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2 June 2019

Editorial Policy
I select what work to publish/republish on the basis of its quality of writing, its clarity of thought and/or its timelyness, and of course, its honesty about the times we live (and die) in. Most of the work I publish here interprets events from a broadly left perspective.

About the Site’s Nuts and Bolts
It’s taken an age to make the transfer from the old self-hosted WordPress site to this, WordPress.com location and although the site is really fast loading, I’m not happy with the way the site functions, but….

I had to transfer around 18,000 articles to here, no mean feat I might add but I had to ‘leave behind’ as it were, all the pre-Wordpress articles 2003-2010. I have made a start on converting files but it will literally take me months. Is it worth it? We’ll see.

A Brief Bio
I’ve been messing about online since 1979, first in NYC with my Bulletin Board System, New York Online, one of the first anywhere in the world to network independent journalism to the planet. NYOL ran from around 1983 to 1992 when I relocated to South Africa, working for the African National Congress, directing the Election Information Unit for the 1994 democratic election. In 1995 I started All Things Digital, an Internet development company that ran ’til the ‘bubble burst’ in 2000. My background however is Fine Art and later 3-D design, lecturing in sculpture and when the Macintosh computer came along, desktop publishing. But mucking about with computers led me into all kinds of stuff from electronic and print publishing to radio and video, working with liberation movements in Africa and Central America.

In 2002 I ended up back in the city of my birth, London which is where I am to this day.

Originally this site was set up to publish my own work but rapidly morphed into this massive progressive resource, which still contains my own writing but a couple of years back I decided to create a site dedicated solely to my own writing: Investigating Imperialism.

You can also find my  work published on a number of other sites including Global Research, Dandelion Salad, Strategic Culture Foundation, ColdType, Black Agenda Report, Dissident Voice, 4th Media, Journal of PeopleMonthly Review, and who knows where else across the world, as well as being translated into an unknown number of languages but which include at the last count, Portugese, Spanish, Arabic, Serbian, German…

I have also had my writing published in print form in a variety of publications, including Pluto Press, UNDP, Autonomedia, Chicago Art Institute…

William Bowles, Writer, Editor and Publisher

BTW, all work on this site, unless otherwise stated is protected and the contents the responsibility of the individual author:

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