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December 2009
31 December, 2009: Israeli settlers uproot trees and destroy natural water spring in northern West Bank
30 December, 2009: Update from Cairo: Gaza Freedom March rejects Egyptian offer to allow only 100 protesters into Gaza
29 December, 2009: A patient dies in the Gaza Strip; death toll due to the siege reaches 367
28 December, 2009: “I will pay the price for this testimony when I return”
26 December, 2009: Brutal executions carried out by Israeli Occupying Forces
25 December, 2009: Egypt bans Gaza convoy from Red Sea port
24 December, 2009: Israel charges peace activist with “arms possession” for picking up spent Israeli tear gas canisters
23 December, 2009: Human rights groups: World has failed Gaza
22 December, 2009: Has Obama Made a Devil’s Bargain With Israel?
21 December, 2009: Knesset to question health minister on organ theft
20 December, 2009: Palestinians spend $500 million yearly on settlement goods
19 December, 2009: Lieberman: Building will resume in 10 months
18 December, 2009: Israel seals off all Gaza crossings
17 December, 2009: B’Tselem: Settlers pour their sewerage water into the West Bank
16 December, 2009: Israeli women’s group tells Livni to turn herself in
15 December, 2009: Britain apologizes to Livni over arrest warrant
14 December, 2009: Chief Rabbi on mosque arson: This is how the Holocaust began
13 December, 2009: Settlers set fire to Yasuf mosque, burning over 80 Qurían and other holy texts
11 December, 2009: Clashes after settlers torch mosque
10 December, 2009: Israeli Police Kidnaps 214 Palestinian Workers in Israel
9 December, 2009: Israeli prisons as revolutionary universities
8 December, 2009: The US cash behind extremist settlers
7 December, 2009: Israel’s Bedouin denied right to elections
6 December, 2009: Settlers torch Palestinian property, uproot trees
5 December, 2009: Increased settler attacks on villages around Nablus followed by army invasions including the use of live ammunition
4 December, 2009: Report finds new Israeli war doctrine targets civilians

3 December, 2009: Israel waters down partial settlement freeze

2 December, 2009: VIDEO – Shock follows footage of settler running over Palestinian
1 December, 2009: Israeli soldiers get ‘slap on the wrist’ for force-feeding detainees
November 2009
30 November, 2009: Israeli Navy Shells Palestinian Fishing Boats
29 November, 2009: Settlers label Obama “enemy of the Jews”
27 November, 2009: Israeli forces racially profile, deny entry to former Black Panther leader from US
26 November, 2009: Palestinian woman suffers a stroke after settlers invade her family’s house in Sheikh Jarrah
25 November, 2009: “We will have to kill them all”: Effie Eitam, thug messiah
24 November, 2009: Palestinians tear down chunk of own ‘Berlin’ wall
23 November, 2009: VIDEO – Film imagines army checkpoints in London
22 November, 2009: Israeli legislators plan commemoration of Jewish terrorist Meir Kahane
21 November, 2009: Foundation commends Gaza journalists
20 November, 2009: Palestinian MK: 15,000 settlement homes awaiting approval in Jlem
19 November, 2009: Israel To Construct New Neighborhood In Nof Zion Illegal Settlement

18 November, 2009: Israel approves 900 new homes in settlement; US ‘dismayed

17 November, 2009: Jerusalem: Israel demolishes home, okays 900 settlement units
16 November, 2009: Lieberman: Settlements an excuse for Arabs to complain
15 November, 2009: Netanyahu: “Israel Would Respond To Any Unilateral Palestinian Political Maneuvers”
14 November, 2009: IDF Chief Rabbi: Troops who show mercy to enemy will be ‘damned’
13 November, 2009: IDF Chief: Israel will fight in Gaza again if needed
12 November, 2009: What is Israel’s Role in the Destabilization of Pakistan?
11 November, 2009: Like Berlin Wall; Palestinians try to break Israeli “Apartheid” wall
10 November, 2009: UN: Israel must let Gaza rebuild before winter
9 November, 2009: Israel to bulldoze Jerusalem women’s organization
8 November, 2009: Israeli settlements could cause one-state solution
7 November, 2009: Two States or One: The Moment of Truth
6 November, 2009: Israel Is Not A Tolerant Society, Says US State Department
5 November, 2009: Settlement by stealth belies promises of restraint
4 November, 2009: Israeli troops say new Palestinian city under military control
3 November, 2009: US House of Representatives votes to condemn Goldstone Report
2 November, 2009: Settlements are fertile ground for Jewish terror
1 November, 2009: UN Report: Israel trades in ‘blood diamonds’
October 2009
31 October, 2009: Israeli Arabs accuse Israel of ‘ethnic cleansing’ in Jerusalem
30 October, 2009: WHO health supplies barred from delivery to Gaza hospitals
29 October, 2009: British lawyers vow to have Olmert arrested for war crimes
28 October, 2009: Ya’alon: “To Ensure The Army’s Freedom To Act, I Will Not Travel To Europe”
27 October, 2009: Nine injured as settlers rampage through olive harvest
26 October, 2009: Report: Israel mulls quasi-inquiry into Gaza assault
25 October, 2009: Israeli police storm Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque
24 October, 2009: Israel pulls textbook over reference to ‘ethnic cleansing’ of the Palestinians
23 October, 2009: U.S.: IDF defense drill helping craft Europe missile shield
22 October, 2009: Goldstone dares US on Gaza report

