Wikileaks Newslinks 21 September 2011

21 September 2011 —

WikiLeaks: Modi aides found Advani uninspiring; wanted Manmohan as PM
Hindustan Times
According to the confidential diplomatic cable sent by the US Consulate at Mumbai during the 2009 general elections, now made public by the WikiLeaks, Modi supporters felt that Advani had failed to generate any enthusiasm. “LK Advani, the BJP leader, …

WikiLeaks sheds light on US-Jordan nuclear rift
Jordan Times
By Taylor Luck DIPLOMATIC CABLES recently released by WikiLeaks shed new
light on a growing rift between Amman and Washington over Jordan’s nuclear
programme. The leaked cables, posted by the US embassy in Amman in 2009,
summarise meetings between …

Wikileaks: Blackberry-Maker RIM Drawn Into Bizarre Ad Spat Over Venezuelan …
A new Wikileaks cable could put Blackberry maker RIM in hot water over its
dealings in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela. The cable, written by an anonymous US
diplomat, reveals the company was embroiled in a curious 2010 spat over
advertising for a theater …

WikiLeaks uses eBay to raise funds
WikiLeaks, the whistle-blowing organisation known for releasing top secret
US diplomatic memos, has turned to online retail site eBay to raise funds.
According to a report by news agency AFP, WikiLeaks is selling off
memorabilia including a copy of a …

Of National Villains And Wikileaks By Moses Ochonu
Nigerian Muse
By Moses Ochonu The Wikileaks releases constitute a dossier of elite
wrongdoing and foibles. We have read the cables about the usual suspects
from the criminal enterprise we used to ignorantly call Obasanjo’s
government: Obasanjo, Atiku, Soludo, …

Guyanese should read the WikiLeaks cables
Stabroek News
Clearer meaning more frightening. Every Guyanese should read those cables.
The PPP will give them laptops with their tax money, but when they get
them, they should go online and read the WikiLeaks cables. It will open
their eyes to an entirely new …

Security Expert denies WikiLeaks report
Ghana News Agency
20, GNA – Dr Kwesi Aning, Peace and Security Expert at the Kofi Annan
International Peacekeeping Training Centre on Tuesday denied assertions in
the WikiLeaks report attributed to him on Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo’s
alleged drug usage. …

WikiLeaks Cable Highlights High Level CDM Scam in India
International Rivers (blog)
A recent WikiLeaks cable from the US Consulate in Mumbai provides
irrefutable evidence that carbon credits generated by Indian projects and
sold to European countries under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) are
a lot of hot air. …

Kenya: Point of Objection, Wikileaks
In your edition of Tuesday, September 6, 2011 you carried an article at
page 3 titled, “Muite, Njoki conspired to break KACC” – Wikileaks. Allow me
to clarify the following:- The Committee on the Administration of Justice
and Legal Affairs in the 9th …

WikiLeaks links ex President’s close aide to human trafficking
Dominican Today
The United States Embassy handed a list with the names of members of the
military allegedly involved in people trafficking, to then Immigration
Agency director Carlos Amarante Baret in 2004, according to a WikiLeaks
cable sent to Washington on November …

Zimbabwe’s ZANU-PF Sees Ulterior Motive in Western Re-Engagement Efforts
Voice of America
But political analyst Charles Mangongera said ZANU-PF’s denunciation of
re-engagement reflected embarrassment at the release of US cables by
Wikileaks showing some of its most senior officials in candid discussions
with American envoys. …

Wikileaks Reveals US Concern over MIA Power
By Ernest Petrosyan Wikileaks continues to publish confidential materials
of US Diplomats regarding Georgia. A cable created on July 12, 2009 has
been released. The document is a dispatch from the US Ambassador to
Georgia, about the first full meeting …

Biti sought sanctions removal — WikiLeaks
Finance minister Tendai Biti sought the removal of three banks on the
United States sanctions list arguing this would aid the country’s economic
reforms, latest cables released by whistleblower website WikiLeaks have
revealed. …

WikiLeaks to auction off its founder’s belongings
The Voice of Russia
Whistleblower website WikiLeaks is putting up for online auction the
personal belongings of its founder, Julian Assange. On offer are ten
exclusive lots associated with key moments of Assange’s life and and his
work on ripping the lid off confidential …

Sponsorship deal by RIM shows perils of global business
Toronto Star
According to consular documents released on WikiLeaks, Waterloo-based
Research In Motion offered $300000 (US) to sponsor a production of the
musical Jesus Christ Superstar in early 2010 in Venezuela’s capital city,
Caracas. Associated with the deal was …–sponsorship-deal-by-rim-shows-perils-of-global-business

The need for industrial development in Namibia – by David Nuyoma
New Era
The recent revelation by WikiLeaks that former US Ambassador to Namibia,
Dennise Mathieu, sent diplomatic cables saying HE Hifikepunye Poh…
Regular patrons of the Woermann Brock Supermarket in Klein Windhoek,
/Ae//gams Centre may have noticed the …

