Planetary Collapse Threatens Our Survival By Michael Snyder

20 March 2019 — The Economic Collapse

A New Study Says that More than 1,200 Species “Will Almost Certainly Face Extinction”

We are witnessing a worldwide environmental collapse, and nobody seems to know how to stop it.  As you will see below, a study that was just released that looked at more than 5,000 species of birds, mammals and amphibians discovered that nearly a quarter of them “will almost certainly face extinction”.  Never before has our society faced such a massive collapse of life on a planetary scale, and yet the vast majority of the population doesn’t seem concerned about what is happening.  Species after species is being permanently wiped out, and most of us couldn’t care less.

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In the Face of Extinction, We Have a Moral Obligation By Dahr Jamail

3 November 2018 — Truthout

[Things have gotten so dire that even the famous naturalist Sir David Attenborough is now supporting acts of ‘civil disobedience’ (BBC TV News 3 December, 2018). When asked, whether he supported Extinction/Rebellion closing five London bridges across the Thames last month, he (reluctantly) supported them and ‘breaking the law’. The BBC online version of the same story, at the Climate Conference in Poland, failed to mention this fact. As you’ll see from this essay, it appears that Dahr “surrendered” and accepts the “inevitable” that faces us, extinction (his words). So, is it too late to reverse the process of global warming and the destruction of our biosphere? Are we on an unstoppable runaway train and if so, what’s the point of Dahr publishing this essay? Read on…WB]

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