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Sunday, November 2, 2008 10:46 AM
Index of Articles for the Month of October 2008

October 2008 URUK Net Zipped

Uruk Net Iraq News 31 October, 2008 - Part 2

GHASSAN KHATIB: Israel’s underlying societal rift was exposed in Acre

Information Clearing House October Zipped

National Security Archive Update, October 31, 2008 Court Orders Government to Submit Warrantless Surveillance Legal Opinions for Judicial Review

Uruk Net Iraq News 31 October, 2008

Sergei MARKEDONOV: Abkhazia as the Theatre of Georgia’s Terrorist Activities and Sabotage

Sergei MARKEDONOV: Abkhazia as the Theatre of Georgia’s Terrorist Activities and Sabotage

ICH 31 October, 2008: Brace Yourselves George Bush Will Soon Be Free To Do Just What He Wants

CounterCurrents Newsletter 31 October, 2008 – The Truth About Rising Seas

Max Kantar: A Case Study Of Power And Media: The Washington Post


Bolivian mines halt as metal prices plummet
The Associated Press, October 30, 2008
POTOSI, Bolivia: Falling mineral prices have Bolivian miners digging in the hard Andean earth for a humbler means of survival: potatoes.

Bolivia’s Democratic and Economic Changes
Friday, October 10, 2008
It has been almost three years since Evo Morales was elected president of Bolivia with a historically unprecedented mandate and began to implement political and economic changes long demanded by a majority of Bolivians. As a result of the 2005 hydrocarbons law and re-nationalization of the hydrocarbons sector in 2006, the government has gained $1.3 billion dollars, or about 10 percent of GDP, from 2004-2007.

GI Special 6J25 31 October, 2008: Election Erection

Millions not allowed to vote
Spencer Overton: We need an independent election commission; Is the fox guarding the henhouse Pt3 view video

US elections - is the fox guarding the henhouse?
Spencer Overton: There are many attempts to disqualify qualified voters Pt2 view video

Michel Chossudovsky: “A Second 9/11": An Integral Part of US Military Doctrine

Capitalist Shakedown — A Roundup of News 30 October, 2008

GazaFriends: 31 October, 2008 Palestinian Fishing Boats Attacked by Israeli gunboats

Obama in the Media 31 October, 2008

McCain in the Media 31 October, 2008

Swedish Autoworkers Campaign: Save Jobs! Save the Planet! October 30, 2008
Is there a future for the auto industry – with or without cars?

ICH 30 October, 2008: This Is The Lowest McCain Has Sunk Yet.

John Bellamy Foster, “Capitalism and Climate Change”

Desmond Tutu - Q&A: “We Must Rethink the International Economic System”

Council on Hemispheric Affairs - Colombia’s Political Horizon: The Rise of a New Left

Uruk Net Iraq News 30 October, 2008


CounterCurrents Newsletter 30 October, 2008 – World Tires Of Rule By Dollar

Media Savvy: Obama Videos | Video the Vote October 30, 2008

Obama in the Media 30 October, 2008

McCain in the Media 30 October, 2008


Long View: Deer Hunting With Jesus
ANP: Goes to rural Virginia to visit Joe Bageant, author of "Deer Hunting With Jesus"

Uruk Net Iraq News 29 October, 2008

Capitalist Shakedown — A Roundup of News 28-29 October, 2008

Oct. 29th, 1948 in history: Massacres in Palestine


The Global Economic Crisis: An Historic Opportunity for Transformation

Crisis Chronicle: U.S. pulls the plug on the world

IPS Middle East, 30 October, 2008: In the West Bank, Easy To Pull Trigger

ICH 29 October, 2008: ‘Dirty Little Secret’ Of the US Bank Bailout

James Petras: Twelve Reasons to Reject Obama and Support Nader/McKinney

GI Special 6J24 29 October, 2008: The Mask Comes Off

Federico Fuentes: Bolivia: Unprecedented Alliance Defeats Right-Wing Assault

William Blum: Anti-Empire Report, Number 63

Housman’s (London) Events Newsletter for November 2008

CounterCurrents Newsletter 29 October, 2008 – Expose The Whole Iceberg


US elections- Is the fox guarding the henhouse?
Spencer Overton: Claims about fraud will block thousands of innocent voters view video

