VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 11 September, 2011: Israel Targets Vittorio Arrigone School in Embattled Jordan Valley

11 September 2011 , 2011 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Israeli troops detain family of fishermen; fire shell into southern Gaza Sunday
IMEMC – Sunday September 11, 2011 – 20:52, In the latest in a series of attacks on Gazan civilians, Israeli troops stopped a fishing boat off the coast of Gaza Sunday and detained all eight people on board. In addition, in a separate incident, Palestinian medics report that a civilian car was hit by an Israeli shell on Saturday night, but the occupants of the car were able to escape without injury.

Netanyahu compares Arab Spring to earthquake, says Israel must tighten security measures
IMEMC – Sunday September 11, 2011 – 08:57, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said that the ongoing turmoil in the Arab World and the region is an earthquake at the international level, one that must be addressed by tightening Israeli security measures.

Egyptian Interim Government rejects Sharaf’s resignation, declares state of emergency
IMEMC – Sunday September 11, 2011 – 08:19, The Supreme Council of Armed Forces in Egypt, which has served as the interim government since the resignation of autocrat Hosni Mubarak in February, on Sunday rejected the resignation of Interim Prime Minister Essam Sharaf, in the midst of chaotic protests outside the Israeli embassy in Cairo.

Undercover Forces Kidnap Five Youths In Gaza
IMEMC – Sunday September 11, 2011 – 06:36, Eyewitnesses reported on Saturday evening that an undercover unit of the Israeli army infiltrated an area east of Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, and kidnapped five Palestinian youths, the Palestine-Info reported.

US efforts to void Palestinian-UN bid
IMEMC – Sunday September 11, 2011 – 06:30, The United States declared, using its all power, it is seeking to push the Palestinians to re-open direct negotiations with Israel instead of going to the UN, asking for Palestinian statehood recognition, after having waved its threat of veto against the Palestinian bid if the Palestinian leadership is determined to go on its campaign, Qatar-based Aljazeera reported.

ICC Calls On Interpol To Arrest Gaddafi
IMEMC – Friday September 09, 2011 – 16:26, The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Luis Moreno-Ocampo, requested on Thursday that the Interpol issue “a red notice” to arrest Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, his son Saif Al-Eslam, and the Libyan intelligence services chief, Abdullah Snousy‚Äè , for the alleged crimes against humanity of murder and persecution.

Ma’an News

Israeli cabinet votes to rehouse desert Bedouins
9/11/2011 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — The Israeli government on Sunday gave the go-ahead to a plan it said would improve the lot of Bedouin Arabs in the Negev desert, but rights groups complained it would uproot thousands forcefully. A statement from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said that the 1. 2 billion shekel [$324 million….

Israeli forces detain 8 fishermen off Gaza coast
9/11/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli forces on Sunday detained eight fishermen off the coast of Gaza City, locals told Ma’an. Locals said Israeli naval boats surrounded a fishing boat belonging to the Baker family near As-Sudanyeh, north of Gaza City and detained eight people on board. Those detained were identified as Hassan….

Israeli forces detain 4 Palestinians in Hebron
9/11/2011 – HEBRON (Ma’an) — Israeli forces detained four Palestinian overnight Saturday in the Hebron district in the southern West Bank, witnesses and the army said. An Israeli military spokeswoman said one Palestinian was detained in Hebron and three were detained in Beit Ummar, north of the city. They were taken for security questioning, she said….

Salfit farmers complain about wild boars
9/11/2011 – SALFIT (Ma’an) — Farmers in Salfit are asking the authorities to do more to prevent wild boars from damaging crops, after they blamed local settlers for new damage on Saturday. Farmers say the boars destroyed a fence and broke branches on fig trees. They said they were afraid to remain on their land and….

Egypt unrest, Turkey row deepen Israeli isolation
9/11/2011 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — Already embroiled in a fierce diplomatic row with former friend and ally Turkey, Israel found itself in fresh crisis on Saturday with southern neighbor Egypt after crowds trashed its Cairo embassy. Israel has few friends in the Muslim world, and the chill on two fronts further deepens its isolation ahead of Palestinian plans….

Turk PM on ‘Arab Spring tour’ amid Israel tension
9/11/2011 – ANKARA, Turkey (Reuters) – Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan will press Turkey’s ambitions to become a leading political power in the Muslim world this week in trips to Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, three arenas in a wave of popular revolts that have reshaped the region. Erdogan’s “Arab Spring tour” comes against a backdrop….

Egypt officer shot by Israeli forces dies from injuries
9/11/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — An Egyptian police officer shot by Israeli forces near the Egyptian border in August died from his injuries on Saturday, a rights group said. Egyptian Federation of Human Rights chairman Nadeeb Jubrail said he was informed by the military hospital in Cairo that Imad Abdul Malak had died. Malak was driving….

Palestine takes presidency of Arab League
9/11/2011 – CAIRO (Ma’an) — Palestine took presidency of the Arab League on Sunday as the council met for its 136th session in Cairo. Palestine’s representative Barakat al-Farra replaced Oman’s representative as president of the Arab League. On Tuesday, Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riad al-Malki will take over as president of the….

Israel says offshore gas secure after Turk challenge
9/11/2011 – HERZLIYA, Israel (Reuters) – Israelwill develop and defend gas platforms recently discovered in its waters, Energy Minister Uzi Landau said on Sunday after Turkeyvowed to boost naval patrols in the eastern Mediterranean in a deepening diplomatic feud.” Israel can support and secure the rigs that we are going to have in the Mediterranean,” Landau told a….

Israeli forces briefly detain 3 boys in central Gaza
9/11/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli forces on Sunday released three Palestinian boys who were detained overnight near a military base in the central Gaza Strip, a Ma’an correspondent reported. The boys, aged between 11 and 15, were detained near Kissufim army base south of Deir al-Balah. Witnesses said at least eight army….

Egypt vows crackdown after Israel embassy attack
9/11/2011 – CAIRO (AFP) —Egypt warned Saturday of harsh measures to quell civil unrest after protesters stormed Israel’s embassy, prompting the ambassador to flee, in the first such attack since the two nations made peace 32 years ago. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the mob attack a “serious incident,” but reiterated that his country….

Israel seeks calm with Egypt after embassy storming
9/11/2011 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — Israeli officials called on Sunday for relations with Egypt to return to normal despite Friday’s attack by a mob on Israel’s embassy in Cairo.” We shall do everything in order that relations between the two countries will return to normal,” Environment Minister Gilad Erdan, considered close to Prime Minister….

