Wkileaks Newslinks 12 September 2011

12 September 2011 — williambowles.info

Latest Wikileaks Releases Give Zimbabweans Insights Into Political Parties
Voice of America
11 September 2011 Latest Wikileaks Releases Offer Zimbabweans Candid View of Political Parties The United States embassy for its part strongly condemned the release of the cables. Sharon Hudson-Dean, US Embassy spokesperson, says the disclosures could …

Anna, Wikileaks rewrite political equations in UP
Times of India
Besides (mis)using CBI probe against SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav in
disproportionate assets case, another factor, which will decide its future
relations with SP is the WikiLeaks expose that Congress president Sonia
Gandhi was in favour of fielding a …

Wikileaks details U.S. help for Big 3
The Detroit News
A Detroit News review of more than 100 auto-related communications, part of
a WikiLeaks cache of more than 250000 cables between US embassies and
Washington, peeks behind the curtain of the close relationship between
Detroit automakers and the …

Pratt Told Me Wikileaks Exposé On Nana Addo Was ‘Stupid’ And ‘Total Rubbish …
Since the recent exposé on Ghana by whistle-blower website Wikileaks, one
of the personalities who has been viciously flaked and has come under a
barrage of constant media criticisms is perhaps Editor of the Insight
newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Jnr. The …

Wikileaks: Yet another distraction from issues of bread and butter
Upon the unset of this needless Wikileaks brouhaha, I have taken the pains
to follow news in Countries like the US where these diplomatic cables were
supposed to have been leaked from, by the whistle blowing website. My
mission was simple; …

Come out with evidence, El-Rufai challenges WikiLeaks,
By Henry Umoru Former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory
Administration, FCTA, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai yesterday described as false
and fairy tales, reports by Wikileaks that he influenced the award of
contracts worth $50m to the brother of …

WikiLeaks: Ch Nisar, Asfandyar open their hearts to Anne Patterson
The News International
ISLAMABAD: Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan is at heart a nationalist, but he does
recognise the need to stay in the good graces of the United States, said a
secret American Embassy Islamabad cable written by Ambassador Anne
Patterson. …

AP Review Downplays Threat From WikiLeaks Disclosures
An Associated Press inquiry into US State Department sources who were outed
in the latest unredacted WikiLeaks file dump found virtually no one who
felt endangered by public knowledge of their involvement in US government
information gathering. …

Zimbabwe: Khaya Moyo Irks US Envoy – WikiLeaks
According to the latest diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks, Cde Khaya
Moyo met Mr Ray and after repeated attempts to persuade him to admit that
his party was responsible for the hostilities, but he told him that Zanu-PF
could not be solely blamed …

Wikileaks – Coup In Ghana?
Peace FM Online
But scanning through Wikileaks cables, I came across a cable that brought
up memories of the failed coup attempt under President Kufour about a month
before the 2004 elections. The cable noted that none of the big wigs in the
P-ndc expressed any …

WikiLeaks: Kofi Boakye Holds Cocaine Dossier
The secret memo filed to Washington in 2007, is part of the leaked
diplomatic cables published by whistleblower Wikileaks. Ms. Bridgewater,
who had a rather friendly relationship with Mr. John A. Kufuor, when he
served as Ghana’s President, …

I’m no terrorist, I just wanted a wife
New Zealand Herald
Mark Taylor was among 23 Australian-based people of security interest
listed in a secret diplomatic cable published by WikiLeaks. He had been
arrested trying to enter the al-Qaeda stronghold of Wana in Pakistan. Mr
Taylor told TV3’s 60 Minutes …

Uganda: Mukula in Trouble Over Wikileaks
Flamboyant NRM Vice Chairman for Eastern region is headed for trouble as
revelations emerged from the online whistleblower, WikiLeaks, about what he
told the US mission here that President Museveni was grooming his son to
replace him. …

On WikiLeaks and the question of Kadhi courts
The Citizen Daily
I asked myself: who among 40 million Tanzanians reads WikiLeaks or has
access to those reports? And if the ‘WikiLeaks’ report was lies or ‘lazy
malicious gossip’, why were these lies not simply ignored with the contempt
deserving a blatant lie? …

CNPP charges Jonathan on Wikileaks’ allegations
Nigerian Tribune
THE Conference of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP) has called on President
Goodluck Jonathan to, as a matter of urgent national importance, set up a
high powered inquiry to investigate the Wikileaks allegations. The group
also called on the president …

None will get punishment despite verdict against NRO: WikiLeaks
Geo Television Network
KARACHI: The government had told the US prior to SC annulment of NRO that
none would be punished in case the verdict went against it, according to
WikiLeaks disclosure. In a cable dated December 4, 2009 sent to Washington,
US Ambassador, N. Patterson …

Nagenda, Museveni secrets revealed, how Wikileaks caused fallout
The Observer
The cables were leaked by whistleblower website, WikiLeaks. The releases
will not only cause embarrassment to the American Embassy but also offer an
insight into what could have triggered the fallout between Nagenda and the
Musevenis, who could have …

2 held for alleged Essar’s cash transfer to naxals
Daily Pioneer
Close on the heels of revelations of WikiLeaks about Essar Group paying to
Maoists in Chhattisgarh, the police have arrested two people allegedly for
money transfer to rebels while a hunt is on to nab three others involved in
it. …

WikiLeaks: US Suspects Ex-NSA, Mukhtar, Had Links with Extremists
By Tokunbo Adedoja One of the United States diplomatic cables released by
internet whistle-blower, WikiLeaks, has revealed that US government
suspected that former National Security Adviser (NSA), Major General
Abdullahi Seriki Mukhtar, had links with …

