Index of Articles for the Month of November 2004

Media: Review written for the journal Race and Class a of the book ‘Bad News from Israel’, By GREG PHILO and MIKE BERRY by Moshe Machover (PDF) 30/11/04

GI SPECIAL #2c36: Counterattack in Fallujah (PDF) 01/12/04

Low Crime Rate in Fallujah by Dahr Jamail 30/11/04

Neglect Follows Siege of Fallujah by Dahr Jamail 30/11/04

International Weapons Conventions in Iran, Iraq By Omar Khan 29/11/04


Kosovo Liberation Army helps establish “protectorate” in Hait by Antony Fenton 30/11/04

GI SPECIAL #2c35 What are We Doing Here? ” (PDF) 30/11/04

Cold War crisis in Ukraine Control of oil, key Grand Chessboard 'pivot' at stake By Larry Chin Online Journal Associate Editor 26/11/04

The World According to George Soros by Connie Bruck   The New Yorker   23-Jan-1995   George Soros buys Ukraine

George Soros — a profile by Neil Clark New Statesman (UK), June 2, 2003

A PALESTINIAN VIEW: Incitement on the ground by Nadia Naser-Najjab 29/11/04

Electric Slide by S.Artesian 27/11/04

Imperialism Reconsidered by S Artesian 16/11/04

Iraq “We are living a disaster.” by Dahr Jamail 29/11/04

Fiction A Feast of Peonies by Obi – Part 9 28/11/04

News Media in the 60th Year of the Nuclear Age By Norman Solomon 29/11/04

Fallujah – America’s Halabja by Yamin Zakaria 29/11/04

GI SPECIAL #2c34: MIA (Missing In America) (PDF) 29/11/04

GI SPECIAL #2c33 Marine Fighting Iraq War (PDF) 28/11/04

US campaign behind the turmoil in Kiev by Ian Traynor 26/11/04

Israel's Battle in Fallujah by Rashid Khashana 26/11/04

Iraq The recipe for civil war By Pepe Escobar 28/11/04

Bush And Sharon After Arafat By Uri Avnery 24/11/04

Rumsfeld in Nicaragua: The reason?: Fallujah and SAM-7s by Toni Solo 20/11/04

Iraq This time last year … by Dahr Jamail 28/11/04

The Destabilization of Haiti 28/1/04

Haiti: Blood on their hands by John Maxwell 21/11/04

Haitian pastor dies on U.S. doorstep By DAVID ADAMS 19/11/04



Iraq Abu Hanfa and its terrorists by Omar Khan 26/11/04

GI SPECIAL #2c32 For Brian (PDF) 27/11/04

Iraq URUK Net News Links 26/11/04

GI SPECIAL #2c31 Soldiers Flee Training Camp (PDF) 26/11/04

Iraq ‘Unusual Weapons’ Used in Fallujah by Dahr Jamail 26/11/04

Iraq URUK Net News Links 25/11/04

Venezuela USA covert action … Danilo Anderson and Condoleezza Rice by Toni Solo 25/11/04

FREEDOM, what crimes are committed in thy name? by Edward Teague 25/11/04

“…Government powers which we should never have dreamed of granting ” By Edward Teague 24/11/04

The Blair Fear Project by William Bowles 23/11/04

Economic ‘Armageddon’ predicted in the US By Brett Arendse 23/11/04

Venezuela U.S. knew of 2002 plot to oust Chavez 24/11/04

US A Banana Republic Economic Crisis a Question of When, Not If By Pedro Nicolaci da Costa 22/11/04

Britain joins major new pre-election offensive against Iraq rebels 23/11/04

Spain says former government backed Venezuela coup By Daniel Flynn 23/11/04

Venezuela Opposition lawyer shot dead in downtown Caracas shoot-out with police officrs 23/11/04

Haiti The ADLN Armed Resistance Emerging 18/11/04

Falujah Refugees by Dahr Jamail 23/11/04

Iraq Occupier of a Prime Minister's Chair by Dahr Jamail 23/11/04

GI SPECIAL #2c29 LRP To Benning (PDF) 23/11/04

Iran Next U.S. Target by William Clark 22/11/04

Iraq URUK Net News Links 22/11/04

Iraq=Vietnam - Misinterpreting the Metaphor by William Bowles 21/11/04

Iraq On executions, beheadings, and other propaganda operationsBy Larry Chin 20/11/04

Iraq Statement from the Egyptian Committee against Colonialism and Zionism

FALLUJA THREW S ARMY 60 YEARS BACK: An After-Action Assessment 19/11/04

‘History?’ Washita – Genocide on the Great Plains 22/11/04/p>

Actions Anti-War Party Launched in the US

GI SPECIAL #2c28 “Let Us Be Your Voice” (PF) 22/11/04

Documentary proof of CIA involvement in the April 2002 coup d’etat against Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Frias by Eva Golinger 21/11/04