Netanyahu: Egypt committed to peace
9/11/2011 – JERUSALEM (Reuters) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu voiced confidence on Sunday in Egypt’s commitment to peace with Israel after the ransacking of its Cairo embassy shook the shifting foundations of a brittle relationship with its first Muslim ally. The outpouring of public hostility towards Israel in demonstrations on Saturday forced the evacuation of….

Pakistan envoy admires symbolic UN seat in Beirut
9/11/2011 – BEIRUT (Ma’an) — Palestinian ambassador to Lebanon Abudullah Abdullah and activists of the campaign “Palestine Deserves” met with Pakistan’s ambassador to Lebanon on Saturday at the Palestinian embassy in Beirut. Ambassador Raana Rahim said she admired the idea of creating a symbolic hand-made UN chair for Palestine and expressed Pakistan’s….

Ashrawi meets with European representatives to discuss UN bid
9/11/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Palestinian lawmaker Hanan Ashrawi held separate meetings on Sunday with European representatives to discuss progress concerning the UN membership bid in late September. Ashrawi met with British consul-general Sir Vincent Fean, French consul-general Frederic Desagneaux, European Union representative Christian Berger and Austrian head of mission Leonhard Moll.”September is a historical….

Abbas vows to pursue UN statehood bid
9/11/2011 – AMMAN (AFP) — President Mahmoud Abbas said in remarks published on Sunday that Palestinians will seek UN membership despite US “threats” to stop financial aid.” We will go to the United Nations to obtain an international recognition to the state of Palestine, despite the obstacles and dangers, including US threats to halt $470 million in annual….

Shaath: Abbas to meet Ashton, request unified EU position
9/11/2011 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas is scheduled to meet EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton in Cairo on Monday to request a united European position on the Palestinian UN bid, Nabil Shaath said Sunday. Shaath made the announcement during a meeting with Greek Foreign Minister Stavros Lambrinidis in Athens. The senior Fatah….

Haniyeh congratulates Libya’s interim leader
9/11/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniyeh on Sunday called the chairman of Libya’s Transitional National Council to congratulate him on the rebels’ revolutionary achievements. During the phone call with Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, Haniyeh also extended an invitation to visit Palestine and the Gaza Strip, a Ma’an correspondent….

Palestinian worker dies of heart attack in Israel
9/11/2011 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — A 49-year-old Palestinian worker died of a heart attack on Sunday in Tel Aviv, the general federation of trade unions announced in a statement. Hassan Saleh Hindi, from Tell village south of Nablus, died instantly, the statement said, adding that he was married with 10 children and had worked in….

Tiny Palestinian group dodged blame on 9/11
9/11/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Qais Abu Laila was ready to head home from his Ramallah office when a telephone call thrusted him into the center of an unfolding event which, for many, would define the coming decade. It was late afternoon on Sept. 11, 2001, and Abu Laila’s leftist faction the Democratic Front….

G8 pledges billions for Arab Spring as IMF recognizes Libya
9/11/2011 – MARSEILLE, France (AFP) — Arab states that ousted their dictators got a financial shot in the arm Saturday with promises of tens of billion of dollars to help their rocky transformation into modern democracies. G8 rich nations and institutions including the World Bank, the IMF, regional banks and the Arab Monetary Fund pledged nearly $80 billion….

Rights group: Syrian activist ‘severely’ beaten
9/11/2011 – NICOSIA (AFP) — The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Sunday prominent rights campaigner Najati Tayara is in a “very bad” health condition after he was “severely” beaten at a Homs prison. The Britain-based observatory said in a statement received by AFP in Nicosia that it “has learned that investigators at the so-called ‘Polish….

’12 die’ in fight between rival anti-Gadhafi groups
9/11/2011 – TRIPOLI (AFP) — At least 12 people were killed and 16 wounded when two groups of fighters opposed to Moamer Gadhafi turned on each other in Libya’s west, two officials said on Sunday. The fighting, which has its roots in ancient rivalries and pitted combatants from the towns of Gharyan and Kikla on the….

Jordanian kills daughter to ‘cleanse honor’
9/11/2011 – AMMAN (AFP) — A Jordanian has been charged with killing his 23-year-old daughter to “cleanse his honor” over an alleged affair with a man, a judicial official said on Sunday.” The 50-year-old man strangled his daughter on Saturday before handing himself in and confessing to the crime,” which took place in the Red Sea….

Ahmadinejad: US used 9/11 to wage wars
9/11/2011 – TEHRAN (AFP) — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Sunday that the United States used the 9/11 attacks as a “game and pretext” to wage wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.” September 11 was actually a game designed to influence the emotions of the human community, in order to find a pretext for attacking Islamic regions….

Al-Jazeera Egypt says hit by broadcasting ban
9/11/2011 – CAIRO (AFP) — The satellite channel Al-Jazeera Egypt said on Sunday the authorities had prevented it from broadcasting, after entering its offices and confiscating transmission equipment. Ahmed Zain, the channel’s chief in Cairo, told AFP that police, officers from the culture ministry and representatives of Egypt’s public broadcaster had also seized materials….


Trial begins over Egypt’s ‘camel battle’
AlJazeera 11 Sep 2011 – Activists say the violence is increasing as people continue to take to the streets to demand change.

Tantawi testimony on Mubarak postponed
AlJazeera 11 Sep 2011 – Shia radical leader says military operations will only resume if US troops in Iraq fail to pull out in time.

Syrians appeal for international protection, Syrians appeal for international protection
AlJazeera 11 Sep 2011 – Turkish prime minister says he is ready to deploy warships to accompany Gaza-bound vessels delivering humanitarian aid.

Arab League says Syria reform deal agreed, Arab League says Syria reform deal agreed
AlJazeera 11 Sep 2011 – Egypt’s military ruler fails to appear in court, citing his role in security issues after embassy attack in Cairo.

Bahrain protesters face continued crackdown
AlJazeera 11 Sep 2011 – Egypt’s ex-interior minister told police to use live ammunition against protesters, witness says during Mubarak trial.