Tales from Mexico’s drug wars, WikiLeaks style
CNN International
State Department cables recently made pubilc through WikiLeaks include
detailed accounts of some of the smaller events in the drug war, providing
a glimpse of successes and failures rarely revealed by officials. A CNN
review of all the WikiLeaks …

WikiLeaks – Master of conspiracy theories?
Manila Bulletin
One wonders how many more governments will have to undergo some form of sea
change, all because of exposes brought out into the light of day by
Wikileaks. One thing must be noted, however, and this the fact that the
great bulk of the communications to …

Wikileaks: Jonah Jang Linked Jos Crisis To Ki…
The Streetjournal
For some time now, the status of the tin rich city of Jos has changed from
a city of peoples dreams to one of the troubled spots in Nigeria.
Countless… Loud explosions again rocked the city of Jos in Plateau State
at about 8.25 pm on Sunday. …

Spokesman: Wikileaks justify the President’s principled positions
Famagusta Gazette
The so far leaked cables by Wikileaks document Cyprus President’s adherence
to the principles of a solution to the Cyprus problem, Government Spokesman
has said. ”The so far leaked cables by Wikileaks manifest one important
fact, that the President, …

Why I’m under attack – Okonjo-Iweala
When asked if Wikileaks was one of the websites she described as
“disreputable”, the minister said “I did not mention wikileaks, but
the wikileaks story about me is completely false. How can they say someone
alleged that I gave something to JonJon? …

WikiLeaks: US embassy backs AI-Boeing deal
… worth $8.5-billion (Rs 39500 crore), was to supply 50 wide-body
B777-B787 aircraft, powered by GE engines, to government-owned AI. The
embassy observations are part of a confidential official cable released by
whistleblower website WikiLeaks on …

WikiLeaks: Yar’Adua Wanted To
Leadership Newspapers
A whistle blower, WikiLeaks, has revealed that late President Umaru
Yar’Adua was considering prosecuting his predecessor, Chief Olusegun
Obasanjo, on corruption related issues, while he was assiduously working to
strip his government out of Obasanjo’s …

Mrs WikiLeaks!
By johnabayomi
News · Mrs WikiLeaks! 3 Cameroonians docked over alleged sale of fake
drugs · Group tasks FG on corruption in NDDC · Nigerian registered
airlines must join IATA – Oduah · NIMASA rescues 10 seafarers from
distressed vessel …

Looking at WikiLeaks cables on pharmaceutical drugs and trade …
By James Love
Like many others, I have spent the past several days combing through
countless US Department of State cables. I am primarily looking at the
cables that describe our government’s efforts to drive up the price of
medicine in developing …

Wikileaks: AlJazeera Deletes From its Website Content that Disturb …
US government keeps talking about its values of democracy, freedom in
general and freedom of press. But when it comes to exposing their own
crimes or publishing.

COMMENTARY: Wikileaks demonstrates the need for improved …
By admin
A few weeks ago, this medium printed an article entitled “More Wikileaks
to come”, following the revelations and publication of alleged
conversations between Prime Minister Gonzales and Bridgetown based United
States Embassy officials. …

ZimDaily » Wikileaks, a blessing in disguise: Jonathan Moyo
ZIMBABWE – HARARE – AS the rivetting story of the so-called WikiLeaks
continues to grip national attention, imagination and excitement under the
spell of a thus far disappointingly frivolous and vexatious media coverage,
the time has come …

WikiLeaks shocked Mugabe, says Tsvangirai | Nehanda Radio
By admin
Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai on Saturday revealed that President Robert
Mugabe had confided in him in the aftermath of the WikiLeaks cables that
revealed that Zanu PF members were revealing party secrets to US embassy

Wikileaks cables shine light on the War on Drugs
By admin
Wikileaks’ cables concerning the War on Drugs have shone light on issues
all around the world: the huge rate of corruption in Guatemala; an increase
of poppy production in Afghanistan since the US invasion; Burma’s new
nickname of the …

Wikileaks has betrayed Ghana’s intelligence – Kweku Baako …
By VibeGhana
Malik Kweku Baako, Editor-in-Chief of the New Crusading Guide has taken a
swipe at the indiscriminate and the wholesale manner in which Ghanaians,
politicians in particular, are consuming the contents of the US diplomatic
cables as …

Official Says ZANU-PF should punish WikiLeaks ‘sellouts’
By admin
A senior official of President Robert Mugabe’s ZANU PF has called for stiff
penalties for members of the party named in leaked US diplomatic cables,…

Wikileaks Exposes UN Eritrean sanction lies | Onda International …
By Redazione
Now, thanks to Wikileaks, the so called “evidence” claiming to document
a link between Eritrea and terrorism in Somalia all turns out to be bunkum,
at least according to the secret testimony of the US Ambassador to
Ethiopia. From the …

AP Review Downplays Threat From WikiLeaks Disclosures …
By WLNews
ABC NewsAP Review Downplays Threat From WikiLeaks DisclosuresTruthdigAn
Associated Press inquiry into US State Department sources who were outed in
the latest unredacted WikiLeaks file dump found virtually no one who felt


Box Turtle Bulletin » Wikileaks on Uganda’s Homosexuality Bill …
By Jim Burroway
A batch posted on Wikileaks last February revealed that diplomats thought
M.P. David Bahati, author of the draconian Anti-Homosexuality Bill,
operated with a “blinding and incurable” homophobia, and they discussed
security concerns with …

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