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14 November 2015 — Strategic Culture Foundation

G20 Puts on Global Security Uniform

14.11.2015 | 08:00 | Andrey FEDYASHIN

The G20 summit will take place on November 15-16, 2015 in Belek, a spa town located 15 km from Antalya, the Turkey’s resorts heaven. 30 out of 45 most luxurious hotels of Turkish Mediterranean seashore have already been reserved to host heads of state, foreign and finance ministers, delegations, support teams and body guards…


The Current Assault Against Democracy (I)

14.11.2015 | 00:00 | Eric ZUESSE

U.S. President Barack Obama’s proposed international ‘trade’ deals are actually treaties to destroy democracy in the participating nations, and the remarkably small cadre of owners of the controlling blocks of stock in the major international corporations will collectively take ironclad and virtually permanent control of these nations, if these ‘deals’ win those governments’ approval; but, the proposed treaties are moving forward toward ratification nonetheless; and, apparently nothing can stop them. The powers-that-be are absolutely determined to take us over, and to leave us only the empty shell of democracy: constitutions that are in-name-only, the real power being left entirely in the hands of the international-corporate aristocracy…


Russia-Turkey Reload?

14.11.2015 | 00:00 | Pyotr ISKENDEROV

The upcoming G20 summit set to take place in Antalya, Turkey, on 15-16 November may be the first such representative international forum at which the new international architecture emerging before our very eyes to the accompaniment of Russian military airstrikes against Islamic State terrorists will really make itself known. The geopolitical alliance being actively formed in the region between Russia, Iran and Syria, with the possible inclusion of other influential players, is believed to be a key element of this architecture. One of these influential players is Turkey, which has been showing noticeable activity in recent weeks…


US Southern Command on Verge of Confrontation with Venezuela

13.11.2015 | 08:00 | Nil NIKANDROV

Diosdado Cabello Rondón, Speaker of the National Assembly of Venezuela, has his own weekly program on state TV called Hitting with the Sledge Hammer (Con el Mazo Dando). He often uses it as a podium to raise burning issues related to subversive activities of the US embassy in the country. His recent comments about Willard Tenney Smith, counselor for political affairs, sparked a major debate…


As Syria Steals the Show, New Conflict Looms in Europe

13.11.2015 | 00:00 | Andrei AKULOV

November 21 marks the 20th anniversary of the Dayton peace agreement, which put an end to the bloody war between Serbs, Croats, and Bosniaks and created the contemporary state of Bosnia and Herzegovina. A lot of things point to the fact that this artificially created entity would not last long…


US Gambling on War with Russia in Syria

13.11.2015 | 00:00 | Finian CUNNINGHAM

As US Secretary of State John Kerry convenes with diplomats from Russia and other nations for a second round of political talks on the Syrian conflict in Vienna this weekend, it is becoming clear that Washington is gambling on a two-prong strategy. But the US gamble carries a grave risk of blowing up into a war with Russia…


British «Intelligence» or «Stupid» Services?

12.11.2015 | 00:00 | Matthew JAMISON

Britain’s spy services MI5, MI6 and GCHQ are collectively known as «British intelligence». However, in practice there is nothing «intelligent» about these services. They should instead be re-named the «Stupid» services…


Compensation for «Soviet Occupation»? Not Before Vilnius and Klaip’da are Returned to Their Owners

12.11.2015 | 00:00 | Yuriy RUBTSOV

The attempts by the governments of the Baltic states over the last twenty years to win reimbursement from Russia for the «damages» suffered during the «Soviet occupation» have culminated in a «memorandum of cooperation», which was signed in Riga on Nov. 5 by the justice ministers of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania…


Ukraine’s Debt to Russia: Detonator for Global Financial Chaos

11.11.2015 | 08:03 | Valentin KATASONOV

The $3-billion loan Russia provided to Ukraine in December of 2013 will mature in a month and a half. Kiev has made the decision to overlook what it owes to Russia. Such daring, or perhaps it should be called audacity, can be explained by the fact that the Ukrainian government senses that it has the support of Washington. And the US is even working to get Kiev’s financial chicanery blessed by the IMF.


Singapore Meeting:Ultra-C Element Excellently Performed by China

11.11.2015 | 00:04 | Alexander SALITZKI

This autumn stands out as an eventful season densely packed with diplomatic initiatives launched by top Chinese leadership. Thoroughly planned Victory Day parade ceremonies on September 3, well thought out answers in the interview of China’s President to US media in connection with his first official visit to the United States, quiet dignity displayed by Xi Jinping as the royal honors were accorded to him in London – it all gave rise to many emotional comments. These events were followed by the visit of German Chancellor to Beijing. All the events were one way or another planned in advance. No doubt, they have produced tangible results worth of the most detailed analysis.


