US: Fast Track — tomorrow’s vote could be the last

22 June 2015 — Fight for the Future

Tomorrow may be the Senate’s final vote on Fast Track, and there are just 8 swing senators who will determine whether or not it passes. This process has dragged on for too long already — take action now and help us put down Fast Track for good. 


I’m going to keep this short: the Senate is voting on Fast Track yet again tomorrow.

There have already been half a dozen votes on Fast Track in the last month, and we’re sick of all the political tricks being pulled to keep bringing it back up. It’s time to end this absurd, anti-democratic bill once and for all.

Click here to take action against Fast Track right now because today may be our last chance to stop Fast Track.

We’re working to kill Fast Track for a lot of reasons — one side is that it’s a secret, anti-democratic process that we don’t trust because it virtually eliminates public oversight.

The other is that we know the deals that will come from Fast Track are going to be disastrous for the Internet because while the negotiating process is closed to the public, it’s wide open to industry lobbyists.

One of the deals, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is full of bits and pieces of every bad policy we’ve beaten in the last decade — including SOPA and CISPA.

Click here to take action against Fast Track, because giving a small group of unelected people the power to negotiate global treaties in secret is completely unacceptable.

Thanks for helping stop Fast Track,

P.S. We have a couple of clever ideas to put the brakes on Fast Track that we’re planning to execute if we win this vote on Tuesday — can you chip in $5 to help us pull them off?

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