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Lebanon Newslinks 1-13 July 2006

Date: 13 July 2006

Crossfire War – War Against Israel Expands into Southern Lebanon
NewsBlaze – Folsom,CA,USA
Crossfire War – TEHRAN WATCH – Middle East Theatre – Israel: Tehran – Beirut/Jerusalem;
Lebanon – Hezbollah Enter War Against Israel – Hezbollah Abducts Two …

Israeli army not able to confirm troops enter Lebanon
People's Daily Online – Beijing,China
An Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman said the IDF could not confirm
a report that its troops have entered southern Lebanon on Wednesday to
search for two …

Israel OKs Lebanon action
News24 – South Africa
Tel Aviv – The Israeli government gave the green light to military action
in Lebanon at an emergency cabinet meeting on Wednesday after the capture
of two …,,2-10-1462_1966946,00.html

Lebanon’s Ambassador to US called back to Beirut
Jerusalem Post – Israel
Lebanon’s Ambassador to the US Farid Abboud was summoned back to Beirut
on Wednesday night after expressing his support for Hizbullah in the US
media. …

Lebanon government says not responsible for Hezbollah’s action
People's Daily Online – Beijing,China
… morning, Hezbollah militants seized two Israeli soldiers when they
attacked two Israeli army jeeps patrolling along the border with Lebanon,
demanding that …

IAF calls up reserves for Lebanon strike
Jerusalem Post – Israel
The IAF on Wednesday began to issue call up orders in preparation for retaliatory
air strikes against Hizbullah targets in Lebanon, Channel 2 reported.

Lebanon, Syria & Iran: Acts of War against Israel and Lessons for …
Opinion Editorials – Fairfax,VA,USA
The attacks came from Lebanon and Hezbollah (supported by Syria and Iran)
claims that the soldiers are being held in order to solve the offensive
taking place …

Israel ready for huge Lebanon assault
Irish Independent – Dublin,Ireland
ISRAEL was preparing for a large-scale assault on Lebanon last night after
Hizbollah gunmen launched an audacious and bloody foray across the border,
abducting …

Hezbollah attack / Gov’t okays massive strikes on Lebanon; Israel …
Ha'aretz – Tel Aviv,Israel
The Israel Defense Forces began preparing last night for a widespread aerial
assault on Lebanon, after the cabinet approved a “severe” response to
Hezbollah’s …

Israeli Forces Enter Lebanon After 2 Soldiers Are Seized
New York Times – United States
… With two more soldiers captured today, Israel launched a major military
offensive on a second front, sending armored forces into southern Lebanon
in response …

Israel widens Lebanon reprisals – UK
… Reuters) – Israel struck Beirut airport and Hizbollah’s television
station on Thursday and killed 22 civilians in raids on south Lebanon,
intensifying its …

Lavrov warns of big war in Lebanon
ITAR-TASS – Moscow,Russia
PARIS, July 12 (Itar-Tass) — The latest developments in Lebanon indicate
that there is a risk of a large-scale war, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei
Lavrov said …

Northern Israeli city hit by rockets from Lebanon
Reuters – USA
JERUSALEM (Reuters) – At least two Katyusha rockets fired from Lebanon
slammed into the northern Israeli city of Nahariya on Thursday, wounding
three civilians …

Date: 12 July 2006

Nasrullah Meets Mikatti on Developments in Lebanon
SANA – Syrian Arab News Agency – Damascus,Syria
Hizbullah Secretary General Hasan Nasrullah conferred Tuesday with the
Lebanese former Premier Najib Mikatti on the latest developments in Lebanon
in light of …

Lebanon becomes ‘Point of Peace on Earth’ on Byblos’ 7,000th …
Daily Star – Lebanon – Beirut,Lebanon
BEIRUT: Lebanon became the seventh Point of Peace on Earth and one of 198
other participants in a Worldwide Peace Marker Project on the occasion
of Byblos …

Journalist bomb victim returns to Lebanon
Monsters and – Glasgow,UK
Beirut – Lebanese television journalist May Chidiac, who was mutilated
in an assassination attempt last September, returned Tuesday to Lebanon
after seven …

Chidiac returns to Lebanon with sharp words for leaders
Daily Star – Lebanon – Beirut,Lebanon
BEIRUT: Lebanese TV personality May Chidiac, who survived an assassination
attempt in September 2005, returned to Lebanon from France on Tuesday
to level harsh …

