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Last updated: Monday, February 1, 2010 18:23
January 2010

URUK Net 31 January, 2010: URGENT UPDATE : Kidnapped Iraqi Female Writer/Blogger Hiba Al-Shamaree

The Battle of the Titans: JP Morgan Versus Goldman Sachs Or Why the Market Was Down for 7 Days in a Row By Ellen Brown

The Fateful Geological Prize Called Haiti By F. William Engdahl

Haitians will defend their sovereignty

In the Wake of War: Gaza One Year On

Settler Attack in Sheikh Jarrah with M-16

Is the EU Helping Mossad to Commit International Terror?


The Week at BAGnewsNotes

Inside the mind of a psychopath and the Chilcot 'Inquiry' By William Bowles

ICH January 31, 2010: The Terror Card: Fear is the Key to Obedience

CounterCurrents Newsletter 31 January, 2010 – India For Selective Assassination Of It's Own Citizens?

URUK Net 30 January, 2010: Drones and Death: The Israeli Connection

CounterCurrents Newsletter 30 January, 2010 – On Rising Food Prices In India

URUK Net 29 January, 2010 Part 2: Israeli court forces Palestinian family out of home; gives it to Jewish settlers

Military Resistance 8A22 31 January, 2010: The Colonel And The Drug Lord

Military Resistance 8A21 31 January, 2010: Oops: Extension

Blood is His Argument: Tony Blair's Gentle Cuddling at Iraq "Inquiry" By Chris Floyd

Video: Osama speaking. Or is he?

Haiti Newslinks 29-30 January, 2010

Military Resistance 8A20 30 January, 2010: Pull Back

URUK Net 29 January, 2010: English Garbage

ICH 29 January, 2010: Weekend Edition – 'Defamation'

CounterCurrents Newsletter 29 January, 2010 – Israeli Militarism Driving Palestinian Children Crazy

Military Resistance 8A19 29 January, 2010: "The Worst Experience"

The Annotated Obama By Joe Bageant

Housmans Radical Books, London: February 2010 Events Newsletter

The US game in Latin America By Mark Weisbrot

Statement on Haiti adoptions from Adoptees of Color

Vote against the database state!

Jewish National Fund eBook Vol 1, First online edition

Haiti Newslinks 28-29 January, 2010

URUK Net 28 January, 2010: DEAD URGENT : Iraqi Woman-Hiba Al Shamaree Writer/Blogger Missing

ICH 28 January, 2010: An Illegal War is State-Terrorism

NO2ID Supporters’ Newsletter No. 141 – 28th January 2010: PROTECT MEDICAL CONFIDENTIALITY NOW

IPS News Iraq and the Middle East 28 January, 2010 – Netanyahu Plants Trees and More on Occupied Land

The London Conference on Afghanistan: Rebranding an Unpopular War Derrick O'Keefe


Obama’s State of the Union Rhetoric, 2010: Economic Euphemisms and Internal Contradictions By Michael Hudson

Scurrilous Videos Besmirch, Enrage Forum, Leaders, World

Carleton University (Canada) Student Group Launches Israel Divestment Drive (Statement)

Video: SAIA Carleton Divestment Campaign

Statewatch News Online,  28 January 2010 (02/10)

Haiti Newslinks 27-28 January, 2010

Friday's Blair protest more important than ever

The Destabilization of Haiti: Anatomy of a Military Coup d’Etat By Michel Chossudovsky

Britain's decision to go to war in Iraq illegal

Nick Griffin does a Pat Robertson on Haiti

ICH 27 January, 2010: Presidential Assassinations of US Citizens

URUK Net 27 January, 2010: Rogue State: Israeli Violations of U.N. Security Council Resolutions

Counter Currents 27 January, 2010 – Constitution As A Tool Of Resistance

Haiti Newslinks 26-27 January, 2010

Counter Currents 26 January, 2010 – Glaciers Continue To Melt At Historic Rates

URUK Net 26 January, 2010: Torture Never Stopped Under Obama

Wanted: Tony Blair for war crimes. Arrest him and claim your reward By George Monbiot

URUK Net 25 January, 2010 Part 2: R & R Cruising…

Haitian police shoot scavengers indiscriminately


Soldiers Are Being Forced to Choose Between Their Children And the Military, And They're Paying the Price In Jailtime By Dahr Jamail

Haiti’s elite hold nation’s future in their hands By Tracy Wilkinson

Venezuela Cancels Haiti’s Oil Debt

ICH 26 January, 2010: British Invasion of Iraq Was Illegal: Ex-govt Lawyer

Military Resistance 8A18 26 January, 2010: "The Soldiers Were Friendly"

Military Resistance 8A17 26 January, 2010: Deadline

Military Resistance 8A16 26 January, 2010: What would I be dying for?

