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Renew for Freedom – MAY 2006 – Renew your Passport

Date: 20 April 2006

Dear all,


As many of you will no doubt have noticed, now that the Identity Cards Act 2006 has become law, lots of ID opponents are considering when to renew their passport. Some have done so already.

NO2ID have produced a fact sheet [see www.renewforfreedom.org/NO2ID_Factsheet1.pdf – 69KB PDF file] which explains why it is a good idea to do this, asks people to renew their passport in May as a collective statement against the ID scheme*, and provides some information on how to go about renewing. We have also created a website at www.renewforfreedom.org with additional information, the factsheet for download in different formats and resources to help promote this particular act of defiance/resistance and personal data protection. Please check it out.

We are asking everyone who supports the renewal campaign to pass on the factsheet, or a link to the ‘Renew for Freedom’ website, with their endorsement. PLEASE DO NOT SPAM! You could, e.g. forward this message or an excerpt of it to friends, colleagues or mailing lists and fora where you regularly post with your own explanation of why you’ll be renewing. Or print some copies out and distribute them.

In line with NO2ID’s consistently non-partisan, single issue approach we are seeking endorsement from as wide a range of organisations as possible in the run-up to May. If you represent an organisation that is willing to support, endorse and distribute the factsheet then please get in touch by sending an e-mail to renewtofreedom@no2id.net.

After this initial ‘below the radar’ period, we shall be having an official launch event and then intend to kick off a series of activities throughout May that we hope will sustain mainstream media attention. Details will be published in our regular newsletter as they become available. You can help NOW though by, e.g. writing a letter to your local paper saying why you will be renewing your passport in May – don’t forget to include the www.renewforfreedom.org address. Or why not add the link to your e-mail signature [see below]?

I shall be renewing my passport in May, I hope you will too.


Phil Booth National Coordinator, NO2ID

*Please note, we are NOT trying to crash the Passport Service! We simply want to make our point. Were, e.g. UKIPS (the new United Kingdom IDENTITY & Passport Service) to announce that our action was beginning to compromise normal operations, then we would have achieved our goal and could announce a general stand-down. Seriously inconveniencing the British public is not our agenda – we leave that to the Home Office.

renew for freedom – MAY 2006 – renew your passport www.renewforfreedom.org

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