Wikileaks Newslinks 15 September 2011

15 September 2011 —

Ethiopian journalist named in WikiLeaks flees country
ADDIS ABABA — An Ethiopian journalist identified in a diplomatic cable released last month by WikiLeaks has fled after being questioned by authorities, a media rights watchdog said Thursday. Argaw Ashine was questioned last week by government …

Zimbabwe: There is Life After Wikileaks!
If the United States of America leaked cables, popularly known as WikiLeaks
cables were to be repackaged and published as thriller novels, which from
the more than 270 countries would end up as bestsellers? Out of the 251 287
cables, Zimbabwe has about …

Some Chinese named in WikiLeaks cables nervous, but so far unharmed
When the WikiLeaks website released its full set of 251287 unredacted US
State Department cables two weeks ago, it lifted the curtain on hundreds of
Chinese who’ve met with American embassy officials over the years. That
sudden unveiling has left both …

Ignore Wikileaks – says former President Kuffuor
Modern Ghana
9/15/2011 8:00:09 AM – The controversy surrounding the recent leaked cables
published by international whistle blower website Wikileaks shows no sign
of ending anytime soon as former President Kuffuor has broken his silence
on some of the leaked cables …

WikiLeaks fever grips Harare
The Zimbabwean
From street kids at traffic lights to corporate offices in the prestigious
high-rise buildings, Zimbabweans are all constantly discussing the
WikiLeaks scandal. The story exploded last week with many political and
economic heavyweights were alleged to … is a new ‘Wikileaks’ of sorts
Washington Post (blog)
And after the two back-to-back high profile leaks this week, one person on
Reddit compared World Star Hip Hop with Wikileaks. Just a little less
classy. By Elizabeth Flock | 11:02 AM ET, 09/14/2011.

Graft during YSR rule was above norm in India: WikiLeaks
In the name of social programmes targeted at the common man, the YSR
government had engaged in corruption which was beyond the norm for India,
whistleblower website WikiLeaks said, quoting the cable. The YSR
government’s flagship programmes …

Wikileaks: NPP Harboured Drug Barons
“This official, who has worked for NACOB for several years, said that the
GOG has effectively neutered NACOB since the embarrassing arrest in the US
of NPP MP Eric Amoateng in 2005” stated the wikileaks report. According
to the cable,” the Narcotics …

WikiLeaks cables reveal US fear of indigenous movements in Andes
World War 4 Report
A diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks sheds light on why the United
States opposed passage of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous
Peoples. The Jan. 28, 2008 cable, from the US embassy in La Paz, entitled
“Bolivia: Repercussions of UN DRIP …

Rwanda: Wikileaks Portrays the Leak in Our Media
With Wikileaks, at-least the first lesson we learn is that what we might
say in the cover of the night will unfold in broad daylight and haunt us.
Ever since Julian Asange began unleashing US diplomatic cables, we have
been treated to damning …

Impartiality of Pagwash conferences for solution of Kashmir dispute doubtful …
South Asian News Agency
According to the Wikileaks these conferences were held in Katmandu and
Islamabad and right kind of people were stopped from participating in these
conferences, adding that there conferences were called on behalf of
Pakistan and India. …

Zardari was worried about Lala Fazal’s drinking habit: WikiLeaks
The News International
KARACHI: A secret cable of 2010 accessed by WikiLeaks has disclosed that
President Asif Ali Zardari was worried about Lala Fazal-ur-Rehman’s alcohol
addiction and that he was doubtful whether Lala will be able to fulfill his
duties as administrator or …

WikiLeaks: Minister Mpofu a crook and a thief
Nehanda Radio
According to a diplomatic cable released by the whistle-blowing website
WikiLeaks Chindori-Chininga told United States ambassador to Zimbabwe
Charles Ray on 21 January 2010 that Mpofu had entered into unlawful
partnerships with Mbada and Canadile to …

Wikileaks may harm world peace
New Vision
By Moses Balyeku THE world is engrossed in a mixed reaction over the
continued leakages of confidential diplomatic cables by whistleblower,
Wikileaks. Most of the information includes intelligence briefings from the
US Embassies to State Department in …

Nigeria: Wikileaks As Basketmouth
We now know that most politicians suffer from WikiLeaks. Usually, we elect
politicians to seek American relevance. Since the death of Tai Solarin, I
have been using Google Earth to search for his famous Freedom Square,
oblivious that the Americans have …

Pakistani Opposition leader admits his wife, kids are US citizens
Times of India
ISLAMABAD: Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, Leader of Opposition in the National
Assembly, has following a WikiLeaks expose admitted that his wife and
children are US citizens. Khan, who is from the Pakistan Muslim
League-Nawaz, is otherwise perceived in …