Iraq More blood, More chaos by Dahr Jamail 21/11/04

Fiction A Feast of Peonies by Obi – Part 8

Fiction A Feast of Peonies by Obi – Part 7

GI SPECIAL #2c27 Holiday In Falluja (PDF) 21/11/04

Weasel Words by the Dogs of Straw by William Bowles 19/11/04

The Iraqi Resistance Spreads by Dahr Jamail 16/11/04

Haitian Government Mounts Illegal Arrests of Priest and Dissidents 17/11/04

Iraq URUK Net News Links 20/11/04

Update from Electronic Intifada 19/11/04

GI SPECIAL #2c26 “Keep Your Heads High” (PDF) 20/11/04

The Anti-Empire Report, No 15 by William Blum 19/11/04

Haiti Terror by U.S.-backed regime, UN forces By Pat Chin 18/11/04

Venezuela US government implicated in the assassination of Danilo Anderson? by Oscar Heck 19/11/04

Iraq Terrorizing those who are praying … by Dahr Jamail 19/11/04

Iraq URUK Net News Links 19/11/04

The Dems Are Caving on Gonzales: War Criminal as Attorney General? by Prof. Francis A. Boyle 18/11/04

Venezuela Theory or Ideology, Revolutionaries or Ideologues by Franz J. T. Lee 18/11/04

A New Chance for Haiti? Latin America/Caribbean Report No.10 18/11/04

GI SPECIAL #2c25 Falluja Troops Fucked (PDF) 19/11/04

As U.S. Forces Raided a Mosque by Dahr Jamail 19/11/04

Media The Power of Nightmares and the Real Politics of Fear – Part 2 19/11/04

Venezuelan State Proseutor Danilo Anderson assassinated in cold blood in two-bomb explosion in Los Chaguaramos/Santa Monica 19/11/04

Media The Power of Nightmares and the Real Politics of Fear – Part 1 18/11/04

Iraq Media Repression in 'Liberated' Land by Dahr Jamail 18/11/04

Media A Voluntary Tic in Media Coverage of Iraq By Norman Solomon 18/11/04

The Streets of Baghdad by Dahr Jamail 18/11/04

Venezuelan embassy staffers arond the world risk losing their jobs in Foreign Ministry purge of saboteurs by Jesus Arnoldo Perez 18/11/04

GI SPECIAL #2c24 Scum in Command Launch Attack on 343rd Soldiers (PDF) 18/11/04

A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm – US/Israeli Strategic Document

Palestine Report on Irael's Home Demolitions and American Vets 17/11/04

Iraq Slash and Burn by Dahr Jamail 17/11/04

The more things change the more they stay the same by William Bowles 16/11/04

Baghdad Burning. Girl Blog from Iraq … 16/11/04

Iraq URUK Net News Links 17/11/04

GI SPECIAL #2c23 Defend The 343rd (PDF) 17/11/04

Media New York Times Rewrites Fallujah History 16/11/04

Iraq New Report, Footage Surfaces On Mass Graves Of US Soldiers By Bruce Kennedy 16/11/04

Fallujah Calls For Media To Dismiss Lies; Casualty Report Released By Omar al-Faris 15/11/04

Iraq American War Crimes Have Now Finally Been Caught on Tape … 16/11/04

The Passing of Abu Amar (Yasir Arafat) 16/11/04

Venezuela Setting the new revolutionary parameters by Richard Smith 15/11/04

Guilt or Guilty? by William Bowles 14/11/04

Haiti The Land Without Plenty By Jessica Leight and Larry Birns 13/11/04

Facing the Challenge to the Global Peace Movement by Walden Bello 16/11/04

Palestine Update from Electronic Intifada 15/11/04

Sharon's Gaza Pullout: Not Gonna Happen! by Tanya Reinhart 6/11/04

Iraq URUK Net News Links 16/11/04

GI SPECIAL #2c22 ArchAngles (PDF) 16/11/04

Haiti thought it had hit rock bottom, but life just gets harder by Reed Lindsay 13/11/04

Dogs Eating Bodies in the Streets of Fallujah by Dahr Jamail 15/11/04

Iraq URUK Net News Links 15/11/04

Iraq The Other Face of U.S. 'Success' in Fallujah by Dahr Jamail 15/11/04

Iraq URUK Net News Links 14/11/04

Is Sistani the Judas of Iraq? by Yamin Zaqaria 14/11/04

US Forces Have NOT Taken Fallujah by Omar Al-Faris 13/11/04

NED on the offesive in Venezuela by Eva Golinger 13/11/04

Fallujah: Unpacking the press destroying the myths by William Bowles 12/11/04

Beyond Embattled City, Rebels Operate Freely By Alissa J. Rubin and Tyler Marshall 12/11/04

US$ Health Warning! Will devaluation help energy transition? by Andrew McKillop 13/11/04

The Politics of Imperialism: Neoliberalism and Class Politics in Latin America By James Petras

Inside Fallujah: one family ’s diary of terror by Dahr Jamail 14/11/04

Iraq URUK Net News Links 13/11/04

GI SPECIAL #2c21 Falluja (PDF) 13/11/04

“Iraq is burning with wrath, anger and sadness…” by Dahr Jamail 12/11/04

Iraqi Resistance Report for events of 11 November 2004

Venezuela Open letter to National Endowment for Democracy (NED) president Carl Gershman 11/11/04