International Solidarity Movement

Israeli settlers set fire to a house-tent in the Palestinian village of Susiya
9/11/2011 – International Solidarity Movement – 10 September 2011 – Operation Dove and Christian Peacemaker Teams – [Note: According to the Fourth Geneva Convention, the Hague Regulations, the International Court of Justice, and several United Nations resolutions, all Israeli settlements and outposts in the Occupied Palestinian Territories are illegal. Most settlement outposts, including Havat Ma’on (Hill 833), are considered illegal also…. Related: Christian Peacemaker Teams – Palestine Projects and Operation Dove

Help us release Ni’lin’s Ibrahim Srour from Israeli prison
9/11/2011 – International Solidarity Movement – Popular Struggle Coordination Committee – When I was in prison for organizing protest in my village of Bil’in, I knew that if I make bail or have to pay a fine to be released, someone would pay it. Worrying about such technicalities was literally the last thing on my mind. But now that I…. Related: Popular Struggle Coordination Committee

Alternative Information Center

Israel Targets Vittorio Arrigone School in Embattled Jordan Valley
Alternative Information Center – As schools around the world begin another year of instruction, one school, near to completion in one of the most grief-stricken and resilient areas of occupied Palestine, has suffered a massive set-back because the Israeli military…

Israeli Police Conduct “General Rehearsal” for September
Alternative Information Center – While the Palestinians are preparing a diplomatic and civil initiative at the United Nations, Israel continues its military preparations in response to this political move. On Sunday (11 September), the Israeli police are conducting a “general…

Palestine Telegraph

Two Jerusalemites attacked by Israeli settlers
11 Sep 2011 – West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-Israeli settlers attacked yesterday two Jerusalemite citizens while they were heading to their work in the occupied Jerusalem.

Israeli forces abduct 5 Palestinian boys in Gaza
11 Sep 2011 – Gaza Strip, (Pal Telegraph)-An Israeli special unit abducted yesterday evening five Palestinian boys from an area in the north of Khan Younis, southern Gaza Strip.

The National

Iraqi Shiite cleric Al Sadr tells followers to stop attacking US soldiers
The National 11 Sep 2011 – Shiite leader warns US troop withdrawal would be delayed by violence, but says if withdrawal does not happen ‘the military operations will be resumed in a new and tougher way’.

Turkish PM launches ‘Arab Spring tour’ in bid to boost influence
The National 11 Sep 2011 – Turkey builds an empire of influence as Ankara seeks to position itself as a leading political power, with Ergodan cast as the champion of the reshaped Muslim world.

Egypt’s military ruler fails to turn up to Mubarak trial to give testimony
The National 11 Sep 2011 – Field Marshal Tantawi busy dealing with aftermath of riot at Israeli embassy in Cairo, defence lawyer tells court.

Al Qaeda is in crisis but its offshoots still pose potent threat
The National 11 Sep 2011 – Security officials say death of its founder, internal tensions and drone attacks have weakened group 10 years on from its greatest success.

Yemeni army tightens hold on southern city of Zinjibar
The National 11 Sep 2011 – GCC continues to work on power transfer agreement with President Saleh as 280 people are killed in fighting to lift the Zinjibar siege.

Israel’s defence minister raises alarm over country’s increasing isolation
The National 11 Sep 2011 – Ehud Barak calls for cabinet crisis talks on Egypt, Turkey and Palestinian state, and deteriorating relationship with US.

Red carpet rolled out in Tripoli for NTC chief
The National 11 Sep 2011 – Leaders in Benghazi, which served as the headquarters for the rebel forces, hope the area will not be ignored by the new government, now half of the transitional council is in the Libyan capital.

Arab League chief claims deal on reform in Syria
The National 10 Sep 2011 – Nabil Al Arabi said yesterday he had reached a deal on political reform with the Syrian president Bashar Al Assad, as regional powers stepped up pressure on Damascus to end six months of bloodshed.


Shots fired from Egypt toward IDF vehicle on Israel border
Ha’aretz – No casualties reported in the shooting; incident takes place near site of last month’s terror attack in which eight Israelis were killed.

Israel vows to defend gas after Turkey threatens to boost navy patrols in Mediterranean
Ha’aretz – Energy Minister Uzi Landau says Israel will secure its rigs after Erdogan says Turkey will make its presence felt in the eastern Mediterranean.

Turkey FM condemns Israeli ‘plan’ to support PKK
Ha’aretz – Davutoglu responds to Lieberman’s reported plan to arm PKK in order to harm Turkey, says his country will not be blackmailed.

U.S. marks 10-year anniversary of 9/11; Biden: We will not stop until al-Qaida is destroyed
Ha’aretz – Ceremonies held across the United States and the world in memory of those 2,977 killed in the largest terror attack in history.

Carlo Strenger / The Free World must not use fear and rage to fight terrorism
Ha’aretz – Terrorist groups aim to cloud our minds in order to subvert our values: we must not give into their ploy, and instead remain cool-headed in the face of this danger.

Where Haaretz readers were on 9/11 when the Twin Towers fell
Ha’aretz – We invited our readers to tell us and their fellow users what they experienced on September 11, 2011; these are some of their stories.

French JDL recruiting Jews with military experience to ‘defend’ Israeli settlements
Ha’aretz – Rightist group, founded by late Rabbi Meir Kahane, is bringing volunteers to counter Palestinian marches on settlements planned for week of September 20.

Security forces storm Al-Jazeera office in Egypt
Ha’aretz – Egyptian newspaper reports that reason for the raid is that Qatar-based news channel is not officially licensed to broadcast.

Netanyahu on 9/11: World still in midst of war against terror
Ha’aretz – Democracies around the world should unite to continue fighting radical Islamists, Israeli PM tells cabinet.

Egypt steps up security around Israeli embassy in Cairo after weekend attack
Ha’aretz – Israel also beefs up security around Egyptian embassy in Tel Aviv; Egypt says will try those behind embassy attack swiftly in emergency state security courts.

Turkey PM won’t cross into Gaza during Egypt trip
Ha’aretz – A visit to Gaza was considered by Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, then postponed in July in the hope that Israel would agree to apologize for the flotilla raid that killed Turkish activists.

Israel approves plan to relocate 30,000 Bedouin from unrecognized villages
Ha’aretz – Prawer Report plan envisions relocation of Bedouin to recognized settlements, would grant financial and land compensation to evacuees.

‘Either with us or against us’
Ha’aretz – Without detracting from the gruesome nature of the attacks, or the death of innocent victims, one can argue that the other significant casualty of 9/11 has been the media’s unwillingness to question events that followed.

