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NO2ID Supporters’ Newsletter No. 111 – 20th November 2008

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NHS Connecting for Health (NHS CFH) is conducting a consultation on the wider use of patient information [1] (see

The consultation relates to the so called “Secondary Uses Service (SUS)” whereby every time you attend a hospital appointment your post code, date of birth, GP details, consultant details, outpatient clinic, inpatient admission, procedure, cost and whether you are to be followed up is all sent by the hospital to BT. All these details will be stored at the regional hosting centre and can be accessed by your local Primary Care Trust, Strategic Health Authority and the Department of Health via the SUS database that BT now manage. Medical researchers are allowed access to all this personal and clinical information.

Connecting for Health claims that most data in the SUS will be anonymised but a document obtained from the Department of Health under the Freedom of Information Act by Professor Ross Anderson of Cambridge University shows that they will not be anonymising this medical data [2].

The NHS confidentiality group [3] has already produced an opt out letter to allow patients to opt out of the upload of Summary Care Records to the NHS ‘spine’ (the central database that will be used to store electronic patient records) and they are now working on an opt out from the Secondary Uses Service.

With the ‘spine’ effectively stalled this is one of the few consultations where sheer volume of negative response may have some effect – so please do help us send a message to the government that our medical records are private and should remain so.

Responses should be sent to Chrissy Brand (FREEPOST RRXB-TTRR-HJGB, Tribal Consulting, Palatine Road, Manchester, M22 4DB) by 10th December.


[1] Details of the consultation are at
[2] The letter can be downloaded from

Look out for NO2ID letters in your local papers from next week on “ID cards for foreign nationals”. Local groups around the country have been contacting local media to highlight the issues surrounding the first phase of the government’s ID scheme. If you see one of the letters then write in to the paper and provoke more discussion. The local media is a great place for us to get our message across.

Biometric ID cards will come into force for non-EU students and spouses from 25th November and will be issued from offices in Birmingham, Cardiff, Croydon, Glasgow, Liverpool, and Sheffield. NO2ID and No Borders are planning to hold protests outside each of the offices on that day. See the listings for London, Brighton & Hove, Manchester, Glasgow and Leeds in the What’s Next section below. No Borders South Wales will also be protesting outside the Cardiff centre from 12 noon on the 25th November.
See our forums for more information of protests:

+ What just happened? +

+ Home Office at the Constitution Committee’s Surveillance Inquiry +

On Wednesday morning (19th November) Vernon Coaker, Home Office Minister of State for Policing, Crime & Security, gave evidence to the House of Lords Constitution Committee’s Surveillance Inquiry. Asked about the ability of the proposed National Identity Scheme Commissioner to deal with the huge task of policing a system of millions of people Coaker said: “we would expect the commissioner to be pro-active, tough and resourceful”. On the fact that people arrested but not subsequently charged have DNA on the National DNA database Coaker said: “there is still a threshold there because the officer who arrests somebody has to arrest somebody according to the PACE [Police and Criminal Evidence Act] procedures, that requires them to have reasonable suspicion that they have committed a crime, they also then have to be taken to the police station and the custody sergeant there deciding that that person should be detained”. Coaker manages to make it sound as though there are checks and balances at every step, when of course there are not. Coaker also forgot to mention that a police officer can arrest someone if he has “reasonable suspicion” (itself a low threshold) that a person is going to commit an offence. Last year 700,000 samples were added to the DNA database, a record figure for one year. Watch the session at:

+ Scottish Parliament passes another anti-ID scheme motion +

On Wednesday (19th November) members of the Scottish Parliament passed a motion against the UK government’s ID scheme. The motion was passed by 69 votes to zero with 38 abstentions, and stated: “the UK Government has repeatedly shown itself to be incapable of keeping personal data securely and therefore cannot be trusted with what would be the most powerful, most expensive and most intrusive database in the world; further recognises the large-scale public and political opposition to the imposition of the ID card scheme; believes that the money for ID cards could more usefully be spent elsewhere”. The debate will be available online shortly at:

+ Home Office Launch ID cards – again! +

The UK Identity and Passport Service have published yet another launch document for the National Identity Scheme. The 20 page propaganda piece is entitled “Introducing the National Identity Scheme – How the Scheme will work and how it will benefit you” with illustrative examples to show what the government thinks an ID card could do for you. For instance a 19 year old goes up to a bar “digs in her bag and pulls out her identity card. She hands it over which confirms that she is in fact 19. As she puts the card back in her purse she is relieved that she no longer has to hand over documents with her address on them to prove her age”. Or Dave who wants to get a mortgage and “is pleasantly surprised to be told that, as he has his identity card with him, they can verify his details now and start processing his application immediately”. The document doesn’t mention that once your details are in the database they are in there for life, that it is your responsibility to keep that data up to date and to not lose your card, that you can’t check your record, that there are fines for any errors or if you fail to keep your data up to date, and that the National Identity Register Number will be used to track you for the rest of your life. See