Asfandyar wanted a meeting with CIA in 2006: WikiLeaks
The News International
… National Party (ANP) President Asfandyar Wali “requested” the
American ambassador in Islamabad to arrange a meeting with the Central
Intelligence Agency (CIA) during his visit to Washington in April 2006,
says a US cable, released by the WikiLeaks. …

WikiLeaks cable reveals further KORUS FTA concessions
By Jung Eun-joo A WikiLeaks cable released on Sept. 14 revealed that
then-chief trade negotiator Kim Jong-hoon said that separate negotiations
for the South Korea-US Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA) on opening rice
markets with the United States could …

The people of Guyana have to be grateful for the WikiLeaks cables
Stabroek News
By Stabroek staff | 0 Comments | Letters | Thursday, September 15, 2011
Stabroek News has definitely cornered the local media market with its
almost daily reportage of WikiLeaks cables that reveal the impressions and
allegations as noted by US Embassy …

WikiLeaks: Turkey Could Not Afford Gaining Armenia At the Expense of Losing …
AzeriReport (blog)
September 14, 2011: The new WikiLeaks report discloses a diplomatic cable
from the US Embassy in Baku to the US State Department dated April 6, 2009.
The cable discusses the telephone call of the Turkish ambassador Hilusi
Kilic to the US ambassador …

Wikileaks: Where is Gani Fawehinmi?
Nigerian Tribune
WE would be deluding ourselves to think that all about the United States’
Wikileaks is a ruse. Events and happenings, coupled with the actions of
Nigerian leaderrs do not suggest so. There is no sane society, where a
rogue, be it a pen robber or …

Darfur’s NCP dismisses WikiLeaks cables
14 (UPI) — Sudan’s ruling National Congress Party dismissed as a
fabrication WikiLeaks cables revealing the country asked for US help
normalizing relations with Israel. Qutbi al-Mahdi, the head of the NCP’s
political sector, said Sudan strongly …

Government upheaval and Wikileaks revelations in Honduras
Dana Frank, a professor of history at UC-Santa Cruz and a contributor to
The Nation, joins us for analysis of the recent upheaval. She also tells us
what the new Wikileaks cables reveal about US involvement in the politics
of Honduras.

WikiLeaks cables: US forces directly involved in Mindanao terror hunt
by Jojo Malig, MANILA, Philippines – US Special Forces
troops have been directly involved in hunting down suspected terrorists in
Mindanao, several diplomatic cables released by anti-secrecy group
WikiLeaks revealed. …

President commands BDF without accounting to parliament – Wikileaks
Mmegi Online
The undemocratic power of a Botswana president has once again come under
the spotlight after the US Embassy noted that the president can command the
army to go to war without accounting to anyone, not even parliament. A
confidential document prepared …

WikiLeaks: Than Shwe complained Suu Kyi stuck to ‘old ideas’
Mizzima News
He said he would meet with her only if she urged foreign countries to lift
sanctions against Burma and ended her obstructive actions, according to a
US diplomatic cable released by the website WikiLeaks. The cable, sent from
the US embassy in Rangoon …

Bash Ali, Orubebe and Wikileaks
The text messages speak volume about the character and temperament of our
senior public office holders and help to explain why Wikileaks reports (of
US diplomatic cables) about our country have been so damaging. Now, what is
the story behind this …

Orwell, 9/11, Emmanuel Goldstein and WikiLeaks
Lew Rockwell
by Glenn Greenwald A strikingly good piece of investigative journalism from
Associated Press finds that accusations about the damage done by WikiLeaks’
latest release are – yet again – wildly overstated and without any
factual basis. …

I Beg To Differ Mr. Kufour; WikiLeaks Exposé Is Not Hearsay – Alhaji Bature
Peace FM Online
Managing Editor of the Al-Hajj newspaper, Alhaji Bature, has taken serious
exception to former President John Agyekum Kufuor’s description of
WikiLeaks reports as hearsay and mere gossips, and says he sharply
disagrees with the former president’s …

Wikileaks statement regarding Argaw Ashene | WL Central
By icon
Wikileaks just published the following statement: “Recent statement by …
The Ethiopian journalist, Argaw Ashine, mentioned by the CPJ in its press
release today, is not detailed by WikiLeaks cables as a US embassy
informant. No journalistic …

Bradley Manning Support Network » Update 9/14/11: Dinner party …
By emma
Dinner party success! Updates on recent WikiLeaks developments. Ann Wright
and Michael Moore voice support for Bradley.

Some Chinese named in WikiLeaks cables nervous, but so far …
BEIJING — The Chinese woman let out a sigh when told her name had been
made public in a U.S. diplomatic cable posted to the Internet this month.

WikiLeaks Cables: Interior Ministry Blocked Justice After Raped …
By Kevin Gosztola
Jawad al-Bulani (photo: DoD Imagery) Over 1400 detainees were found in an
Iraqi Interior Ministry (MOI) detention facility known as “Site 4?

