Lily Tomlin as Ernestine on Single Payer Health Care

23 March, 2010 — California One Care

Speaking for Controlled Healthcare Insurance Corp., the incomparable Ernestine tells a patient, “Life itself is a pre-existing condition. Our prescription for it: Don’t get sick!” That’s the only way to stay ahead of the insurance companies who’s only concern is profits. As Ernestine says, “It takes big bucks to run an insurance company, medical care is the least of it.”

Meet the Producers

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Healthcare Revolution That is Second to None By Netfa Freeman

22 September, 2009 — Black Agenda Report


The U.S. health care jungle fares badly when compared to health care systems in other wealthy, capitalist countries. However, even western Europe and Canada can learn a great deal from the examples of Cuba and Venezuela, where health care is a human and constitutional right and the wellbeing of the people is central to the national mission. Now, that’s real socialized medicine.

‘Instead of closing public hospitals, as is happening across the US, Cuba and Venezuela are building them.’

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The Entertainment Value of Snuffing Grandma — A nation of children roots for the Mafia

Every day I get letters asking me to weigh in on the health care fracas. As if a redneck writer armed with a keyboard, a pack of smokes and all the misinformation and vitriol available on the Internet could contribute anything to the crap storm already in progress. Besides that, my unreasoned but noisy take on this issue is often about as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit. None of which has ever stopped me from making a fool of myself in the past. So here goes.

There ain’t any healthcare debate going on, Bubba. What is going on are mob negotiations about insurance, and which mob gets the biggest chunk of the dough, be it our taxpayer dough or the geet that isn’t in ole Jim’s impoverished purse. The hoo-ha is about the insurance racket, not the delivery of health care to human beings. It’s simply another form of extorting the people regarding a fundamental need — health.

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Media Lens: Burma And The Making Of Iraq’s Ghost Towns

MEDIA LENS: Correcting for the distorted vision of the corporate media

May 28, 2008

The Rules Of The Game

The psychiatrist Harry Stack Sullivan once commented on “how suavely we simply ignore great bodies of experience, any clearly analysed instance of which might present us with a very real necessity for change.” (Quoted, Daniel Goleman, ‘Vital Lies, Simple Truths – The Psychology of Self-Deception’, Bloomsbury 1997, p.124)

The problem for professional journalists is that they are not free to change. Or at least, they are not free to change +and+ flourish in their chosen careers. Ex-CBS producer Richard Cohen explained the relationship between media and politics:

“Everyone plays by the rules of the game if they want to stay in the game.” (Quoted, Daniel Schechter, ‘The More You Watch, The Less You Know’, Seven Stories Press, 1997, p.39)

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