Ramzi Kysia: GazaFriends “Nam, Nehnu Nastatyeh!” is Arabic for “Yes, We Can!” 29 October 2008 13:33:27 GMT

Index Research: On Economics and Peril in Afghanistan, October 2008 Timeline by Sarah Meyer

Obama in the Media 29 October, 2008

McCain in the Media 29 October, 2008

Ali Gharib: Syria Raid: The Question is - Why?

New from Brave New Films 5 Videos on John McCain

Carolyn Baker: Stolen Elections and Media Blackouts

Uruk Net Iraq News 28 October, 2008

Uruk Net Iraq News 27 October, 2008

The Week with IPS, 29 October, 2008: In Kashmir, Trade Promises To Heal Rift

Prof. Alan Nasser: The Bailout Lie Exposed: Financial “Big Boys” Never Intended To Lend Out Their Windfall

GazaFriends Update 29 October, 2008, 06:15:06 GMT: We’ve done it again! SS Dignity arrives in Gaza

ICH 28 October, 2008: PM Putin Suggests Russia, China Ditch Dollar

Kevin Zeese: Messy Elections: Can We Trust The Results?

John Bellamy Foster, Postscript to ‘The Financialization of Capital and the Crisis’ (MR, April 2008)

CounterCurrents Newsletter 28 October, 2008 – Messy Elections: Can We Trust The Results?

NEWS DISSECTOR October 28, 2008 The War For Obama’s Economic Soul; SEN STEVENS GUILTY AS CHARGED

Bolivia: Constitution and hydrocarbons
Andrés Soliz Rada, ex Minister of Hydrocarbon
La Paz, Bolivia, 25/10/08. The setback between MÁS’ constitutional project, approved in Oruro, in December 2007, by the Constituent Assembly and the one agreed upon by a coalition of the governing party and neoliberal parties in the National Parlament last October 21, is monumental in regards to hydrocarbons.

Obama in the Media 28 October, 2008

McCain in the Media 28 October, 2008

William Bowles: Let us speculate

Alternative Information Center - Israeli Military Takes over Home of the Zo’ool Family in Bethlehem Region

GazaFriends: Israel Threatens to Forcibly Stop Us

Capitalist Shakedown — A Roundup of News 26-27 October, 2008

‘Sticking it to the Man,’ 21st Century style… Paul Watson interviewed by Jason Miller

Action Alert: The Washington Post Undercounts Iraq Deaths

CMD’s Election Protection Wiki in the NY Times

Michel Chossudovsky: Wall Street’s Trojan Horse

CounterCurrents Newsletter 27 October, 2008 – Stolen Elections And Media Blackouts

Obama in the Media 27 October, 2008

McCain in the Media 27 October, 2008

ICH 27 October, 2008: US Invades Syria: Kills 8 Civillians

Gaither Stewart: Mammon, The God Of Excess, 21 October, 2008

Statewatch News Online,  27 October 2008 (20/08)

Uruk Net Iraq News 26 October, 2008

Prof. Rodrigue Tremblay: Unscrupulous Manipulation of the US Financial Architecture

Danny Schechter: Fixing the Crisis is Not So Easy - Global Research, October 26, 2008

GI Special 6J23 27 October, 2008: Bush Regime Attacks Syria


Jonathan Cook: Israeli bestseller breaks national taboo
‘When and How Was the Jewish People Invented?