Disaster in Afghanistan

11.11.2015 | 00:03 | Brian CLOUGHLEY

In Afghanistan on 28 December last year there was a large military ceremony in Kabul. It marked replacement of the US-NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) combat operation by a mission called Resolute Support. It was the most significant military-political event in the country since President George W. Bush ordered his military forces to attack Afghanistan on 7 October 2001.


New Front of Syrian War: White House vs State Department

10.11.2015 | 08:03 | Dmitry MININ

US State Secretary John Kerry admitted at the Vienna press-conference that he had not been informed about the decision of President Obama to deploy Special Operations Forces (SOF) in Syria. This fact confirms the rumors that have been circulating in Washington for a long time


Syria Talks: Moscow Sides with Tehran without Opposing Riyadh

10.11.2015 | 00:03 | Nikolai BOBKIN

Over four years have passed since the Syrian conflict started. Finally, almost all outside actors got together at the round table to discuss the situation trying to influence the way the events in Syria unfold. On October 30, 17 states, the United Nations and the European Union launched talks in Vienna


Uprising against Assad was Engineered in Washington

10.11.2015 | 00:02 | Eric ZUESSE

A terrific news report by Jonathan Marshall at Consortium News provides the first-ever presentation in the West of the event that sparked the demonstrations that sparked the Syrian civil war, and of the entire origin of that war…


Re-enserfment of Western Peoples

09.11.2015 | 14:00 | Paul Craig ROBERTS

The re-enserfment of Western peoples is taking place on several levels.  One about which I have been writing for more than a decade comes from the offshoring of jobs.  Americans, for example, have a shrinking participation in the production of the goods and services that are marketed to them


US: Major Policy Shift in Syria (II)

09.11.2015 | 08:00 | Andrei AKULOV

When the U.S. special operations troops get to Syria,  they might apply lessons from the experience of the roughly 1,400 special operations troops and supporters working “coffee-breath close” with partners in 23 African countries, the chief of U.S. Special Operations Command- Africa Brig. Gen. Donald Bolduc  said on November 2.


Emerging Chinese “Commonwealth” Stands Opposed to U.S./JapaneseThreat

09.11.2015 | 00:02 | Wayne MADSEN

People’s Republic of China president Xi Jinping stunned the world, and especially the increasingly bellicose United States and Japan, by holding an unprecedented meeting with Ma Ying-jeou, the president of Taiwan, which continues to call itself the “Republic of China.” It was the first meeting between the presidents of the rival Chinese governments since mainland China fell to the Chinese Communist Party in 1949


Drug Kingpin El Chapo: Symbol of Resistance

09.11.2015 | 00:01 | Nil NIKANDROV

It can be said without exaggeration that the escape of Joaquín Guzmán (El Chapo – “Shorty”), a Mexican drug lord and the head of the Sinaloa cartel, excited the whole [of] Mexico. It happened on July 11, when El Chapo stepped into a shower area. Despite the camera installed there, he moved ceramic tiles to descent a 10-meter-long vertical passageway that was outfitted with a ladder and led to a tunnel stretching for over a mile.


US: Major Policy Shift in Syria (I)

08.11.2015 | 08:00 | Andrei AKULOV

At last President Obama has defined his second-term Mideast strategy. The red line has been crossed – the United States is set to deploy troops on the ground in Syria for the first time to advise and assist rebel forces combating ISIS, the White House spokesman Josh Earnest said on October 30…


US Strikes New Blow Against VW and Merkel Shows Admiration for American Partners

08.11.2015 | 00:00 | Natalia MEDEN

It seemed that the scandal surrounding Volkswagen, Germany’s largest automotive group, had died down. As Frankfurter Allgemeine wrote last week, the group had managed to get away with a black eye. To be more precise, Volkswagen’s management admitted that 11 million vehicles produced between 2009 and 2015 had been fitted with software allowing the results of emissions tests to be falsified. The German car manufacturer was forced into the admission by the US Environmental Protection Agency, which tested the diesel engines and found irregularities…


Refugees and Europe: Catching Whiff of Man-Made Disaster

08.11.2015 | 00:00 | Dmitriy SEDOV

Something unusual is happening in the European Union. Confronted with a flood of refugees from the Middle East, leaders from every corner of the EU are literally chanting in unison that this «erupting crisis» will destroy the union at any minute…


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