Israel cancels annual Druze pilgrimage to Syria citing security concerns
Ha’aretz – Interior Ministry spokesman Roei Lachmanovich says his office withdrew travel permits because of warnings from security officials.

Barak: Israel must address its growing political isolation
Ha’aretz – Defense Minister calls for special cabinet session, says spiraling events in the Middle East are not within Israel’s control, but ‘we can certainly affect the way we face them’.

Netanyahu: Cairo embassy attack was assault on Israel-Egypt peace
Ha’aretz – Premier calls embassy ‘axis of peace’ between the countries, praises moderate elements interested in preserving relations; Deputy PM Meridor echoes Netanyahu’s comments, says event was attack on ‘stability’ in region.

Palestinians warned Israel at start of Arab Spring: Ties with Egypt will change
Ha’aretz – Adviser to Abbas told senior official in Netanyahu’s government to expect waves of anti-Israel protests across Muslim world following UN vote on Palestinian statehood.

Jerusalem Post

Palestinian petitions Court to probe daughter’s death
Jerusalem Post 11 Sep 2011 – Claims that woman died after inhaling tear gas at protest challenged by IDF investigation showing that the woman did not attend the protest.

IDF upgrading search and rescue services
Jerusalem Post 11 Sep 2011 – Airborne hospitals created under concerns home front will be bombarded by missiles during future conflicts, to provide wounded soldiers better treatment.

Rothschild residents join petition against tent encampment
Jerusalem Post 11 Sep 2011 – ‘It’s anarchy,’ claim residents, amid complaints of public disorder, garbage, drugs, nudity, noise, rats, flies, traffic, ringworm.

Protesters decry ‘police brutality’ outside police station
Jerusalem Post 11 Sep 2011 – Rally occurs after city workers take down tents on Rothschild; protesters arrested and released after last rally gave roses to police to show non-violent intent.

Egypt says to toughen emergency laws
Jerusalem Post 11 Sep 2011 – Warning issued on state TV says police will fire on anyone who attacks Interior Ministry, police stations; voter registration to start by end of month.

Channel 2 journalists express solidarity with Channel 10
Jerusalem Post 11 Sep 2011 – Follows Channel 10 resignations due to a decision to apologize to US billionaire Sheldon Adelson for a January 2011 investigative report.

J’lem researchers: Juvenile diabetes cure is closer
Jerusalem Post 11 Sep 2011 – Discovery a breakthrough that could help researchers find ways to restore or increase beta cell function in people with this type of diabetes.

Shots fired at IDF jeep near Egyptian border
Jerusalem Post 11 Sep 2011 – No injuries or damages reported; shooting reported not far from where terrorists infiltrated Israel’s border along the Sinai peninsula, killing eight Israelis; IDF on high alert.

Ceremony marks murder of Pushkin Jews 70 years ago
Jerusalem Post 11 Sep 2011 – About 100 people gathered in suburb of St. Petersburg — believed to be northernmost point where Nazis implemented plan to annihilate the Jews.

Limmud brings young FSU Jews closer to Israel
Jerusalem Post 11 Sep 2011 – Global network has managed to bring many thousands of young participants around the world to its conferences touching on Jewish themes and issues.

Jewish Ideas Daily: Peace treaty troubles
Jerusalem Post 11 Sep 2011 – If the treaty with Egypt must be gutted in order to save it, something may be terribly wrong with the underlying land-for-peace approach.

No Holds Barred: Was God at Ground Zero?
Jerusalem Post 11 Sep 2011 – Could God, who provided defensive clouds to the Israelites for forty years in the desert, not have made the buildings impregnable to the aerial assault?

Editorial: Keep the peace
Jerusalem Post 11 Sep 2011 – Instead of venting their frustrations on Israel Egyptians should focus on myriad challenges that lie ahead as they transition to post- Mubarak era.

Egyptians distance themselves from embassy attack
Jerusalem Post 11 Sep 2011 – Israel is unpopular, but even the Muslim Brotherhood say storming the embassy in Giza distracted from key issues.

Iran negotiator offers fresh nuclear talks with EU
Jerusalem Post 11 Sep 2011 – Saeed Jalili writes to Ashton to announce the Islamic state’s readiness for talks with major powers “to reach bilateral agreements.”

Sheldon Adelson vs. Channel 10
Jerusalem Post 11 Sep 2011 – Though both Channel 10 and the freedom of speech received an unpleasant blow, it is Adelson’s reputation that has suffered most.

Egyptian minister: Israeli embassy breach was a ‘crime’
Jerusalem Post 11 Sep 2011 – Cairo’s information minister says incident undermined values of January revolution; Security beefed up around Israeli mission.

The Region: What Jews should know about Christians
Jerusalem Post 11 Sep 2011 – Israel and Jews should shake the extended hand of conservatives and Christians which is so often sincerely offered.

‘Turkish hackers preparing cyber attack on Israeli sites’
Jerusalem Post 11 Sep 2011 – Head of major Israeli website building company says defense systems have identified “tracks” left behind by Turkish hackers.

Choose your friends wisely
Jerusalem Post 11 Sep 2011 – Pro-Israel they may be, but are allies such as Glenn Beck and Pat Robertson really good for the Jewish state?

Captive to the misconception
Jerusalem Post 11 Sep 2011 – The current powers that be have Israel marching towards catastrophe.

Israel says offshore gas secure after Turk challenge
Jerusalem Post 11 Sep 2011 – Israel will develop, defend gas platforms discovered in its waters, says Energy Minister Uzi Landau following Turkish vow to boost naval patrols.

Benny Gantz meets with chief rabbis
Jerusalem Post 11 Sep 2011 – IDF Chief of General Staff tells rabbis he would reconsider the use of female singers at military ceremonies following dismal of four cadets.

PA: Israel’s reaction to UN bid is ‘hysterical’
Jerusalem Post 11 Sep 2011 – PLO secretary-general accuses Israel of inciting against Abbas, says Israel alone responsible for deterioration of relations with Turkey, Egypt.

US marks 10th anniversary of Sept. 11 attacks
Jerusalem Post 11 Sep 2011 – Obama greets family members, dignitaries; law enforcement authorities in NY, Washington on high alert amid threat of an al-Qaida plot.

‘Turkish foreign minister: Erdogan will not visit Gaza’
Jerusalem Post 11 Sep 2011 – Turkish daily reports Davutoglu said Israel “endangering itself with increasing isolation”; Erdogan will visit Tunisia, Libya, Egypt.