CounterCurrents Newsletter 26 October, 2008 – Rep. Sherman Feels The Heat

US Iraq troop deal “crushing defeat” for Bush
Gareth Porter: Bush admin is desperate for troop agreement as end date of UN authorization nears view video

Democracy and militarism
Howard Zinn: The financial and war crisis have created an opportunity for real change Pt5/5 view video

Media and bailout failure
Danny Schechter: The effects of the financial meltdown are spreading as the bailout fails to work view video

Bolivia in recovery – 3 part interview with Federico Fuentes
Part 1 – Federico Fuentes returns to Caracas after two weeks in Bolivia assessing the situation there after the attempted right wing coup last month. Morales seems to have outmanouevred the ultra-right’s attempts to unseat him and appears to have made his own position stronger, while his enemies are in disarray. He is so confident of his support in the popular social movements now that he is holding another referendum next month.

The government breaks the deadlock in Bolivia conflict: the “pacted” exit wins out
Pablo Stefanoni
Clouds announcing worse storms to come, that seem to hypnotise analysts inside and outside a Bolivia (almost) always convulsed, began to disipate yesterday following a laborious worked political agreement that repositioned a Congress until now marginalised by the regional fight between Evo Morales and the autonomist governors. It operated with a similar sensation to that which invaded the signatories of the Pacto de Olivos in Argentina: the opposition understood that with…

Bolivia alleges U.S. role in violent clash
AP, October 24
LA PAZ, Bolivia – A top Bolivian official accused the United States on Friday of backing armed anti-government groups in a violent jungle clash that left 15 people dead last month, including 13 supporters of President Evo Morales.

Gaza Friends: YES, WE ARE COMING

Sarah Meyer: Index Research on Pakistan, October 2008

Obama in the Media 26 October, 2008

Ingo Schmidt: Looking for Solutions: Labour and the Crisis of Neoliberal Capitalism

Uruk Net Iraq News 25 October, 2008

Capitalist Shakedown — A Roundup of News 25 October, 2008

McCain in the Media 25 October, 2008

John Maxwell: Racism and Poverty

NEWS DISSECTOR October, 24 2008 – So Far, Grudging Admissions In High Places on Financial Crisis: No Real Apologies

GI Special 6J22 25 October, 2008: More!

ICH 25 October, 2008: Weekend Edition: Meet the World's New Reserve Currency

‘Le Feyt Declaration’ on Iraq draws widespread support from world figures

Obama in the Media 25 October, 2008

Uruk Net Iraq News 24 October, 2008

Richard C. Cook: They Did It On Purpose: The Housing Bubble & Its Crash were Engineered by the US Government, the Fed & Wall Street

Tariq A. Al-Maeena: ‘US supporting Israeli-sponsored terrorism’

NO2ID Newsletter No.109 23 October 2008

Uruk Net Iraq News 23 October, 2008

Uruk Net Iraq News 22 October, 2008

GI Special 6J19 21 October, 2008: Never Forgive Never Forget

Ian Angus: A Greenish Approach to the Financial Crisis, October 24, 2008
Or: I Learned Everything I Know About Economics From the Kyoto Accord

Strategic Culture Foundation Articles October, 2008

Aurobinda MAHAPATRA (India) The World Order on Anvil

Obama in the Media 23-24 October, 2008

McCain in the Media 23-24 October, 2008

National Security Archive Update, October 24, 2008 – More Cold War Espionage Transcripts Unsealed

Forrest Hylton: The fight is not over by any means but Bolivia has entered a new phase

Bolivia: Congress Approves Referendum on Constitution, Benjamin Dangl, October 23
After months of street battles and political meetings, a new draft of the Bolivian constitution was ratified by Congress on October 21. A national referendum on whether or not to make the document official is scheduled for January 25, 2009.

