Index of Articles for the Month of December 2004
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Middle East Update 31/12/04

5 Killed in Gaza: Update From Electronic Intifada 30/12/04

A Parade of Charlatans: Update From Electronic Intifada 29/12/04

Open Letter To Palestinian Public Opinion: What We Want From The Elected President 26/12/04

The Vanunu Campaign for Rector at Glasgow University

Throwing the book at Tali Fahima By Orit Shohar 31/12/04

Palestinians Worry About Cost of Peace By STEVEN ERLANGER 29/12/04

‘The Great Game’ Book Review: A Century of War – Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order by William Engdahl Reviewed by William Bowles 31/12/04

Tsunami: Geology of Genocide By Satya Sagar 26/12/04

A New American Century? Iraq and the hidden euro-dollar wars by F. William Engdahl 31/12/04

Mesaj 2005 – New Years Message from President Jean Bertrand Aristide 30/12/04

GI SPECIAL #2c66: People Are Losing Life And Limb 31/12/04 (PDF)

ÁLa politica es una cochinada! Politics is a filthy game! By Carlos Herrera 30/12/04

Tsunami warning halted ‘for tourist industry’ 28/12/04


GI SPECIAL #2c65: Military Resistance To War Growing 30/12/04 (PDF)

History and Class, 3: Closing Out By S. Artesian 29/12/04

US-installed regime in Haiti compensates former brutal military 29/12/04

Iraq URUK Net News Links 28/12/04

Putin’s Ukrainian Catastrophe By Boris Kagarlitsky 17/12/04

GI SPECIAL #2c64: My Love To All The Troops 29/12/04 (PDF)

Christmas 2004 in Haiti 27/12/04

Doctor dispenses hope to HIV/AIDS patients in Haiti  By David Adams 26/12/04

Is Haiti on the brink of civil war? By Katherine Arie 23/12/04

Tracking tsunamis: Why was there no warning? 28/12/04

GI SPECIAL #2c63: "We're Not Doing Good Out There" 28/12/04 (PDF)

Death Watch for Human Rights in Haiti: The Massacre in the National Penitentiary by Bill Quigley 28/12/04

Beloved Mayor Continues to Serve his Community from Hiding by Sasha Kramer 23/12/04

Radio address of Jean-Charles Moise, ex-mayor of Milot, Haiti, in hiding 23/12/04

“Thugs” In Haiti by Judith Scherr 12/04

Orange Revolution Can’t Happen Here By Boris Kagarlitsky 28/12/04

Palestine: Blair ’s Descent into ‘Poodledom’ 27/1/204

First Palestinian Municipal Elections in 28 Years Hindered by Israeli Arrests of Candidates, Checkpoints 23/12/04

A Middle East Update, Christmas 2004

Palestinian Students Need Army Escort By Ravi Nessman 22/12/04

Path to Peace Runs Through Palestine By David Hirst 22/12/04

Tailgated by Media Technology By Norman Solomon 27/12/04

Iraq URUK Net News Links 27/12/04

GI SPECIAL #2c62: “I Don’t Support This War” 27/12/04 (PDF)

Fiction: Feast of Peonies by Obi – Part 12 26/12/04

GI SPECIAL #2c61: "All The Other Soldiers, They Just Really Want To Come Home.” “He Doesn't Really Know Why They Have To Be There." 26/12/04 (PDF)

An Eyewitness Account of Falluja 16/12/04

History and Class, Part 2: Convergence and Conjunction Continued 25/12/04

Iraq URUK Net News Links 25/12/04

Venezuela signals clear warning to the US government to back off on interference; offers Chins almost unlimited access to massive oil and gas reserves 25/12/04

Second Report of the Haiti Accompaniment Project: Human Rights Conditions in Haiti ’s Prisons July 30 – August 16, 2004

Freed Haitian Priest Gerard Jean-Juste: Aristide Supporters "Are Not Only Targeted, We Are Being Chased" 20/12/04

There Will Be No Peace, Without An End To This Terrorism By Stephen Gowans 24/12/04

GI SPECIAL #2c60: Bush Sends Gifts To Iraq 25/12/04 (PDF)

China Backs Iran Against The Great Satan by Joe Vialls 24/12/04

Torture in Cuba ... but it’s not the Cubans who torture! By Arthur Shaw 24/12/04

Voting Problems in Ohio Spur Call for Overhaul By James Dao, Ford Fessesfen and Tom Zeller Jr 24/12/04

GI SPECIAL #2c59: Rewarding Incompetence 24/12/04 (PDF)

Regime Change: A Necessity of Inter-Imperialist Rivalry by Stephen Gowans 23/12/04

Balance of United States' power or Venezuela’s rule of law... 23/12/04

Kerry to Enter Ohio Recount Fray By William Rivers Pitt 23/12/04

Where were you when the lights went out by William Bowles 23/12/04

Iraq: Quiet, or I’ll call democracy by Haifa Zangana 22/12/04

In Ohio, Almost 1 in 50 Votes for President Don’t Count By Michael Collins

The New Zeus on the Block Unplugging Al-Manar TV By Greg Moses 22/12/04

A Cri de Coeur: Imagining Palestine By Kathleen Christison 22/12/04

Oil for Food: Don’t lose sight of the real scandal By Sean Gonsalves 22/12/04

Tucker Carlson to MSNBC? Struggling Cable Channel Attempts to Outfox Fox 22/12/04