Research Report: Strategy in Gaza Similar to Lebanon
Arutz Sheva – Israel
( The Israeli strategy in the Gaza region is similar to that
used in Lebanon against Hizbullah terrorists, according to a research
report by the …

Rockets, gunfire from Lebanon hit N.Israel-source – UK
JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Gunmen in Lebanon shelled northern Israel fired at
Israeli border troops on Wednesday, Israeli security sources said. …

May Chidiac Returns to Lebanon with a Determination to ‘Be the …
Naharnet – Beirut,Lebanon
… The blast was one of more than a dozen explosions that have mainly
targeted prominent opponents of Syrian influence in Lebanon. …

Heavy fighting on Israel-Lebanon border – report
Ireland Online – Dublin,Ireland
Hezbollah and Israeli forces exchanged rocket and artillery fire across
the border in southern Lebanon today, a Hezbollah source said. …

Israel moves into Lebanon after soldiers abducted
Radio New Zealand – Wellington,New Zealand
Heavy fighting has been reported in southern Lebanon, after Hizbollah forces
captured two Israeli soldiers. The Israeli army has …

Fighting in southern Lebanon as Hezbollah says it’s captured 2 … – Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
BEIRUT (AP) – Heavy clashes erupted in southern Lebanon on Wednesday as
Hezbollah TV announced guerrillas have captured two Israeli soldiers along
the border …

Blasts heard on Lebanon border
Ynetnews – Israel
Northern Command fears Hizbullah will attempt to divert attention from
Gaza to Lebanon; Jerusalem conveys harsh messages to Beirut. …,7340,L-3274258,00.html

‘Israel holds Lebanon responsible’
Jerusalem Post – Israel
… Defense Minister Amir Peretz called on Lebanon to immediately bring
about the release of the soldiers who Hizbullah claim to have kidnapped
Wednesday morning. …

AKI – Rome,Italy
Beirut, 12 July (AKI) – Hezbollah militants captured two Israeli soldiers
in attacks from Lebanon on Israeli border posts on Wednesday, Hezbollah
television al …

Hezbollah Attack Is “act of war” by Lebanon: Israel’s PM
Focus News – Sofia,Bulgaria
… group Hezbollah, whose activists fired at Israeli armed forces in the
northern part of Israel and kidnapped two soldiers, are equal to Lebanon
declaring war on …

Olmert Blames Lebanon for Attack, Sends in Troops (Update1)
Bloomberg – USA
July 12 (Bloomberg) — Prime Minister Ehud Olmert blamed Lebanon for a
Hezbollah attack on Israel he said was ``war-like’’ and called for a ``painful
and far …

Israeli Forces Enter Lebanon After 2 Soldiers Are Seized
New York Times – United States
JERUSALEM, July 12 – The Lebanese militant group Hezbollah seized two Israeli
soldiers in a brazen raid this morning along Israel’s border with Lebanon.

Israel approves wave of Lebanon air strikes – TV
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
JERUSALEM, July 12 (Reuters) – Israeli Defence Minister Amir Peretz on
Wednesday authorised a campaign of air strikes in Lebanon that would target
both …

Annan condemns Israel attack in Lebanon
Ynetnews – Israel
UN Secretary General says ‘I condemn without reservations the attack
in southern Lebanon’; Iran nuclear negotiator: When the Zionist entity
attacks and …,7340,L-3274607,00.html

EU urges restraint to calm situation at Israel-Lebanon border
Islamic Republic News Agency – Tehran,Iran
… on all parties to exercise restraint and refrain from any action which
would cause an escalation of the already tense situation on the Israel-
Lebanon border. …

Mideast Conflict Spreads to Lebanon
Council on Foreign Relations – New York,New York,USA
… armed militant group Hezbollah attacked border stations on the Israeli-Lebanese
border and kidnapped two Israeli soldiers from the Israel-Lebanon border
(NYT). …

Israel to UN: Lebanon declared war
Ynetnews – Israel
… kidnapping of two IDF soldiers was “an act of war.” Israeli Ambassador
to the UN, Danny Gillerman, charged during a press conference that Lebanon
has no …,7340,L-3274663,00.html

