Bilderberg: Death of Democracy Behind Closed Doors By grtv

10 June 2011 — — Global Research.TV

Heads of state, CEOs and NATO officials are gathering at the top secret Bilderberg conference this week in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Are the global elite meeting to carve up the world or is this just simply a talk shop? With these meetings perhaps shaping the future of the globe, why is the media not being allowed to listen in?

Andrew Gavin Marshall of the Centre for Research on Globalization says that despite democratically-elected leaders from democratic countries conversing, these closed-door conversations are far from democratic.

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In 2002, Bilderbergers agreed to start war on Iraq – investigative journalist — RT

12 June 2011 — RT

The Bilderberg conference, a gathering of the world’s political and financial elite with a veil of secrecy enforced by an army of security guards and a full-scale media blackout, is now underway in Switzerland.

­The meeting is bankrolled by Swiss taxpayers, even as Europe tightens its belt and forces through brutal austerity cuts.

In a talk with RT, Tony Gosling, an investigative journalist from the UK, sheds light on what may be happening behind closed doors.




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Video: Bilderberg: world’s fate sealed behind closed doors — RT

10 June 2011 — RT

The Bilderberg Group, an invitation-only meeting of the world’s most powerful people, is taking place in Switzerland. Just what the political insiders, media moguls and industry magnates will actually discuss, remains top secret.

­This year the Bilderberg Group has occupied the grand Suvretta House Hotel among the magnificent hills and lakes of St. Moritz resort, Switzerland. The world’s most powerful group of some 150 will be meeting there behind closed doors to discuss whatever they need to in the next few days and, perhaps, carry out decisions that will determine the future of the whole world.

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