CounterCurrents Newsletter 24 October, 2008 – Chomsky, Zinn, And Obama

Howard Zinn on taxes and class war
Howard Zinn: The US has always had class war over who gets taxed Pt 3 view video

El Baradei: Iran far from acquiring nuclear weapon
Babak Yektafar: El Baradei's statement will not change minds of those who want to confront Iran view video

Voters sue Pennsylvania
ANP : Voters to sue the state over voter rights view video

Traveling Soldier 24 October, 2008 Hate the war? Try voting against it

Global Research have compiled an excellent compendium of articles on the subject of the capitalist meltdown

William Bowles: Economics 101 - Interesting times
‘May you live in interesting times’, traditional Chinese curse

Colombia’s indigenous protest against Uribe
Thousands gather for 62-mile march to demand justice and land view video

Foreclosed Mother Keeps Home… For Now
ANP: The morning her house was to be auctioned off Voltaire woke up to donations and reporters view video

Zinn: Bailout is trickle-down theory magnified
Howard Zinn says there has always been big government, but mostly for the wealthy Pt2 view video

Bolivia approves new draft constitution
Forrest Hylton : The fight is not over by any means but Bolivia has entered a new phase view video

Castaway Voters: Felons in Virginia
ANP: U.S. has 5.3 million former felons who cannot vote — more than any other country in the world. view video

IPS 24 October, 2008: Guantanamo Dilemma For Next U.S. President

PCHR Palestinian Centre for Human Rights No. 42/2008 16- 22 October 2008
Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Global Warming: Stronger Than Expected, Sooner Than Forecast, October 23, 2008
Global warming is accelerating at a much faster rate than predicted by the IPCC, according to a new compendium of scientific research

Peruvian Indigenous Communities Want Talisman Out
October 23, 2008

On its website, Calgary-based Talisman Energy claims to be “conducting its business in an ethically, socially and environmentally responsible manner.” Over two dozen communities in northern Peru strongly disagree …

Tanya Cariina Hsu: Death of the American Empire

Rami Khouri: Iraq Sliced and Diced 22 Oct 2008

CounterCurrents Newsletter 22 October, 2008 – The Theft Component

ICH 22 October, 2008: ‘Disaster Capitalism for Dummies’


GI Special 6J20 22 October, 2008: "We Were All Asked To Lie"

Uruk Net Iraq News 21 October, 2008

Bolivian Congress to Meet Outdoors
La Paz, Oct 20 (Prensa Latina) Despite rejection by opposition members of Parliament, the Bolivian Congress will meet on Monday outside the Legislative Palace, on Murillo Square, in downtown La Paz, to pass a constitutional referendum bill.

Morales leads march for Bolivian constitution
Dan Keane
LA PAZ, Bolivia (AP) — President Evo Morales led more than a 100,000 supporters on a march into the Bolivian capital on Monday to demand that Congress call a nationwide vote on a new constitution empowering the country’s long-oppressed indigenous majority.

Humanity, Society and Ecology: Global Warming and the Ecosocialist Alternative
October 21, 2008
Ecosocialism is much more than a new label, or a revamping of an old perspective: it is a new project for the emancipation of humanity.

Evo Morales: 10 Commandments To Save the Planet
October 20, 2008
“If we want to save the planet earth to save life and humanity, we are obliged to end the capitalist system” By Evo Morales Ayma, president of the Republic of Bolivia

Media Lens 22 October, 2008: Propping Up Propaganda

What’s New on Corpwatch, 22 October, 2008: Norilsk Nickel: A Tale of Unbridled Capitalism, Russian Style

ICH 21 October, 2008: The Idiots Who Rule America

Chris Hedges: The Idiots Who Rule America

FAIR Media Advisory: More Than a Two-Person Race
Corporate media largely ignore other presidential candidates

Eric Walberg: What’s with the apathy?
The decline of democracy in North America was starkly illustrated in the recent Canadian elections, laments Eric Walberg

Responses From The South To The Global Economic Crisis

Trade’s Trade Offs - Council on Hemispheric Affairs

FAIR Media Advisory: Top Troubling Tropes of Campaign ‘08 20 October, 2008

Uruk Net Iraq News 20 October, 2008

ICH 20 October, 2008: How the U.S. Military Turned Me into a Terrorist

Uruk Net Iraq News 19 October, 2008

Capitalist Shakedown — A Roundup of News 19-20 October, 2008

McCain in the Media 18-19 October, 2008

Obama in the Media 18-19 October, 2008

GI Special 6J18 20 October, 2008: "Occupation Forces Out Now"