September 11th, remembering and forgetting
Jerusalem Post 11 Sep 2011 – The thing that was truly lost on 9/11, what nothing will ever bring back, is the rainy New York day of September 10, 2001.

Barak asks for cabinet meeting on ties with Turkey
Jerusalem Post 11 Sep 2011 – Defense minister says special meeting should be held to also discuss siege of Israel’s embassy in Cairo, PA UN statehood bid.

Iraq’s Sadr calls for halt to attacks on US troops
Jerusalem Post 11 Sep 2011 – Extremist Iraqi cleric warns that if US forces do not leave by year-end deadline, violence against military would resume at full force.

Froman: ‘Palestine will be world’s first Arab democracy’
Jerusalem Post 11 Sep 2011 – Rabbi Froman speaks to 20 Questions about the sin of evacuating Jews, of vandalizing mosques, and the need for Israel to begin negotiations with Muslim leaders on the basis of religion.

The Guardian

UN recognition of a Palestinian state receives public approval in Europe
The Guardian 11 Sep 2011 – Polls in France, UK and Germany show the majority of people back recognition of a Palestinian state by the UN The majority of people in the UK, France and Germany want their governments to vote in…

Letters: Israel’s choices
The Guardian 11 Sep 2011 – President Abbas is to be congratulated on persisting in applying for Palestinian statehood at the UN ( Report , 9 September), despite all the pressure and blackmail trying to force him not to. The quartet has never done…

Turkish-Egyptian alliance: Israel faces regional isolation | Editorial
The Guardian 11 Sep 2011 – Netanyahu can either prepare for another war or accept that Israel can no longer impose its will on its neighbours Monday’s visit to Egypt by Turkey’s prime minister, Reccep Tayyip Erdogan, will be watched like no…

Israel must come to terms with its changing neighbours | Peter Preston
The Guardian 11 Sep 2011 – Netanyahu’s regime needs to grasp how the Arab spring has changed all Middle East dynamics Take two countries in profound transition. One is Turkey , with an army numerically stronger than Britain, France and Germany rolled together….

Turkish PM arrives in Cairo as Israel recovers from embassy assault
The Guardian 11 Sep 2011 – Turkey will offer aid to secure alliance with Egypt, while Binyamin Netanyahu speaks of ‘very near disaster’ averted Turkey’s prime minister arrives in Cairo on Monday amid speculation that he will attempt to stoke anti-Israeli sentiment…


Unending “9/11s”: “A Sad Kind of Freedom.”
Uruknet September 11, 2011 – … Libya, another painstakingly developed country, is fast becoming another Iraq, in every way, from factional, to ethnic cleansing, especially of those with a darker skin, to factions brought in to ensure there will never be reconciliation – and historical and archeological treasures and heritage looted, bombed, destroyed. In Bani Walid, with its university campus…

NATO strikes pro-Gadhafi areas in Libya
Uruknet September 11, 2011 — NATO warplanes struck several targets in areas still loyal to fugitive leader Moammar Gadhafi as revolutionary forces said they had to retreat from a key loyalist stronghold after coming under heavy fire. The Western alliance said Sunday that it hit a tank, two armed vehicles and one multiple rocket launcher the day before near…

Thousand-and-one reasons why Palestine must get independence…
Uruknet September 10, 2011 – The following report from Bethlehem University that academic staff had been attacked yet again, this time by Israeli squatters, reminds me of how the Israelis apparently resent the Palestinians’ fine education tradition. They have seen to it that Palestinian universities suffer the severest restrictions in delivering knowledge. Bethlehem University, which includes many Muslims among…

Gaddafi’s ghost town after the loyalists retreat
Uruknet September 11, 2011 – Until last month, the town of Tawarga was home to 10,000 civilians. But as dusk fell over it last week, the apartment blocks stretched, black and dead, into the distance, and the only things moving were sheep. This pro-Gaddafi settlement has been emptied of its people, vandalised and partly burned by rebel forces. The…

Obama Style Stimulus
Uruknet September 10, 2011 – Obama’s leadership is defined by lawlessness, serial lying and betrayal of the public trust. For ordinary Americans, his new proposal amounts to a combination left hook, right cross haymaker, decking workers when they need uplifting. His September 8 “American Jobs Act” address to Congress, in fact, demonstrated his contempt for working households and their…

Syria News – September 10, 2011 (Warning: Graphic Videos)
Uruknet September 10, 2011 – 20 martyrs have fallen today by the bullets of security agents and army. 12 martyrs were from Homs alone, 3 from Idleb, 3 from Daraa, a martyr from Damascus and Ghiath Matar from Damascus Suburbs …Deir Ezzor: Martyrdom of Mohammed Ahmed Harouni -19 years- who have been arrested and murdered by security forces when…

Iraqi Turkmen protest over liquidation’ of doctors
Uruknet September 10, 2011 – Thousands of ethnic Turks in Kirkuk went to streets demanding protection of intellectuals and scientists in the oil-rich city. The ethnic Turks, known as Turkmen, were protesting over the killing of a top Iraqi neurosurgeon Abbas al-Damerji. The killing was the latest in a series of similar incidents targeting doctors and scientists in the…

Israel bars entry of books into jails
Uruknet September 10, 2011 – The Palestinian Prisoners Club (Nadi Al-Asir) on Saturday said that the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) barred the entry of books into prisons. The club said that the IPS barred the entry of books, of all its fields, into 23 prisons and detention camps as punishment against some 7,000 Palestinian prisoners. The club said that…

Uruknet September 10, 2011 – …There is now no doubt that Gaddafi, who is hated by some and loved by others (for different reasons), has been ousted – not, of course, by the NTC but by the Western powers with the tacit approval of the UN. The world body had, to the consternation of many, allowed Nato to go…

Mousa’s lawyer warns of more army abuse cases Death in military custody of eight Iraqi men is ‘just the tip of the iceberg’
Uruknet September 11, 2011 – A human rights lawyer warned yesterday that the killing of Baha Mousa and seven other Iraqi detainees in British military custody is “just the tip of the iceberg”. Phil Shiner, a lawyer acting for Baha Mousa’s family, warned that the Gage inquiry into Mousa’s brutal death at the hands of British troops in Iraq…

“Rebels” frustrated as Gadhafi loyalists resist assault on Bani Walid
Uruknet September 10, 2011 – ….Opposition forces don’t know how many Gadhafi loyalists are in the town, though they believe they are heavily armed with machine guns and rockets, said Abdulrahman Busin, an NTC spokesman. Two of Gadhafi’s sons — Saif al-Islam and Mutassim — have been previously reported to be there. On the back foot for the moment,…

Urgent Appeal: A Major, Unnoticed Rebel Abuse in Plain Sight
Uruknet September 9, 2011 – The following is from an e-mail (improved) I sent to someone at Amnesty International yesterday. I’ve been unable today to send it out to anyone else, but plan to soon. In the meantime, I will post it here on my bulletin board, with a request for anyone else concerned to help spread the word….