21 October, 2009: Israel: Peres – “Goldstone report filled with lies”

20 October, 2009: PA: Settlers torch olive groves near Nablus
19 October, 2009: ‘They killed him because he was Palestinian’
18 October, 2009: Obama Backs Netanyahu’s Position on ‘Peace Negotiations’
17 October, 2009: Family who lost 29 members in Gaza war: We envy the dead
16 October, 2009: Israel fails to garner support for Goldstone quash
15 October, 2009: Abbas and the Goldstone Report: Our Shame is Complete
13 October, 2009: Netanyahu vows never to let Israelis be tried for war crimes
12 October, 2009: Abbas reverses course on Goldstone report
11 October, 2009: Witnesses: Israeli agents disguised selves as press photographers
10 October, 2009: Tesco: You may be in possession of stolen goods
9 October, 2009: Will Tel Aviv Take the U.S. to War – Again?
8 October, 2009: Israel’s US envoy compares Goldstone to Nazis
7 October, 2009: Tensions Mount Again at Al-Aqsa A Third Intifada?
6 October, 2009: UN Must Immediately Adopt and Act on Goldstone Report
5 October, 2009: Gilad Shalit: A Story of Betrayal
4 October, 2009: Dahlan works damage control as UN outrage spreads
3 October, 2009: Bereaved Gaza Strip families demand answers
2 October, 2009: Iran’s Nuclear Theater Meant to Divert Attention
1 October, 2009: Answering critics of the boycott movement
September 2009
VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 30 September, 2009: Israeli army vandalizes Azzun water station in raid
29 September, 2009: Is the Middle East heading towards the eighth war?
28 September, 2009: Israel’s Fear of Jewish Girls Dating Arabs
27 September, 2009: Israel demands PA drop war crimes suit at The Hague
26 September, 2009: Medics: Israeli forces fire on Gaza funeral, injuring 12
25 September, 2009: Birth defects in Gaza due to illegal weapons used by Israel during the war

24 September, 2009: Israel planning a new settlement in East Jerusalem

23 September, 2009: The Gaza War ‘victory’ – Has Israel grown dependent on terror?
22 September, 2009: Settler leaders: Construction freeze can’t stop us

21 September, 2009: IAEA demands that Israel open nuclear facility to inspection

20 September, 2009: Justice This Time Around: Will Goldstone’s Report Deliver?

19 September, 2009: British trade unions back boycott of Israel

18 September, 2009: Israeli demolition of 55 homes in Nablus is both illegal and immoral, states human rights group
17 September, 2009: Tel Aviv suburb starts anti-miscegenation patrol to “assist young girls in the habit of mingling with men from minorities”
16 September, 2009: How US Tax Breaks Fund Israeli Settlers
15 September, 2009: How Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal Endangers Us All
14 September, 2009: UN report: Gaza water system on verge of collapse
13 September, 2009: Dividing War Spoils: Israel’s Robbery of Palestinian Property
12 September, 2009: Israeli forces continue escalation of night raids of non-violent anti-Wall organizers
VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 11 September, 2009: Israeli High Court orders demolition of dozens of structures in Nablus villages
10 September, 2009: Settler leaders plan to escalate protest against temporary settlement freeze
9 September, 2009: NGO Monitor: Ki-moon: “Israeli settlements illegal”
8 September, 2009: NGO Monitor: Gaza war probe tainted by anti-Israel ideology
7 September, 2009: Israeli settlers hold ‘groundbreaking ceremony’ for major new settlement in East Jerusalem