Big Brother is watching; Mr. Wikileaks only a mouse click away…
Accra Daily Mail
These past few weeks, some Ghanaians have been caught in a feeding frenzy
of sorts – feeding on words put out by a cyber-creature called Wikileaks.
Essentially, Wikileak’s claim to favour is the stolen US diplomatic
correspondences it has put out on …

Nigeria: 2007 Poll – The Nation and Wikileak’s Revelations
FOR weeks now, the nation has been held spell-bound by the revelations
contained in US diplomatic cables published on the Wikileaks website to the
effect that former President Olusegun Obasanjo actually had plans to sack
the then Chairman of …

Full List Of Sites The US Air Force Blocked To Hide From Wikileaks Info …
When the State Department cables leaked via Wikileaks, some government
employees and agencies were put in a tough position, in that they couldn’t
officially view those documents, since they were still classified. As we’ve
noted in the past, …

US Warned Guatemala not to Torture Drug Suspects: WikiLeaks
InSight Crime
The US pressed Guatemalan officials not to torture or illegally detain
suspected drug traffickers, according to a diplomatic cable sent by the US
ambassador to Guatemala in April 2003, and released by WikiLeaks. The
classified cable, only part of which …

WikiLeaks shows how LVS played its chips in Macau
Business Times (subscription)
Meanwhile, the WikiLeaks documents also shed light on relations between
LVS, Wynn Resorts and MGM Resorts International, and the Macau government.
In conversations with former acting consul-general for Hong Kong
Christopher J Marut on Sept 24, 2009, …,4574,457125,00.html

Former BOCCIM boss denies claims on CEDA
The Bostwana Gazette
Recent United States of America (USA) diplomatic cables released by
Wikileaks claim that the former president of BOCCIM, Iqbal Ibrahim had said
that there is political influence in the appointment of the Citizen
Entrepreneurial Development Agency …

Leaking Truth (press release)
Over the past few weeks Wikileaks has bared many ‘truths’ about Kashmir.
Many prominent figures have found their private conversations with US
diplomats in the public domain. Besides, we have also learnt a great deal
about how American’s look at the …

Peter Goodspeed: US grapples with newly muscular Turkey
National Post (blog)
When WikiLeaks made thousands of secret US diplomatic cables public last
fall, Turkey’s Aksam newspaper dubbed the document dump “The Sept. 11 of
Diplomacy.” There was a definite note of anxiety in thousands of cables
sent to Washington describing how …

U.S. Building Drone Bases in Africa
Daily Beast
News of these sites comes, in part, from WikiLeaks: The US has claimed its
drones in the Seychelles are to track pirates, but cables from WikiLeaks
show they have conducted counterterrorism missions over Somalia. They also
show the US considering …

Musharraf informed US, Pak need no dictation in war against terrorism
South Asian News Agency
ISLAMABAD (SANA): Wikileaks disclosed that former president Pervez
Musharraf said it clearly to United States that US could not dictate
Pakistan of taking steps against terrorism, meanwhile he also demanded that
United States should not violate the …

Nigeria: Salvaging the Judiciary (3)
The weighty, scandalous and damaging revelations by Wikileaks reports in
the last two weeks about a possible conspiracy between some highranking
judicial officers and highlyplaced government officials to subvert justice
in Nigeria elicit many …

Jonathan Moyo promoted to JOMIC board, despite his Wiki filth
ZimEye Zimbabwe
This is so despite calls from party heavyweights such as Didymus Mutasa who
have called for the urgent punishment of all those who have been named by
the Wikileaks website as having clandestinely dined with US government
officials. …

Lions safe, but vulnerable due to Gujarati pride: US
Times of India
Many such documents sent from Mumbai consulate and Delhi US embassy were
leaked by the whistleblower website Wikileaks. A 2008 Wikileaks cable
titled ‘Wildlife Conservation In India’s Gujarat State Yields Impressive
Dividends But Pride Leaves Lions …

Vong Sokheng and Kristin Lynch
Phnom Penh Post
Her departure ends a term in which she openly spoke against corruption and
saw the release of hundreds of diplomatic cables as part of the WikiLeaks
saga. In an email to the Post yesterday, embassy spokesman Sean McIntosh
said that Rodley had …

Munter acknowledges chill in high-level US-Pak meetings
Pakistan Observer
New York—The US Ambassador to Pakistan, Cameron Munter, has acknowledged
that there was a chill in high level meetings between Islamabad and
Washington because of the Raymond Davis episode, the unilateral US ‘Osama
bin Laden’ raid and WikiLeaks …

Al Jazeera Chief Steps Down, WikiLeaks Cables a Culprit …
By Alex Weprin
Al Jazeera Chief Steps Down, WikiLeaks Cables a Culprit?