ICH: Weekend Edition 18-19 October, 2008: Payback’s A Bitch

Uruk Net Iraq News 18 October, 2008

GI Special 6J17 19 October, 2008: "I Would Not Follow Illegal Orders"

Uruk Net Iraq News 17 October, 2008

GI Special 6J16 18 October, 2008: "Get Out Occupier"

Cuba Cartoon
I must find out what happens in the third world. This is a task for Superman!

Cuba Cartoon
I must inform Johnson as soon as possible…!

Superb cartoon parody from Cuba c. 1968

The Wolf Report:Nonconfidential analysis for the anti-investor Saturday, October 18, 2008
Of Hats and Rabbits, 3

BEN TERRALL: When Ike Hit Haiti “The Damage is Immense”

Ellen Brown: Financial Meltdown: The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History
How to Reverse the Tide and Democratize the US Monetary System? Make credit a public utility

John Spritzler: Where Is the $2 Trillion We Lost?

McCain in the Media 16-17 October, 2008

Obama in the Media 16-17 October, 2008

Sameh Habeeb - The Children of Gaza: Weaned on Fear and Trauma

Locked in the Hebron Ghetto (Video) 18 October, 2008

GI Special 6J15 17 October, 2008: "I Hate This Guy"

Capitalist Shakedown — A Roundup of News 17 October, 2008

National Security Archive Update, October 17, 2008 – Washington Broadcast Set for “Torturing Democracy”

Uruk Net Iraq News 16 October, 2008 Part 2 Camp Bucca: Iraq’s Guantánamo Bay

Justice 4 Jean Statement at the end of week four of the inquest

ICH 17 October, 2008: Don’t miss – “The New Kleptocracy” – “The largest financial theft in American

Nil NIKANDROV Western Hemisphere: American Indians Fight for Their Rights

Strategic Culture Foundation Online 12 to 18 October, 2008

CounterCurrents Newsletter 17 October, 2008 – Fear The Coming Nature Crunch

Michel Chossudovsky: Global Financial Meltdown Global Research, October 17, 2008


World Against War Tour & Asian Dub Foundation

Pakistan News-links 16-17 October, 2008

Uruk Net Iraq News 16 October, 2008 Road to Perdition: Yet Another Atrocity in Afghanistan, More to Come

Uruk Net Iraq News 15 October, 2008 Mutant Seeds for Mesopotamia

Capitalist Shakedown — A Roundup of News 16 October, 2008

Marx & The Credit Crunch: A Public Reading Rooms Event, London, Conway Hall 21 October, 2008: Istvan Meszaros, author of Beyond Capital, Chris Harman, editor, International Socialism journal, Richard Brenner, author of The Credit Crunch - a Marxist Analysis

CounterCurrents Newsletter 16 October, 2008 – Global Recession Takes Hold

IPS 16, October, 2008: World Food Day

IPS 16 October, 2008: In Malaysia, Moving Away From Race-Based Politics

IPS 16 October, 2008: In Egypt, Anger Approaches Boiling Point

ICH 16 October, 2008: Who Cares about Omar Khadr?