Key Events in Lebanon-Israel Conflict
Washington Post – United States
_ 1978: Israeli forces invade south Lebanon to attack Palestinian guerrillas,
retaliating for an attack on an Israeli bus that killed more than 35 people
near …

Hizballah draw Israel into Lebanon
Die Welt – Germany
This morning at 9.00 two more Israeli soldiers were kidnapped. This time
by Hizballah on the northern border, bringing Israel back …

Arab League foreign ministers may meet over Lebanon
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
… guerrillas captured the soldiers and killed at least seven on Wednesday
in a cross-border attack that Israel described as an act of war by Lebanon
that would …

Date: 11 July 2006

USAID Official Visits to the Middle East
Lebanese Lobby – Lebanon
… for International Development (USAID) Director of Public Diplomacy
for Middle Eastern and MEPI[1] Affairs, Walid Maalouf, traveled to Egypt
and Lebanon, June 11 …

Protest to be held in Lebanon to support Palestinians
People's Daily Online – Beijing,China
… is the brainchild of a coalition grouping the Leftist Assembly for
Change, the Communist Party, the Palestinian Youth Organization of Lebanon
and Palestinian …

Syrian Still has Military Positions Inside Lebanon, Newspaper
Naharnet – Beirut,Lebanon
Syria, which is under international pressure to demarcate its border with
Lebanon, still has military positions inside Lebanese territory one year
after it …

College professor in Lebanon who used internet chat rooms is … – Beirut,Lebanon
… 7 and Beirut July 8: US authorities thwarted a plot to bomb New York’s
mass transit system, leading to the arrest of a suspected plotter in Lebanon,
the FBI …

Lebanon Suggests Assistance in Karabakh Settlement
Yerkir – Yerevan,Armenia
… conference in Yerevan. In his words, Lebanon is ready to provide assistance
and its experience for peaceful settlement. He added …

Terror suspect seeks Lebanon prisoner swap
The Age – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
SYDNEY terror-suspect Bilal Khazal would “jump at the chance” to be extradited
to Lebanon under a prisoner swap deal favoured by Lebanese authorities,
says his …

Date: 10 July 2006

Police prepare to bring back Jamal from Lebanon
ABC Online – Australia
New South Wales police commissioner Ken Moroney says two police officers
are set to leave for Lebanon to bring back western Sydney man Saleh Jamal.

Lebanon bids farewell to its former president Hrawi in pictures
Ya Libnan – Beirut,Lebanon
… Jumblatt, head of the Progressive Socialist Party, said that the late
president and late Hariri “were partners in a critical period of Lebanon’s
history; they …

Suspect in Tunnel Plot Said to Visit US
Houston Chronicle – United States
… “We received information from the FBI in April about an attempt to
plot a terror act in New York City through Internet communications in
Lebanon,” Fatfat said …

Lebanese firm inks deal to build refinery in Iraqi Kurdistan
Daily Star – Lebanon – Beirut,Lebanon
… A memorandum of understanding was signed on Thursday between the Kurdish
Minister of Natural Resources, Ashti Horami, and Lebanon’s Make Oil AG
to build the …

Lebanon: 8,000 protest Gaza offensive
Jerusalem Post – Israel
About 8,000 Palestinians marched in Lebanon’s largest refugee camp Sunday
to protest the Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip, while top Hamas officials
in …

Sudanese FM calls for agenda for Lebanese-Syrian talks
People's Daily Online – Beijing,China
… listen to all parties and analyze all positions to determine the next
step to be taken,” Akol told a press conference at the end of an official
visit to Lebanon …

Tunnel Plot May Have Been Wider
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
… “The bottom line is that there may have been less here than meets the
eye.”. Hammoud, 31, has been charged in Lebanon as the alleged mastermind
of the plot. …,0,5557096.story?coll=la-story-footer

NYC, Miami cases show FBI efforts to pre-empt plots
USA Today – USA
… public only after the Daily News reported details of the case, including
the name of the alleged plot leader, Assem Hammoud, and his arrest in
Lebanon in April …

Israel’s aggression destroys any semblance of civic order
The Herald – Glasgow,Scotland,UK
… do I see much distinction between Sadam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait
and Israel’s so-called incursion (Israel doesn’t do invasions) into Lebanon
— other than …

