Wikileaks Newslinks 22-23 September 2011

23 September 2011 —

WikiLeaks Book: Julian Assange Unauthorizes His Own Autobiography
ABC News
By RANDY KREIDER WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange leaves Belmarsh
Magistrates’ Court in London, in this Feb. 7, 2011 file photo. (Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP Photo) WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has a history of falling out with his confederates. …

2007 mayhem: MQM denies WikiLeaks charges about role in May 12
The Express Tribune
PHOTO: COURTESY MQM The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has rejected the
WikiLeaks claims about the party’s role in the May 12 mayhem in Karachi. Dr
Farooq Sattar, MQM Rabita Committee’s deputy convenor, said that his party
along with the innocent …

Kufuor is playing smart; wikileaks is right on Nana Addo – Quarshigah
The ex-president described as shocking the wikileaks publication, part of
which quoted the editor of the Insight Newspaper Kwesi Pratt, as saying
that Nana Addo is a known wee smoker but does not deal in drugs. Mr. Kufuor
said such an allegation cannot …

Wikileaks Must expose the US secret agenda for Sept-11
Kashmir Watch
Recent revelations on US subversive Franglais has has given scope that the
Wikileaks would come out with revelations about real culprits of Sept-q11
and CIA conspiracy attached to that. The Wiki-leaks committed to exposing
all state secret deals, …

How WikiLeaks is changing journalism
The Guardian (blog)
How has WikiLeaks changed the journalistic environment? Charlie Beckett of
POLIS, the LSE’s journalism think-tank, is about to answer those questions
at the world editors’ forum in Vienna next month and in a forthcoming book.

WikiLeaks cable: Philippine gov’t clinics certify sex workers’ virginity
by Jojo Malig, MANILA, Philippines – Government clinics
in the Philippines check and certify if sex workers are virgins, a US
embassy cable released by antisecrecy group WikiLeaks has alleged. Cable
09MANILA1827 sent by then US …

Wikileaks could be work of CIA
New Vision
THE Ugandan media is relishing Wikileaks, a series of leaked diplomatic
cables hitherto secret and confidential dealings between the US government
officials, agents, and open source intelligence about foreign governments.
Let it be known that the US …

Al-Jazeera: Director announces resignation
Wadah Khanfar’s resignation follows release of documents by Wikileaks,
purporting to show he had close ties with the US and agreed to remove some
content in response to American objections. The leaked 2010 US diplomatic
cable indicated that Khanfar was …

Ethiopia: Reporter Named in Wikileaks Flees Amid Crackdown On Dissent
An Ethiopian journalist was forced to flee the country earlier this month
after being named in a WikiLeaks cable – the first time a leaked cable has
caused direct repercussions for a journalist, says the Committee to Protect
Journalists (CPJ). …

WikiLeaks: China Buying Gold To Devalue USD
According to a recent WikiLeaks cable, China is allegedly buying into gold,
away from the US dollar, in a bid to undermine the dollars’ role as a world
reserve currency. The cable, titled “China increases its gold reserves in
order to kill two birds …

WikiLeaks: Chevron Sought US Help in Ecuador
PEJ News
Now, several new cables that WikiLeaks has released shed additional light
on how the company tried to get help from the US Embassy in Ecuador to have
the case dismissed over the years. While some cables show that embassy
officials seemed willing to …

Wikileaks quotes Aoun: There are 1000 reasons to believe Syria killed Hariri
However, after Hariri was assassinated, spontaneous popular protests
erupted in Lebanon accusing Syria of murdering the former premier.
WikiLeaks has unleashed a torrent of more than a quarter million
confidential US cables detailing a wide array of …

Islamic scholar takes Fifi Kwetey on over his Wikileaks comments
Recently leaked US diplomatic cables published by the international
whistleblower website, Wikileaks, quoted the Deputy Finance Minister as
saying that a ‘Muslim can never become president in Ghana’. His alleged
comments have drawn serious criticisms …

