Al-Qaqa’a: ‘Benign’ Neglect by a Malign Power By William Bowles

28 October 2004

The latest ‘revelations’ to emerge from the annals of the US occupation of Iraq concerns the ‘loss’ of over 350 tons of high explosives that the US was meant to be guarding at the military base of al-Qaqa’a. According to the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), the stockpile went ‘missing’ some time after January 2004. So either, the US didn’t bother to check that it was still there over the past nine months (complete with its IAEA seals that had been intact since being installed in 2002) or, they knew it was missing and didn’t tell anybody. It was left for the IAEA to discover that dozens of truckloads of highly explosive matériel had gone missing.

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