Russia, Turkey and the Great Game: Changing teams

Democracy in America Is a Useful Fiction By Chris Hedges

Hugo Chavez Did Not Accuse the U.S. of Causing the Haitian Earthquake by The Anti Press

Haiti Newslinks 25-26 January, 2010

URUK Net 25 January, 2010: Nato chief seeks Taliban peace deal

URUK Net 24 January, 2010: What is the American Plan for Iraq?

CounterCurrents Newsletter 25 January, 2010 – Militarized Takeover Of Haiti

ICH 25 January, 2010: Democracy in America Is a Useful Fiction

The Week with IPS 25 January, 2010 – HAITI: With Aid Slow to Arrive, Food Prices Skyrocket

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 25 January, 2010: Jerusalem is starting to resemble Tehran

Military Resistance 8A15 25 January, 2010: Lessons Unlearned


Dangerous Crossroads: U.S. Moves Missiles And Troops To Russian Border - Nuclear and Conventional Arms Pacts Stalled By Rick Rozoff

Creative- i Stories on Haiti 21-25 January, 2010

Haiti's suffering is a result of calculated impoverishment By Seumas Milne

AFRICOM Newslinks 21-25 January, 2010

Why the Progressive London Conference is not to be missed

Haiti Newslinks 23-25 January, 2010

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 24 January, 2010: Netanyahu reaffirms Israel's goal to keep parts of West Bank 'for eternity'

URUK Net 23 January, 2010 See Rome: Innocents Die as Imperial Pot Boils

Global Research articles on Haiti

Military Resistance 8A14 24 January, 2010: Only Four Days Left

Military Resistance 8A12 18 January, 2010: How The Mighty Have Fallen

Securing Disaster in Haiti By Peter Hallward

Russian Report: Did U.S. weapon against Iran cause Haiti earthquake? By Andrew Moran

"Why is Nasrallah demonized in the western media?" An interview with Franklin Lamb, PhD By Mike Whitney

Hezbollah’s New Political Platform By Fawwaz Traboulsi

MERCY-NARY: My appearance January 21 on The Rachel Maddow Show By Jeremy Scahill

Disaster Capitalism in Haiti By Stephen Lendman

Haiti needs emergency relief, not military intervention — add your name to open letter

Haiti: A history of exploitation and struggle By Amanda Zivcic

Haiti: US military occupation worsens suffering, blocks aid By Tony Iltis

Haiti Newslinks 23-24 January, 2010

Military Resistance 8A13 24 January, 2010: Pinned Down

Rabbinic Text or Call to Terror? By Daniel Estrin

The United States of Corporate America: From Democracy to Plutocracy By Prof. Rodrigue Tremblay

U.S.-China Military Tensions Grow By Rick Rozoff

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 23 January, 2010: Tawil: “Israeli Compensation To UN, Scandal, Helps Israel Hide Its Crimes”

ICH 23 January, 2010: Weekend Edition – American Gulag

CounterCurrents Newsletter 23 January, 2010 – Confessions of a Guantánamo survivor

Haiti Newslinks 22-23 January, 2010

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 22 January, 2010: Beware of the BBC

URUK Net 22 January, 2010 Iraq littered with high levels of nuclear and dioxin contamination, study finds

ICH 22 January, 2010: Freedom of speech destroyed – U.S. Government For Sale

Jean Saint-Vil, Haiti realities #3

Jean Saint-Vil, Haiti realities #2

Jean Saint-Vil, Haiti realities #1

US: Campaign financing: Corporations can now spend unlimited amounts

CounterCurrents Newsletter – 22 January, 2010: Haitians Dying By The Thousands

A Haiti Disaster Relief Scenario Was Envisaged by the US Military One Day Before the Earthquake by Michel Chossudovsky

URUK Net 21 January, 2010 “Humanity cannot be divided”: Gaza shows solidarity with Haiti

CounterCurrents Newsletter 21 January, 2010 – US Economy: A Crash or A Soft Landing?