Cameroon fears ethnic clashes following Wikileaks cable
Radio Netherlands
Wikileaks, the famous news leaks website has accused the Cameroonian
Justice Minister, Amadou Ali, of making tribalist statements regarding
President Paul Biya’s succession. The ‘leak’ has sparked heated debates on
the streets of Cameroon and in the …

Ramos-Horta dismisses polls violence
According to US cables released by WikiLeaks today, American diplomats felt
Ramos-Horta believed himself to be “above local politics” and had let his
Nobel peace prize “go to his head”. His office did not immediately respond
to requests to comment.

WikiLeaks chief denies sex allegations in memoir
Newsday (subscription)
Click here WikiLeaks chief denies sex allegations in memoir Published:
September 22, 2011 12:01 PM By The Associated Press JILL LAWLESS
(Associated Press) (AP) — WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says in a new
memoir that he did not sexually assault …

Bursting Wikleaks Bubble
From email to Wikileaks, the Net has helped liberate its users from (say)
the tyranny of distance and autocratic regimes (John Nichols, “Revolution
2.0: The People of Egypt Win a ‘Media War”, 11 February, 2011). The good
news continues to be spread …

Returned US envoy to Libya doesn’t see long-term insurgency
Los Angeles Times
He was back after an absence of nearly nine months precipitated by
WikiLeaks revelations attributed to him characterizing onetime Libyan
strongman Moammar Kadafi. (Mohamed Messara / European Pressphoto Agency /
September 22, 2011) By Patrick J. …,0,3856407.story

When do ‘Zanu PF interlocutors’ become traitors?
Nehanda Radio
Frankly i dont read By Moses Chamboko Jonathan Moyo’s desperate
self-defence in light of politically damaging WikiLeaks cables make
interesting reading. To spice up his damage-control but unpalatable menu
which he often employs with a discerning gift …

Chevron Lobbying Efforts Revealed by Leaked Cables
Courthouse News Service
The Wikileaks cables also show that Chevron did not always have misgivings
about the Ecuadorean courts. One rallying cry Chevron has used to undermine
the Lago Agrio trial is a video that allegedly implicates the presiding
judge, Juan Nuñez, …

Little resistance for new US ‘invasion’
Middle East North Africa Financial Network
Sep 23, 2011 (The Manila Times – McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via
COMTEX) — THE second part of this report from WikiLeaks revealed that
southern Philippines was getting more than its fair share of attention from
Washington. …

Information Asymmetry in Fertility Treatments
Wikileaks is exposing people, so why are heads not rolling? Even before
Wikileaks, the Halliburton scandal had blown open the lid on the can of
worms that is the Nigerian government. Nothing happened, though important
members of the government of the …

The Rebbellion: From Revolution To Revelation
Chabad Info
No, it is not WikiLeaks, it is the Baal Shem Tov, and he had a goal in
mind: Revolution Leads to Revelation. Full Story This series will be
focusing on the seven Rebbeim of Chabad. They are the ones whom the Rebbe
compares to the seven Tzaddikim that …

Ex-polls panel chief denies role in fake Ics
Daily Express
A news portal had on Tuesday reported that a leaked United States embassy
cable posted on WikiLeaks revealed that he had admitted to issuing more
than 60000 fake Malaysian identity cards in Sabah on Umno’s instructions.
“That can’t be true. …

In tropical paradise, U.S. drones meant revenue
Washington Post (blog)
… in the Indian Ocean, generated $3.1 million in revenue for local
businesses during their first four months of operations, according to an
unclassified US diplomatic cable buried in the database of State Department
cables obtained by WikiLeaks. …

Storyboard: This Episode Knows You Better Than You Think
Wired News
Since 2006, its writers have broken down everything from WikiLeaks to the
recent money grab from online poker outlet Full Tilt. Now co-founder and
veteran privacy reporter Ryan Singel is jumping from a gig writing about
tech business for Wired’s …

