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Syria | Lebanon Newslinks 21 July 2006
Friday, July 21, 2006 7:33 PM
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Date: 21 July 2006

RI envoy to Lebanon moves to Syria but embassy not closed
Antara – Antara,Indonesia
… The Indonesian government has not closed down its embassy in Beirut,
Lebanon, although Ambassador Abdullah Syarwani and his staff have moved
to Syria to escape …

Hezbollah nourished by Iran, Syria roots
Seattle Post Intelligencer – USA
… military machine that has been attacking Israel draws much of its strength
from two shadowy sources that are proving difficult to cut off: Syria
and Iran. …

Hamilton mom braves own escape route to Syria
Hamilton Spectator – Ontario, Canada
… In the early morning hours yesterday, the 22-year-old mother paid $500
US for a cab to take her along treacherous backroads to the borders of
Syria. …

Cimatu: More Filipino evacuees set for Syria
ABS CBN News – Philippines
The government’s special ambassador to the Middle East confirmed Friday
that another batch of Filipinos will be evacuated to Syria from Lebanon
for the return …

Lebanon calls for help after bloodiest day
Dispatch Online – South Africa
ISRAELI troops battled Lebanese guerillas and warplanes bombed a suspected
Hezbollah bunker yesterday as Lebanon issued a desperate plea for international
help …

SA family escape from Lebanon
Independent Online – Cape Town,South Africa
By Bronwyn Gerretsen. A KwaZulu-Natal father and son made it safely out
of war-torn Lebanon on Thursday and are trying to secure a flight back
home from Athens. …

Ontario, Quebec ready for arrival of thousands fleeing Lebanon
Globe and Mail – Canada
… and provincial governments in Ontario and Quebec are bracing for the
massive arrival, starting this morning, of thousands of Canadians fleeing
Lebanon. …

Israel, Hezbollah Intensify Fighting in South Lebanon (Update1)
Bloomberg – USA
July 21 (Bloomberg) — Fighting between Israeli forces and Hezbollah gunmen
intensified in southern Lebanon as Israel carried out new air attacks
on the …

Cyprus calls for EU help with Lebanon evacuees – Brussels,Belgium
Cyprus has called on the EU for help as it deals with the thousands of
evacuees fleeing the Israeli offensive in Lebanon. Makis …

Israel pounds Lebanon as casualties mount
Mail & Guardian Online – Johannesburg,South Africa
Israel pounded Lebanon from the air on Friday in its bloody 10-day-old
assault against Hezbollah, but the guerrilla group insisted it would only
free two …

‘Lebanon war to go on until price too great’
Independent Online – Cape Town,South Africa
Jerusalem – Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said war against Hezbollah
guerrillas in Lebanon would continue until it was not “worth the price”,
an Israeli …

Israel pounds Lebanon as casualties mount
ABC News – USA
BEIRUT (Reuters) – Israel pounded Lebanon from the air on Friday in its
bloody 10-day-old assault against Hizbollah, but the guerrilla group insisted
it would …

Thousands of Lebanon evacuees flood into Cyprus
Scotsman – United Kingdom
LIMASSOL, Cyprus (Reuters) – Thousands of tired, frightened evacuees fleeing
Israel’s bombardment of Lebanon flooded into Cyprus on Friday, sparking
warnings …

S Lanka evacuates 300 from Lebanon – 92 700 to go
SABC News – Auckland Park,South Africa
Sri Lanka is facing a logistical nightmare in trying to contact around
93 000 nationals mostly housemaids, working in Lebanon, and has so far
managed to …,2172,131655,00.html

More Bulgarians Arrive in Syria, Escape Israeli Attacks
Sofia News Agency – Bulgaria
… on Friday. The Bulgarians joined an exodus of foreign nationals who
are pouring into Syria to escape Israeli bombings. Once there …

Omar Bakri fears capture by Syria
Life Style Extra – UK
Exiled preacher of hate Omar Bakri wants to flee Lebanon because he is
scared of being caught by Syria if they enter the country. …

French plan south Lebanon rescue
BBC News – UK
About 400 French nationals are trapped in southern Lebanon as clashes in
the region continue, French Defence Minister Michelle Alliot-Marie says.

