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27 June 2015 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Saudi Arabia and Russia: new contacts

27.06.2015 | 00:00 | Boris DOLGOV

The upcoming visit to Russia by the king of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdulaziz, could signify a milestone in the expanding relationship between the two countries. Relations between Russia and Saudi Arabia go back almost 90 years. The Soviet Union was one of the first countries to recognize the independence of the Saudi government and to establish diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), which was founded in 1926. The first ambassador the Soviet Union sent to Riyadh was Karim Khakimov, a prominent Soviet diplomat, scholar of the Orient, and public political figure…


Libya: Situation is Unpredictable

27.06.2015 | 00:00 | Alexander MEZYAEV

The situation in Libya is continuing to develop alarmingly. The current situation in the country is characterised by a complete lack of any signs of a state system. Libya is being devoured by civil war, disintegration, and the seizure of its territory by a huge variety of forces, most notably the Islamic State. Despite the fact that Prime Minister al-Thani took part in the recently concluded African Union summit in Johannesburg as the head of Libya, suggesting that he is actually the one ruling the country would be a sad joke. And although al-Thani’s government is actually recognised by the African Union (and the majority of other countries) as ‘legitimate’, this is more out of despair…


ISIL: Made in Langley

26.06.2015 | 00:00 | Wayne MADSEN

It is becoming more and more apparent that the Islamic State for Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), or «Daesh» as it is known in Arabic, or ISIS – the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham — preferred by Israel supporters because of the uncomforting similarity between «Israel» and «ISIL» – is part of another Central Intelligence Agency operation to artificially create a new «strategy of tensions» for the Eurasian and African land masses. 


Turkey and Crimea: the politicised results of a single mission

26.06.2015 | 00:00 | Alexander GRIGORIEV

Zafer Üskül, the head of the unofficial Turkish delegation that visited the Republic of Crimea at the end of April, has shared some of his thoughts with the Anadolu Agency. The Turkish professor’s report contained a number of harsh accusations against the Russian authorities, which he believes are systematically violating the rights of those living on the peninsula. This refers to an alleged violation of citizens’ language, property and personal rights. The findings have apparently been made on the basis of discussions with a wide range of people, and the text produced as a result of the visit was handed to Vladimir Putin by Recep Tayyip Erdo?an during a recent meeting between the Russian and Turkish presidents in Baku…


The voice of the new right in European politics

25.06.2015 | 00:00 | Vladimir NESTEROV

After their success in the European Parliament elections in May 2014, Europe’s new right is moving to consolidate its organizational structure. In June of last year, the leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), Nigel Farage, created the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy faction out of Eurosceptic movements within the European Parliament (48 deputies). In March of this year, Marine Le Pen’s National Front (FN) won 25% of the votes in local elections and strengthened its position as France’s second biggest political party. In some French regions, Le Pen’s party is eclipsing Nicolas Sarkozy’s UMP…


EU Flags Trampled On

25.06.2015 | 00:00 | Pyotr ISKENDEROV

Bratislava witnessed unprecedented emotional protests hitting the streets on June 20. The Slovakian capital has enjoyed the fame of a quite city, actually one of the quietest in the European Union. Now the people want the EU to stop imposing its security concepts that run contrary to national interests. EU flags were trampled on against the background of clashes with police…


Propaganda Reigns In The West

24.06.2015 | 11:20 | Paul Craig ROBERTS

The lies about Russia and Russia’s president have grown so thick, threatening the world with devastating war, that distinguished Americans have formed the American Committee for East-West Accord. The members of the founding board are former US senator Bill Bradley, Jack Matlock who was US ambassador to the Soviet Union during the Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations, William J. vanden Heuvel who was US ambassador to the UN during the Carter administration, John Pepper who is the former chairman and CEO of Proctor Gamble, Gilbert Doctorow who is a businessman with a quarter century of business experience with Russia, and professors Ellen Mickiewicz of Duke University and Stephen Cohen of Princeton University and New York University…


Russia, Saudi Arabia: New Turn in Relationship

24.06.2015 | 00:00 | Boris DOLGOV

Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (born 31 December 1935), the King of Saudi Arabia, has accepted President Vladimir Putin’s invitation to visit Russia, Saudi Deputy Crown Prince and Defense Minister Mohammad bin Salman said on Thursday, June 18. The event may become a turning point in the relationship. The Prince said that his country considered Russia an important partner and recalled that the Soviet Union was the first country to recognize the Kingdom in 1926…


The Failure of Obama Policy: A State of Middle East Anarchy 

24.06.2015 | 00:00 | Matthew JAMISON

There was much speculation and angst in Western capitals at the time that the Arab-Israeli conflict in 1973 could trigger a direct US-USSR Super-Power confrontation in the desert of Sinai, leading to a Third World War, unimaginable in the nuclear age. For a moment, it looked as if that just might happen with America intervening to protect Israel and Russia intervening to strengthen its ally, Egypt. The Middle East today finds itself engulfed in a moment even more precarious and dangerous than those autumnal days forty two years ago…