IFEX Communiqué Vol 20, No 37 | 21 September 2011 (press release)
Ethiopia: Reporter named in WikiLeaks flees amid crackdown on dissent 3.
Egypt: Mubarak-era media repression tactics back in force 4. Burma: Token
Internet freedom gesture amid continued draconian jailings 5. China:
Journalist reporting on “gutter oil” …

A Look Back (And Ahead) At Social Media’s Impact
In November 2010, Wikileaks released the first batch of classified
diplomatic cables, sparking the controversy over whether Julian Assange is
a champion of free speech or a war criminal. No matter what side you fall
on – and there seems to be little …

‘Zardari had thanked US for 2008 election win’
Zee News
Karachi: Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari had thanked the US delegation
after winning the 2008 Pakistan’s Parliamentary Elections, the whistle-
blowing website WikiLeaks has revealed. According to a diplomatic cable
sent by former US envoy Anne …

Analysis: The downgrading of the Palestinian UN bid
Jerusalem Post
If the release of the WikiLeaks cables has taught us anything, it is that
what Arab leaders say publicly is not exactly what they are saying
privately. For instance, the first batch of WikiLeaks cables released last
year showed that while Arab rulers …

Connecting the leaks
Daily Star Online
In the midst of drooling frenzy to relish in other people’s embarrassments,
the WikiLeaks leaks have made that one thing loud and clear. Our
politicians, who secretly talked to the US ambassadors, must be embarrassed
like drunks waking up next morning …

Opinio Juris » Blog Archive » WikiLeaks, Chevron, and Ecuador
By Kevin Jon Heller
Kate Sheppard has an interesting post at Mother Jones today discussing a
series of WikiLeaks cables that detail Chevron’s attempts to convince the
Ecuadorian government to end the lawsuit against it. Here are the two key
cables she …

Cameroon fears ethnic clashes following Wikileaks cable …
By admin
Wikileaks, the famous news leaks website has accused the Cameroonian
Justice Minister, Amadou Ali, of making tribalist statements regarding
President Paul.

Wikileaks Cables Make A Bad Week For Chevron Even Worse …
Now a series of diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks has gone and made
what was already a very bad week for Chevron even worse. The cables,
written by U.S. officials, show that Chevron engaged in a covert lobbying
campaign aimed …

‘Wikileaks allegations against MQM baseless’: Farooq Sattar | AAJ …
By Muhammad Ejaz
Deputy Convener of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), Dr Farooq Sattar on
Thursday said that the allegations made by Wikileaks holding MQM
responsible for the May 12 incident in 2007 are baseless. Addressing a
press conference, …

Wikileaks might be the handiwork of CIA | OzHouse Alt News
By OzHouse
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WikiLeaks Book: Julian Assange Unauthorizes His Own …
By Carmen Cox
World News and Headlines From ABC News Radio.

By Super Admin
Malaysia Today. Independent News Portal in Malaysia. Read the latest news
in the country covering issue on politics, business, lifestyle, community,
and so much more.

Wikileaks Founder Assange Tried to Suppress Publication of his …
By Peter
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange denounced an unauthorised autobiography as
it hit bookshops in Britain on Thursday, after he failed to prevent the
publisher printing an unfinished manuscript. Publisher Canongate said the
book “Julian …

Wikileaks boy sqawks when it’s his turn « Down under on the right side
The Australian – WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange has condemned a British
publisher for releasing drafts of a memoir without his approval. British
publisher Canongate says the book, billed as an “unauthorised
autobiography,” will go on …

‘Unauthorized’ Book On WikiLeaks’ Assange Released | Boise State …
Assange, 40, also claims that a Western intelligence contact warned him
that the American government, angered by WikiLeaks’ release of secret
documents, was considering dealing with him “illegally” through rigged
drug or sex allegations. …

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange Slams Canongate Publishers Over …
By William Underhill
The WikiLeaks founder and his publishers offer competing versions of events
surrounding the release of his unauthorized autobiography.

Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Protests Unauthorized …
By Turtle
Julian Assange of Wikileaks fame has returned to his headline making ways
due to the release of his unauthorized biography on sale 9/22/2011. Despite
striking a ghostwriting deal with publishing company Canongate (and very
lucrative …

Nothing found for News Wikileaks-assange-hit-by-memoir-leak …
By UPI – United Press International, Inc.
Oops… The offer or page you are looking for has expired. Perhaps you can
find what you are looking for by searching the site at the top of the page
or checking out our most recent offers on the right side of the page. Below
is a list of our most …

Sattar terms WikiLeaks reports plot against MQM – The News …
By WLNews
The Express TribuneSattar terms WikiLeaks reports plot against MQMThe News
InternationalKARACHI: MQM Rabita committee deputy convener Dr Farooq Sattar
on Thursday strongly contradicted and condemned reports attributed to his

MQM denies Wikileaks charges of 12 May | The Financial Daily
By admin
KARACHI: Deputy Convener and Parliamentary leader of the Muttahida Qaumi
Movement (MQM), Dr Farooq Sattar, has said that the allegations made by
Wikileaks holding MQM responsible for the May 12 incident in 2007 are
baseless. …

WikiLeaks chief denies sex allegations in memoir
KLAS-TV Channel 8 News NOW Las Vegas. Local News, Weather, Traffic, Sports,
Entertainment for Las Vegas.

Julian Assange: Statement on the Unauthorised, Secret … – Wikileaks
In it I agreed to authorise a 100000-150000 word book – part memoir, part
manifesto – in order to fund legal defences and to contribute towards
WikiLeaks’ …

WikiLeaks chief denies sex allegations in memoir – World news …
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says in a new memoir that he did not
sexually assault two women who have accused him of rape, and claims he was
warned …

Instead of Attacking WikiLeaks, Fix What It Exposed | Common Dreams
Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates was right when he suggested that the
WikiLeaks revelations were “embarrassing” and “awkward.” But his
assessment …

22 September 2011

WikiLeaks chief denies sex allegations in memoir
By JILL LAWLESS , 09.22.11, 05:18 AM EDT LONDON — WikiLeaks founder Julian
Assange says in a new memoir that he did not sexually assault two women who
have accused him of rape, and claims he was warned the US government was
trying to entrap him. …

Wadah Khanfar, Former Al Jazeera Director, Defends Himself After WikiLeaks …
Huffington Post
Al Jazeera’s outgoing news director strongly denied that his sudden
departure from the Middle East’s leading news network had anything to do
with a WikiLeaks cable which appeared to show that he changed some news
coverage in response to United States …

Turmoil in Jordan over WikiLeaks cables
American Thinker (blog)
The recent disclosure by WikiLeaks of cables sent by the American Embassy
in Amman back in 2008 has created a storm in Jordan. The King has accused
the Americans of meddling in domestic affairs by trying to force an
unsolicited change in his kingdom …

Timor president thinks PM a drunk: cables
Sydney Morning Herald
Dr Ramos-Horta’s unkind observations have been revealed in leaked US cables
published by WikiLeaks, Fairfax newspapers report. East Timor’s Nobel-prize
winning figurehead told US diplomats that Mr Gusmao is “arrogant but he
likes to pretend to be …

WikiLeaks: The Election Was “A Power Grab by Mojtaba Khamenei”
…days after the election, the US Embassy in London had another
high-profile Iranian source claiming Mojtaba Khamenei’s responsibility for
the Ahmadinejad victory. Writer and broadcaster Alireza Nourizadeh told the
American officials, …

Zardari thanked US for election win: Wikileaks
The Nation, Pakistan
KARACHI – PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari thanked the US delegation for
his election win, Wikileaks revealed, reported a private TV channel
Wednesday. A diplomatic cable sent by the then US envoy Anne Patterson to
Washington on 30 May, 2008 spoke of a …