6 September, 2009: Israel starts new settlement in the Jordan valley

5 September, 2009: Carter slams Israel, says it wants one bi-national state
4 September, 2009: Occupying Israeli administration may legalize settlement outposts that even it deemed illegal
3 September, 2009: Palestinian government forms a committee to follow-up on ‘Organ harvest’ issue
2 September, 2009: Israel moves detained female reporter to Petah Tikva interrogation center
1 September, 2009: Red Crescent: “Army fired at our medics as they tried to save the life of a wounded child”
August 2009
31 August, 2009: Gaza fishing boat bombed by Israeli navy
30 August, 2009: Former Israeli Prime Minister to face trial on corruption charges
29 August, 2009: Palestine Radio: “Trilateral Abbas, Obama and Netanyahu meeting depends on full settlement freeze”
28 August, 2009: Organ Theft Affair: Israelis Boycotting IKEA
27 August, 2009: U.S. drops demand for Israel building freeze in East Jerusalem
26 August, 2009: Hariri says Hizbollah will be included in united front against Israel
25 August, 2009: This Week In Lieberman: Harvesting outrage
24 August, 2009: Our Sons Plundered for Their Organs
23 August, 2009: Researcher says he believes Swedish paper’s organ report
22 August, 2009: PFLP demands investigation into reports of Israeli organ harvesting
21 August, 2009: Organ Harvesting: “All facts on the ground prove Swedish report correct”

20 August, 2009: Israeli-Swedish relations at odds

19 August, 2009: JCSER: “Israel is forcing Palestinians in Jerusalem to demolish their own homes”

18 August, 2009: Irish construction giant digs deeper in occupation

16 August, 2009: Gaza update; 22, including the head of the Salafi and Jihad group, killed in Gaza
15 August, 2009: Israel Begins Sell-Off of Refugees’ Land
14 August, 2009: HRW: Israelis stonewall investigations into civilian deaths, try to discredit organization
13 August, 2009: Livni: Israeli soldiers killed unarmed civilians carrying white flags in Gaza, says report
12 August, 2009: Livni: “Hundreds of thousands of Israelis want to leave the country”
11 August, 2009: Observers call Fatah conference a successful coup against old guard
10 August, 2009: Lebanon army on alert after reported IDF build-up on border
9 August, 2009: Netanyahu says his government will not evacuate settlements
8 August, 2009: Orthodox Committee demands voiding suspicious deal concerning church lands in East Jerusalem
7 August, 2009: Oxfam boots Sex and the City star over settlement links
6 August, 2009: Arafat murder conspiracy is back from the dead

5 August, 2009: Fateh delegates to Bethlehem conference demand a probe on Arafatís death

4 August, 2009: Israeli Radio: ‘Israel will not ease restrictions on Gaza without the release of Shalit’
3 August, 2009: The ugly reality of Israel’s settlement-made beauty products
2 August, 2009: Soldiers burn agricultural lands in northern Gaza
1 August, 2009: Israel admits to using white phosphorus in Gaza invasion
July 2009
31 July, 2009: Settlers attack Palestinian vehicles near Nablus
30 July, 2009: Code Pinks activists protest “Ahava” beauty products, manufactured in Israeli settlements
29 July, 2009: Using the UN to undermine Palestinian rights / Israeli tanks, bulldozers roll into Gaza / Haneyya’s gov’t: Israeli violations in Jerusalem will blow up the whole region
28 July, 2009: Facebook removes Haniyeh fan site
27 July, 2009: Settler numbers mount to 300,000 while claims of “natural growth” are proven false
26 July, 2009: Israel pushes Dutch to freeze funds for group exposing ‘IDF crimes in Gaza’
25 July, 2009: Day and night demonstrations against Wall, arrests and land confiscation in central West Bank
24 July, 2009: Settlers annex 40 Dunams of Palestinian lands in Nablus
22 July, 2009: 1948 no catastrophe says Israel, as term nakba banned from Arab children’s textbooks
20 July, 2009: Hamas, Fatah: US wants Palestinians to abandon right of return
19 July, 2009: Vatican teaching Hezbollah how to kill Jews, says pamphlet for IDF troops
17 July, 2009: IFJ slams P.A for closing Al Jazeera office in the West Bank
14 July, 2009: Israeli tanks invades northern Gaza and open fire at residents homes
13 July, 2009: Israeli settlers set fire and destroy 37 acres of Palestinian owned land in southern West Bank
12 July, 2009: The victory of defeat
11 July, 2009: Rabbis announce communal fast for Gaza
10 July, 2009: The Two-State Solution, Israeli-Style
9 July, 2009: ‘Artery of Life’ to head to Gaza on July 23
8 July, 2009: Europe takes note as Israel denies physicians entry into Strip
7 July, 2009: US activists at Rafah, request to cross into Gaza with 1 million in supplies
6 July, 2009: Israel summons EU ambassador over settlements
5 July, 2009: First US Convoy of Gaza Aid lands in Egypt
3 July, 2009: Israel cuts off water to Arab Druze towns on hottest day of year
2 July, 2009: Pro-Israel Lobby Alarmed by Growth of Boycott, Divestment Movement
1 July, 2009: Israel to deport 21 peace activists kidnapped while sailing to Gaza
June 2009
30 June, 2009: Red Cross: ‘Gazans still living in despair, unable to rebuild their homes’
29 June, 2009: The military attacks fishermen boats and invades areas in Gaza
28 June, 2009: Privately run checkpoint stops Palestinians with too much food
27 June, 2009: More Palestinian lands annexed for settlement construction
26 June, 2009: Free Gaza will continue despite warnings from Israel, Cyprus, USA
25 June, 2009: Netanyahu says Palestinian state must be disarmed, settlements to continue
24 June, 2009: Two solidarity ships to dock in Gaza Friday
23 June, 2009: Barak authorizes construction of 300 new homes in West Bank
22 June, 2009: Israeli police hand over 65 demolition orders in Jerusalem
21 June, 2009: Israeli human rights group lawsuit exposes government complicity in settlement expansion