From WikiLeaks to the National Stadium: Tales of social baldness …
By KNews
Fantastic disclosures from WikiLeaks are piling up just days before the
darkness canopies the National Stadium on Friday. The latest one says that
Ambassador Bullen wrote back to Washington to confirm that Roger Khan did
indeed have …

WikiLeaks’ Fever Grips Harare – The Zimbabwe Mail – Daily …
“I wonder what we would be talking about today if there were no ‘WikiLeaks
stories’,” said a stockbroker in an interview in Harare.”Everyone is now
talking about ‘WikiLeaks’ this and ‘WikiLeaks’ that. There is no news in
the newspapers other …

Ethiopian journalist ID’d in WikiLeaks cable flees country | EthioSun
By Atse Minilik
“The threat we sought to avert through redactions of initial WikiLeaks
cables has now become real. A citation in one of these cables can easily
provide repressive governments with the perfect opportunity to persecute or
punish journalists and …

Jonathan Moyo sues Daily News over WikiLeaks | Nehanda Radio
By admin
Jonathan Moyo, ZANU PF’s propaganda chief has filed a US$100 000 lawsuit
against the Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe (ANZ) over two articles
published in the Daily News based on WikiLeaks revelations.

Wikileaks: “How Atiku Manipulated $ 40 Million Communication …
By NewsAdmin
Though there have been denials to the revelations made by some of the
United States’ diplomatic cables leaked by Wikileaks, not even the
comparison of the leaks to “beer parlour… Read More · Wikileaks:
“How Atiku Manipulated $ 40 Millio …

Wikileaks oo shaacisay heshiish dhexmaray dawlada Maraykanka …
By kayse
Bogga ku can baxay faafinta siraha qarsoon iyo dukumiintiyadda ay sida
qarsoodiga ah u kala gudbistaan wadamada dunida ee WikiLeaks ayaa daabacay
hishiis dhex maray dawlada Ethiopia iyo Maraykanka kaasoo ku saabsan qaabka

Ethiopian journalist ID’d in WikiLeaks cable flees country …
By Committee to Protect Journalists
New York, September 14, 2011—U.S. diplomatic cables disclosed last month
by WikiLeaks cited an Ethiopian journalist by name and referred to his
unnamed government source, forcing the journalist to flee the country after
police interrogated …

Zimbabwe: There is Life After Wikileaks! – …
By admin
Zimbabwe: There is Life After Wikileaks! Out of the 251 287
cables, Zimbabwe has about 3 000 a fairly sizeable number considering the
population size. However, if the events of the past fortnight are anything
to go by, what it …

Bookmarks 09/15/2011: Wikileaks, social media in the Arab world …
By Hisham
The released of unredacted diplomatic cables but Wikileaks has lead to an
online manhunt in China as reported by Oiwan Lam on this article from
Global Voices. Nieman Reports | Morocco and Press Freedom: A Complicated
Relationship …

Graft during YSR rule was above norm: Wikileaks – Zee News …
By WLNews
India TodayGraft during YSR rule was above norm: WikileaksZee News“In the
name of social programmes targeted at the common man, the YSR government
had engaged in corruption beyond the norm for India”, Wikileaks said,
quoting the …

Caused by Wikileaks revelations, Jordanians demo in front of the US …
There are some controversy about the role Wikileaks has played in the
recent Arab Awaking or the Arab Spring that ousted 3 tyrants so far.
However today.

WikiLeaks releases entire archive of U.S. embassy cables – CNN
WikiLeaks threw open the doors Friday to its archive of more than a quarter
million secret U.S. diplomatic cables, unfiltered and unedited, exposing
and possibly …

2011-09-06 WikiLeaks Notes: Latest News on #Cablegate Releases …
This is a “WikiLeaks News Update”, a daily news update of stories that are
obviously related to WikiLeaks and also freedom of information,
transparency, …

Tom Watson: The End of WikiLeaks
Last fall when the news broke that WikiLeaks was in possession of a quarter
million U.S. diplomatic cables, I wrote that the putative pro-transparency

WikiLeaks Revelation Damages U.S.-Iraq Talks On Keeping …
WikiLeaks Revelation Damages U.S.-Iraq Talks On Keeping American Troops
Past 2011 | McClatchy reported earlier this week that a recently released
U.S. …

WikiLeaks Stews in Its Own Juice
Another global security mess is in the making, on the heels of the
publication of thousands of sensitive security documents obtained by
WikiLeaks. However, in …

Narendra Modi eying bigger national role, WikiLeaks reveals …
NEW DELHI: Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi is eying a bigger national
leadership role and is positioning himself for a power struggle in the
Bharatiya …

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