Information Clearing House Archive Part 3 December 12-16 2004

December 2004 — Information Clearing House

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Information Clearing House
Digest December 12-16 2004
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2004

Evildoers, here we come

The road to Damascus is the key node in the Bush/neo-con roadmap for a new Middle East.

by Pepe Escobar

Washington is faced with two options. It could restore the draft – provoking a minor social earthquake in the US. Or it could develop – and deploy – tactical nuclear weapons, mini-nukes. Fallujah – flattened by “conventional” means – was just a test. On the road to Damascus, the road to Tehran, the road to Riyadh, the neo-cons would be much more tempted to go nuclear.

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Media Lens: Naked Empire– Part 2: Mainstream Reviews of Books by Andrew Marr, Jon Snow and John Pilger

16 December 2004 — Media Lens

Respective Positions On The Media And Power (Continued)

John Pilger – An Epic Silence

Readers of our Media Alerts will be well aware of John Pilger’s view of the media and establishment power more generally. He reserves a special place in his articles for the deceptions of the ‘liberal’ press. In October 2003, he wrote in the New Statesman: Continue reading