Iraq URUK Net News Links11/11/04

Weakness Through Strength by William Bowles 10/11/04

Latortue Regime's Facade Crumbling in Haiti Flashpoints Interviews Kevin Pina 9/11/04

Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell: Sleeping with the enemy! by Charles Hardy 11/11/04

Media From Florida to Fallujah: What the News Coverage Covers Up By Danny Schechter 9/11/04

GI SPECIAL #2c20 Resistance Counterattacks (PDF) 12/11/04

GI SPECIAL #2c19 War Reports (PDF) 11/11/04

Israel – An Apartheid State? A Discussion Paper (PDF) by M. Machover 10/11/04

Media A Distant Mirror of Holy War By Norman Solomon 11/11/04

U.S. Will Lose More by 'Victory' by Dahr Jamail 10/11/04

Fallujah Prayers for Vengeance, More Death … by Dahr Jamail 11/11/04

Media Legitimising Mass Slaughter in Fallujah – Part 2 11/11/04

Media Siding with Iraq – Part 2 10/11/04

Iraq Economy Hurting More Than Violence by Dahr Jamail 9/11/04

Venezuela How can political power thru democracy be considered authoritarianism? by Elio Cequea 9/11/04

Falluja All the Makings of a War Crime By Tony Kevin 9/11/04

GI SPECIAL #2c18 Rumsfeld Says Iraqis Favor Resistance (PDF) 10/11/-4

Iraq Uruknet News 9/11/04

Iraq The Fire is Spreading … Dahr Jamail 9/11/04

The Siege Begins, Outrage in Baghdad by Dahr Jamail 9/11/04

Media A Letter from Georgia's Congresswoman-Elect on the Need for Authentic Media 9/11/04

GI SPECIAL #c17 Betrayal (PDF) 9/11/04

“Fixing Fallujah”: BBC Radio Orwell Reporting for Duty by William Bowles 8/11/04

Dry Thy Tears by Israel Shamir 8/11/04

ACTIONS URGENT ALERT PMRS Doctor forced to Strip in Public 8/11/04

Iraq Resistance over Fallujah Builds Up in Baghdad Dahr Jamail /11/04

GI SPECIAL #2c16 Tomorrow's Ashes (PDF) 8/11/04

Transforming Four More Years by Norman Solomon 8/11/04

On Media and the Election By Robert W. McChesney 8/11/04

There should be a limit to …indecency From the Palestinian General Delegation 8/11/04

Palestine The Karama Project 8/11/04

Haiti Violent tide vs. Aristide supporters by Reed Lindsay 7/11/04

Report on Fr. Gerard Jean-Juste by Bill Quigley 7/11/04

Distorted Picture of Violence in Haiti by Yves Engler 7/11/04

Repression grows more violent in Haiti By G. Dunkel 7/11/04

Haiti activists take their anger to Bush & Powell by Judith Scherr 3/11/04

Media The BBC – Legitimising Mass Slaughter in Fallujah

A Must Read! The American Ideology by Samir Amin May 2003

GI SPECIAL #2c15 resistance “tens of thousands” (PDF) 7/11/04

Jewish Voice for Peace 5/11/04

On the road to Fallujah by William Bowles 6/11/04

Fiction A Feast of Peonies by Obi – Part 6 6/11/04

Iraq URUK Net News Links 6/11/04

Venezuela Revolution in the Revolution or is it just cultural? 6/11/04

GI SPECIAL #2c14 The Army Does Not Like To Pay (PDF) 6/11/04

Media Defining Bush's “Mandate” 5/11/04

New York Times Killed “Bush Bulge” Story 4/11/04

Haiti The U.S.-backed regime in Haiti is violently cracking down on worker organizing By Ricky Baldwin

Spiraling Into Occupied Iraq Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches 5/11/04

Venezuela What? What is going on here? I am really ticked off now … again! By Oscar Heck 5/11/04

Iraq URUK Net 5/11/04

As Repression Mounts in Haiti Resistance & Solidarity Grow By Pat Chin and G. Dunkel 4/11/04

Haiti after the coup By Charlie Hinton 4/11/04

US to Sweep Fallujah, Ramadi Very Soon: Iraqis By Samir Haddad 2/11/04

Palestine Hamas prepares for post-Arafat era By Khalid Amayreh 2/11/04

The Imperium Unleashed by William Bowles 4/11/04

Update From Electronic Iraq 4/11/04


GI SPECIAL #2c12 “I Can't Understand” (PDF) 04/11/04

GI SPECIAL #2c11 Soldier Gets Medal + Prison (PDF) 03/11/04

Palestine Two 12-yar-old boys shot and killed for throwing stones in Jenin and Nablus, 8-year-old girl shot and killed on her way to school in Khan Younis 01/11/04

GI SPECIAL #2c10 “You Want The Truth? ” (PDF) 02/11/04

Yes! The October 31, 2004 Venezuelan elections for Governors confirm reality! 01/11/04

Venezuela Chavismo wins 20 of the 22 Governorships in dispute 01/11/04

Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Tuesday, 26 October through Friday, 29 October 2004

GI SPECIAL #2c9 Combat Ground Zero (PDF) 01/11/04

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