Kapitalism101: The Falling Rate of Profit

Ismael Hossein-zadeh, “The Wall Street Coup and the Bailout Scam”

Monopoly-Finance Capital and the Crisis: Interview with John Bellamy Foster

Obama on Latin America - Council on Hemispheric Affairs

Immanuel Wallerstein: “The Depression: A Long-Term View”

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 15 October 2008

Yousef Abudayyeh - It Was Never About Borders

GI Special 6J14 15 October, 2008: Section 60

ICH 15 October, 2008: No Dog in this Fight

Capitalist Shakedown — A Roundup of News 15 October, 2008

Obama in the Media 13-15 October, 2008

McCain in the Media 13-15 October, 2008

Uruk Net Iraq News 14 October, 2008 PART III: Detention Has a Wide, Destructive Impact in Iraq — Forced Entry Into the Mind

Statewatch News Online,  14 October 2008 (19/08)

Glen Ford: Obama and the Derivatives Merchants

William Bowles: How about socialism for the rest of us

US nationalizes banks, candidates talk economy
Mike Whitney: Both candidates promote stimulus but real solution is higher wages view video

Europe fumes over Wall Street meltdown
William Engdahl: Europe furious that AAA US bonds turned out to be toxic waste – see end of US era Pt2/2 view video

New Discoveries Reveal US Intervention in Bolivia
Jeremy Bigwood
As a photo and investigative journalist for more than two decades, I often come across revealing government documents and information through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Mandatory Declassification Review (MDR) requests. These requests declassify and allow me access to documents from various entities of the US government.

Refounding Bolivia: Morales Calls for Vote on a New Democratic Constitution
Raul Burbano, October 13
Bolivian President Evo Morales has called for a national referendum on the country’s new draft constitution on December 7. The demand of the Bolivian people for a new and socially, politically and economically inclusive constitution is at the heart of the present political upheaval in that country.

Media Lens: INTELLECTUAL CLEANSING: PART 3 — Comment Is Closed

Eric Walberg: The quiet Russian

Iraq - Another Hiroshima? Was an atomic weapon dropped on Iraq in 1991? Investigative report 14 October, 2008

Book Review: How the Rich Are Destroying the Earth
October 14, 2008

GI Special 6J13 15 October, 2008: National Guard Special

ICH 14 October, 2008: Liquidating the Empire

IPS 14 October, 2008: IUCN World Conservation Congress

The Week with IPS 14 October, 2008: In China, Toxic Milk Erodes Confidence in Government

MICHAEL HUDSON: Rescue for the Few, Debt Slavery for the Many

Fidel Castro: The Law Of The Jungle

Margareta Pagano and Simon Evans: A £516 trillion derivatives ‘time-bomb’

Capitalist Shakedown — A Roundup of News & Opinion 13-14 October, 2008

Google in Bed with Pentagon
The full scope of government and military involvement with Google`s AGI project goes well beyond the scope of this analysis.

GI Special 6J12 14 October, 2008: Sitting Ducks



ICH 13 October, 2008: The Truth About Global Corruption

Prof. Rodrigue Tremblay: Anatomy of the American Financial Crisis: How It is Turning into a Worldwide Crisis

GI Special 6J11 13 October, 2008: Soldiers Who Stopped A War

Martin Saatdjian: Venezuela taken steps to weather the financial crisis

Norman Solomon: Requiem for the Bailout Storyline

McCain in the Media 11-12 October, 2008

Obama in the Media 11-12 October, 2008

GI Special 6J10 12 October, 2008: Unrelentingly Grim

GI Special 6J9 10 October, 2008: Action Report

The Capitalist Shakedown By William Bowles

Michel Chossudovsky: Who is Behind the Financial Meltdown? Market Manipulation and the InstitutionalSpeculator

William K. Tabb, “The Financial Crisis of U.S. Capitalism”

Uruk Net Iraq News 10 October, 2008 Corruption Blamed as Cholera Rips Through Iraq

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 11 October 2008 - Arab houses torched by Israeli Jews

ICH: Weekend Edition 12 October, 2008 - Berlusconi Says Leaders May Close World’s Markets

Capitalist Shakedown — A Roundup of News 11-12 October, 2008 (updated as necessary)

ICH 10 October, 2008: Paul Craig Roberts: A Solution?