ICH 21 January, 2010: Ron Paul: After ‘CIA Coup,’ Agency 'Runs Military'

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 21 January, 2010: Shiokhy: “Toxic Settlement Products Buried in West Bank”

Haiti Newslinks 21-22 January, 2010

The Wolf Report: Nonconfidential analysis for the anti-investor - just a WORD

Disasters are Big Business By William Bowles

Haiti and the politics of climate change By Op Rana

19th January 2010 - CNN report on Cuban medical teams in Haiti


The Relevance of Gramsci’s Theory for Today By Peter Latham

"The Real Looting in Haiti" BY NICOLE LEE

Video: Media promotes flawed Haiti narrative

Video: Haiti Report by TeleSur's Reed Lindsay, Now Translated to English

Read it in full: Jack Straw’s Iraq war letter to Tony Blair

Fight back against the colonial takeover of Haiti! By James Circello

Haiti and the politics of climate change By Op Rana

UN, US ask Israel to send cops to Haiti By Yaakov Lappin

Haiti Newslinks 20-21 January, 2010

Ecosocialist Round-Up, 5

Bleak Prospects for Haitian Recovery: To Avoid Repeating Past Mistakes, US Role Must be More Than Rhetorical

Haiti’s Tragedy Could Provide an Opportunity for Improved US-Cuban Relations Through Disaster Relief Collaboration

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 20 January, 2010: IDF sets up 'Facebook' unit to plug media leaks

ICH 20 January, 2010: Court Complaint Filed Against Bush, Cheney – Arrest Warrants Requested

IPS News 20 January, 2010 – Iraq & the Middle East: U.S.: Suicide Rate Surged Among Veterans

URUK Net 19 November, 2010: US Security Company Offers to Perform “High Threat Terminations” and to Confront “Worker Unrest” in Haiti

Black Agenda Report 20 January, 2010, Haiti, Obama and more…

H1N1 swine flu hoax falls apart at the seams


Aftershock hits Haiti

Democrats Boosting Right-Wing Populism By Norman Solomon

The Silencing of An Auschwitz Survivor - By the state’s Holocaust Memorial Trust

Haiti Newslinks 19-20 January, 2010

ICH 19 January, 2010: I Am The Resistance

URUK Net 18 January, 2010: The Guantánamo “Suicides”: A Camp Delta sergeant blows the whistle

CounterCurrents Newsletter 19 January, 2010 – The Threats Of Outsourcing War

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 19 January, 2010: New videotape on Israeli soldiers torturing and stealing human organs disclosed

Global Research, January 19, 2010 Selected Articles: The Crisis in Haiti and the Militarization of Aid

Haiti’s Robespierre: The Tragedy of Toussaint L’Ouverture By BJÖRN KUMM

Earthquake victims relief not a US priority. US repairing prisons at Krome for potential Haitian earthquake refugees

The Disaster Within The Disaster: Its Time To Investigate the Aid Fiasco By Danny Schechter


And on the Eighth Day... By William Bowles

URUK Net 17 January, 2010 Part 2 Israel: Global NATO’s 29th Member

Cooperation Spirit Is Put To The Test In Haiti By Fidel Castro

US Military Tightens Grip On Haiti By Alex Lantier

US "Security" Companies Offer "Services" in Haiti By Jeremy Scahill

URGENT: Never Again For Anyone!

THREE DAYS OF PROTEST IN JANUARY: Tony Blair's Judgement Day is 29 January

Haiti Newslinks 18-19 January, 2010

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 18 January, 2010: Israel, Germany hold joint Cabinet meeting amidst protests; Israel to receive nuclear submarine

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 17 January, 2010: Experts: Egypt’s wall will destroy Gaza’s aquifer

The Birth of a New Global Movement By Jonathan Neale

URUK Net 17 January, 2010 Haiti: U.S. Puppets, Intrigues and Dreams of Sweatshops

ICH 18 January, 2010: Criminal State: Israel's Role in Terrorism

The Week with IPS 18 January, 2010 — HAITI: Sharing Meagre Supplies, as Graves Multiply

URUK Net 17 January, 2010: Haiti: U.S. Puppets, Intrigues and Dreams of Sweatshops

CounterCurrents Newsletter 18 January, 2010 – What You Can Do For Haiti

A lootin’ an’ a burnin’? By William Bowles

The Morning After: Haiti Earthquake Victims Can Only Rely on Each Other – Ansel Herz Dispatch 2

Ansel Herz: Earthquake Immediate Aftermath On the Ground

Go home US military: Haiti doesn't need anymore pain! By Ezili Danto

CARICOM US takes control of airport| It's not just Haitian doctors and nurses who are being blocked

Haiti: That “Looting”

Women’s Rights, Population and Climate Change: A Debate

Farah Salka - Caritas shelter for trafficked women turning into a prison…act Now!