Op – Ed to Miami Herald in reference to article about Aristide/Neptune "corruption" 22/12/04

GI SPECIAL 2c58: Rewarding Incompetence 23/12/04 (PDF)

Our Friends in the US Progressive & peace Movements Should Fully Support Our Resistance in Palestine & Iraq By Ibrahim Ebeid 21/12/04

Investigating Ohio  By Tim Grieve 21/12/04

The End Of Warfare by AbhayY Mehta 20/12/04

NATO's secret armies linked to terrorism? by Daniele Ganser 21/12/04

Update from the Electronic Intifada 21/12/04

Haiti Prison Massacre Action Alert 22/12/04

GI SPECIAL #2c57: "Fighting For Their Loyalty" 22/12/04 (PDF)

Well, who is funding you then? Chavez? by Carlos Herrera 21/12/04

F.B.I. E-Mail Refers to Presidential Order Authorizing Inhumane Interrogation Techniques 20/12/04

Haiti: Massacre in the `Titanic ’ by Reed Lindsay 20/12/04

Left Hook Interview with Stan Goff 20/12/04

GI SPECIAL #2c56: Most Americans Say Iraq War Not Worth Fighting 21/12/04 (PDF)

Genocide Charges Against Saddam Hussein Dropped: Report 20/12/04

Freed Haitian Priest Gerard Jean-Juste: Aristide Supporters “Are Not Only Targeted, We Are Being Chased” 20/12/04

Iraq URUK Net News Links 20/12/04

GI SPECIAL #2c55: When Soldiers Stopped A War 20/12/04 (PDF)

We Will Reclaim Our Armed Forces! By Stan Goff 15/12/04

Challabis of Haiti have made Haiti 5000-times worse than it was before the Coup d ’etat 19/12/04

History and Class, Part 1: Distinto, Differente by S. Artesian 19/12/04

Revealed: Haiti bloodbath that left dozens dead in jail by Reed Lindsay 19/12/04

What’s Left: Is the US a free-trade country? by Stephen Gowans 19/12/04

Media Crisis 2004: Summing Up and Moving Forward By Danny Schechter 17/12/04

North Korea: How Washington works to crush threats to US capital (and turn them into investor paradises) by Stephen Gowans 19/12/04

The Anti-Empire Report, No. 16 by William Blum 15/12/04

GI SPECIAL #2c54: We Will Reclaim Our Armed Forces! 19/12/04 (PDF)

GI SPECIAL #2c53: “A Growing Number Of Awakened Soldiers” 18/12/04 (PDF)

Fiction: A Feast of Peonies by Obi – Part 11 19/12/04

Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Thursday, 16 December 2004 19/12/04

Iraq URUK Net News Links 18/12/04

Ohio Voters Refile Election Challenge By Andrew Welsh-Huggins 17/12/04

Media: CBS Acknowledges— But Doesn’t Include— Bush “Critics” on Social Security

Massive Protest demanding Aristide’s return in Haiti’s second largest city 17/12/04

Internationally Paid Dogs of War in Africa by Joyce Ncube-Maccauley 17/12/04


Iraq URUK Net News Links 16/12/04

Ohio Justice Throws Out Election Challenge By Andrew Welsh-Huggin16/12/04

American Democracy Hangs by a Thread in Ohio By Bob Fitrakis, Steve Rosenfeld and Harvey Wasserman 15/12/04

Proof of Ohio Election Fraud Exposed 15/12/04

Haiti: From Thugs to Freedom Fighters to Thugs By Larry Birns and Seth DeLong 14/12/04

Haiti not the deadly place shown on TV, some locals say 13/12/04

GI SPECIAL #2c52: Flat-Out War In Falluja; It’s Not Over 17/12/04 (PDF)

Iraq's Oil: Margin of Error By Edward Teague 16/12/04

Chavez and Cuba Sign Anti-US Trade Agreement 16/12/04

Venezuela: Fidel and Ch‡vez promote Bolivarian alternative for the Americas by Edward Teague15/12/04

Media Alert: Naked Empire– Part 2: Mainstream Reviews of Books by Andrew Marr, Jon Snow and John Pilger 16/12/04

Workers in Haiti to begin mediation process! 15/12/04

Update from Electronic Iraq 15/12/04

Israel’s Fight For Survival? A Pro-Palestinian Response to Rep. Waxman (D-CA) by Adam Miller 24/11/04

GI SPECIAL #2c51: “Growing Resistance From The Troops” 16/12/04 (PDF)

Haiti: Paul Martin on Canada in the world 15/12/04

GI SPECIAL #2c50: “Mutiny” On Gulf Warship 15/12/04 (PDF)