Thousands would die every day if civil war broke out in Iraq – Bray,Ireland
… Extremist Sunni and Shia leaders would be free to carve out their own
fiefdoms, much as Lebanon’s warlords did three decades ago. …

New York attack plans discovered in Lebanon
Los Angeles Daily News – Los Angeles,CA,USA
BY PAT MILTON, Associated Press. Lebanese authorities found maps and bombing
plans on the personal computer of an al-Qaida loyalist …

New York tunnel plot suspect charged in Lebanon
Reuters – USA
… Lebanon’s Interior Ministry said the 31-year-old suspect, arrested
in Beirut in April, had confessed he was planning to spend four months
training in Pakistan …

Lebanon submits official request to UN to extend mandate UNIFIL …
Kuwait News Agency – Kuwait
months BEIRUT, July 10 (KUNA) — Lebanon on Monday lodged a request with
the United Nations (UN) to extend the mandate of the United Nations Interim
Forces …

Lebanon to extradite terror suspect to Australia
Jerusalem Post – Israel
Lebanon has agreed to deport an Arab Australian who is wanted for an attack
on a Sydney police station and hopes that in return Australia will extradite
a …

Hamas, Fatah officials in Lebanon air differences on handling of …
Daily Star – Lebanon – Beirut,Lebanon
SIDON: The factional dispute between Fatah and Hamas was put on full display
in a war of words among officials in Lebanon on Monday, following a Hamas

8000 Arabs in Lebanon Protest Gaza Operation
Arutz Sheva – Israel
( 8000 Arabs marched toward Lebanon’s largest refugee camp
in protest of Israel’s military operation in Gaza. As …

Date: 9 July 2006

Nation News In Brief: Emir sends cable to Lebanon
Peninsula On-line – Qatar
DOHA • The Emir HH Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani has sent a cable
of condolences to the Lebanese President Emile Lahoud on the death of
former Lebanese …

Terror plot targeted train tunnels
Taipei Times – Taiwan
Eight suspects — including an al-Qaeda loyalist arrested in Lebanon and
two others in custody elsewhere — had hoped to pull off the attack in
October or …

Lebanon to extradite terror suspect
Peninsula On-line – Qatar
BEIRUT • Lebanon has decided to extradite to Australia a Jordanian-Australian
national who has just completed a two-year prison sentence on terrorism
charges …

NY attack suspect attended Canadian university
CBC News – Canada
… Assem Hammoud, 31, was arrested on April 27 in Lebanon, where he confessed
to being the mastermind behind an alleged plot to bomb underwater tunnels
between …

Pre-emptive arrests in terrorism plots attract criticism
Houston Chronicle – United States
… The arrest on April 27 in Beirut, Lebanon, of Assem Hammoud, 31, a
Lebanese man who is accused of being the mastermind of the tunnel plot,
came after the …

Lebanon: All Are Rotten
Dar Al-Hayat – Lebanon
It may be said that a poisoned atmosphere is griping Lebanon today. …
In Lebanon, fascism is impossible, though semi-fascist sectarian tendencies
are all over. …

Recruited in Canada
Calgary Sun – Canada
… Canadian passport. In Lebanon, authorities found maps and bomb plans
on Hammoud’s personal computer yesterday. “The information …

Bomb plot suspect saw Gate Bridge as possible target
San Francisco Chronicle – CA, USA
… Hammoud, 31, is the alleged mastermind of the plot by eight al Qaeda
followers scattered across six countries. He is being held in Lebanon.

Aoun on His Way to Baabda, Anti-Syrians on Their Way Out
Naharnet – Beirut,Lebanon
Michel Aoun has unleashed a broadside against the ruling anti-Syria majority
in Lebanon, saying it comprised deceivers whose days in office are numbered,
when …

Terrorist suspect on way here
Advertiser Adelaide – Adelaide,South Australia,Australia
LEBANON has agreed to extradite to Australia a terrorist suspect who once
allegedly said he wanted to fly a plane into the Sydney Harbour Bridge.,5936,19737062%255E911,00.html

Analysis: Al-Qaida`s eligible recruits
Monsters and – Glasgow,UK
… or ‘prince of Andalusia,’ a nom de guerre he was supposedly given by
Osama bin Laden`s al-Qaida network when Hammoud was recruited, not in
Lebanon, but in …