YNet News

Turkey on FM’s plan: No one will extort us
YNet News, 11 Sep 2011 – Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu responds to an Israeli report according….

Egypt: Documents taken during raid on Israeli Embassy worthless
YNet News, 11 Sep 2011 – Cairo media inspects documents found during mob’s raid on Israeli embassy, says….

Bedouin Negev settlement reforms approved
YNet News, 11 Sep 2011 – In spite of controversy, opposition — government passes plan to regularize….

Ahmadinejad: US used 9/11 as excuse to start wars
YNet News, 11 Sep 2011 – Iranian leader says September 11 attacks were used by US in complicated,….

Turkey: Erdogan will not visit Gaza during regional tour
YNet News, 11 Sep 2011 – Turkish PM’s visit to Egypt – the first by a Turkish leader in 15 years – will….

French FM: UN failure to agree position on Syria a ‘scandal’
YNet News, 11 Sep 2011 – Alain Juppe: We think regime has lost its legitimacy. We think it’s too late to….

Jerusalem: Police suspect 4 Arabs attacked by haredim
YNet News, 11 Sep 2011 – Four municipal workers sustain light wounds after being assaulted with pepper….

Embassy under siege: Israeli guards fired in the air
YNet News, 11 Sep 2011 – New evidence sheds light on drama in Cairo: Three of six Israeli security guards….

Kiryat Arba culture center courts controversy
YNet News, 11 Sep 2011 – Local council members present proposal that will see performances at soon-to-be….

9/11 remembered in worldwide ceremonies
YNet News, 11 Sep 2011 – From Sidney to Atlanta formal ceremonies planned or already underway to honor….

‘Egypt advised Israel to pull ambassador’
YNet News, 11 Sep 2011 – Official Egyptian sources and foreign diplomats in Cairo on Sunday told Egyptian newspaper al-Ahram that prior to Friday’s raid on the Israeli Embassy in Cairo, Egypt had … ….

‘Daniel was an inspiration’
YNet News, 11 Sep 2011 – Israeli-American Daniel Levin became the first victim of the 9/11 terror attacks, when he single-handedly tried to prevent the hijackers of American Airlines Flight 11 … ….

Shots fired at IDF force on Israel-Egypt border; none injured
YNet News, 11 Sep 2011 – An IDF force patrolling the Israel-Egypt border on Sunday night reported hearing shots fired from the Egyptian side of the border at the southern Kibbutz of Netafim. No … ….

Iran offers fresh nuclear talks with EU
YNet News, 11 Sep 2011 – Iran’s nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili has written to the European Union foreign affairs chief to announce the Islamic state’s readiness for fresh nuclear talks with … ….

Jerusalem: 2 Arabs attacked with tear gas
YNet News, 11 Sep 2011 – Two Arabs employed by the City of Jerusalem as maintenance workers were attacked with tear gas on Sunday while on duty. The assailants are believed to be four men, … ….

Embassy raid: Egyptian military arrests 92 suspects
YNet News, 11 Sep 2011 – The Egyptian military police on Sunday arrested 92 additional people suspected of involvement in the riots at the Israeli Embassy in Cairo, bringing the number of … ….

Kalantarov case: Sudmi brothers convicted
YNet News, 11 Sep 2011 – The Petah Tikva District Court on Sunday authorized a plea bargain in the case of the State vs. brothers Adir and Naor Sudmi, who were accused of the murder of … ….

Palestinian Information Center

Dozens injured as IOF cracked down on West Bank marches
PIC – 10/09/2011 – 08:40 AM

Israeli ambassador flown from Cairo in private jet
PIC – 10/09/2011 – 08:14 AM

OCHA: Movement restrictions in occupied West Bank affecting 200,000 Palestinians
PIC – 10/09/2011 – 11:43 AM

IOF troops bombard Gaza suburb, fishing boats
PIC – 10/09/2011 – 12:05 PM

Abu Marzouk rules out unity deal will be implemented soon
PIC – 10/09/2011 – 12:07 PM

Israel to resume diplomatic ties with Egypt at a downgraded level
PIC – 11/09/2011 – 10:30 AM

Erdogan: An advocate for Israel should not head main opposition
PIC – 11/09/2011 – 11:23 AM

UFree lobbies Allawi detention with European lawmakers
PIC – 11/09/2011 – 11:26 AM

Hindi: The PA attempt to extract recognition of a state is useless
PIC – 11/09/2011 – 11:30 AM

Israeli special force abducts five men south of Gaza
PIC – 11/09/2011 – 12:06 PM

Fire devours hundreds of olive trees west of Jenin
PIC – A massive fire erupted Saturday night in Anin village west of Jenin city in the West Bank, devouring hundreds of olive trees, locals reported.

Hamas slams UNRWA for interfering in union activities
PIC – The Hamas Movement’s department of refugee affairs criticized the UNRWA for intervening in the work of labor unions and suspending head of the UNRWA’s Arab staff union Suhail Hindi for three weeks.

Haneyya: Erdogan’s visit to Gaza historic
PIC – Palestinian premier in Gaza Ismail Haneyya has said that his government was preparing for the historic visit of Turkish premier Recep Erdogan to the Strip even it was not yet formally determined.

Tunisian aid convoy to enter Gaza soon
PIC – The Tunisian aid convoy Karama (dignity) left Carthage airport for Cairo on Saturday afternoon to deliver symbolic humanitarian assistance to the besieged Gaza Strip.

Israeli navy abducts 7 Palestinian fishermen at sea
PIC – Israeli navy forces attacked and kidnapped seven Palestinian fishermen from Shati refugee camp to the northwest of Gaza city while fishing at sea off the coast of the Strip on Sunday.