Rockets Hit a UN Post in Lebanon
FOX News – USA
BEIRUT, Lebanon — A UN.-run observation post just inside Lebanon was
struck during fighting between Israel and Hezbollah militants on Friday.,2933,204856,00.html

More than 40 SA nationals out of Lebanon: govt
SABC News – Auckland Park,South Africa
More than 40 South Africans are believed to have left troubled Lebanon
since fighting broke out almost 10 days ago. The deparment …,2172,131662,00.html

UN observation post hit during south Lebanon clashes – Bray,Ireland
A UN observation post in south Lebanon has been severely damaged during
cross-border clashes between the Israeli army and Hezbollah guerrillas
today. …

Indian dies in Israeli bombing on Lebanon
Hindu – Chennai,India
New Delhi, July 21 (PTI): One Indian has died in Israeli bombardment on
Lebanon, official sources said today. The deceased has been …

Israel warns of large-scale ground invasion of Lebanon
Scotsman – United Kingdom
ISRAEL today warned hundreds of thousands of people to flee southern Lebanon
“immediately”, signalling a large-scale ground invasion was imminent.

Israel Preparing Lebanon Ground Offensive
ABC News – USA
Smoke billows after an Israeli warplane missile struck a target in the
outskirts of the southern port town of Tyre, Lebanon, Friday July 21,
2006. …

Why 40,000 Canadians are in lebanon
National Post – Canada
… Sami Gedeon, a Montreal travel agent who specializes in travel to Lebanon,
said that every year as many as 15,000 people from the city’s Lebanese
community …

Area Islamic groups criticize US response in Lebanon
Chicago Sun-Times – United States
A handful of Christina Abraham’s Lebanese relatives have been able to flee
to Syria since Israeli airstrikes began pounding Lebanon a week ago, but
most of the …

Muslims in Asia protest Israeli attacks on Lebanon
Hindu – Chennai,India
21 (AP): Muslims in Asia held angry but peaceful protests on Friday against
Israel’s bombardment of Lebanon, denouncing the Jewish state and demanding
the …

Air India begins airlifting of Indians evacuated from Lebanon
Hindu – Chennai,India
New Delhi, July. 21 (PTI): Air India would today commence airlifting of
Indians evacuated from troubled Lebanon, ferrying 604 people by two special
planes. …

Agenzia Giornalistica Italia – Italy
… this relationship is not clear. If, as we think, Iran and Syria are
acting behind the scenes, what should the reaction be? (AGI) -.

Peres: Iran, Syria not Israel’s aim
Cleveland Jewish News – Cleveland,OH,USA
(JTA) – Israel won’t extend its fight with Hezbollah to Iran and Syria,
Shimon Peres said. Asked about media reports Wednesday …

PM OKs Lebanon humanitarian corridor
Jerusalem Post – Israel
… Defense Minister Amir Peretz and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni approved
late Thursday the establishment of a “humanitarian corridor” between Lebanon
and Cyprus …

Thousands more flee Lebanon
Reuters – USA
… US troops watched from rooftops around the US embassy as evacuees fleeing
Israel’s bombardment of Lebanon filed into helicopters taking them to
American …

Israeli intensifies attacks on Lebanon – Lyon,France
… The Israeli military has also confirmed that four of its troops died
yesterday in fierce battles with Hizbollah guerrillas just inside Lebanon.

Lebanon needs more than a cease-fire
International Herald Tribune – France
Lebanon needs more than some foreign troops to evacuate foreigners. It
needs the fighting to stop and the international community …

Israel pounds Lebanon amid invasion warnings
Daily News & Analysis – Mumbai,India
BEIRUT : Israeli warplanes and artillery pounded Lebanon for the 10th straight
day on Friday after warning it could launch a full-scale ground invasion
and …

Battles rage in Lebanon amid signs Israel moving to carve out new … – Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
Israeli fire fighters extinguish a helicopter after it crashed in Romot
Naftaly near the border with Lebanon. (AP Photo/David Guttenfelder). …

Israel prepares ground attack on Lebanon – reports – Lyon,France
There are growing signs that Israel is preparing for a ground invasion
of southern Lebanon. Several battalions of reserves have …

Russian deputy FM’s Lebanon visit cancelled
RIA Novosti – Moscow,Russia
BEIRUT, July 21 (RIA Novosti) – A Russian deputy foreign minister’s visit
to Lebanon slated for Friday will not take place, a diplomatic source
in Beirut said. …

