Getting Out the Bling Vote By Joe Bageant

15 January 2008

– From Kibby’s Cool Spot in Belize, politics makes sense – sort of

HOPKINS VILLAGE, BELIZE: I know it’s unpatriotic as hell, but I just cannot get a hard-on about the ’08 American presidential elections. As in, I haven’t read or heard a word about them in a couple of weeks and could care less whether Hillary showed publicly some emotion, which was the big news when I left the States. The will just isn’t there. And it’s even more difficult from here in this Central American village where so many people have real problems. The kind that that come with being born under one empire, the British one, and living in the shadow of the present American in the shadow of its walled fortress of armed privilege. One of those problems is who to sell your vote to and for how much.

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