Information Clearing House Archive December 2003 Part 5

December 2003 — Information Clearing House

Index December 2003 Part 5
Date: 31 Dec 2003

5 Killed in Blast at Baghdad Restaurant :

A large explosion ripped through a restaurant in central Baghdad on New Year’s Eve, killing five people. Witnesses said the blast was caused by a car bomb.,1280,-3571770,00.html

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The voice of the imperium squeeks By William Bowles

30 December 2003

“The only solution is for the Bush administration to return to foreign policy sanity, starting with a more cooperative, less vindictive approach to European allies who could help share America’s military burdens. ” – New York Times, Dec 29 2003

What could be clearer than this NYT editorial of the dire straights of US strategy under Bush. And when the NYT speaks it is speaking to (and for) the power elite. But will its voice be heeded and are the major powers of Europe (France and Germany) even listening?

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The war on everything By William Bowles

29 December 2003

There is a direct correlation between imperialism’s increasingly desperate economic state and its urge to go to war, only now it’s declared war on the entire planet, a sure indication of capitalism’s inability to deal with its inbuilt and rapidly escalating contradictions. Consider the wars it has declared over the past 100 years: the ‘war on communism’, ‘war on drugs’, the ‘war on crime’ and of course the latest war only now it’s called ‘terror’, a meaningless catch-all phrase that’s ideal for a propaganda campaign but useless as an explanation.

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Mantras of mass deception By William Bowles

26 December 2003

Someone wrote me and asked if I knew when the phrase ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ was first used. A little research produced UN Resolution 687 that demanded that Iraq destroy its WMDs following the Gulf War:

3 Apr 1991 Security Council resolution 687 (1991),
Section C, decides that Iraq shall unconditionally accept, under international supervision, the destruction, removal or rendering harmless of its weapons of mass destruction, ballistic missiles with a range over 150 kilometres, and related production facilities and equipment. It also provides for establishment of a system of ongoing monitoring and verification of Iraq’s compliance with the ban on these weapons and missiles. Requires Iraq to make a declaration, within 15 days, of the location, amounts and types of all such items.

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Nuremberg, Iraq – What’s changed? By Edward Teague

22 December 2003 — The New Dark Age

“We’re going to be on the ground in Iraq as soldiers and citizens for years. We’re going to be running a colony almost,” – Source: Cincinnati Business Courier, L. Bremer III February 23 2003

Nuremberg, Iraq – What’s changed ?

Vengeance is costly but is easily quantified in barrels of oil and taxpayer’s dollars, but the moral and political consequences are incalculable. It is said that there is an urgency in establishing the Iraqi people’s faith in democratic justice. Their condition may be compared with post war Germany — the situation which Paul Bremer said was the first thing he looked at when given the task to lead post “liberation” construction, having evidently trashed the plans (if any) his short lived predecessor had.

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As things fall apart… By William Bowles

22 December 2003

It seems that the ‘powers that be’ are upping the ante. So now we have the USUK imperium (such as it is) issuing ‘alerts’ and warnings that the ‘terrorists’ are about to do ‘something’ terrible. And no doubt, like all the previous ‘alerts’ this one will pass. And moreover, there seems to be some disagreement over whether there really is a major alert even as BBC Radio 4 news led with it this morning (22/12/03), all mention of it mysteriously disappeared completely from the 1pm and evening (5pm) editions. (See also “FBI agents say White House scripting ‘hysterics’ for political effect“[1] and “U.S. Concerned by Heightened Security Threats:[2] But counter-terrorism officials dismissed a report that there was credible information pointing to a possible imminent strike against New York City.”)

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Information Clearing House Archive December 2003 Part 4

December 2003 — Information Clearing House

Index December 2003 Part 4
Date: 21 Dec 2003 19:19:16 -0000



Saddam was held by Kurdish forces, drugged and left for US troops :
Saddam Hussein was captured by US troops only after he had been taken prisoner by Kurdish forces, drugged and abandoned ready for American soldiers to recover him, a British Sunday newspaper said.

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Gearing up for war on the world’s poor By William Bowles

17 December 2003

The UK government has just issued a White Paper on the reorganisation of the armed forces. It advocates a complete transformation of British military power in what can best be described as a mini ‘Project for the New American Century’. Geoff Hoon, the Minister of Defence has made it quite clear that the UK will perform a subsidiary role to the US, as the reorganisation will make UK military forces compatible on a technological level with US armed forces. Much as the Roman Empire had foreign armies on its payroll, in a pale parody of the British Empire of old, Blair’s ‘new’ imperialist army will no doubt perform in those areas of the world where the US imperium dares not set its hi-tech feet.

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Information Clearing House Archive December 2003 Part 3

December 2003 — Information Clearing House

Index December 2003 Part 3
Date: 15 Dec 2003 20:06:03 -0000



Robert Fisk, Report From Tikrit:

Chief Middle East correspondent for the London Independent reports from the site where Saddam Hussein was captured by U.S. forces in the village of Dawr near Tikrit. Audio

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