20 June, 2009: More settlement units, no buyers

19 June, 2009: Carter proposes direct dialogue between Hamas and the United States

18 June, 2009: These Are Obama’s Wars Now

17 June, 2009: US Has to Choose – Roadmap to Nowhere

16 June, 2009: Haniyya: “We support all efforts to establish a state in the 1967 borders”
15 June, 2009: Blair welcomes the speech of Netanyahu, demands Hamas to change its policies
14 June, 2009: Iran’s Elections and the ‘Obama Effect’ Myth
13 June, 2009: Israel to impose curfew in Salfit area in expectation of the arrival of thousands of settlers

12 June, 2009: Israeli warships open fire on Gazan fishermen; damage boats

11 June, 2009: Carter: ‘Peace without Hamas is not possible’
10 June, 2009: World’s oldest city still lacks sewage network
9 June, 2009: Jewish Town in Galilee Demands ‘Loyalty Oath’
8 June, 2009: Israeli prosecution drops charges against a settler filmed while firing at a Palestinian family
7 June, 2009: Soldiers, settlers, attack peace activists near Hebron
6 June, 2009: PCHR prepares 936 lawsuits against Israel for war crimes in Gaza
5 June, 2009: Israel: Labor Party in Israel could face another split
4 June, 2009: Israel: Obama’s speech made Israel happy, not good enough for settlers
3 June, 2009: Israel: “Obama’s speech could harm US-Israeli relations”
2 June, 2009: US Rabbi calls on Israel to kill Palestinian ‘women, children and cattle’

1 June, 2009: Justice Must Prevail: An American Doctor’s Account

May 2009
31 May, 2009: Halutz: “We tried to assassinate Nasrallah during the Lebanon war”
28 May, 2009: Knesset approves initial bill criminalizing anyone who denies Israel as a Jewish State
27 May, 2009: Palestinian factions slam Israel’s new law
26 May, 2009: Settlements contaminate Palestinian water supply in Hebron
25 May, 2009: Israel: Nasrallah: Death penalty must be imposed on Israeli spies
24 May, 2009: Europe’s ‘Hope’ convoy expected to arrive in Gaza within hours

22 May, 2009: Israeli extremists attack vehicles, stores in East Jerusalem

21 May, 2009: Netanyahu: “Jerusalem is ours, will never be divided again”
17 May, 2009: As Palestinians mark the Nakba, Occupation places the West Bank under siege
16 May, 2009: Obama, Netanyahu, to meet Monday; Obama has no new plan for peace
15 May, 2009: Here’s how Israel would destroy Iran’s nuclear program
14 May, 2009: Lieberman seeks a ban on Nakba commemoration

