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Renditions in Greece - MI6 Spook’s Name Revealed


Proto Thema Newspaper, Sunday 25 December 2005, page 10

“Guantanamo” nights took place during July, in Athens, according the details revealed by “Thema”, proving that the kidnapping and interrogations of Pakistanis living in Greece, didn’t just take place, but were a result of the total collaboration between the British secret services and the National Information Service of Greece (EYP). The ministers of Public Order, G. Voulgarakis and Foreign Issues, Petros Moliviatis, were fully informed about the entire situation, since the very beginning.

Close companions of the Prime Minister, and chairmen of his office, Yannis Aggelou and Kostas Staikouras were also fully concerned.

It is known that the office of the Prime Minister is the one giving orders to EYP in major issues. Thus, as they had to, they reported to the Prime Minister himself, Kostas Karamanlis, as it was a crucial operation, taking place along with a foreign country.

The operation had plenty in common with the relevant cinema scenes in adventure films, although there were some comedy parts in it. For example, the men of EYP were not supplied with the necessary hoods, so they had to make up a last-moment solution, urging the arrestees to cover their faces with their shirts, so that they wouldn’t recognise the route, the location and the faces around them!

The centre of the operations was the 3rd Administration of EYP; in specific, the department C8 of the Anti-terrorism branch, responsible for “Islam terrorism”. The ones responsible for the operation were the sub-commander of EYP, Serafim Tsitsimbis (a very active person, having knowledge of all the secrets of EYP) and the leader of the British group in Greece, Mr Langman.

The… phone-call

Administrating the group of the secret services handling the arrests (or kidnapping) was Mr. Dikopoulos, aided by the “casa officer” of the British group. The 2nd level police officers Mrs. Davalos, Tzoitis, as well as the civil employees Christos Kostas, Chronis Bakopoulos and Mrs Spirakis and Nanos.

28 Pakistanis were subject to the operation and were arrested mainly around Petralona, Inofyta and Yannena. The operation was organised due to a phone-call between on[e] of them and a Pakistani in England, having been considered a suspect for the attacks in London.

Most of them were transferred to the “4351 Support Unit” of EYP in Aghia Paraskevi, next to Deree, close to the popular cafés of Aghiou Ioannou Str, whose attendees are definitely not able to pay attention to such moves at that time. Some other arrestees had a “special treatment”, since they were moved to apartments hired by the secret services, so as to serve as a shelter. Some of them, coming from the countryside, were interrogated in [an] EYP settlement in Parnitha, as it was thought to be easier this way. The Greek agents, were anyway more eager during the interrogation, maybe ‘cause they had to show off in front of the British experts.

Physical violence too

The arrestees were threatened by guns (an arrestee felt a gun in his mouth) and had to face physical violence (it is being told they were walloped) and psychological pressure (they were told they would have their staying permission removed) in order to provide details. Some Pakistanis were detained for a few hours, and some of them for a few days, based on the conclusion and the impressions the “interrogators” got.

The people interrogated were asked a series of questions, based on a special questionnaire given to EYP by the British [secret] services.

The secret services kept a log of the interrogation and notification notes, which have been handed out to the Brits, the sub-commander in command, and into the consideration of the EYP commander.

It is being said, though, that the folder has been removed from the C8 department and transferred to some higher departments.

Mr Langman…

The name of Mr Langman pops up all over the shop. He is listed in Richard Tomlinson’s “list of spies” as Mr Nicholas John Andrew LANGMAN and discussed by him separately in some detail (admittedly in connection to the highly dubious Diana ‘conspiracy’. To add a touch of credibility he also appears on the official HM DIPLOMATIC SERVICE OVERSEAS REFERENCE LIST on the FCO website as “Counsellor: Mr Nicholas Langman” in the British Embassy Athens.

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