UN Security Council to meet on Lebanon crisis
Khaleej Times – Dubai,United Arab Emirates
… to convene on Friday on the Middle East crisis after UN Secretary General
Kofi Annan demanded an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Lebanon’s
Hezbollah. …

UNIFIL post struck in southern Lebanon
Jerusalem Post – Israel
… artillery shell fired by the IDF “impacted a direct hit on the UN position
overlooking Zar’it.” The post is part of the United Nations Interim Force
in Lebanon …

UPDATE 4-Thousands more flee Lebanon, Cyprus gets help – Mumbai,India
US troops watched from rooftops around the US embassy asevacuees fleeing
Israel’s bombardment of Lebanon filed into helicopters taking them to
American …

Foreigners Flee Lebanon to Escape Israeli Bombardment
Voice of America – USA
Chartered ships and naval vessels from the United States, Britain and other
countries are bringing thousands of people from Lebanon to the Mediterranean
island …

Protests Held Against Israel as Bombardment of Lebanon Continues
Voice of America – USA
By VOA News. Protests have erupted around the world against Israel’s bombardment
of Lebanon and military action in the Gaza Strip. …

Thousands more flee Lebanon
Reuters – USA
… from Beirut on Friday and hundreds of Canadians arrived on the shores
of Turkey in a huge evacuation of foreign nationals fleeing Israeli bombing
in Lebanon. …

ICRC – Bulletin No. 02/06 Lebanon: First ICRC aid convoy reaches …
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
The continued heavy bombing in southern Lebanon, Beirut and other areas
means that the situation there remains extremely dangerous and difficult
for civilians. …

Bangladeshis protest Israeli attacks on Lebanon
Jerusalem Post – Israel
More than 2,000 Muslims marched through Bangladesh’s capital Friday to
protest Israel’s air strikes in Lebanon, denouncing the Jewish state and
burning its flag …

Is Full-Scale Invasion of Lebanon Necessary to Dislodge Hezbollah?
FOX News – USA
JOHN GIBSON, HOST: All the airstrikes and all the shelling have not been
able to dislodge Hezbollah forces in southern Lebanon, nor destroy all
of its missiles …,2933,204951,00.html

LEBANON: UN and other humanitarian agencies step up relief
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
BEIRUT, 21 July (IRIN) – As the number of people fleeing Lebanon rises
along with the number of displaced people, the UN and other aid agencies
are gearing up …

Israel to Let Food, Medicine Into Lebanon
Forbes – USA
Aid supplies will be allowed into Lebanon amid the fighting, an Israeli
envoy said Friday, a day after the United Nations warned of a growing
humanitarian …

Israel widens ground operation in southern Lebanon
Monsters and – Glasgow,UK
Tel Aviv – Thousands of Lebanese were fleeing southern Lebanon and tens
of thousand more braced for a possible full-scale ground offensive Friday,
as Israel …

Rice to Present Diplomacy Plan for Lebanon
Forbes – USA
… Rice departs Sunday for the Mideast, and will carry the US strategy
for ending the 10-day-old warfare and establishing stability in southern
Lebanon, a senior …

US to back expanded Lebanon border security force
Washington Post – United States
UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – The United States supports an expanded international
security force on Israel’s border with Lebanon but details are not fixed,
a …

Why Iran and Syria are pals
The State – Columbia,SC,USA
… is probably the most ominous thing — no, excuse me, one of the most
immediately ominous things; I can think of a lot worse — about the Syria/Iran
alliance: …

International Medical Corps doctors dispatched to Lebanon and …
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
July 21, 2006 – International Medicals Corps has doctors in Lebanon and
Syria, assessing the overall humanitarian needs and beginning emergency
medical care to …

Russian, CIS evacuees from Lebanon stopover in Syria
RIA Novosti – Moscow,Russia
BEIRUT, July 21 (RIA Novosti) – A total of 196 citizens of Russia and other
ex-Soviet republics evacuated from Lebanon have stopped over in Syria
on their way …

Residents flee southern Lebanon
ABC Online – Australia
Residents of southern Lebanon are leaving their towns and villages amid
fears that Israel may be preparing for a full-scale ground offensive in
its battle …

IOM Helps Stranded Migrants in Lebanon
Voice of America – USA
… Geneva-based International Organization for Migration (IOM) says more
governments are requesting help in transporting their nationals out of
Lebanon to Syria …