+ What’s next? +

NO2ID T-shirts are a great present idea but to guarantee delivery before Christmas you should order now. T-shirts cost £12 and we have a stock of “Labour’s Poll Tax” in all sizes (we won’t be reprinting it so it should be a collectors’ item). In most sizes of the classic design there is a choice of Black or White, but we won’t have new stock before Christmas and stocks are limited so please specify whether we may substitute the other colour or not. Where we do have stock we should be able to supply in time for Christmas if orders reach us by end of November. For an order form go to


The size, influence and activity of NO2ID’s local group network is unique amongst single-issue campaigning and is growing all the time. Groups raise awareness of the work of NO2ID, inform their local politicians and journalists about the depth of the ID scheme and provide us with our now main method of attracting new members and supporters. Their work is vital and effective and enables us to maintain a relatively high local media presence that many campaigning groups envy. To see if there’s a group in your area check our list at Or, if you’re interested in starting a group yourself, please contact Matty on to discuss what’s involved and what we have in place to support coordinators and their groups.

_*+ Brighton and Hove +*_

*+ 25th November – Demonstration against first ID cards +*
Tuesday, 25th November – meet on New Road at 12:20. Visual demonstration to raise awareness that this is the day the first ID cards will be issued! We will be doing two short stunts, at 12:30 and 13:00. We need as many people as possible to stand in a queue, where you will eventually be either ‘authorised’ or not.

*+ 25th November – Brighton and Hove NO2ID Meeting +*
Tuesday, 25th November 7.30pm at the Brighton Peace and Environment Centre, opposite the train station.We will also be going to the Battle of Trafalgar afterwards if meetings aren’t your thing.

_*+ Bristol +*_

*+ 1st December – Screening of Taking Liberties +*
Monday, 1st December at 8pm, showing of “Taking Liberties” at The Cube with introduction by Dave Gould of Bristol NO2ID. Tickets £4/£3.

_*+ Cambridge +*_

*+ 22nd November – NO2ID Cambridge Stall +*
Saturday, 22nd November at 10am in the usual spot outside Cambridge Guildhall. Location Map: ( As ever, volunteers to help very welcome – please email, or text/call Andrew on 07710 469624 if you can make it.

*+ 3rd December – Cambridge NO2ID pub meeting (1st Wednesday of each
month) +*
Wednesday, 3rd December, 7.30pm at the Salisbury Arms, 76 Tenison Rd, Cambridge CB1 2DW ( For more details contact, or text/call Andrew on 07710 469624.

_*+ Coventry +

+ 26th November – Coventry NO2ID group re-launch meeting (every third Wednesday of the month thereafter) +*
Wednesday, 26th November from 6.30pm at The Rocket, 103 Warwick Road, Coventry, CV3 6AN. As one of the areas best-served with NO2ID members the group has decided to form a new structure allowing maximum action with minimum waffle. Everyone is welcome, newcomer or not, curious or committed. Please bring a friend. Further details: Claire Boylan on

If you’re unable to attend but are interested in the activity of the group, please join the Coventry mailing list on:

_*+ Deptford +*_

*+ 12th December – Deptford NO2ID Film Night – ‘Taking Liberties’ +*
Friday, 12th December at the Deptford Arms, 52 Deptford High St, London, SE8 4RT Tel: 0871 917 000. Deptford NO2ID is showing “Taking Liberties”, contact for more info.

_*+ Dorking +*_

Following lots of street stalls, 2250 odd signatures collected on the petition, a successful public meeting and a motion against ID Cards passed by Mole Valley Council, we are looking forward and planning new projects. We will continue with street stalls over the winter and are looking to Surrey County Council also to pass a motion against ID Cards.

*+ 2nd December – Dorking NO2ID Meeting (1st Tuesday of Month) +*
Tuesday, 2nd December, 7.30pm at the Lincoln Arms (near Dorking mainline station). All welcome.