Deaths reported as UN enters Haiti slum 14/12/04

UN troops take control of Port-au-Prince slum loyal to Aristide; 3 shot 14/12/04

Respite – Dahr Jamail ’s Iraq Dispatches 14/12/04



GI SPECIAL #2c49: One Million U.S. Troops Have Gone To War 14/12/04 (PDF)

Haiti is not for sale by Yves Engler 13/12/04

URGENT ALERT: Presidential Candidate Attacked by Israeli Forces 8/12/04

The Israeli Security Services (Shabak) inflict physical punishment on Tali Fahima during her interrogation 13/12/04

Egypt: Testimonies of State Security Intelligence Victims in Arish and the city of Sheikh Zoayyed 17/11/04

Haiti’s hope lies dying in cauldron of guns, gangs and murder by David Adams 10/12/04

Haiti: Burying Water by Kathy Kelly 10/12/04

Iraq; A Reply To Those Who Question Our Reports From Mafkarat al-Islam 13/12/04

Iraq URUK Net News Links 13/12/04

Jewish Voice for Peace Statement on Divestment 10/12/04

JPN: Israel-Palestine Cease Fire? AIPAC Under Investigation; and A Crucial Mizrahi View of Israel 8/12/04

The IMF and the Future of Iraq by Zaid Al-Ali 8/12/04

Two Books by Palestinian Writers

A Middle East Update 8/12/04

Palestinian Children Denied Their Human Rights by Haithem El-Zabri 10/12/04

Poll: 127 of Palestinians for PA Presidency 6/12/04

U.S. Military Obstructing Medical Care by Dahr Jamail 13/12/04

Dead And Buried by Dahr Jamail 12/1/2/04

Well Oiled by William Bowles 13/12/04

GI SPECIAL #2c48: War Report 13/12/04 (PDF)

GI SPECIAL #2c47: Military Discontent Spreading 12/12/04 (PDF)

Iraq URUK Net News Links 11/12/04

Haitian puppet regime in trouble Despite backing of U.S. and France 9/12/04

Palestine: The Story of Simha Tzabari

Buying Time by S. Artesian 11/12/04

Media: The Limits of “Man Bites Dog” Stories By Norman Solomon 9/12/04

GI SPECIAL #2c46: Rumsfeld Liar Traitor Soldier-Killer Unfit For Command 11/12/04 (PDF)


Announcing the P.U.-litzer Prizes for 2004 By Norman Solomon 10/12/04

Deterring Threats to US Capital: What Drives Washington to Crush North Korea and Other Foreign Policy Bogeymen By Stephen Gowans 10/12/04

GI SPECIAL #2c45: Rumsfeld Retreats (PDF) 10/12/04

The Wages of Overproduction by S. Artesian 8/12/04


What’s Left: War Hawks in Dove’s Clothing By Stephen Gowans 7/12/04

UN backs ‘extermination’ of Lavalas in Haiti 6/12/04

“Somebody has to do it” by Dahr Jamail 9/12/04

Relief by Dahr Jamail 8/12/04

So much loss…by Dahr Jamail 7/12/04

Health Care Given A ‘New Look’ by Dahr Jamail 7/12/04

Rights groups say Haiti prison riot a massacre 9/12/04

Second Report of the Haiti Accompaniment Project Human Rights Conditions in Haiti’s Prisons. July 30 – August 16, 2004 9/12/04

A Feast of Peonies by Obi – Part 10 6/12/04

Fallujah as a “Model City” by Dahr Jamail 6/12/04

Trophy Hunting? by Dahr Jamail 4/12/04

Jan. Elections Remain Misunderstood in U.S., Tenuous in Iraq by Lisa Ashkenaz Croke 4/12/04

General Nizar Al-Khazraji and pals re-surface in Iraq Edward Teague 4/12/04

The Return of PSYOPS Military’s media manipulation demands more investigation 3/12/04

Networks Bar Ad Promoting Tolerance: A church’s acceptance of gays is deemed “too controversial” 3/12/04

The Quiet of Destruction and Death by Dahr Jamail 2/12/04

Haitian struggle at crossroads By Pat Chin 2/12/04

Freed Haitian Priest Gerard Jean-Juste: U.S., France, Canada “Were All Behind the Coup” 1/12/04

Update and Message from Pere Jean-Juste 28/11/04

As Former Army Blusters: New Anti-Coup, Anti-Occupation Force Emerges 24/11/04

GI SPECIAL #2c41: In Defense Of The 343rd Combat Refusal (PDF) 6/12/04

GI SPECIAL #2c40: US Versus Them (PDF) 5/12/04

Iraq URUK Net News Links 4/12/04

GI SPECIAL #2c39: “We’re Getting Maimed For Bullshit” Soldier Says (PDF) 4/12/04

GI SPECIAL #2c38: The Civilians We Killed: If Only Those Who Sent Us To Iraq Lay Awake At Night (PDF) 3/12/04

US Army document reveals US meddling i n Venezuelan affairs 2/12/04

GI SPECIAL #2c37: Baghdad Cut Off 2/12/04

GI SPECIAL #2c36: Counterattack in Fallujah (PDF) 01/12/04


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