Foreign evacuation from Lebanon reaches peak, Canadians frustrated …
Calgary Sun – Canada
BEIRUT (AP) – Stranded foreigners in besieged Lebanon continue to wait
for their turns to flee the country as the international exodus reached
a peak Friday. …

‘I’m out of Lebanon, and I’m going to cry’
CNN International – USA
… Like thousands of Lebanese-American families, the Esseilys’ family
visit to Lebanon coincided with Hezbollah’s capture of Israeli soldiers
and the Israeli …

602 Indian evacuees from Lebanon airlifted home
Times of India – India
NEW DELHI: Altogether 602 Indians were on Friday airlifted back home from
Larnaca in Cyprus after their evacuation from Lebanon and 400 more were
awaiting a …

Israeli land forces fight inside Lebanon
Monsters and – Glasgow,UK
TEL AVIV, Israel (UPI) — Israel this week entered another phase in the
fighting in Lebanon, one in which ground troops have crossed the border
and engaged …

Israel to allow direct flow of humanitarian aid into Lebanon
Ha&’aretz – Tel Aviv,Israel
Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Gillerman, said Friday
that Israel will allow humanitarian supplies into Lebanon. …

Humanitarian aid begins arriving in Lebanon
Houston Chronicle – United States
PARIS — France mobilized Friday to send urgent aid to Lebanon, the Red
Cross managed to get relief supplies to the south _ and Israel agreed
to allow a safe …

Israel calls up reservists for push into Lebanon
Times Online – UK
By Times Online and Nicholas Blanford in Tyre, Lebanon. Israel called up
five battalions of army reservists today and dropped leaflets …,,3-2280007,00.html,,3-2280007,00.html

Israel set for ground attack on Lebanon
Financial Times – London,England,UK
Israel called up thousands of reserve troops on Friday amid growing expectations
it was preparing a ground invasion of south Lebanon, which military leaders

CIA – The World Factbook — Lebanon
Damascus justified its continued military presence in Lebanon by citing
… In May-June 2005, Lebanon held its first legislative elections since
the end of …

Syria Blocks UN Efforts To End Lebanon Crisis, US Envoy Says
Washington File – Washington,DC,USA
United Nations — Syria is becoming a serious stumbling block in international
diplomatic efforts to end the fighting in Lebanon, US officials say. …

Syria Continues Human Aid Supplies to Lebanese People
SANA – Syrian Arab News Agency – Damascus,Syria
… Medicine private factories in Syria contributed to by offering all
these medicine aid to support the Lebanese People and the brave resistance
. …

Two caravans of Venezuelans arrive in Syria
El Universal – Venezuela
According to a press release from the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry, the
individuals, divided into two groups, entered Syria across the border
points of Masnaa …

Confronting Syria? – Jerusalem,Israel
There are those who demand that Israel engage Syria, seeing the Assad regime
as responsible for the Hezbollah’s strength and overt hostility. …

Thousands more Lebanon evacuees pour into Cyprus
Swissinfo – Switzerland
… Thousands more weary, shell-shocked evacuees poured off boats into
Cyprus on Friday after fleeing heavy Israeli bombardment of Hizbollah
guerrillas in Lebanon. …

Stranded American: $3,000 for taxis across Lebanon
CNN International – USA
ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) — Thousands of Americans remain trapped in war-torn
Lebanon, even as the United States steps up the pace of evacuation efforts.

Lebanon evacuation ‘biggest ever’
Advertiser Adelaide – Adelaide,South Australia,Australia
PRIME Minister John Howard said the evacuation in Lebanon could be the
largest ever movement of Australians overseas, but warns the plans could
fall through. …,5936,19861462%255E421,00.html

Dozens missing in South Lebanon – Qatar
By Christian Henderson in Beirut. Doctors and NGOs are reporting heavy
civilian casualties in south Lebanon following Israel’s offensive in the
area. …

France sends first humanitarian aid to Lebanon
People’s Daily Online – Beijing,China
A French cargo-plane carrying humanitarian aid for Lebanon took off from
Paris Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle airport on Thursday morning. …

UN warns over Lebanon displaced
Ynetnews – Israel
The UN World Food Program has warned that hundreds of thousands of people
displaced by violence in Lebanon were finding it increasingly difficult
to find food. …,7340,L-3279191,00.html