IOF snatched 40 Palestinians in West Bank last week
PIC – Last week, Israeli occupation forces arrested a total 40 Palestinians across the West Bank, the Palestinian Center for the Defense of Detainees said in a fresh report.

Haneyya invites Libyan TNC chairman Mustafa Abdul Jalil to visit Gaza
PIC – Gaza prime minister Ismail Haneyya has reached Mustafa Abdul Jalil, the head of the TNC, over the phone on Sunday and congratulated him on victory of the Libyan people’s revolution.

Israel approves plan to resettle 30,000 Bedouins in Negev
PIC – The Israeli Cabinet approved Sunday the Prawer Report designed to resettle tens of thousands of Bedouins in the Negev desert to Israeli settlements.

Erdogan plans on establishing strategic partnership council with Egypt
PIC – Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan plans on declaring the establishment of a strategic partnership council with Egypt during his scheduled two-day visit to the country on Monday.

Israel’s hell has begun
PIC – The Zionists murdered our children, destroyed our homes, obliterated our towns, demolished our houses of worship, and then expelled the bulk of our people to the four winds.


Palestinian Institution-Building Achievements Challenged by Lack of Economic Growth, Says World Bank

First International Circus in Palestine Concludes in Ramallah

Palestinian Cause Priority on Agenda of Arab League 136 Session

Preliminary Meeting for Members of Palestinian Constitution Held in Amman

Ashrawi: September is Historical Test for International Community

Ministry of National Economy Seizes Settlements Products in Salfit

Erekat: Palestinian UN Bid is to Gain Membership, Not Announce Independence

ALBA Countries to Vote for Palestinian UN Bid

Extremist Jews Attack Palestinian Municipal Workers in Jerusalem

Israeli Incitement Campaign against PA is Hysterical, says Official

European Foreign Ministers Support Palestinian Bid, says Official

Newspapers Review: Break-in to Israeli Embassy in Cairo Dominates Dailies

Intifada Palestine

Egyptians Break Down The Wall Around the Israeli Embassy
Intifada-Palestine: 10 Sep 2011 – Dr. Ashraf Ezzat / Intifada Palestine Last week, in the wake of public anger over the killing of five Egyptian police officers and soldiers at the borders with Israel who were reported caught up in the crossfire while the Israeli forces were… more

William Cook — The Loneliness of the Falling Man
Intifada-Palestine: 10 Sep 2011 – THIS IS YOUR WAKE UP CALL Certainly we must pay attention to this falling man who epitomizes those caught in the merciless behavior of uncontrolled power—selfish, arrogant, soulless without remorse or compassion or respect or dignity for those they destroy. William… more

Jewel in the Crown of the Arab Spring
Intifada-Palestine: 10 Sep 2011 – By Sami Moubayed The Arab Spring has given an interesting twist to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Young Arabs on the streets of major capitals have realised that the real problem is not only Israel but the Arab environment that has surrounded the… more

Los Angeles Times

Israel’s determination unshaken by rifts with allies
LA Times 11 Sep 2011 – With Turkey, Egypt, and maybe even the U.S. losing patience with Israel’s policies, the external pressure appears to only harden the isolated nation’s resolve to go it alone. Israel has always bet its survival on a few key friendships amid a world of enemies. But…

Libya rebels in chaotic fight at Bani Walid
LA Times 11 Sep 2011 – Fighters’ hope of a swift victory is dashed for now as they are forced to retreat from the Kadafi stronghold, where loyalist troops appear to be dug in and internal opposition has been suppressed. Rebel fighters sped back on forth on gun trucks and comrades…

Nouri Maliki accepts resignation of top Iraq corruption fighter
LA Times 10 Sep 2011 – Raheem Uqaili, chairman of the independent watchdog Integrity Commission, had drawn admirers and detractors for taking on cases targeting figures in the Defense Ministry and other government agencies. Prime Minister Nouri Maliki on Saturday accepted the resignation of Iraq’s top corruption fighter, whom some observers…

New York Times

Yemeni Forces Are Said to Enter Coastal City
New York Times 11 Sep 2011 – Yemeni armed forces have entered the city of Zinjibar for the first time since Islamic militants seized the coastal city last May, according to state-run media.

Bodies of 40 Cabdrivers Found in Mass Grave in Iraqi Town
New York Times 11 Sep 2011 – In a country where mass graves are not uncommon, the police say a gang killed the 40 drivers during the last two years and stole their cars.

Reports See Fiscal Woes Undermining Palestinians
New York Times 11 Sep 2011 – While public institutions are said to be gaining traction, an “acute fiscal crisis” is believed to be brewing.

Hacker Rattles Internet Security Circles
New York Times 11 Sep 2011 – Digital security certificates were compromised, exposing online communications and shaking a foundation of Internet trust.


Krugman seems to want to talk about pundit-class responsibility for Iraq disaster
Mondoweiss – Krugman sounds pissed. His NYT 9/11 commemoration column is called The Years of Shame . It’s brief, this is half of it. And then the attack was used to justify an unrelated war the neocons wanted to fight, for all the wrong reasons. A lot of other…

On September 11, 2011
Mondoweiss – My tears are more than a drop – they are an ocean pregnant with silent sorrows In it are my tears for the thousands on the morning of september eleven [1] Those who were dressed in slacks and shorts, and Those who were running or being…

Guess it wasn’t Saddam after all: Israeli media now trying to pin 9/11 on Hezbollah and Iran
Mondoweiss – Was Iran behind 9/11? Ynet: US lawsuit charges that Iran, Hezbollah involved in facilitation of September 11 attacks. Ynetnews presents special report about dramatic revelations that could change everything we knew about 9/11. And more news from Today in Palestine: Land, property, resources theft & destruction /…

Question from an Israeli teacher on the 1st anniversary of 9/11: ‘So looking back, how did we benefit from September 11th?’
Mondoweiss – “So looking back, how did we benefit from September 11th?” my teacher with the lazy eye asked as we all sat around in a circle in my 9th grade classroom in Or-Akiva on the first anniversary of the event. I’d been going to Israeli schools since…

We’ve learned nothing since 9/11
Mondoweiss – Excepting a few marginalized journalists and thought leaders , most Americans have learned less than nothing about the causes of the September 11, 2001 attacks. In the wake of that dreadful day, and for years afterward, then-President Bush claimed, almost comically, that they attacked us because they…

