It’s all-out war on the planet. Chaos (capitalism) rules okay!

7 January, 2008

“The dominant trend shaping the present situation – is the advent of ‘neoliberalism’ – a concerted capitalist offensive aimed at sweeping away the gains made by working people during the last century and at deepening the subjugation of Third World countries.”Cuban Communist Makes the Case for International Revolution

I have to admit to a feeling of being totally overwhelmed by the state of our planet even though I know the chaos that threatens to drown us all is the direct result of an economic system, capitalism, being nothing more than the anarchic addiction of capital accumulation now run riot (the profits that are being made are obscene and the pain of the victims, numbering in the millions, indescribable). That since the 1970s and the advent of so-called neoliberalism, it’s been a no holds barred, free-for-all on the people and the planet.

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Afghanistan News-links 6-7 January 2008

7 January 2008 — The New Dark Age


Bush: Iran still a priority
Jewish Telegraphic Agency – New York,NY,USA
Ahead of a major Middle East tour, President Bush said he would tell Israeli and Arab leaders that isolating Iran is still a priority. …

German diplomat is forced to leave Iran
Boston Globe – United States
Iran has expelled a German diplomat for “undiplomatic” behavior, the Foreign Ministry said yesterday. The expulsion comes after a media report said that …

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