Casualties mount in Israel war in Lebanon
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
BEIRUT, July 21 (Reuters) – Israeli jets struck Lebanon overnight in a
10-day-old war that is claiming more lives and forcing thousands to flee
but Hizbollah …

First Cdn evacuees from Lebanon go from hellish boat trip to ride … – Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his wife Laureen greet Canadian
evacuees from Lebanon as they board his plane, in Larnaca, Cyprus. …

Over 100 Turkish citizens flee Lebanon back to Turkey in past week
People’s Daily Online – Beijing,China
… a statement on Thursday that a total of 104 Turkish citizens and 22
foreign nationals had been evacuated during the past week to Turkey from
Lebanon which is …

Shattered Lebanon facing aid crisis
Scotsman – United Kingdom
… operations may be doing to Hezbollah’s military capabilities, they
are doing little or nothing to decrease popular support for Hezbollah
in Lebanon or the …

Israel Hints at Full-Scale Lebanon Attack
Forbes – USA
… forces and Hezbollah fighters on the border Thursday, and Israel warned
hundreds of thousands of people to flee southern Lebanon “immediately,”
preparing for a …

Syria calls for end to Israeli aggression on Lebanon
People’s Daily Online – Beijing,China
Syrian Minister of Information Muhsen Bilal has urged the international
community to compel Israel to end its brutal aggression and inhuman massacres
against …

First batch ng Pinoy evacuees nasa Syria na
Journal Online – Manila,Philippines
KASALUKUYANG nasa Damascus, Syria na ang halos 200 Pinoy na manggagawa
na umalis ng Lebanon kahapon. Sa panayam ng dzBB kay Foreign …

First batch of OFWs fleeing Lebanon reach Syria – Philippines
THE first batch of overseas Filipino workers who have fled the war in Lebanon
has arrived in Damascus, Syria early Friday, GMA Network’s “Unang
Hirit …

Thousands more Lebanon evacuees pour into Cyprus
Swissinfo – Switzerland
… of weary, shell-shocked evacuees streamed into Cyprus on Friday thinking
only of home after fleeing heavy Israeli bombardment of Hizbollah guerrillas
in Lebanon …

Free calls to Lebanon for OFWs, relatives – Philippines
THE PHILIPPINES’ top telecommunications companies have come to the rescue
of distressed Filipinos in war-torn Lebanon and their relatives here by
providing …

Israel continues to pound Lebanon; 500,000 displaced
People’s Daily Online – Beijing,China
BEIRUT: Israeli warplanes continued to pound Lebanon yesterday, and frightened
civilians fear the situation will worsen once thousands of foreign nationals
are …

Israel weighs next move in Lebanon
Chicago Tribune – United States
JERUSALEM — After nine days of a fierce air and artillery campaign against
Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon, Israelis are weighing whether to press
the …

Annan sees hurdles to Lebanon truce
Pakistan Dawn – Karachi,Pakistan
UNITED NATIONS, July 20: Calling for immediate end to hostilities in Lebanon,
UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan on Thursday blamed both Israel and Hezbollah
for …

Casualties mount in Lebanon
Reuters – USA
BEIRUT (Reuters) – Israeli jets struck Lebanon overnight in an increasingly
bloody 10-day-old war against Hizbollah, but the guerrilla group insisted
it would …

Peretz: Israel won’t occupy Lebanon
Ha’aretz – Tel Aviv,Israel
… to bring about the expected victory. He also said Israel does not intend
to occupy Lebanon. “Let Hezbollah not delude itself that …

Lebanon’s Dividers
Washington Post – United States
Once the region’s business and pleasure center, Lebanon has allowed itself
to become the killing ground of the Middle East. Today’s …

IAF strikes 40 targets in Lebanon
Ynetnews – Israel
The Israel Air Force struck about 40 different targets across Lebanon Thursday
night, including Hizbullah buildings and headquarters and rocket launching,7340,L-3279219,00.html

700 Indians evacuated from Lebanon – New Delhi,India
On Thursday, 700 Indians joined the line of the thousands fleeing Israel’s
bitter bombardment over Lebanon. The first of the Indian …

Lebanon ten days on
Die Welt – Germany
A more realistic picture of the situation in Lebanon has emerged in the
last few days: Hizballah has spent six years preparing for war. …



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