Al Jazeera Director Resigns Following Wikileaks Release Showing …
By Zara Golden
Al-Jazeera announced this morning in a statement that Wadah Khanfar, the
network’s director of eight-years, has resigned and is to be replaced by a
member of the Qatar royal family. Khanfar has been credited with both
revolutionizing the …

WikiLeaks Cable: UN Special Rapporteur Urged US Government to …
By Kevin Gosztola
(photo: dabnotu ) The Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles has denied Troy
Davis clemency.

WikiLeaks: Azeri, Turkish Diasporas Attempt to Form ‘Single …
By Nanore Barsoumian
At a forum held in Baku in March 2007, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev
said the Azerbaijani and Turkish diasporas must function “as a single

After Disclosures by WikiLeaks, Al Jazeera Replaces Its Top News …
published about 4 hours ago. Disclosures from WikiLeaks indicated that Al
Jazeera’s top news director, Wadah Khanfar, had modified the network’s
coverage of the Iraq war in response to pressure from the United States.
NYT World …,%20Al%20Jazeera%20Replaces%20Its%20Top%20News%20Director

Frontline story on Wikileaks — Lost At E Minor: For creative people
By Malcolm Hearn
Frontline story on Wikileaks. September 21, 2011 | Cool Websites | by
Malcolm Hearn|. How much do I really understand about WikiLeaks? I love the
PBS show Frontline and they have an interesting report about WikiLeaks that
they put online. …

Wikileaks: “Rawlings Used Drugs” – Former American Ambassador
By NewsAdmin
Wikileaks: “Rawlings Used Drugs” – Former Ame… Posted 12 hours ago.
After spending a full weekend with President Jerry Rawlings in mid 1997,
Hein Princen, the then American Ambassador to Ghana drew conclusions that
the President of …

I penned a new WikiLeaks article, did some interviews, and got tear …
By Ansel
Here’s a round-up of some of odds and ends that I haven’t gotten around to
posting until now. First, there’s this piece for Haiti Liberte: WikiLeaks.

In Ethiopia case, a response to WikiLeaks. By Joel Simon/CPJ …
By Andinet USA
During a 10-day period in September, he had been summoned three times by
Ethiopian authorities and questioned about a reference to him in a cable
sent by the U.S. Embassy in October 2009 and made public by WikiLeaks last
month. …

Wikileaks: Abhisit welcomes the coup | Political Prisoners in Thailand
By thaipoliticalprisoners
Five years after the 2006 coup, this Wikileaks cable of 28 September 2006,
featuring Democrat Party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva seems worthy of
attention. In it, U.S. Ambassador Ralph Boyce reports on a meeting he had
with Abhisit, at Democrat …

Wikileaks Takes Down the Head of Al Jazeera « The Daily Attack
By Rj
Wadah Khanfar, the director of Al Jazeera, announced his resignation today
after Wikileaks released documents that could prove embarassing to the news
organization, the New York Times has reported. According to the documents,
Khanfar …

Wikileaks Takes Down the Head … | AW WebBiz & Social Media Blog
By Gretchen Glasscock
Wikileaks Takes Down the Head of Al Jazeera: Wadaj Khanfar, the director of
Al Jazeera, announced his resignatio…

EA WorldView – Home – WikiLeaks & Iran Special (June 2009): The …
By Scott Lucas
Another cable from WikiLeaks reveals that in the days after the election,
the US Embassy in London had another high-profile Iranian source claiming
Mojtaba Khamenei’s responsibility for the Ahmadinejad victory. Writer and
broadcaster …

WikiLeaks links ex President’s close aide to human trafficking …
By WLNews
WikiLeaks links ex President’s close aide to human traffickingDominican
TodayThe United States Embassy handed a list with the names of members of
the military allegedly involved in people trafficking, to then Immigration
Agency director …

WikiLeaks: Basescu was worried about possible Russian-Romanian …
By nineoclock
… Bucharest, President Traian Basescu voiced serious worries that Romania
could have been drawn in a military conflict with Russia in Transdniester,
according to a US Embassy cable released by WikiLeaks and made public by …

Wikileaks (wikileaks2)’s status on Tuesday, 20-Sep-11 18:50:07 …
By wikileaks2
Wikileaks (wikileaks2)’s status on Tuesday, 20-Sep-11 18:50:07 UTC.
Wikileaks. Screw the banking blockade: I support WikiLeaks 50Euro sticker: (more info: ). about 3 hours ago
from bti at Everywhere …

Sperm bank turns down red hair | Wikileaks Online News
By Elmassy
Ole Schou, Cryos’s director, said that there had been a surge in donations
in recent years, allowing the facility to become much more picky about its

Of National Villains And Wikileaks By Moses Ochonu | Sahara …
The Wikileaks releases constitute a dossier of elite wrongdoing and
foibles. We have read the cables about the usual suspects from the criminal
enterprise we … / Foreign Affairs / Polish FM in Wikileaks: Germany …
According to a US cable recently published by Wikileaks, Sikorski, in a
conversation with the then US under secretary for global affairs Paula
Dobriansky in …

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