Taliban Assault on Kabul

Relief Efforts in the Shadow of Past “Help”: Moving from crimes-as-charity to actual support for Haiti

CounterCurrents Newsletter 17 January, 2010 – Why The US Owes Haiti Billions

ICH 17 January, 2010: Haitians Receive Little Help Despite Promises

Military Resistance 8A11 17 January, 2010: Time's Running Out

South Haitians protest lack of aid

Disputes emerge over Haiti aid control – Guns, Not Aid

Haiti Newslinks 17 January, 2010

URUK Net 16 January, 2010: Video: I am the Resistance

Military Resistance 8A10 16 January, 2010: Haiti: the reality behind the bullshit

ICH Weekend Edition 16 January, 2010 – The Battle for the American Soul

CounterCurrents Newsletter, 16 January, 2010 – Wake Up World!

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 16 January, 2010: Military bulldozers create third entrance to illegal Nablus settlement

Glen Ford: US set Haiti up for disaster

Haiti Newslinks 16 January, 2010 Part 2

URUK Net 15 January, 2010: Tragedy & Irony…

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 15 January, 2010: 15 January, 2010: Fishermen: Israeli warships fire on boats in three locations

Haiti Report: Update on Coordinated Rapid Response to Haiti Earthquake

Haiti: Update on Situation at Delmas 33

The Militarization of Emergency Aid to Haiti: Is it a Humanitarian Operation or an Invasion? By Michel Chossudovsky

The Big One Devastates Haiti By Stephen Lendman

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 14 January, 2010: 14 January, 2010: Israeli authorities prevent 17 Palestinians from getting necessary eye surgery

NO2ID Supporters' Newsletter No. 140 – 14th January 2010: ID Minister goes head to head with NO2ID

Statewatch News Online, 15 January 2010

Logistical nightmare for Haiti aid workers

Catastrophe in Haiti Ashley Smith

Video: ...We were told we were fighting terrorists. The real terrorist was me and the real terrorism is this occupation.

The West’s role in Haiti's plight By Peter Hallward

Video: Zbigniew Brzezinski: The Afghan war and the ‘Grand Chessboard’


ICH 14 January, 2010: How To Help Haiti

URUK Net 14 January, 2010: Resistance’s Many Colors…

ICH 13 January, 2010: Congressman wants to deport every Iranian

CounterCurrents Newsletter, 13 January, 2010 – A Request On Dr. Martin Luther King Day

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 13 January, 2010: 13 January, 2010: Israeli bulldozers destroy agricultural land near settlement

Haiti Newslinks 14-15 January, 2010

Help Haiti: The Unforgiven Country Cries Out By Chris Floyd

The Truth about Haiti's Suffering By Finian Cunningham

The Chilcot ‘Inquiry’: Just don't mention the war...

Replay: How World Bank policies led to famine in Haiti

Haiti earthquake: '100,000 may be dead'

ICH 12 January, 2010: US Slides Deeper into Depression

CounterCurrents Newsletter, 12 January, 2010 – The Holocaust We Will Not See

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 12 January, 2010: 12 January, 2010: In photos: Masked settlers attack Palestinians

HELP WANTED: Oh, Haiti! Estimate of Dead Rising, Is Real Help On The Way?

Military Resistance 8A9 12 January, 2010: Reconciliation

CounterCurrents Newsletter, 11 January, 2010 – Prepare for Obama’s Retirement Trap

HELP WANTED: Oh, Haiti! Estimate of Dead Rising, Is Real Help On The Way?

Save our Freedom Pass!

In Aftermath of Earthquake, Eyewitness Tweets from Haiti

Video: Haiti Rescue from toppled building

Haiti Devastated by Largest Earthquake in 200 Years, Thousands Feared Dead

HAITI EARTHQUAKE LIVE BLOG: Bodies Lying in the Streets of Port-au-Prince By Jason Leopold

Haiti Earthquake: With Aid Groups Already There, Relief Efforts Ramp Up Quickly By Sara Miller Llana

Stand with the people of Haiti! - What the U.S. government isn't telling you

Haiti Report for January 13, 2010: Haiti Chief Says Thousands May Be Dead

Haiti Newslinks 13-14 January, 2010

URUK Net 12 January, 2010: Afghan, foreign forces kill ten protesters

Bilderbergs of the world unite! By William Bowles

Do you remember Olive Morris?