WikiLeaks cables: Saudis tagged in funding terrorists in PH
by Jojo Malig, MANILA, Philippines – Saudi nationals have
allegedly financed the operations of Al Qaeda-linked terrorist groups in
the Philippines, according to secret diplomatic cables released by
anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks. …

Lies and spies
The Zimbabwean
We are neck deep in Wikileaks cables and the high tide is still flooding
in. Every day the leaked diplomatic cables are providing evidence that
nothing is as it seems in Zimbabwe. The cables have exposed lies and spies,
hypocrisy and duplicity, …

Wikileaksmania… Don’t Waste Our Time! Former NPP presidential aspirant says …
Accra Daily Mail
Former Attorney General, Mr. Joe Ghartey, is the latest high-ranking
Ghanaian official to try to extricate himself from the raging Wikileaks
mania that has hit Ghana. Early this week, he issued a statement in which
he explained a number of issues …

Foe to friend – changed US stance on Al Jazeera
That is little surprise, say critics, after WikiLeaks revelations exposed
Wadah Khanfar, its director general, as having links to the CIA, prompting
him to hurriedly quit. Stepping into the vacant chair is Sheikh Ahmed bin
Jassim Al Thani, an executive …

Ecuadorian Amazon Case Against Chevron Continues, Wikileaks Show Chevron Tried …
Hispanically Speaking News
However, Wikileaks cables have been revealed that Chevron lobbied the US
government to kill the case. Chevron engaged in a clandestine lobbying
campaign of Ecuador’s government to improperly shut down the historic
environmental case brought by …

Zimbabwe: Worshipping At the Shrine of Empire
We have been bombarded with juicy details from the whistleblower website
WikiLeaks and it is not so surprising that the majority of people following
the revelations are sunk into who said what about whom, and not many are
too occupied with the …

Charlie Beckett: WikiLeaks symptomatic of a trend that’s going to accelerate (blog)
Nobody can accuse Wikileaks of being afraid of the spotlight. The
whistleblower organization hit the headlines again this month as the
un-redacted US Embassy cables became available online, and old arguments
about its status as an institution …

Will Freedom From Qaddafi Make Libyans Better Drivers?
A recently released Wikileaks cable, originally classified in November
2009, details the various the horrors of driving in Libya, where road
accidents are the third leading cause of death. The cable’s anonymous US
diplomat author quotes a local as …

Ethiopian journalist blames plight on WikiLeaks
Radio Netherlands
WikiLeaks has ultimate responsibility for any negative impact that accrues
from the information entrusted to it, regardless of the circumstances under
which the latest round of wires was made public. We are asking that
WikiLeaks assume that …

Nigeria: Who Are the Real Treasury Looters?
Despite its limitations, the WikiLeaks whistle blower is bringing to light
the high level hypocrisy and insincerity of the former Obasanjo
administration in the implementation of the anti-corruption crusade. One of
the latest shocking revelations by …

Doc shows how the Times, it is a-changin’
Winnipeg Free Press
Here, that plays out with the WikiLeaks documents and video that circumvent
mainstream media. It is duly pointed out that if Daniel Ellsberg had had
access to the Internet, he would not have needed the New York Times to
publish the Pentagon Papers. …

Pablo: Pablo’s WikiLeaks
The Observer (blog)
The high-profile whistleblowing website WikiLeaks has taken the world by
storm by unveiling breathtaking information that leaves you wondering
whether you are reading a script for a movie. Well, as a concerned citizen,
I have classified hidden and …

WikiLeaks chief Assange condemns publisher Canongate for issuing unauthorized …
LONDON – WikiLeaks chief Assange condemns publisher Canongate for issuing
unauthorized autobiography.