13 May, 2009: Israel issues more orders to demolish Palestinian apartments in East Jerusalem

12 May, 2009: Israeli Police arrests Haaretz reporter for entering Gaza

11 May, 2009: Jerusalem governor: “Palestinians facing ethnic cleansing in cleansing in Jerusalem”
10 May, 2009: Jerusalem governor: “Palestinians facing ethnic cleansing in cleansing in Jerusalem”
9 May, 2009: Israeli escalates settlement construction in the occupied West Bank
8 May, 2009: Obama official admits Israel has nuclear weapons
7 May, 2009: Netanyahu to offer Autonomy, not a state
6 May, 2009 Part Two: West Bank: The Israeli military kidnapped six civilians during invasion on Wednesday
6 May, 2009: Israeli MK: “The Pope, holocaust denier, not welcome in Israel”
4 May, 2009: The Jerusalem municipality hands out more demolishing orders to Palestinian-owned homes
3 May, 2009: Israeli forces arrest nine Bedouins as ‘terrorists’ for throwing stones, toppling poles

2 May, 2009: Four settlers, including two settler-soldiers, arrested after attacking a Palestinian village

1 May, 2009: Four injured, dozens suffer gas effects in Ni’lin weekly protest
April 2009

30 April, 2009: Israeli military kidnaps four Palestinian civilians from the West Bank

29 April, 2009: The Israeli military invades and bulldoze lands in northern Gaza Strip
VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 28 April, 2009: Army kidnaps two Palestinian teenagers, claims of plan to stab
VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 26 April, 2009 : Iran says it arrested “a terrorist team linked to Israel”

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 26 April, 2009 : Iran says it arrested “a terrorist team linked to Israel”

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 25 April, 2009 : Abu Rodeina: “Lieberman’s statements, destructive”
VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 24 April, 2009 : King Abdullah: “Israel should either integrate, or choose isolation”
VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 23 April, 2009 Part 2: Army issues orders to stop the preparation work in Bethlehem for the Pope visit
VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 23 April, 2009: Suleiman invites Lieberman to visit Egypt
22 April, 2009: Stupid Stunt to Silence Meaningful Debate

21 April, 2009: Ashkenazi says Israel can strike anywhere “enemies exist”

20 April, 2009: Netanyahu cancels a visit to the US
17 April, 2009
15 April, 2009: Let’s Skip Gaza: Pope’s PR Blunder
14 April, 20099: Egypt, Israel, boost military presence on borders
13 April, 2009: European Campaign to Break the Siege to launch Gaza convoy
12 April, 2009: During Gaza offensive, soldier steals ATM card from Gaza resident, withdraws money in Israel
11 April, 2009: Army kidnaps two international peace activists in Hebron
10 April, 2009: Seven injured, one seriously, in Nil’in weekly protest
9 April, 2009: Unity talks to resume on April 26
8 April, 2009: UPDATE: 38 Palestinians injured as armed settlers attack village
7 April, 2009: Russia to arm P.A with light arms, two armored vehicles and 2 helicopters
6 April, 2009: Israeli high court rules in favor of further home demolitions in Jerusalem
5 April, 2009: Settlers attack homes, residents in East Jerusalem
4 April, 2009: Sixteen year old girl shot dead in Be’er Shiva
3 April, 2009: Two Journalists injured at the weekly Bil’in demonstration
2 April, 2009: Settlers take over a Palestinian-owned house and authorities demolish a shop in Jerusalem
1 April, 2009: Report: Israeli takeover of East Jerusalem “illegal”
March 2009
31 March, 2009: Extremist settlers attack Palestinian homes in Hebron

30 March, 2009: Israeli army completes internal probe; declares “no misconduct in Gaza”

29 March, 2009: Erekat: “Olmert verbally offered joint control over East Jerusalem”
28 March, 2009: Erekat: “Olmert obstructed a peace deal with the Palestinians”
26 March, 2009: Israel transfer seven Hamas leaders to administrative detention
VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 25 March, 2009
24 March, 2009: Israeli police attack an Arab town in Israel, injuring eight, one critically
23 March, 2009: Israeli police arrests head of the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement
22 March, 2009: Abbas: “No peace without Jerusalem, halting settlement activities”
21 March, 2009
20 March, 2009: ARIJ study: “Settlements increased by 173% in 20 years”
14 March, 2009: Israelis “firing live rounds” at West Bank protesters
13 March, 2009: US activist critically injured by Israeli troops during protest in Ni’lin village
12 March, 2009: Clinton: U.S. Gaza aid tied to recognition of Israel
9 March, 2009: Israeli Settlers Terrorise Palestinian Villagers

