The Case of Kamel Bourgass: The sound of one hand clapping or a conspiracy of one by William Bowles

9 May 2005

COP killer Kamel Bourgass was yesterday unmasked as Osama Bin Laden’s master poisoner – with a mission to murder as many Britons as possible.
The Sun

[A]lleged plots to smear powdered castor bean on door handles are most probably rubbish, something copied from tales of American ricin trouble-makers, like the Minnesota Militia.
MORE UK TERROR TRIAL: Evil foiled or more mendacity? by George Smith, Ph.D., Senior Fellow, GlobalSecurity.Org

Kamel BourgassPerhaps the most difficult thing for your ‘average’ citizen to take in is the idea that your government would deliberately lie and deceive you over a thing like terrorism. After all, the state is meant to protect its citizens, isn’t that why we have a raft of laws and an incredibly expensive enforcement system replete with tens of thousands of state employees, surveillance systems and so forth?

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