Black Agenda Report March 8, 2023

Wednesday, 8 March 2023 — Black Agenda Report

How Comrades Revealed the Existence of COINTELPRO
Margaret Kimberley
On March 8, 1971 a brave group of people revealed the extent of FBI spying, harassment and even the killings of US citizens. More than 50 years later we would do well to remember the significance of their actions.

EDITORIAL Dedicated to Women in Struggle, African Agenda, 1974
Editors, The Black Agenda Review
Revisiting a 1974 editorial on Black women and the international struggle against patriarchy, racism, imperialism, and capitalism on International Women’s Day.

US Shoots Itself in the Foot in Africa
Ann Garrison
In Africa as in the rest of the world, US machinations undermine its goals and bring other nations together as they seek to protect themselves from a desperate empire.

For Larry Roland
Raymond Nat Turner
The latest from BAR’s poet in residence.

Black Agenda Radio March 3, 2023
This week we hear about right wing attacks on the finances of a grass roots organization, and the effort to cultivate a culture which promotes peacemaking, but first a new book reveals Harriet Tubman’s impact on politics in this country.

BAR Book Forum: Biko Mandela Gray’s Book, “Black Life Matter”
Roberto Sirvent
In this series, we ask acclaimed authors to answer five questions about their book. This week’s featured author is Biko Mandela Gray. Gray is Assistant Professor of Religion at Syracuse University. His book is Black Life Matter: Blackness, Religion, and the Subject.

China’s 12-Point Peace Plan Is As Much About Ending Aggression Toward China As It Is About Ending The War In Ukraine
Jacqueline Luqman
China laid out 12 principles which could be a means of ending the conflict in Ukraine. The principles are based in international law and the belief in peaceful co-existence among nations, which means they are a non-starter for the U.S.

Travels Through El Perú Profundo
Clau O’Brien Moscoso
The people of Peru continue to protest the coup which ousted President Pedro Castillo Terrones. Clau O’Brien Moscoso reports from Peru.

How the U.S. and Canada are Wooing Latin America and the Caribbean to Front for their Plan to Invade Haiti
Travis Ross
The U.S. and Canada are using Caribbean and Latin nations to act as fronts, willing dupes, in their plans for the next occupation of Haiti. Travis Ross explains in the second of a three-part report.

Why the Huwwara Pogrom was Inevitable
Maureen Clare Murphy
The attack by Israeli settlers on the town of Hawwara was no aberration. It was just one example of the violence inherent in an apartheid state.

Reconciliation Does Not Mean Forgetting in Nicaragua
Jill Clark-Gollub
It is important to understand the truth about the 222 people recently released to the US who were convicted of treason in Nicaragua for savage acts of violence against their people.

Those Who Die for Life – like Hugo Chávez – Cannot Be Called Dead
Vijay Prashad
The tenth anniversary of the death of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez reminds us of his commitment to serve the people of his country, and to fighting for sovereignty for his nation and all the nations of that region. His revolutionary legacy lives on.

Reimagining Arms Control After Ukraine
Scott Ritter
Having used arms control to gain unilateral advantage over Russia, the cost to the U.S. and NATO in getting Moscow back to the negotiating table will be high.

NATO’s Growing Military Presence in Latin America and the Caribbean
Sergio Rodríguez Gelfenstein
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is not the regional defensive organization that it claims to be. As far as NATO is concerned, the entire world is in its sphere of influence, and the Americas are no exception to its hegemonic nature.

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