Information Clearing House Archive – For the Month of July 2003 – Part 4

July 2003 — Information Clearing House Archive

For the Month of July 2003 – Part 4

Two 9-11 hijackers ‘lived with FBI informant’

THE FBI lost a chance to uncover the September 11 plot by failing to investigate evidence that two of the suicide hijackers were living with a bureau informant.

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Information Clearing House Archive – June 2003 Part 2

July 2003 — Information Clearing House Archive

For the Month of July 2003 – Part 2

Venezuela Refuses To Sign Agreement With US Over ICC:

The United States suspended more than 47 million dollars in military aid to 35 countries on Tuesday for their failure or refusal to give US citizens immunity from the ICC.

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Information Clearing House July 2003 – Part 1

June 2003 — Information Clearing House Archive

For the Month of July 2003 – Part 1

[From the Archives. I’ve been archiving ICH digests since 2003. Unfortunately, an unknown number of the links are now dead, so I can’t guarantee that the link will take you where you want to go. WB]

Bush ‘Indicted’ Over War Crimes:

A group of Japanese lawyers unveiled documents Monday “indicting” U.S. President George W. Bush for war crimes

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Ignorance is a (conditioned) state of mind By William Bowles

30 July 2003

Ignorance: Ig = in, nocere = not knowing. In a state of not knowing; a “United States of Not Knowing” (Thank you Patricia)

In an essay, ‘How hatred was born’ (sub-titled ‘Ignorance is not bliss’), in the Independent Review (29/07/03) the black American writer Walter Mosley, makes the comparison between the rage that black Americans feel towards a system, run by whites, that has oppressed and exploited them for generations, and the rage felt by people in the Middle East toward Americans (or does he mean America?).

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The Death of Dr David Kelly: Dark actors – dark forces? By William Bowles

28 July 2003

So Dr David Kelly’s media contact on the New York Times was, according to the Independent on Sunday (27/07/03), Judith Miller (more on Ms Miller below). The same piece also alluded to the fact that Kelly had had a longstanding relationship with journalists. The more we know about Kelly, the less we know. What is absolutely clear, is that he played a key role in the creation of the September 2002 document. There are many unanswered questions about Kelly’s role in the run-up to and the invasion, such as: Continue reading

Will we ever be told the truth about the death of Dr David Kelly? by Melanie Philipps

24 July 2006 — Daily Mail

Everyone knows, don’t they, that most untoward events generally have banal explanations such as muddle, incompetence or sheer blind chance.

To believe otherwise is to run the risk of being branded a ‘conspiracy theorist’, a small step away from being lumped together with the kind of people who think that crop circles are designed by visitors from Mars or that Princess Diana was murdered by MI6.

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Liberia: rewriting history By William Bowles

27 July 2003

“Another day, another atrocity in Liberia’s blood-soaked capital Monrovia” is how the Independent tells it to us (26/07/03). And of course, the predictable pleas for ‘intervention’ by the “world’s superpower” from liberal commentators. The entire history of how Liberia got to be where it is today, and especially the role of the US, the IMF and the World Bank in creating the current situation, has been erased from our consciousness by the corporate media.

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Mind your language! Part Three By William Bowles

23 July 2003

Isn’t it amazing. All this time, since the ‘sexed up’ story first appeared, Gilligan, we were told, was the sole source of the story, hence his ‘unreliability’. Then, yesterday, the press carried reports about at least thee other UK journalists who had also been contacted by Dr Kelly and now, it seems there’s even a tape of Gilligan’s meeting with Kelly. The meek and mild-mannered Dr Kelly seems to have gotten around quite a lot for a man reportedly trying to keep a low profile.

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