APNewsBreak: WikiLeaks chief condemns memoir
Newsday (subscription)
Click here APNewsBreak: WikiLeaks chief condemns memoir Originally
published: September 21, 2011 10:21 AM Updated: September 21, 2011 6:55 PM
By The Associated Press (AP) — WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has
condemned a British publisher for …

Religious Figures Can Advance Efforts Towards Shalit’s Release
Yeshiva World News
The rabbi expressed regret over the fact that WikiLeaks reported on his
backroom talks with Iranian officials towards facilitating Shalit’s
release. He labeled the WikiLeaks decision to release the information as
“irresponsible”. …’s-Release.html

WikiLeaks chief Assange condemns publisher Canongate for issuing unauthorized …
Newsday (subscription)
Click here WikiLeaks chief Assange condemns publisher Canongate for issuing
unauthorized autobiography Published: September 21, 2011 6:44 PM By The
Associated Press (AP) — WikiLeaks chief Assange condemns publisher
Canongate for issuing unauthorized …

Ethiopia / Anti-terror law denounced as a serious challenge for the media, a …
Another journalist, Argaw Arshine, who was named in a WikiLeaks document,
fled the country after being repeatedly interrogated and reportedly forced
by police on 8 September to say who told him the government planned to
close the country’s then-main …

U.S. Ambassador Returns to Libya
Fox News
It was about eight months after he left for consultations in Washington in
January after WikiLeaks posted his opinions of Qaddafi’s personal life and
habits in a classified 2009 diplomatic cable. At the time, the Obama
administration was considering …

From Osama to Obama: US praises ‘Al-Qaeda TV’, boss quits
That’s little surprise, say critics, after Wikileaks revelations exposed
the director general of the Qatar based network of having links to the CIA,
and promoting him to hurriedly quit. RT’s Anissa Naouai takes up the story.

US cable shows Archbishop pleading for Rajapaksa impunity
A WikiLeaks file dated 2 Oct 2009, classified confidential by the US
Ambassador in Colombo Patricia Butenis, shows that the Sinhala Catholic
Archbishop in Colombo, Malcolm Ranjith certified Rajapaksa as personally a
‘good man’ and argued in favour of …

4.2 Million Americans Have National Security Clearances [Study]
The Inquisitr
While Wikileaks has released thousands of documents to the general public
the truth of the matter is more than 4 million American’s already have
security clearances of their own. A new study has declared that 4.2 million
American’s have access to …

U.S. Building Drone Bases In Africa To Fight Terrorism
Neon Tommy
Cables showing this information were obtained by WikiLeaks. US officials
said there were no plans to arm the Reapers when the plan was announced.
WikiLeaks documents, however, claim that US officials were thinking about
weaponizing the drones from the …

US Critical of Kurdish MP Arrests in Turkey
AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – Newly-released Wikileaks cables from
December 24, 2009 show that the US was critical of the detention of Kurdish
politicians in Turkey and was also concerned about Kurdish rebels’
influence over Kurdish politics. …

A more common sense approach to security is required
Security Park
And the battle has only just begun as, in recent months, security
professionals have amplified the cry following attacks from DigiNotar,
Anonymous and WikiLeaks – and the list goes on. Organisations need to get
a grip on their borders, now, …

Mbabazi’s oil bribery scandal questionable
New Vision
This follows the Wikileaks revelation. However, I have a different view
basing on the hypocrisy and imperialistic tendencies of some western
powers. What is obscure is the failure by the bribe giver to shed light on
the terms of the transaction. …

Al Jazeera Chief Resigns After Wikileaks Reveals Close U.S. Ties …
By (THR staff)
Wadah Khanfar stepped down from his post at the Qatar-based website on

Ethiopian journalist blames plight on WikiLeaks | Radio Netherlands …
By Hélène Michaud
He says he’s shocked and saddened, but mainly amazed by the sudden turn of
events: Ethiopian journalist Argaw Ashine has been on an emotional
rollercoaster since his rapid flight from his homela…

