07/10/04 Global Terror by Secret US Death Squads

“ The two prisoners have their clothes cut from their bodies by scissors, without their hand-and foot cuffs being loosened. The naked and chained prisoners have a suppository of unknown kind inserted into their anus, and diapers are put on them. They are forcibly dressed in dark overalls. Their hands and feet are chained to a specially designed harness. On the plane, both men are blindfolded and hooded… the plane takes off at 21.49 and sets course towards Egypt”. 

Gulfstream executive jets and hooded US agents 

by Henk Ruyssenaars – FPF – the Netherlands 

Amsterdam – 13-10-2004 – Three years ago, on October 1, 2001, President Bush made a reference to the arrests in foreign countries, in a speech at the headquarters of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)* in Washington. 

He was quoted in the Washington Post in November 2001 – as saying “that the American people aren't going to see exactly what's taking place on their TV screens,” but he added that “slowly, but surely,” progress was being made. 

“You see, we've said to people around the world: 'This could happen to you, this could have easily have taken place on your soil, so you need to take threats seriously, as well,” Bush said. 

“We're beginning to share intelligence amongst our nations. We're finding out members of the Qaeda organization, who they are, where they think they can hide. And we're slowly, but surely, bringing them to justice.” 

It is known that since Sept. 11, intelligence sharing and cooperation/collaboration among foreign services worldwide has flourished. The growing number of foreign detentions, part of the “unseen” war on terror that President Bush has frequently alluded to, shows the degree of cooperation other nations are quietly providing to the U.S. effort to crush al Qaeda. 

Seymour Hersh has warned in his recent talks at Berkely about this secret US military unit (there are more / HR) The Iraq war is not winnable” Hersh said: “My government has a secret unit that has been 'disappearing' people since December 2001. Rumsfeld decided after 9/11 that he could not wait. The president signed a secret document. There's a team of people, they fly in unmarked planes, they fly in Gulfstreams*, they have their own choppers, they don't carry American passports, and they just grab people.” [end quote] 

Secret US Gulfstream jets and Swedish Quislings 

As an former correspondent covering Scandinavia, and knowing the Swedish language, one can read in swedish newspapers how this man hunt works in reality. The overwhelming inhumanity, when the government and police in this country of 'Sex, Sin and Smörgåsbord' – in a blatant crime against their own laws and humanity – help US secret agents from Force 121* to carry out an expulsion and forces two victims aboard one a US Gulfstream on a Swedish airport, is outrageous. 

In a documentary by Swedish TV 4, called “The broken promise”, on 17 May 

2004, it was shown that “the expulsion of two men – ordered by the Cabinet – to Egypt on 18 December 2001, was carried out by hooded US agents. The plane booked by the Swedish Security Police – (SÄPO/Säkerhetspolisen/HR)– was canceled when another plane – N379P – a “Gulfstream” executive jet, was supplied by a firm* on the east coast of the USA, which works exclusively for the the US Defense Department. 


The two men, Muhammed Al Zery and Ahmed Agiza, were alleged to have had connected to terrorist groups – both had been involved in islamic movements in Egypt. The Swedish Migration Board decided that both needed protection and granted them asylum. 

However, the Swedish Security Police (SÄPO), in the post 11 September 2001 climate, decided to respond to a US request for their removal to Egypt where they could be questioned at will and by agencies whose reputation for using ill-treatment and torture was well established. 

At 11.45 am on 18 December 2001 the Swedish cabinet agreed – on the basis of SÄPO's recommendation and “information from Egypt” – that the men should be expelled.. At 16.48 Ahmed Agiza was apprehended in Karlstad, on the way home from a course in Swedish and a few minutes later Muhammed Al Zery in a shop in Stockholm. 

They were driven to Bromma airport [normally for inland flights / HR] in Stockholm where the special jet, N379P*, has landed. They are taken to a room where a group of men in plain clothes from the plane are waiting– “they have their faces hooded”. 

Then: “The two prisoners have their clothes cut from their bodies by scissors, without their hand- and foot cuffs being loosened. The naked and chained prisoners have a suppository of unknown kind inserted into their anus, and diapers are put on them. They are forcibly dressed in dark overalls. Their hands and feet are chained to a specially designed harness. On the plane, both men are blindfolded and hooded… the plane takes off at 21.49 and sets course towards Egypt”. [ and torture/HR ] 

It is quite clear that all the people responsible for this kind of actions in Sweden, the US of course, and all other collaborating countries – like the Netherlands* – have committed – and are committing – crimes against humanity, for which they soon must be made to stand trial, like in my country where court hearings have started with Dutch war criminals.* 

Crimes against humanity: US Task Force 121 

Task Force 121 is a classic example of the United State's 'Joint Task Force' concept of conducting Special Operations. TF121 is a multiservice force commanded by an Air Force Brigadier General. The spearhead of the force is a forty-man team that is most likely made up of operators from Delta, Devgroup and the CIA's paramilitary units (many of whom are ex Delta and Devgroup anyway). 

Other Special Operations contributions will include Air Force Combat Controllers and Special Operations aircraft*. It is also not unlikely that operators from Coalition nations [the 'so called 'Coalition of the Willing/Killing- HR] (particularly the British and Australian SAS and Poland's GROM) are involved in TF121. 

The team operates with the support of a much larger conventional force when required, and is covered by the US 'Death Squad Protection Act'* 

US 'Death Squad Protection Act'* 

In the 29th of June 1995, #4 issue of the 'Intelligence Newsletter', there already was a story on the future threat of this kind of 'United States global Gestapo': 'Covert Unit Alive and Kicking.': The U.S. military's “'Black' Special Operations Unit, once known as the Intelligence Support Activity (ISA) is now operating across the world under a different name and could even see its budget and powers increase significantly as sharper emphasis is put on special operations and HUMINT in the post-Cold War period.” 

The unit's mission remains focussed on counter-terrorism and … it is becoming increasingly involved in counter-proliferation, economic espionage and information warfare… ISA's successor is also likely to be asked to provide crucial intelligence if the Pentagon needs to back up its counter-proliferation strategy with interdiction and preemptive strikes. The unit is said to be already providing intelligence on black markets in nuclear and bio/chemical weapons by infiltrating agents into gangs dealing in such activity.” 


In Berkely, a moved and angry Seymour Hersh told the auditorium: “It's shades of Vietnam again, folks: body counts,” And he also said “My parents were immigrants, they came here because America meant something?the Statue of Liberty and all that stuff, because America always was this bastion of morality and integrity and a place for a fresh start. 

And it's right in front of us, not hidden, that they've taken this away from us.” 

One can only agree with Hersh, that the suffering, and damage, done to so many people, in so many countries, by the United States governments and their ilk, will take generations to repair. 

If ever possible… 


Seymour Hersh – Url. full story: www.informationclearinghouse.info/video1021.htm

Including webcast: Seymour Hersh, 1 hour 22 minutes. 

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FOREIGN PRESS FOUNDATION tinyurl.com/3crhn Editor : Henk Ruyssenaars tinyurl.com/2ghoh The Netherlands FPF (at)Chello.nl 

The Dutch author has this far worked abroad for 4 decades for international media, as foreign correspondent, of which 10 years – also during Gulf War I – in the Arab World and the Middle East.

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