Media Lens: A Tale Of Two Titans – Jon Snow of C4 News And Jeremy Bowen of BBC News

11 July 2014 — Media Lens

On July 4, Independence Day in the United States, Channel 4 News broadcast a Jon Snow interview with Hillary Clinton, former US Secretary of State and presumed presidential candidate. For a self-proclaimed ‘pinko liberal’ like Snow, this was a glorious opportunity to ask hard-hitting questions about US foreign policy and Clinton’s own role in shoring up the American Empire.

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Bewitched, Baffled and Bewildered By William Bowles

25 November 2008

“Whatever else yesterday’s great budget gamble aspired to do, one thing was left unattended to: the thing which is the central disaster at the core of the financial crisis. That thing is, of course, the lack of credit coming from the banks. And there’s no sign that anyone is going to be able to force the banks to do anything. But tonight we’re asking why.

“Indeed, there are an awful lot of “whys” when it comes to the banking sector. I’m beginning to wonder whether I’ve been in some way asleep for some portion of it. Did I miss any senior bankers being arraigned in front of the Commons treasury select committee? Have I missed the attorney general sizing up who she can move against in the criminal law courts?

“It seems that whilst these activities have been going on across the Atlantic, nothing is to happen here. Faisal Islam is looking at how credit might be got moving, and we’ll see what we can do on the other matters. — Snowmail, Channel 4 News, 25 November, 2008

Now who is speaking with forked tongue here? Let me get this straight: is Jon Snow giving us his opinions on the cause of the capitalist crisis, or is this the editorial line of Channel 4 News, because I know I’m baffled by this admission of total ignorance of the facts of the situation?

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Media Lens: Manufactured Consensus – The Sun and Saddam Hussein

30 April 2005 — Media Lens

How Anti-War Dissidents Are Singled Out For Attack

Just over one year ago, British journalists and politicians were fulminating over photographs published in the Daily Mirror that appeared to show Iraqi prisoners being abused by British soldiers. The British military, it was claimed, now possessed incontrovertible proof that the pictures were fake. Mirror editor, Piers Morgan – a fierce opponent of the war – was condemned far and wide for inciting additional hatred of British troops in Iraq, so putting their lives at risk. The Daily Mail’s Melanie Phillips said on BBC’s Newsnight programme:

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Media Lens: Naked Empire– Part 2: Mainstream Reviews of Books by Andrew Marr, Jon Snow and John Pilger

16 December 2004 — Media Lens

Respective Positions On The Media And Power (Continued)

John Pilger – An Epic Silence

Readers of our Media Alerts will be well aware of John Pilger’s view of the media and establishment power more generally. He reserves a special place in his articles for the deceptions of the ‘liberal’ press. In October 2003, he wrote in the New Statesman: Continue reading