Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil By William Bowles

15 November 2007

AIDS, truly the white man’s burden

It’s taken decades to unmask the story of how AIDS came to be, and far from being an ‘act of nature’, the real story of its origins is one of ruthless ambition and professional rivalries, entrenched interests, racism and the arrogance and the indifference of the ‘master race’ toward their fellow humans and to our closest relative, the chimpanzee, hundreds of whom were needlessly slaughtered allegedly in the cause of ‘science’ and our well-being.

It is also the story of capitalism’s power to subvert the intellect and the emotions with expectations of fame and fortune. Put it all together and you have a recipé for yet another Western-created disaster. Is it any wonder therefore, why the medical-business establishment has closed ranks in a display of collective denial at the idea that the source of AIDS is not the ‘cut hunter’ hypothesis but Western ‘science’ itself?[1]

Had we acted immediately we knew something was wrong (the first AIDS cases were identified in the Congo c.1960, and in the same locations as the vaccinations), perhaps things would have turned out entirely differently? But those dying had no voice, nobody to speak for them (which is perhaps another reason why the Congo, Rwanda and Burundi were chosen as locations for the experiment).

In turn it also tells us much about why the Worobey-led investigation focused not on Africa, the Stanleyville laboratory and the camp at Lindi (the obvious places to begin any investigation) but on Haiti and the entirely unsubstantiated proposition that a lone Haitian had been the vector for AIDS in the US.

That the Belgium Congo was chosen as the location for the first mass testing of what was an experimental polio vaccine also speaks reams about the attitude of the West toward people of colour. We should also remember that the Congo was still a colony of Belgium at the time and a major source of uranium for US nuclear weapons. As one Congolese employee at the Stanleyville laboratory said of the time, “you didn’t question [your colonial masters].”

The history of the emergence of the deadliest disease ever to afflict humanity, AIDS, should be an object lesson for us all, especially those in the so-called civilised world who call themselves scientists, for what is clear is that we produced a disease which will over the next fifty years be responsible for the deaths of perhaps 100 million people, most of them in the under-developed world.

There are those who claim (and not without good reason) that the AIDS retrovirus was created as a deliberate act aimed at exterminating people of colour, after all, the history of colonialism, for example in the Americas, reveals the deliberate infection of the indigenous peoples’ with diseases like smallpox, but what is revealed is in many ways far worse, for it’s the history of denial, indifference and downright lies about the way the West behaves toward people of colour, using them as unwitting guinea pigs.

What we do know for certain:

  • That there is a direct geographical correlation between the outbreaks of the first cases of AIDS in the Congo (at the beginning of the 1960s) and where the experimental oral polio vaccine was first administered to one million children;
  • That there is a direct chronological correlation between the first occurrence of AIDS in Africa following the experimental mass vaccination campaign;
  • That the man in charge, Hilary Koprowski, lied about the use of chimpanzee tissues, blood and organs in the creation of the experimental vaccine (what’s not explained is why the use of chimpanzees and not the monkey?);
  • That it was known at the time that both the Salk live polio vaccine (injected) and Koprowski’s oral live polio vaccine were contaminated with an unknown virus (“Virus X” as it was called then).

Eyewitnesses have testified as to the slaughter of at least 400 chimpanzees (and perhaps as many as 600) even though at the time it was known that the use of chimpanzees for use in the creation of tissue cultures for human vaccines was clinically inadvisable. Koprowski later denied that chimpanzees had been used, indeed he denied that tissues cultures had ever been created at the Stanleyville laboratory, claiming that the Stanleyville laboratory wasn’t equipped to produce tissue cultures but the evidence is conclusive, not only had hundreds of chimpanzees been slaughtered for their tissues and organs, some of their ground-up tissues were also exported to the US (to the National Institutes of Health, the NIH, something they later denied).

