Book Review: UK-the real outlaw state By William Bowles

4 August 2003

‘Web of Deceit. Britain’s real role in the world’ by Mark Curtis (2003, Vintage Original)

“The reality is that the Blair government is seriously out of control – an outlaw state, undertaking its foreign policy in open contempt for international ethical standards, including riding roughshod over the United Nations. As one of the dominating facts of New Labour’s foreign policy, this is hard to miss, but it has been obscured by a web of government propaganda and media and parliament’s failure to disclose the reality of state policy.” – Web of Deceit

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The continent from another planet By William Bowles

3 August 2003

Have you noticed that events in Africa are reported in a contextual vacuum? And predictably, coverage in the press has been nothing short of scandalous. Either, it’s ‘warlords,’ ‘corruption,’ ‘tribalism,’ ‘humanitarian crisis,’ ‘failed state,’ or some combination of the above. As far as Western media coverage is concerned, Africa has no history that’s of any relevance to contemporary events aside that is, from some form of ‘self-inflicted failure,’ that is intrinsic to the ‘African mind.’

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