Al Jazeera Head Suddenly Resigns Over WikiLeaks Revelations
By Glynnis MacNicol
However, Khanfa told the Guardian that the Wikileaks revelations and his
resignation were connected: “Our meetings with the US have to be put in
context. I have meetings with presidents, meetings with foreign ministers,
with representatives …

Al Jazeera top exec resigns after WikiLeaks cable exposure
After eight years as director general at Al Jazeera, Wadah Khanfar on
Tuesday announced his decision to step down, and follows release of
WikiLeaks documents suggesting the news agency, under US pressure, modified
coverage of the Iraq …

Wikileaks on Ramos-Horta –
Wikileaks on RamosHorta Leaked US embassy cables reveal TimorLestes Jose
RamosHorta ripping into fellow leaders and the countrys parliament but also
on the receiving end of criticism from a Vatican official according to a
report in the …

WikiLeaks chief memoir published, against his will – UK news
A long-awaited memoir by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is finally being
published — without his approval. British publisher Canongate…

UPDATED – WikiLeaks: The Unknown Prisoners of Guantánamo …
By Andy Worthington
In May, when I first began analyzing in depth the classified military
documents released by WikILeaks at the end of April (a project on which I
worked as a media partner), I began with 84 stories that were previously
unknown, as all that had …

APNewsBreak: WikiLeaks chief condemns memoir – Technology …
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange lashed out at a British publisher for
releasing drafts of a long-awaited memoir without his approval Thursday,
saying he did not author the book or get the opportunity to check it.

Ecuadorian Amazon Case Against Chevron Continues, Wikileaks …
By WLNews
Ecuadorian Amazon Case Against Chevron Continues, Wikileaks Show Chevron
Tried …Hispanically Speaking NewsHowever, Wikileaks cables have been
revealed that Chevron lobbied the US government to kill the case. Chevron
engaged …

WikiLeaks Reveals US Requests Al Jazeera Web Content Gets …
By Editor
A top-secret US cable from the US embassy in Doha, Qatar where the
Aljazeera headquarter is, was published recently on Wikileaks. The cable
revealed that.

Zardari thanked US for election win: WikiLeaks | Pakistan Today …
By fraaz
News Comments
iLeaks+2011-09-21+21%3A39%3A19fraazhttp …

US Reaper Bases in Ethiopia, Djibouti and Seychelles – WikiLeaks …
By The Editor
The US is building secret UAS bases in the Horn of Africa and the Arabian
Peninsula to attack al-Qaeda affiliates in Somalia and Yemen.

Masters of Media » Book review: ‘Wikileaks, Inside Julian Assange’s …
By jacoruje
Wikileaks has become, in the last years, the symbol of transparency in the
21st Century. The efforts of the organization founded by Julian Assange to
offer public access to relevant information about politicians, bankers and
rulers of the world …

WikiLeaks chief denies sex allegations in memoir | Progressive …
By World news
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says in a new memoir that he did not
sexually assault two women who have accused him of rape, and claims he was
warned the U.S government was trying to entrap him.

Wikileaks founder fails in bid to suppress own memoirs
By Kip Hooker
Wikileaks founder fails in bid to suppress own memoirs. Do you hear that
Mr. Assange? That’s the sound of the universe laughing at you.

Al Jazeera news director resigns after WikiLeaks disclosure reveals …
By ragnar
WikiLeaks is a non-profit media organization dedicated to bringing
important news and information to the public. WikiLeaks relies on its
supporters in order to stay strong. We provide an innovative, secure and
anonymous way for independent …

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s memoir being published …
By Staff Reporter
Staff Reporter Founder of Wikileaks initially agreed to work with
ghostwriter, then backed out. And now he’s mad they’re publishing without
his permission.

Tables turned on WikiLeaks founder –
Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder who rose to prominence by publishing
others’ information without their consent, will wake up today with his own

Can the cult of Assange save cash-strapped WikiLeaks? – Americas …
Roll up, roll up! The great WikiLeaks memorabilia auction has just begun.
The laptop computer on which.

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