In fact, in direct contradiction to the evidence, Koprowski later denied that the Stanleyville laboratory was equipped to prepare tissue cultures, yet one of the reasons the lab was chosen was precisely because it was one of most well-equipped labs in Central Africa at the time (again, individuals employed in the lab at the time corroborate this).

These and other revelations were first exposed by the intrepid journalist-turned researcher, Edward Hooper who had spent over ten years putting the story together, in spite of all manner of obstacles placed in his path by the medical-business establishment including forcing him to make a public retraction of his claims following a presentation he made at the Royal Society in the UK.[2]

The retraction was made because other researchers claimed to have found samples from the lab that contained no traces of HIV, a claim that later proved to be false because the samples did not come from Africa, in fact, not a single sample or record appears to have survived from the original Stanleyville laboratory or the Lindi camp some 20 kilometers upriver from Stanleyville.

So unless they’ve all been (conveniently) destroyed, there are records and samples of the entire, sordid story kept somewhere, but I note that one of the people at the Stanleyville lab said that “they were told not to keep notes”, an unheard of practice in any scientific lab undertaking experimental work. So what were they trying to hide?[3]

The other important factor here is why are live oral polio vaccines only used in developing countries?

Officials say vaccine caused Nigeria polio 5 October, 2007
A polio outbreak in Nigeria was caused by the vaccine designed to stop it, international health officials say, leaving at least 69 children paralyzed. The outbreak was caused by the live polio virus that is used in vaccines given orally, the preferred method in developing countries; in the West, the polio vaccine is given as a shot and uses an inactivated virus. The CDC and the World Health Organization announced the cause of the polio outbreak last week, even though they knew about it last year. Outbreaks caused by the oral vaccine’s live virus have happened before. The continuing Nigerian outbreak follows a nearly yearlong boycott of the vaccine in Africa’s most populous country because of ‘unfounded’ fears the vaccine was a Western plot to sterilize Muslims.”[4]

One reason is the lower cost of the oral vaccine and the other is the lower cost of administering oral vaccines, this in spite of the fact that as far back as 1960 it was known that live vaccines are inherently dangerous as it’s impossible to produce a totally unadulterated live serum, something Koprowski knew back in the 1950s after twenty ‘handicapped’ children in the US died after he had secretly tested a live oral polio vaccine on them (how can this man sleep at night?).

It should be obvious by now that there is an awful lot at stake here, hence the media’s focus on the Worobey “Haitian” connection. The entire Western medical establishment is on trial here and explains why the rush to judgement in blaming “lone Haitian” as the source of AIDS in the West.

If there is a conspiracy it’s one of silence with the entire Western medical establishment closing ranks when threatened with exposure. The other awful end result is the complete loss of trust in preventive medicine especially where it’s needed most, in the developing world, as the Nigerian example so tragically demonstrates.


1. The ‘cut hunter’ hypothesis (the one most widely accepted in the West) suggests that an African hunter contracted the AIDS virus via a cut (of course, it couldn’t have been a ‘white hunter’ could it?) which got infected from the contaminated blood of a chimpanzee (not from a monkey, as we know that the monkey version of SIV or the Simian Immune Virus, cannot be transmitted to humans, lending even more credence to Hooper’s investigation that led him to the Stanleyville laboratory and the Lindi camp where the chimpanzees were kept and slaughtered). But if this is the case, why has there been no occurrence of AIDS prior to c.1960? Surely people in the Congo and elsewhere in Central Africa must have been hunting monkeys and apes for perhaps thousands of years. Furthermore, it doesn’t explain how a single infection mutated into HIV-1, and how convenient that there is not single shred of evidence to support the idea. It’s yet another ‘prove a negative’ supposition that Western apologists for all manner of crimes hide behind.

2. See The River: A Journey Back to the Source of HIV and AIDs by Edward Hooper.

3. For sources on this and other references in this essay, I refer you to this excellent video, probably the most succinct and comprehensive presentation of the facts so far produced.

4. See also ‘A Genocide by Vaccination?’ (audio)

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