_*+ Edinburgh +*_

****+ 26th November – Edinburgh NO2ID Meeting +*
Wednesday, 26th November, 7.45pm in the Meeting Room, Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace, Edinburgh EH1 2JL. At last we have found a Labour MSP (Lord George Foulkes) willing to come and talk about ID cards, surveillance and personal privacy. This is a public meeting – all welcome.
Saturdays 1pm – 3pm – NO2ID Edinburgh street stall*
Every week, weather permitting, you will find our campaigning stall at the east end of Princes Street, opposite the Balmoral Hotel. Do drop by for a chat. New volunteers – please contact John (, and for more group information see

_*+ Epsom +*_

*Appeal for new group co-ordinator*
We are a group of about 7 — but all rather busy. So we are appealing for a group coordinator to come and organise us. Any offers? Please contact

_*+ Glasgow +

*_*+ 25th November – Glasgow NO2ID Protest +*
Tuesday, 25th November, 1:30pm at the Home Office immigration centre, Festival Court, 200 Brand Street, Govan, Glasgow G51 1DH. NO2ID Glasgow will be protesting the introduction of ID cards for foreigners. Other anti-ID card groups will be protesting there from noon, see

*+ 2nd December – Glasgow NO2ID Meeting (1st Tuesday of every month) +*
Tuesday, 2nd December, 8pm at Mono, 12 King’s Court, Townhead, Glasgow G1 5RB. All welcome! Enquiries to Geraint:

*Most Saturdays 2pm – NO2ID Glasgow street stall*
Most Saturdays there are stalls in Glasgow city centre (usually Buchanan Street) from about 2pm. Volunteers are always welcome, please contact Geraint if you would like to

_*+ Leeds +*_

*+ 24th November – Leeds NO2ID Protest + *
Monday, 24th November, 6pm at Dortmund Square, Outside St John’s Shopping Centre, Headrow, Leeds. In opposition to the scheme we invite all individuals and groups opposed to ID cards to join us in Leeds City Centre where we will be setting fire to a mock ID card. For more info see

*+ 26th November – Leeds University Forum on ID Cards +*
Wednesday, 26th November at 5pm in the Union. Speakers include James Elsdon-Baker, NO2ID and Dr Carole McCartney, University of Leeds who will talk about the introduction of ID cards and the DNA database respectively. Followed by an open forum led by representatives from Liberty@Leeds who are concerned that students will be among the first affected by this costly scheme, with vulnerable foreign students first in line. The event takes place in the same week as the government is to introduce ID cards for non-EEA students and will be advertised by the smashing of an ID card piñata at 1pm on the same day as the event outside the Student Union. Questions and debate will follow the speeches. All welcome, students and non-students.

_*+ Liverpool +*_
See “Manchester” below for 25th November Liverpool Immigration Centre protest.

_*+ London +*_

*+ 25th November – Opposing the Launch of ID Cards, London +*
Tuesday, 25th November, 12-2pm at Lunar House, Croydon (40 Wellesley Road Croydon, CR9 2BY). Picket/protest called by London NoBorders. The UK is becoming a mass surveillance society, migrants are at the very sharp end. We see the launch of ID cards for some migrants as a further step to the general introduction of ID cards and the strengthening of state control in the UK. By resisting the repression of migrants, we defend the freedom of everyone!

_*+ Manchester +*_

Manchester NO2ID recently held a protest at Thales Information Systems’
Stockport office, highlighting the company’s involvement in the UK National Identity Scheme. The peaceful demonstration achieved some recognition from local press.

Manchester NO2ID co-ordinator Dave Page appeared live on Channel M’s lunchtime news to discuss the rollout of ID cards for airside workers.
You can catch this clip at

For updates and discussion, join the Manchester NO2ID mailing list at

*+ 25th November – Liverpool Immigration Centre Protest +*
Tuesday, 25th November, 12pm-1pm. Meet at Exchange Flags at 11pm, for a demonstration between noon and 1pm at the Immigration Centre building on Water Street. Supporters of Manchester NO2ID and Liverpool Defy-ID will be protesting at the Immigration Services building in Liverpool on the day ID cards are rolled out to non-EU students and spouses. If possible please bring an A4 bit of card with an A4 barcode on it and string to hang it round your neck. The protest may well be filmed for an upcoming documentary as part of the GCSE syllabus.

*+ 13th December – Manchester NO2ID Street Stall +*
Saturday, 13th December, from 2pm in St. Anne’s Square, Manchester. We’ll be running a Saturday afternoon stall in St. Ann’s Square to raise awareness among the public and engage people in discussion about the National Identity Register. We’ll meet in the square itself at 2pm to set up shop; feel free to join us to lend a hand or just chat. You don’t need any experience or equipment, just a bit of time to spare and a friendly smile!