8 March, 2009: Israel to demolish a mosque, six homes near Nablus

7 March, 2009: Palestinian PM submits resignation
6 March, 2009: Israeli forces injure eight Niílin; occupy village after internationals leave
5 March, 2009: Israel kills five militants in air raid on Gaza Strip
4 March, 2009: Palestinians set up protest camp against demolition of their homes in Jerusalem
3 March, 2009: Settlers burn Bil’in’s Center for Peace
2 March, 2009: Israel plans to double West Bank settlers – study
1 March, 2009: 5 Palestinians killed in Gaza tunnel collapse
February 2009
28 February, 2009: Strike paralyses West Bank
27 February, 2009: Israel planning mass expansion of West Bank settlement bloc
26 February, 2009: Fatah, Hamas agree to form transitional government
24 February, 2009: UK sued over arms sales to Israel
23 February, 2009: Olmert sacks negotiator in Gaza truce talks after he criticized Israel’s demands
22 February, 2009: Suspend military aid to Israel, Amnesty urges Obama after detailing US weapons used in Gaza
21 February, 2009: Israeli forces shoot four protesters at Niílin anti-wall demonstration
20 February, 2009: Peres taps Netanyahu to head next Israeli government

19 February, 2008: Food insecurity increasing after war

17 February, 2008: The Israeli military kidnaps 26 Palestinian civilians from the West Bank

16 February, 2008: Israeli shelling kills Palestinian in Gaza

14 February, 2008: No Gaza deal until soldier’s release, says Olmert
12 February, 2008: PWA: No building supplies in Gaza means no water purification; donor projects failing
11 February, 2008: Fanatic emerges as kingmaker after razor-thin Israeli election
9 February, 2008: Demolition in Jahalin community leaves 30 homeless
8 February, 2009: Israeli Navy shells eastern and northern beaches of Gaza
7 February, 2008: Israel launches air strikes on Gaza
6 February, 2008: Jayyous under attack this week: olive trees destroyed, demonstrators shot
5 February, 2008: Cairo talks end without Gaza deal
4 February, 2008: Across West Bank, villages hit with confiscation orders
3 February, 2008: Home demolitions rise in East Jerusalem, Four houses destroyed, 12 more scheduled to be demolished
1 February, 2009: Israel threatens “disproportionate” response to Palestinian rocket fire
January 2009
31 January, 2008: Gaza desperately short of food after Israel destroys farmland
29 January, 2008: Israeli raid injures Gaza children
28 January, 2008: Report: Gaza detainees held bound for days
27 January, 2008: Tank fire kills Gazan; soldier dead, three others injured in blast
26 January, 2008: Kadima kicks off campaign with threat to bump off Hamas leaders
25 January, 2008: Unexploded Bombs Hold More Deaths
23 January, 2008: Doctors: Many Palestinians in Gaza hospitals in danger of dying from their wounds
22 January, 2008: Cornering of Civilians Unprecedented, Says UN Official
21 January, 2008: Gaza’s displaced seek shelter from cold
20 January, 2008: UN chief demands investigation into Israeli attack on Gaza headquarters
19 January, 2008: Ten more people found in rubble, thousands in mourning
18 January, 2008: Bodies unearthed from rubble as Israel violates ceasefire

17 January, 2008: Israel accused of war crimes over 12-hour assault on Gaza village

16 January, 2008: Israel continues hammering civilians in Gaza
15 January, 2008: Israeli forces bomb three hospitals and UN headquarters in Gaza City on Thursday
14 January, 2008: Civilian casualties: Human rights groups accuse Israelis of war crimes
12 January, 2008: Gazans trapped in no manís land between fire, farmlands
11 January, 2008: 1 dead, dozens injured in Gaza by suspected white phosphorus munitions
10 January, 2008: Israel to step up assault on Hamas
9 January, 2008: UN: Israel shelled Gaza house full of civilians
8 January, 2008: Israel accused of delaying medical access to injured
6 January, 2008: Scores killed as Gaza UN school hit
5 January, 2008: Panic grips Gaza residents as Israel vows to press bloody offensive

3 January, 2008: Six children among 12 killed in mosque blast

2 January, 2008: Two fighters killed on Friday evening, 434 killed and 2280 wounded in the ongoing offensive in Gaza
1 January, 2008: Israel extrajudicially executes Hamas leader and his family
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