Terminal Capitalism By William Bowles

12 November 2015

I grew up during the Cold War. I was born a couple of weeks before the first atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, so I suppose I’m a ‘nuclear baby’. The threat of nuclear annihilation dominated our lives. I can dimly remember not being able to drink milk for a couple of weeks following a ‘leak’ of radiation from one of the government’s atomic weapons plants. I was on the first and many of the subsequent Aldermaston CND marches including the one where we penetrated one of the RSG’s or ‘Regional Seat’s of Government’ near Reading, underground bunkers that dotted the country where selected representatives of the state and business would take refuge in case of nuclear attack. The RSG was a bump on the landscape with aerials poking out of the top and a ramp leading down to metal doors. The government of course, denied that they existed.

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