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Statewatch News Online, 9 June 2005

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1. Council of Europe report on human rights in UK
2. Statewatch analysis: Revising EU border control rules
3. EU: Impact of the Amsterdam Treaty on justice and home affairs
4. Ethnic Profiling by Police in Europe
5. UK: Union call to end tagging of workers
6. European Parliament reject mandatory data retention
7. Letter from NGO to European Parliament on mandatory data retention
8. EU-Libya: Council Conclusions

1. UK: Damning report on human rights and civil liberties: Report by Mr Alvaro Gil-Robles, Commissioner for Human Rights on the United Kingdom, Council of Europe:

2. Statewatch analysis: Revising EU border control rules: A missed opportunity? (pdf). Professor Steve Peers, University of Essex, seeks to untangle the discussions between the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament (EP) on the abolition of internal border checks and external border controls. While the EP has had some success in getting a number of its more modest amendments accepted more radical changes have either been rejected by the Council or not tabled at all by the EP. So while, there will be some important improvements there are risks, in particular, of breaches of international human rights law and refugee law concerning asylum-seekers who arrive at the external borders of EU Member States, as well as the human rights of demonstrators and protesters. Analysis: www.statewatch.org/news/2005/jun/eu-border-code-analysis.pdf

3. EU: In 2000 Statewatch prepared a report for the European Parliament on: “The impact of the Amsterdam Treaty on justice and home affairs issues”:

Volume 1: The main report (799kb): www.statewatch.org/news/2005/jun/sw-ep-amsterdam-Vol-1.pdf
Volume 2: Annexes (721kb): www.statewatch.org/news/2005/jun/sw-ep-amsterdam-Vol-2.pdf

4. Ethnic Profiling by Police in Europe (Open Society – Justice Initiative, link to full report, pdf):

Contribution by Ben Hayes (Statewatch): A Failure to Regulate: Data Protection in the Police Sector in Europe:

5. UK: GMB Union Congress Demands End To Electronic Tagging Of Workers “Battery Farm” Workplaces.

Press release (link): www.gmb.org.uk/Templates/PressItems.asp?NodeID=91861
Report: www.statewatch.org/news/2005/jun/gmb-tagging-at-work.pdf
Guardian coverage (link): www.guardian.co.uk/print/0%2C3858%2C5209912-103690%2C00.html

6. EU: On 7 June the plenary session of the European Parliament unanimously adopted the report from the Committee on Civil Liberties calling for the rejection of the proposal from the Council of the European Union (governments) on the mandatory retention of all telecommunications traffic data: Full-text of report:

7. EU: Letter to the European Parliament on mandatory retention of communications data – from European Digital Rights, Privacy International and Statewatch:

Letter (French): www.iris.sgdg.org/actions/retention/lettre-pe-fr-0605.html
Letter (German): www.edri.org/campaigns/dataretention/OffenerBrief
Letter (Spanish): www.edri.org/campaigns/dataretention/cartaabierta

8. EU/Libya: Full steam ahead, without pausing to think examines the draft Conclusions discussed by the Justice and Home Affairs Council on 2 June 2005:


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