary’ = News By Ari Berman 11/10/04

Two Palestinian School Girls Shot in Gaza by Israeli Occupation Forces Killing children is no longer a big deal By Gideon Levy 12/10/0

Media MSNBC’s Rightward Slant on Debate Coverage 12/10/04

Media Sinclair’s Partisan Ploy Cries Out for Equal Time 12/10/04

GI SPECIAL #2b89 Vietnam X 2 (PDF) 12/10/04

Venezuela Gaviria’s Final Report on the August 15 recall referendum; An Opposition Coup? by Glen Forbes 13/10/04

PR Watch THE WEEKLY SPIN, Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Venezuela Media War Against the People By Eva Golinger

GI SPECIAL #2b90 A Letter From Abu G (PDF) 13/10/04

Catholic Priest arrested in Haiti Haiti Information Project (HIP) 13/10/04

Haiti Report of PAX CHRISTI USA Haiti Human Rights Mission 13/10/04

SpysRUs Independent Media Websites Shut Down and My Resignation from the State Department 13/10/04

Haiti Dennis Bernstein interviews Kevin Pina and Haitian Priest Father Jean-Juste arrested by masked police as he was feeding poor children 13/10/04

Palestine Gaza’s Wars of Perception by Mouin Rabbani 14/10/04

John Kerry and the Democrats’ Project for a New American Century by Roy Rollin 14/10/04

Venezuela Occult Physics, Tesla Technology and the World Energy Crisis by Franz J. T. Lee 14/10/04

Venezuela Who dunnit? The FARC? The AUC? The Etc? by Charles Hardy 14/10/04

Media Preview of the Bush Campaign’s Media Endgame By Norman Solomon 14/10/04

Iraq Letter from the people in Fallujah to Kofi Annan 14/10/04

GI SPECIAL #2b92 Marine in Iraq: “It’s Worse Every Day” (PDF) 15/10/04

Media Waging War on Hatred: Sutasoma, The Brighton Bomber, And The Israeli- Palestinian Conflict 15/10/04

Media FBI Shutdown of Indymedia Threatens Free Speech 15/10/04

Haiti Slum repels police amid angry protests Haiti Information Project 15/10/04

Iraqi & Afghan Civilians … the Global Killing Fields of the Bush Wars … 15/10/04

Iraq Platoon Defies Orders In Iraq Miss. soldier calls home, cites safety concerns By Jeremy Hudson 15/10/04

Britain’s forgotten war in southern Iraq 15/10/04

Haiti Flashpoints radio interviews Kevin Pina 15/10/04

Venezuela Economic forecasting and results– Venezuelan style! by Richard Smith 16/10/04

Way Down South of the Border… by Edward Teague 16/10/04

Scorched Earth! Gazans survey devastation after Israeli operation 16/10/04

Poetry How Do We Know? / Qui Nous Dira? by Henri Lurié

Palestine The Assault On Health And Other War Crimes by Derek Summerfield 16/10/04

GI SPECIAL #2b93 Platoon Defies Orders (PDF) 16/10/04

Haiti Rebellion in Bel Air 17/10/04

Bush Wars Empire Without a Doubt by Ron Suskind 17/10/04

Haiti Brazilian general in Haiti campaigns for Bush 17/10/04

GI SPECIAL #2b94 The Fuse Is Lit (PDF) 17/10/04

Two Weeks to Go— and One President to Oust By Norman Solomon 18/10/04

GI SPECIAL #2b95 “The Army Will Fuck You” (PDF) 18/10/04

Media Viacom Blocking Independent Political Ads 18/10/04

Africa The Politics of Slaughter in Sudan by Dan Connell 18/10/04

SpysRUs Is the Kidnapping of CARE’s Margaret Hassan a CIA-Mossad Op? by Kurt Nimmo 19/10/04

Guest Writings What’s Left: Hail the Reds By Stephen Gowans 19/10/04

Iraq An Open Letter to British Troops Serving in Iraq from Jo Wilding 19/10/04

Media Iraqi Child Deaths Media Indifferent As UNICEF Reports Worsening Catastrophe 19/10/04

Iraq Slaughter in the Streets by Dahr Jamail 20/10/04

Iraq In Brief: Resistance Reports 20/10/04

Events Pre-Festival Symposium “The Contribution of Women to the Steelband” Brooklyn, NYC Friday November 5

Palestine The Launching of a New International Campaign of Sanctions Against Israel 20/10/04

A Bush pre-election strike on Iran ’imminent’ White House insider report “October Surprise” imminent By Wayne Madsen 20/10/04

Media The BBC‚s Nicholas Witchell Responds 21/10/04

Iraq British Troops to Die for America in Latifiyah by Joe Vialls 21/10/04

Guest Writings Three Decades of Absolute Power … the Story of CEO Dick Cheney… 21/10/04

Media The Presidential Pageant “There He Is, Mr. America…” By Norman Solomon 22/10/04

Empire Afghanistan, Iraq Two Wars Collide By Barton Gellman and Dafna Linzer 22/10/04

Media Washington Post Still Stretching to Find Kerry Fibs 22/10/04

PR Watch THE WEEKLY SPIN, Wednesday, October 21, 2004

My Electoral College Prediction: Kerry 310, Bush 228 by Al Giodano 23/10/04

Iraq Terrorists in Falluja Who are the terrorists| in Falluja and how are they terrorising the civilian population? by Nermeen Al-Mufti 23/10/04

GI SPECIAL #2b99 In Defense Of Mutiny (PDF) 23/10/04

Iraq Explosives Story Detonates Under Bush Campaign By Eric Boehlert 30/10/04

Nader’s Game of “Chicken” By Norman Solomon

Election Theft 2004

Bush Seeks Limit to Suits Over Voting Rights 29/10/04

Gallup's Racially Biased Polls

Election Day Terror Drills: Cheney In Command? by Michael Kane 29/10/04

 “Four More Days!” A Two- Minute Warning Pep Talk by Al Giordano 29/10/04

“It Will Be Worse Than in 2000” By Mary Jacoby 28/10/04

Foreign Observers Ready to Monitor US Elections

Black Vote Smothered by Electoral College 28/10/04

Fair Elections Flash 28/10/04

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