Army rounds up 80 near border in North
Daily Star – Lebanon – Beirut,Lebanon
… and repeated clashes near the border have occurred on a regular basis
as the United Nations continues to pressure Syria to demarcate its border
with Lebanon. …

Date: 8 July 2006

The New York Jihad flood starts in Lebanon?
Counterterrorism Blog – Medford,New Jersey,USA
… Sources in Lebanon revealed that a key figure in the plot was a Lebanese
national, who had been arrested in Lebanon on April 27, 2007 upon the
request of US …

Lebanon arrests suspect with plot to bomb New York tunnel
People's Daily Online – Beijing,China
Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces said Friday that they have arrested
a terror suspect who has admitted to be in a plot to carry out a bombing
attack in a New …

Lebanon claims to arrest al Qarda member who planned attack in US
Al-Bawaba – Amman,Jordan
A suspected al-Qaeda operative, detained in Lebanon, has confessed to plotting
to attack New York City tunnels later this year and said he was acting
on Osama …

Suspect in NYC bomb plot arrested in Lebanon
ABS CBN News – Philippines
NEW YORK – US authorities thwarted a plot to bomb New York’s mass transit
system, leading to the arrest of a suspected plotter in Lebanon, the FBI
and …

Lahoud: Lebanon Will Not Attend Francophonie Summit In Bucharest …
Mediafax – Bucuresti,Romania
… Bucharest. Lebanon can only be represented by its President, no other
official can speak in the country’’s name, Lahoud said. Republicarea …—Lebanon-Will-Not-Attend

Lebanon to extradite Jordanian terror suspect to Australia
Monsters and – Glasgow,UK
Beirut- Lebanon has decided to extradite to Australia a Jordanian-Australian
national on terrorism charges, Judicial sources said Saturday. …

Date: 7 July 2006

Lebanon’s public doesn’t want a fight over Shebaa
Daily Star – Lebanon – Beirut,Lebanon
… the origins of the Shebaa Farms imbroglio to the fall of 1999, when
Israeli forces began their preparations for a unilateral withdrawal from
South Lebanon. …

Lahoud welcomes Arab mediation between Lebanon, Syria
People's Daily Online – Beijing,China
… The Lebanese president, meanwhile, praised the Sudanese mediation between
Lebanon and Syria, saying that the Sudanese leadership embarked on such
a mission in …

Lebanon takes a pass on Arab boycott of Nestle
Daily Star – Lebanon – Beirut,Lebanon
BEIRUT: Lebanon’s Economy Ministry has decided not to add Swiss firm Nestle
to its official “blacklist” of companies with economic links to Israel,
a ministry …

Lebanon confirms arrest in alleged plot to bomb New York tunnel – Alberta, Canada
… In Lebanon, officials confirmed the arrest of a man named Amir al-Andalousi
in connection with the plot, which involved blowing a hole in the tunnel
to wreak …

Lebanon arrests suspect in plot to bomb New York tunnel
International Herald Tribune – France
Authorities in Lebanon have arrested a man in connection with a plot to
blow up the Holland Tunnel, officials said today. Senator …

EU Allocates Aid to Palestinian Territories, Lebanon
Naharnet – Beirut,Lebanon
… it had allocated 34 million euros (43 million dollars) in humanitarian
aid to people in need in the strife-hit Palestinian territories as well
as in Lebanon. …

Suspect says plot was targeting NYC tunnels – Lebanon
Reuters India – Mumbai,India
… for involvement in a plot to carry out an attack in New York said the
plan was targeting metro tunnels under the Hudson river, Lebanon’s Interior
Ministry said …

EU envoy advises Beirut and Damascus to mend ties
Daily Star – Lebanon – Beirut,Lebanon
BEIRUT: The European Union “encourages Lebanon and Syria to have positive
diplomatic relations,” Benita Ferrero-Waldner, European commissioner for
external …

Images of real women highlight real inequality
Daily Star – Lebanon – Beirut,Lebanon
… Beirut’s well-toned, well-coiffed set is milling around one of Lebanon’s
poshest beach clubs, Edde Sands, munching on finger sandwiches and chatting
about art. …

Date: 6 July 2006

Syria Pulled Its Army But Left Us Its Secret Services and Friends …
AINA – Modesto,CA,USA
Beirut (AsiaNews) --- Syria might have pulled its army out of Lebanon,
but it has left its secret services. It has “friends” in …

