Act Two: Victim enters stage right By William Bowles

25 May 2003

As per usual, the corporate press are up to their old tricks of divorcing ‘facts’ from causes. So now, failing ‘smoking guns’, bland dismissals that the ‘it’s all about oil’ arguments as ‘nonsense’, imperialist strategies, possibly, et al, we arrive at the final ‘destination’ of the corporate media whereby, through some process known only to the corporate press, Iraqis are transformed into ‘Victims’ (London Independent, 24/05/03). Once they’ve been transformed into mere ‘bit parts’ with minor, walk-on roles (mostly on crutches), they can be added to the catalogue of the ‘victims’ of the various and sundry wars currently taking place but without anyone actually taking responsibility for it, except, as we shall see, the poor bloody ‘victim’.

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