US Isn’t Leaving Syria—but Media Lost It When Possibility Was Raised By Gregory Shupak

7 April 2018 — FAIR

Independent: US troops will remain in Syria despite Trump telling rally he ‘wanted’ to bring them home

The White House made clear that Trump’s talk of pulling out of Syria was just talk (Independent4/4/18)–but not before numerous media figures expressed alarm that the illegal occupation might end.

At a rally in Cleveland last week, President Donald Trump said that the US will get out of Syria “very soon.” It is now clear that the 4,000 US troops currently occupying Syria (Washington Post10/31/17) will in fact stay in Syria (Independent, 4/4/18), even though keeping troops in another country in defiance of that country’s government is a violation of international law. Yet the very possibility of US withdrawal from Syria rendered apoplectic journalists who are convinced of the legitimacy of Washington’s domination of the country—international law be damned.

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Media Lens: The Establishment – Andrew Marr And Owen Jones

14 October 2014 — Media Lens

Picture the scene: No.10 Downing Street, September 16: ‘a gentlemen’s-club-style reception room, given factitious poshness by two marble pillars’. The event: a book launch party hosted by Prime Minister David Cameron himself to ‘mark the publication’ of a political novel, ‘Head of State’, by the BBC’s senior interviewer and former political editor, Andrew Marr.

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More on Nigeria’s Hidden History By William Bowles

12 October 2013 — The New Dark Age

Harold Smith, who died 3 January 2010 is almost unknown except for the few who are aware of his courageous and lifelong struggle to expose the murderous duplicity of British Imperialism in Nigeria. Smith, in 1960 then a novice, young colonial administrator in Nigeria, attempted to expose the rigged and phony ‘independence’ that the British had foisted on the Nigerian people. I wrote this back in 2006 and given all the current events in Africa, I felt it worthwhile reprinting it. There is also a followup piece, ‘Hidden histories confirmed: So much for the ‘Mother of Parliaments’‘, that I wrote a couple of years later. You can find a tribute page to Harold here. WB Continue reading

Media Lens: Forever Groundhog Day For Climate? A Tale Of Ice, Smokescreens And Rebellion By David Cromwell

12 February 2013 — Media Lens

A spectacular event captured on film in a new documentary, ‘Chasing Ice’, depicts the stark impact of global warming on the Arctic. The stunning sequence shows the largest glacier calving event ever filmed. An on-screen graphic emphasises the huge scale of the ice collapse: Continue reading

Media Lens: The Mystery Of The Missing Clocks By David Edwards

10 May, 2012 — Media Lens

The truth peeks out at us from the most unexpected places. It can be seen, for example, in the empty spaces where one might otherwise hope to find a clock in shops. The average retailer doesn’t approve of customers clock-watching – they might realise they have something more important to do and cut short their shopping trips.

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23 February 2012Manifesto Club


Our campaign against ‘Pavement Injustice’ takes on unaccountable officials in public spaces – investigating how powers such as on-the-spot fines are being used, and calling for their review and limitation.


Josie Appleton wrote about the tyranny of on-the-spot fines, for Open Democracy.

-We were on Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine Show, discussing Enfield council’s ban on spitting in public.


-We were in the Brighton Argus criticising Sussex Police‘s plans to give more powers to PCSOs.


Camden Council put up a CCTV camera in an estate telling residents that they were in a ‘restricted area’ and should leave. We were quoted in the Independent about the incident (see Sarah Boyes‘ article about the phenomenon of ‘talking’ CCTV cameras).


-Exeter councils give out a thousand £100 fines for dropped cigarette butts.


If you have received an unjust on-the-spot fine, or have other examples of ‘pavement injustice’ to report – please do contact us.

UK Energy monopolies make £15 Billion in profits while people freeze

11 February, 2011 —

A front page story in the Independent tells us about the gigantic rip off by the six big energy companies over the cost of gas and electricity. It’s estimated that eight out of ten households are cutting back on heating their homes, it’s just too expensive.

Pissed off about it? Then there’s a petition organized by a thinktank called Compass at and they’re looking for a million signatures.