Date: 5 July 2006

Convicted terrorist pleads poor health to avoid deportation
Globe and Mail – Canada
… remain in Canada. Mahmoud Mohammad Issa Mohammad turns 64 in two weeks
and says he’s too sick to be deported to Lebanon. His diabetes …

Aging ex-Palestinian Hijacker Fights Against Deportation to …
Naharnet – Beirut,Lebanon
… old Palestinian, who was involved in the hijacking of an Israeli airliner
almost 40 years ago, is fighting deportation from Canada to Lebanon citing
health …

Hariri Tribunal: Lebanese judjes off to the Hague and New York
Ya Libnan – Beirut,Lebanon
… Sader and Ralph Riachi who have been conducting negotiations for the
formation of an international tribunal to try the assassins of former
Lebanon’s PM Rafik …

Lebanon: More Than 60,000 Iranians Have Visited
Stratfor – USA
More than 60,000 Iranian tourists have traveled to Lebanon in the first
half of 2006, the official Iranian news agency IRNA reported July 5. The
report was …

AKI – Rome,Italy
… Kassir who was killed in a car bomb explosion in June 2005 has accused
the Syrian and Lebanese “police regime that for decades was active in
Lebanon” of being …

Date: 4 July 2006

Jumblat: Assad is Trying to Turn Lebanon into Another Iraq
Naharnet – Beirut,Lebanon
Druze leader Walid Jumblat has launched an attack on the Syrian regime
accusing President Bashar Assad of trying to turn Lebanon into another
Iraq by sending al …

Syria continues to play with fire in Lebanon
Ya Libnan – Beirut,Lebanon
… person was killed and five were wounded on Tuesday in Jahliyeh, a village
located south east of Beirut in the Shouf region of Mount Lebanon, when
supporters of …

US delegation in Lebanon refuses to comment on the captured Mossad …
Al-Manar – Lebanon
The delegation of the US House of Representatives Democratic Assistance
Committee that visited Speaker Nabih Berri Monday, found no place in their
statement …

Druze factions clash in Lebanon
BBC News – UK
Security officials in Lebanon say that one person has been killed and five
wounded in fighting between supporters of rival Druze politicians. …

Lebanon’s Siniora Seeks $7 Bln Loans to Cut Debt Cost (Update2)
Bloomberg – USA
July 4 (Bloomberg) — Lebanon’s Prime Minister Fouad Siniora plans to seek
as much as $7 billion in loans this year to reduce interest costs that
make the …

Israel violates Lebanon’s airspace along military activities on …
Al-Manar – Lebanon
Israeli warplanes again violated Lebanon’s airspace. Fighter jets flew
over the southern regions of Marjeyyoun and Shebaa farms …

Lebanon, France On the sidelines of the non-invitation of …
Monday Morning – Beirut,Lebanon
… to raise them to the highest level of friendship and cooperation, reflects
the president’s wish to dissociate that which links France and Lebanon,
from the …

Date: 3 July 2006

Sfeir calls on Hizbullah to disarm
Daily Star – Lebanon – Beirut,Lebanon
“Hizbullah’s weapons are a cause of inequality and instability in Lebanon,”
Sfeir said. The prelate was speaking during a religious congregation held
at St. …

Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon Protest Gaza Offensive, Burn …
Naharnet – Beirut,Lebanon
… Israeli military offensive in Gaza have set fire to an Israeli flag
and shouted “Death to Israel” as they marched in Ein el Hilweh, Lebanon’s
largest refugee …

Bonnie Henry: Citizen Khawam
Arizona Daily Star – Tucson,AZ,USA
… Throwing the rascals out was seldom an option for Khawam in his native
Lebanon. … Life was good until 1975, when Lebanon erupted in civil war.