By Khaled Hosseini: McCain and Palin Are Playing With Fire

By Gaither Stewart - DEFINITIONS: THE BOURGEOISIE 11 October, 2008

Make-Believe Maverick
A closer look at the life and career of John McCain reveals a disturbing record of recklessness and dishonesty

Strategic Culture Foundation Online 5 October, 2008 to 11 October, 2008 Global Red Alert: US Will Not Be Able to Service Its Debts

Capitalist Shakedown — A Roundup of News 9-11 October, 2008 (updated as necessary)

The roots and remedies of the financial crisis
Leo Panitch: It's time to make banking a public utility Pt4/5 view video

CyberSecurity Expert: Diebold Voting Machines Designed To Be Hacked
“There is no electronic system in the world that cannot be hacked... Diebold is lying.” — Stephen Spoonamore, a leading cybersecurity expert and a whistleblower.

Uruk Net Iraq News 9 October, 2008 Iraq: US dropped nuclear bomb near Basra in 1991, claims veteran

The Limits of Green Keynesianism, October 9, 2008
A Marxist response to “A New Green Deal,” published by the UK-based New Economics Foundation in July.

GI Special 6J8 10 October, 2008: "Who Is Going To Hear Our Pain?"

Hans M. Kristensen: State Department Arms Control Board Declares Cold War on China

F. William Engdahl: Behind the Panic: Financial Warfare and the Future of Global Bank Power


Capitalist Shakedown — A Roundup of News 7-9 October, 2008 (updated as necessary)


VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 8 October 2008 - Several residents wounded, one seriously, in an Israeli invasion of Nablus

CounterCurrents Newsletter 8 October, 2008 – Darkness Falls On America

IPS 9 October, 2008: In Turkey, Messenger Comes Under Attack

Uruk Net Iraq News 8 October, 2008 Iraq War Illegal Propaganda-Gate Links Fest

ICH 8 October, 2008: Troops Are Deployed on U.S. Streets

Market Meltdown: Capitalism and the Crisis of Neoliberalism

By Ellen Brown: Who Owns The Federal Reserve?


Center for Media and Democracy Launches The Election Protection Wiki

By Eric Walberg: The bankers’ 9/11

GI Special 6J7 8 October, 2008: Dying In Vain

By Cynthia McKinney: “Where’s Kenny Rogers When You Need Him?: The Big Boys Got Their Bailout”

Middle East Report Online: Bypassing Bethlehem’s Eastern Reaches by Nate Wright

NEWS DISSECTOR October 8, 2008 Fear and Panic As Market Drops Again: How Bad Is It? How Bad Can It Get?

Uruk Net Iraq News 7 October, 2008

PCHR Documents: Universal Jurisdiction -  The Case Against Impunity 8 October, 2008

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 7 October 2008 - Palestinian man shot by Israeli forces following failed raid in Nablus camp

ICH 7 October, 2008: Cindy Sheehan: Plan for New National Party

UK: Government will spy on every call and e-mail

Capitalist Shakedown — A Roundup of News 7 October, 2008 (updated as necessary)

Thursday is D-Day
Thursday's auction for Lehman's credit default swaps (CDS) By George Washington Blog

Jonathan Cook - Response to Intellectual Cleansing Part 1

Media Lens: Intellectual Cleansing – Part 2

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 6 October 2008 - Egypt blocks Gaza aid convoy

Capitalist Shakedown — A Roundup of News 4-6 October, 2008

ICH 6 October, 2008: “The Edge of The Abyss

CounterCurrents Newsletter 6 October, 2008 – America! Be Truly Afraid

GI Special 6J6 6 October, 2008: The Secretive Family

Uruk Net Iraq News 4 October, 2008: War on Taliban cannot be won, says army chief

The Week with IPS 6 October, 2008: Amid Financial Crisis, No Bail Out For The Poor


Norman Solomon: Projecting an Obama Victory

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 5 October 2008 - Israeli settlers attack olive harvesters near Tulkarem

GI Special 6J5 5 October, 2008: "He Would Go With The People"

GI Special 6J4 4 September, 2008: It's So Over

Ingo Schmidt: Wall Street Panic, Main Street Pain and Policy Choices

Roland Michel Tremblay: Mr. President, what is the truth now?