Israel: Things Going to Hell in Hand Basket

Tikun Olam – Israel’s new ‘porcupine policy’ substitutes for real policy in aftermath of Arab Spring Ethan Bronner wrote a story today with the deeply ironic (for him) title: Beyond Cairo, Israel Sensing a Wider Siege. Ironic, of course, because one of the major themes of the Israeli Occupation…

Israeli Consul, Stand With Us Engage in Lawfare Against Olympia Food Coop
Tikun Olam – Akiva Tor: Israeli Pacific NW consul harrasses U.S. businesses supporting BDS The eavesdropping transcripts Shamai Leibowitz leaked in 2009 contained information about covert Israeli penetration of the American political environment. If I had transcripts of current Israeli diplomatic traffic now, I’d be hearing conversations concerning the…

Misc 2

Crucial Tantawi testimony delayed
BBC 11 Sep 2011 – The appearance of Egypt’s military ruler Field Marshal Tantawi at the Mubarak trial is adjourned because he is too busy with security issues.

Roadside graves found in Tripoli
BBC 11 Sep 2011 – The corpses of up to 20 people are found in two roadside graves on the outskirts of the Libyan capital, Tripoli.


September at the UN?
Mazin Qumsiyeh, Al-Ahram Weekly9/11/2011
Rather than engaging in symbolic actions at the UN, the Palestinian leadership should listen to the Palestinian people.
Some of my friends in Fatah and others will not like some of what I have to say here. Others will respect and even appreciate it, including some members of the Fatah Central Committee. The situation is becoming intolerable, and some of us feel that we cannot remain silent. I personally owe it to the 50,000 people who read my e-mails, and the many who specifically e-mail to ask me questions, to raise the issue of the possible recognition of a Palestinian state by the UN in September.
The proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back leading to this article was an e-mail from Saeb Ereikat that included a document claiming to contain details of the strategy of the Palestinian leadership in going to the UN in September for recognition. On the same day that I received the e-mail, the Israeli authorities initiated laws in the country’s parliament, the Knesset, to make Israel more Jewish and approved the building of 930 new houses in the new Jewish settlement of Har Homa C, adjacent to Har Homa A and B and on Jabal Al-Deek, the land on which my own village of Beit Sahour stands.
Words from unelected representatives can be lost amid the din of jack-hammers and bulldozers tearing up the ancient landscape. Declarations to the media about 122 countries recognising Palestine, about the same as was the case in 1989, mean little to villagers and refugees who are daily losing their struggle to get their concerns heard by those who drive SUVs and Mercedes cars through the streets of Ramallah and go unhindered through checkpoints using their VIP cards.
I talk and work with activists on the ground daily. The message they all relay is that there is a widening rift between the Palestinian political parties and the people….. more.. e-mail

Israel approves plan to uproot 30,000 Bedouins
Joseph Dana, +972 Magazine9/11/2011
The approval of the ‘Prawer Plan’ concerning Bedouins in the Negev desert demonstrates that Israel’s principle of divide and rule, which has been perfected in the West Bank and Gaza, also applies to citizens of Israel living inside 1948 boundaries.
Perhaps the most violent component of Israel’s control over non-Jewish inhabitants since the founding of the state has been the (unequal) distribution and allocation of resources. In Area C of the West Bank, the area designated for full Israeli military and civilian control by the Oslo accords which makes up the majority of land in the occupied territories, Israel has demonstrated its ability to control the Palestinians of the West Bank through the allocation of resources such as water, electricity and building permits. In the West Bank village of Susya, for example, Palestinians are forced to purchase water at rates close to 10 times higher than an Israeli living in Tel Aviv. Their wells are destroyed by Israel’s civilian administration due to lack of permits which are almost impossible to obtain and many living structures are deemed illegally built and subject to demolition.
The deprivation of resources leaves Palestinians helpless in the face of bureaucratic measures which even Kafka could not have imagined. The point of this system is clear, make Palestinian life in area C villages so unbearable that they their only option is to move into cities in Area A, under Palestinian Authority control. The unclaimed land is then expropriated by Israel using out of date Ottoman laws. This amounts to an effective use of the classic colonial practice of divide and rule given the fragmented nature of Area A cities in the West Bank and the settlements which form almost natural barrier between them.
Interestingly, this is not just happening to West Bank Palestinians. Something similar is taking place to non-Jewish citizens inside Israeli territory. This morning, Israel authorized the controversial “Prawer Plan” concerning the resettlement of Bedouins in the Negev Desert. more.. e-mail

Palestine’s future — its students — must be set free
Stuart Littlewood, Redress9/12/2011
Free to learn… free to train… free to excel… free to plan… free to travel… free to trade… free to govern…And free at last from Israel’s reign of thuggery
The last thing Israel wants is masses of bright and clever young Palestinians next door in the shredded remains of the occupied territories. But that’s exactly what Palestinian youngsters are — bright and clever, given half a chance. So they need repressing. They need humiliating constantly. They need to be discouraged. They need to have their education disrupted big-time, so that they become a broken, dispirited, docile mass without ambition, utterly dependent on a few crumbs of comfort and easy to control.
So the Israelis make spiteful war on students especially, as well as women and children generally.
Last week’s report from Bethlehem University about the brutal attacks by Israeli squatters, in one case under the indulgent eye of Israeli soldiers, on a professor and a student reminds me that I have written on three earlier occasions about intimidation and obstruction by the Israeli authorities. At this moment in the long struggle for decency and freedom it is worth recalling these incidents, which vividly illustrate why Palestinian independence is so vitally important.
To get to Bethlehem University, or any other, many students have to run the gauntlet of Israeli checkpoints. “Sometimes they take our ID cards and they spend ages writing down all the details, just to make us late,” said one. Students are often made to remove shoes, belt and bags. “It’s like an airport. Many times we are kept waiting outside for up to an hour, rain or shine, they don’t care.” The soldiers attempt to forcibly remove students’ clothes or they swear and shout sexual slurs at female students. more.. e-mail

How Kobe Bryant blows a hole in the Irvine 11 prosecution’s case
Electronic Intifada: 11 Sep 2011 – Max Blumenthal The Electronic Intifada Did the Irvine 11 really “shut down” Michael Oren? Or did he simply have better things to do than finish his engagement with a packed auditorium of avid pro-Israel supporters?more

More material available from Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel – www.vtjp.org
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