URUK Net 11 January, 2010 Part 2: To an Iraqi Grandmother…

ICH 11 January, 2010: UK troops 'executed Iraqi grandmother': – Don't Miss This Edition

URUK Net 11 January, 2010: Nablus executions: Shoot first, ask questions later

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 11 January, 2010: 'Iron Dome rocket defense system will take years to deploy'

Military Resistance 8A8 11 January, 2010: This Sgt Brings Our Future Closer

URUK Net 10 January, 2010: Jeanne d’Arc and the Struggle for a Free Palestine

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 10 January, 2010: Mitchell: U.S. May Cut Aid To Israel In Two Years

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 9 January, 2010: Israel Prepares Scenarios For A Possible “Gaza War 2”

Free Gaza Movement: 'We're Sailing Again – Join Us!'


The Week with IPS 11 January, 2010: IRAN: New Revelations Tear Holes in Nuclear Trigger Story

Military Resistance 8A7 10 January, 2010: The Questioning

CounterCurrents Newsletter: 10 January, 2010 – Lessons From The Holocaust

Uruk Net 9 January 2010, Part 2: Africom – Latest U.S. Bid to Recolonise Continent

US: Officials Hid Truth About Immigrant Deaths in Jail

URUK Net 9 January, 2010: Gaza’s horror show

CounterCurrents Newsletter 9 January, 2010 – Fight Climate Change: Live The Good Life


Haiti Report for January 11, 2010

Haiti Report 11 January, 2010: Elections Without Voters: Eroding Participation in Haiti

Joe Bageant: Taking Tea with the Lizards

Amira Hass: Pro-Gaza activists under siege - imposed by Egypt and Hamas

Gaza: Our Guernica - A series of events to commemorate Gaza one year after Israel’s attack

Haiti Newslinks 5-10 January, 2010

What say you, BBC?

U.S., NATO Expand Afghan War To Horn Of Africa And Indian Ocean By Rick Rozoff

It’s a long march to freedom By Mohamad Kharsa

Army Imprisons Soldier for Singing Against Stop-Loss Policy By Dahr Jamail

Video: Who lives in Gaza?

URUK Net 8 January, 2010 Part 2: Blackwater Fever: High Crimes and Hired Guns

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 8 January, 2010: Cast Lead Aggression 1st Anniversary, Day 13: Child Human Shields

ICH 8 January, 2010: Weekend Edition: Is Anyone Telling Us The Truth?

CounterCurrents Newsletter, 8 January, 2010 – Black America's Economic Freefall

URUK Net 8 January, 2010: Israeli Theft of Palestinian Property

Military Resistance 8A6 9 January, 2010: Heads Up Please!

Military Resistance 8A5 8 January, 2010: Top U.S. Military Intelligence Chief In Afghanistan Says U.S. Forces Are “Clueless”

Letter From Climate Prisoners In Denmark By Climate Prisoners

How One Underwear Bomber Bombed ALL US Air Travel, Freaking it, Screwing Us Up

Archives in peril: Generations of history, gone with the flip of a switch

The Yemen Hidden Agenda: Behind the Al-Qaeda Scenarios, A Strategic Oil Transit Chokepoint By F. William Engdahl

Call by Evo Morales for Peoples’ World Conference on Climate Change and Mother Earth’s Rights

Egypt deports British lawmaker Galloway

Statement by SA Palestine Solidarity Movement and COSATU

Egypt 'deports aid convoy leader'

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 7 January, 2010: Israel To Pay 10 M. In Compensation To The UN

Egypt deports MP George Galloway By Tim Moynihan


URUK Net 7 January, 2010: A MUST WATCH VIDEO: The Road to Gaza

Ecosocialist Round-Up, No. 4

Abdul Aziz Tarakji – "Israel" has committed in Gaza, all crimes under international criminal law

Big Green NGOs: Sleeping With the Enemy

War Ravages Afghan Environment By Joshua Frank

GazaFriends: Break the siege on Gaza, let them live in peace and dignity

Who Would Benefit Politically from a Terrorist Incident on American Soil? The Strange Case of Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab by Tom Burghardt

Book Review: When and why did the Russian Revolution go wrong? Brian Pearce, with commentary by Terry Brotherstone

Convoy Reaches Gaza! WE HAVE BROKEN THE SIEGE!