_*+ Oxford +*_

*+ 21st November – NO2ID Oxford Student Event +*
Friday, 21st November from 7:30pm in Lecture Room B, Worcester College. This will be a joint event with the Oxford Libertarian Society and Oxford Students for Liberty, but will be open to all so feel free to come along and join in the discussions.

*+ 29th November – Oxford NO2ID Street Stall +*
Saturday, 29th November on Cornmarket Street from 11am for a couple of hours.

*+ 4th December – Oxford NO2ID Meeting +*
Thursday, 4th December, 8pm at the Mitre on the High Street, Oxford.

See the website for more:

_*+ Reading +*_

*+ 22nd November – Reading NO2ID Street Stall +*
Saturday, 22nd November between 12pm and 3pm on Reading High Street.
Contact for more info.

_*+ Shrewsbury +*_

*+ 15th December – Shrewsbury NO2ID “dining club” (3rd Monday of the month) +*
Monday, 15th December, 7.15pm until about 9pm – we will be meeting at the Armoury, Victoria Quay, Victoria Avenue, Welsh Bridge, Shrewsbury (see Look for a table with NO2ID leaflets scattered around it. Most of us will be eating, or just come for a drink. The St Austin’s Street car park behind the Armoury is free of charge after 8pm


+ “ID” in the news +

*+ Pilots blast ID proposal – Computer Weekly 19/11/08 +*
The British Airline Pilots’ Association (BALPA), the airline pilot’s union, has opposed government plans to trial ID cards in the airline industry. On Friday November 21, ministers are expected to publish draft regulations to set up a trial requiring air side staff at Manchester and London City airports to sign up for an ID card before they can get security passes to work there.

*+ The fear of children – The Guardian website 19/11/08 +*
The government has a near complete contempt for children’s rights and privacy. How else are we to explain the access to be granted to a million people to the children’s database ContactPoint, which launches in January, or the 1 million children now on the Police National DNA database. Official figures show that more than 100,000 children had their DNA taken when they were under 13, and profiles of the more than half a million were added to the database when they were aged between 13 and 15. As Helen Wallace of GeneWatch UK said, “The massive expansion of the DNA database treats hundreds of thousands of young people as suspects for life.”

*+ First self-inflicted identity donor cards to ship in late 2009 – The Register 18/11/08 +*
A “small number of citizens” will be issued ID cards in late 2009, says the Home Office. These will be the throngs of people who can’t wait for ID cards discovered by Jacqui Smith earlier this month, when she said she wanted to “find a way to allow those people who want a card sooner to be able to pre-register their interest as early as the first few months of next year.” One trusts that Smith will be making sure that all of the New Labour MPs who voted for the scheme will be putting their names down for a personal (as if…) Identity Donor Card in Q1 2009.

*+ Vetting blunders label 12,000 innocent people as paedophiles, violent thugs and thieves – Daily Mail 13/11/08 +*
More than 12,200 innocent people have been branded criminals by bungling police and Government officials, it has been revealed.

*+ Passport interviews ‘total waste of money’ – Daily Mail 12/11/08 +*
Face-to-face passport interviews were condemned as a ‘total waste of money’ today after it emerged that they had still not uncovered any bogus applicants

*+ Passport fees to jump by a third to more than £100 to pay for fingerprinting – Telegraph 7/11/08 +*
The Home Secretary also revealed that the cost to taxpayers of new identity cards will double from £30 to £60. The huge rises were necessary to pay for taking facial readings and fingerprints for new biometric passports and ID cards.

*+ People ‘can’t wait for ID cards’ – BBC News online 7/11/08 +*
Jacqui Smith says public demand means people will be able to pre-register for an ID card within the next few months. The cards will be available for all from 2012 but she said: “I regularly have people coming up to me and saying they don’t want to wait that long.”

*+ Passport and ID card price hike laundered via private sector – The Register 7/11/08 +*
Biometric enrollment fees for passports and ID cards will cost applicants £20-£40 on top of the basic price, estimates released by the Home Office revealed yesterday. In a prospectus soliciting private sector partners for enrollment, the Identity & Passport Service said that the total market for these services is worth “between £120 million and £280 million per year.”

*+ Jacqui Smith prints seized by NO2ID in daring dabs grab – The Register 6/11/08 +*
The Home Secretary’s fingerprints are missing, and being held by NO2ID at an undisclosed location. Earlier today, NO2ID General Secretary Guy Herbert told The Register, a water glass thought to have Jacqui Smith’s fingerprints on it was ‘borrowed’ from a Social Market Foundation event where Smith was speaking.

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