George Soros as Disaster Capitalist

23.06.2015 | 00:00 | Valentin KATASONOV

George Soros is a well-known billionaire. He has recently started to take an active part in Ukrainian affairs. No, Mr. Soros does not play the role of peacekeeper, to the contrary, his activities are aimed at inciting a large-scale war against Russia…


America’s White Supremacists At Home and Abroad

23.06.2015 | 00:00 | Finian CUNNINGHAM

Dylann Roof, the 21-year-old killer who shot dead nine African American worshippers in a bible study class, is a self-declared Neo-Nazi white supremacist. Photographs and writings from his social media websites show the young white man revelling in racial hatred and paying homage to the Apartheid regimes of former South Africa and the German Third Reich. Roof foretold in blood-curdling words how he was going to “save the white race” by carrying out his act of mass murder in the African American church in Charleston, South Carolina. In other words, this American Nazi would be right at home in the company of the paramilitary armies that the US-backed Kiev regime has unleashed in Ukraine…


The Spies of GCHQ and NSA — and the Entertainment Business

22.06.2015 | 08:00 | Brian CLOUGHLEY

On June 14 the Murdoch-owned Sunday Times of London alleged that Britain has withdrawn spies from «hostile countries» because Russia and China had supposedly cracked codes in documents made public by Edward Snowden.  Many of these documents showed that the spy agencies of Britain and America had acted with blatant illegality in conducting operations, and since that revelation there has been an energetic and fairly successful campaign by authorities in both countries to try to smear Snowden and convince the world that Uncontrolled Spying is Good for Freedom.


Hypocrisy reigns supreme in the West

22.06.2015 | 00:00 | Wayne MADSEN

The European Union has hypocritically extended sanctions on Russia and the Russian autonomous Republic of Crimea in support of the politically- and economically-failed state of Ukraine. At the same time, the EU has threatened the sovereignty of Greece for failing to adhere to confiscatory and usurious financial policies set by the banking gnomes of Frankfurt and London, the same bankers that are propping up a corrupt government in Kiev. Nothing spells hypocrisy more than what is taking place in Europe at the direction of the «Eurocrats» of Brussels, their military centurions in NATO, and their overall puppet masters in Washington…


West’s Indiscretion Brings Moscow and Baku Closer to Each Other

22.06.2015 | 00:00 | Dmitry BABICH

The West’s ill-disposed attitude towards the European Games taking place in Baku made Azerbaijan more cautious in its relations with Europe, as well as the United States. It’s not just wrong treatment but rather outright insults that overshadowed the event. Take the German Bundestag’s resolution criticizing Azerbaijan for human rights violations or the fact that European leaders ignored the opening ceremony (which was magnificent, by the way). It was counterbalanced by the presence of President Vladimir Putin and Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan…


US 2016 Presidential Race: Impact on America-Russia Bilateral Relations (III)

21.06.2015 | 08:00 | Andrei AKULOV

With the reset over and Ukraine as a stumbling block on the way to improvement, following are sc enarios for how events might unfold. The relations will go on deteriorating due to lack of agreement on missile defense, tensions over Ukraine, struggle for influence in Central Asia. The feeling of deep frustration over NATO expansion and US interventionist foreign policy is clearly prevalent in Russia…


Beijing is transforming EU-China ties by transforming the context

21.06.2015 | 00:00 | Augusto SOTO

The announcement by Beijing that it will pledge a multi-billion euro investment in Europe’s new infrastructure 315 billion euro’s fund at a summit on June 29 in Brussels, signals not only a milestone in financial diplomacy, injecting dramatic vitality to EU-China ties at the expense of the US. It is also the latest step in China’s efforts to shape regional, macro-regional and global economic governance by peaceful means, challenging the US, embarked on a policy of containing China at the South East Asia Sea and at the Asia Pacific in military terms. Beijing’s move deserves EU’s active action, among other things, in order to persuade Washington that in fact there is no Chinese threat to its security, and on the contrary, a series of economic measures aimed at peaceful development encompassing not only EU-China ties, but also the Eurasian landmass as well as the Asia Pacific…


Do you have a plan, Mr. Vu?i??

21.06.2015 | 00:00 | Pyotr ISKENDEROV

«Do I have a plan? I have three whole plans!» once declared the hero of a popular animated series based on a work by Jules Verne. And it would be worth asking the same question to all those involved in the global energy games. Russia and Turkey definitely have more than one plan regarding the transportation of energy resources. Their plans are being developed increasingly actively and are being pushed forward by Central European countries headed by Slovakia. And what about Serbia? Does Aleksandar Vu?i?’s government (which bought 1.5 billion cubic metres of gas from Gazprom in 2014, more than any other former Yugoslav republic put together) have any kind of independent and thought-out plan besides the appeals ringing out, with or without reason, to its «American friends»? Or are the Serbian authorities actually preparing a secret channel for tankers with liquefied natural gas to get to Belgrade?..


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