ICH 7 January, 2010: US forces in Afghanistan ‘should expect up to 500 casualties a month’

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 6 January, 2010: Israel leveled More than 23.000 Homes Since 1967

URUK Net 6 January, 2010: Cancer – The Deadly Legacy of the Invasion of Iraq

ICH 6 January, 2010: Viva! Viva! Palestina!

IPS News Iraq & Middle East 6 January, 2010 – RIGHTS-US: Yemeni Detainees Caught in Bomb Backlash

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 5 January, 2010: Israel To Build More Jews-only Apartments In East J'lem

URUK Net 5 January, 2010 Part 2: BABA NO’IL MARTYRED IN GAZA

URUK Net 5 January, 2010: US drone missiles slaughtered 700 Pakistani civilians in 2009

ICH 5 January, 2010: CIA Ordered Blackwater To Murder 9/11 Suspect

Viva Palestina Break the siege of Gaza!

URUK Net 4 January, 20101: Iraqi doctors demand cancer probe

Anti-Empire Report, Number 77: The American Elite By William Blum

Viva Palestina Starts Entry To Gaza - IMEMC News By Saed Bannoura

Riot police attack Britons in Gaza aid convoy by Terry Kirby

Egypt police clash with Gaza aid convoy activists

Jean Charles de Menezes memorial unveiling on 7 January

Reagan’s ghost: Starwars stops START By Eric Walberg

Gaza aid Brits 'beaten by police'

MP George Galloway In Egyptian Police Riot

Viva Palestina are faced with 2,000 riot police in the port of Al-Arish!

ICH 4 January, 2010: Australian Soldiers Kill Afghan Children: Report

Viva Palestina mission to Gaza By Eric Ruder

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 4 January, 2010: No Right to Health in Gaza, Mr. Brown

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 3 January, 2010: “I swear to you that I saw this with my own eyes”

Military Resistance 8A4 4 January, 2010: Betrayed Again

Accumulation and Decomposition in the Era of Lift and Separate, Continued By S. Artesian



Cuba Update, Monday 4 January 2010

Northwest Airlines Christmas Day Flight: “Al Qaeda Made Me Do It!” By Rev. Richard Skaff

Viva Palestina first group has landed in Al Arish

The Week with IPS 4 January, 2010: POLITICS: U.S. Arms Feed Yemen's Gun Culture

URUK Net 3 January, 2010 Part 2: Video: Inside Iraq –Cancer fears

Housmans Radical Books, London: Events Newsletter January 2010

Video: Dan Margalit vs. Jamal Zahalka - an example of how media in Israel is not only biased, but racist

GazaFriends: From the pyramids to the checkpoints, we have had many victories in Egypt By Emily Ratner

Video: F. William Engdahl: Afghanistan and global dominance

Sign MAP's Open Letter to Gordon Brown- end to the blockade, end the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza

Viva Palestina aid convoy hours away from breaking Gaza siege


Haiti Newslinks 3-4 January, 2010

URUK Net 3 January, 2010: Poverty in the New Iraq.

ICH 3 January, 2010: Prostitution in the US Government

URUK Net 2 January, 2010 Part 2: US Special Forces brutally kill 10 Afghan civilians in Narang – Photo Gallery

Full-Body Scanners to Fry Travelers With Radiation

Military Resistance 8A3 3 January, 2010: Coming At You

Cairo Declaration To End Israeli Apartheid By Gaza Freedom Marchers

Commemorate Gaza - 1,417 "bodies" needed for January 16, Defy the Israeli military machine January 18

Gaza Freedom March Wrap Up

Military Resistance 8A2 2 January, 2010: Ten Strike

URUK Net 2 January, 2010: Exclusive: Secret Army squad ‘abused Iraqis’

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 2 January, 2010: A Single State, With Justice and Liberty for All

URUK Net 1 January, 2010 Part 2: Hearts in Exile…

URUK Net 1 January, 2010 Researchers: US Arms Used for War Crimes in Gaza

ICH 1 January, 2010: Ridding America Of The Warmongers

CounterCurrents Update 1 January, 2010 – Flight 253 Intelligence Failure: Negligence Or Conspiracy?

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 1 January, 2010: Report: Settlement construction booming

Military Resistance 8A1 1 January, 2010: "What Would I Be Dying For?"

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