Searching for The Soul of Hamra Street: In Lebanon’s Capital …
Naharnet – Beirut,Lebanon
… For a moment, he reflected on Beirut, Lebanon and the rest of the Arab
world. … “Lebanon doesn’t have a heart anymore,” she said. “There is
only Hamra.”. …

Rally of Lebanon returns in pictures
Ya Libnan – Beirut,Lebanon
Local favorite Roger Feghali and his co-pilot Nabil Njeim won the race,
while Roger’s brother Abdo Feghali and his co-pilot Joseph Matar took
the second place. …

Lebanon journalist faces trial for defaming Lahoud – Mumbai,India
… that dominates parliament and the government and has tried unsuccessfully
to unseat Lahoud, accusing him of being the last symbol of Syrian tutelage
in Lebanon …

Lebanon: Reversing the Evolution Toward Growth
Dar Al-Hayat – Lebanon
Lebanon needs to escape from this terrible whirlpool. … Hence, there
are very crucial questions: has Lebanon become unable to keep up with
modernity? …

Shiite insurgent group makes Iraq debut
Seattle Post Intelligencer – USA
BEIRUT, Lebanon — A self-styled Shiite Muslim insurgent group made its
public debut in a videotape aired by a Lebanese TV station, pledging to
fight US …

Lebanese Foreign Minister: Lebanon intensifies its diplomacy to …
Al-Manar – Lebanon
Lebanese Foreign Minister Fawzi Salloukh said that Lebanon had intensified
its diplomacy to secure international support for the Palestinians. …

Date: 2 July 2006

Lebanon’s lessons have not been learned
Ha'aretz – Tel Aviv,Israel
… mechanism doesn’t need more than that. Now is the time to create a
new order in Lebanon – sorry, Gaza. Because someone has to pay for …

Lebanese patriarch brings message of peace
St. Louis Post-Dispatch – MO, United States
… Raymond’s Maronite Catholic Parish, 931 Lebanon Drive, St. Louis. …
The Maronite Church, an ancient Eastern Rite branch of Catholicism, is
based in Lebanon. St. …

Iran uses Shiite bonds to position itself in Lebanon
San Francisco Chronicle – CA, USA
… on. “It’s very good, this assistance Iran gives Lebanon,” said Hassan
Berrou, 35, the owner of a mobile phone shop in Harat Hreik. …

Lebanon Hezbollah General Secretary Meet Imam Khomeini Grandson
ISNA – Iran
TEHRAN, July 02 (ISNA)-Lebanon’s Hezbollah General Secretary met with Imam
Khomeini’s Grandson at Iran’s embassy in Damascus. Lebanon’s …

Palestinians in Lebanon protest Gaza offensive
Jerusalem Post – Israel
… Palestinians protesting the IDF offensive in Gaza set fire to an Israeli
flag and shouted “Death to Israel” Sunday as they marched in Lebanon’s
largest refugee …

Late Imam Khomeini’s grandson condemns Zionists crimes in Gaza
Islamic Republic News Agency – Tehran,Iran
… Meanwhile, they urged for unity among regional states, in particular
various groups in Lebanon, continued resistance leading to victory over
the Zionist enemy …

Date: 1 July 2006

Al Sadadi for Lebanon rally
Gulf Daily News – Manama,Bahrain
… Hassan Al Sadadi along with Lebanese co-driver Sami Awad in a Subaru
Impreza WRX STi made a welcome return to rallying in the Rally of Lebanon,
the fifth round …

The best way to end the Israeli offensive is to release the …
DEBKA file – Jerusalem,Israel
The US ambassador also charged Syria and Lebanon with stoking regional
tensions and demanded the Syria and Iran end their role as state sponsors
of terror and …

Lebanon men travel to Balkans on mission
The Tennessean – Nashville,TN,USA
Where they went: The Balkans, in Eastern Europe, where the majority of
the population is Muslim. Why they went: Dodson and Reese …

Hizbullah: Don’t give up soldier for nothing
Ynetnews – Israel
Lebanon’s terror group urges Palestinian terrorists to only free Israeli
soldier captured in Gaza exchange for Palestinian prisoners. …,7340,L-3269563,00.html

Lebanon raging for Israel’s offensive in Gaza
Xinhua – China
BEIRUT, July 1 (Xinhua) — Israel’s military offensive in the Gaza Strip
sparked outrage in Lebanon, where politicians and religious figures strongly
condemned …

Cuba, Lebanon Boost Cooperation
Prensa Latina – Havana,Cuba
… importance of developing bilateral relations and widening cooperation,
visible in the introduction of Cuban medications and biotechnological
products in Lebanon …

Is withdrawal too costly?
OCRegister – Orange County,CA,USA
… Yet, a more accurate comparison is the French occupation of Lebanon
from 1926 to 1943. Like Iraq, Lebanon was and still is a country …




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