ICH 5 October, 2008: Weekend Edition: Wall Street Financiers Cash in on Crisis

Obama in the Media 3-4 October, 2008

McCain in the Media 3-4 October, 2008

CounterCurrents Newsletter 4 October, 2008 – Busted American Dreams

Pakistan News-links 3-4 October, 2008

File on Palin 2-4 October, 2008

GI Special 6J3 5 October, 2008: There It Is

Walden Bello, “A Primer on Wall Street Meltdown”

Strategic Culture Foundation: M.K. BHADRAKUMAR India and the world of tomorrow

Capitalist Shakedown — A Roundup of News 3-4 October, 2008

Strategic culture foundation online magazine 28 September - 3 October, 2008

ICH 3 October, 2008: You Don’t Want To Miss This Issue

GI Special 6J2 3 September, 2008: 34 Hours To Go

Uruk Net Iraq News 2 October, 2008: Taliban Rejects Karzai Call for Talks

WHAT’S NEW ON CORPWATCH One Million Weapons to Iraq; Many Go Missing 2 October 2008

ICH 2 October, 2008: ‘US Dominance is Over’ – Medvedev

Jason Miller: One Nation under Capitalism: It’s Time for a Crucifixion, 2 October, 2008

THE END OF ARROGANCE: America Loses Its Dominant Economic Role - Der Spiegel

MEDIA ALERT: INTELLECTUAL CLEANSING: PART 1 – Keeping The Media Safe For Big Business

Capitalist (Shake) Meltdown — A Roundup of News 1-2 October, 2008 (Updated) - World awaits financial bailout vote

Senate approves bailout
Ellen Frank: Situation does not require the hasty passing of a terrible bill
view video

Is the bailout necessary?
ANP: View Point – Economist Dean Baker says we don’t need the Bailout view video

The People’s Republic of Wall Street
Pepe Escobar: What’s behind the “no banker left behind” bailout view video

Tax wealthy to pay for bailout
Sen. Bernie Sanders proposes amendment to make the wealthiest in US shoulder the costs of the bailout view video

IPS Middle East 2 October, 2008: In Iraq, Is the Kurdish-Arab ‘Honeymoon’ Over?

1 October, 2008 FLASHBACK: Iraq war ‘caused slowdown in the US’

NIKHIL SHAH: Venezuela’s Support for Palestine – A Model for Third World Democracy

Joe Bageant: The bail out in plain English — Yea though we walk in the valley of debt, we speak with the tongues of brokers

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 1 October 2008 - Fatah member’s relatives say he was executed in PA jail

ICH 1 October, 2008: Not One Dime!

CounterCurrents Newsletter 1 October, 2008 – Food And Markets: A Crisis Of Faith

Statewatch News Online,  2 October 2008 - The Shape of Things to Come – EU Future Group:

GI Special 6J1 1 September, 2008: Fear

Project Censored: The top 10 Stories the US News Media Missed in the Past Year
This year's top stories include real news from Iraq, behind the scenes plans for the Security and Prosperity Partnership ("NAFTA on steroids"), US militarization of Latin America, an Executive Order to seize protesters' assets, and the Act to rout out "Homegrown Terrorism."

Uruk Net Iraq News 1 October, 2008

Anti-Empire Report, October 1, 2008 By William Blum

Capitalist (Shake) Meltdown — A Roundup of News 1 October, 2008

Pakistan News-links 1 October 2008

Bolivia News-links 30 September - 1 October, 2008

Middle East Report Online: Livni in Principle and in Practice by Peretz Kidron September 30, 2008

Capitalist (Shake) Meltdown 29-30 September, 2008

‘Alaska Women Reject Palin’ Rally is HUGE!

Congress Didn’t Dare Say Yes - What Wall Street Hoped to Win By PAM MARTEN

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