Assange / Wikileaks Newslinks 22 August 2012

22 August 2012 —

UK media lines up behind campaign to extradite Assange and silence WikiLeaks
World Socialist Web Site Today at 16:33 The British media has played a venal role throughout the ongoing efforts to witch-hunt and silence WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.

Banned Names
Craig Murray Today at 14:31 Not only have the BBC hierarchy ruled Anna Ardin’s name must not be mentioned. Also Irmeli Krans’ name is banned from the airwaves. And no, she’s not an alleged ‘victim’ in the Assange case.

George Galloway wrong
Socialist Resistance Today at 13:30Terry Susan Pashkoff and Terry Conway respond to George Galloway’s video:
This video from George Galloway – which appeared on The Guardian website – is extremely offensive and misogynist. Galloway, in seeking to defend Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange not only against the US government and threats of extradition from Britain but from allegations of rape by two women in Sweden, made a series of indefensible statements in his weekly online broadcast, Goodnight with George Galloway.

Assange case: “David and Goliath” situation
Voice of Russia, News Today at 13:07 The President of Ecuador has said any attempt by the UK to enter its embassy would amount to diplomatic suicide. The comments from Rafael Correa come after Ecuador granted asylum to Julian Assange, provoking criticism from the UK government which wants to extradite the Wikileaks founder to Sweden for questioning on allegations of sexual assault.

MP on Assange’s ‘sexual etiquette’
Voice of Russia, News Today at 11:24 Campaigners against sexual violence have reacted angrily after the controversial British MP George Galloway said Julian Assange is not guilty of rape. Mr Assange is facing several sexual charges in Sweden, including allegations of rape, after complaints were made to police in 2010.

Julian Assange: where to from here?
Voice of Russia, News Today at 09:33 WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange remains holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London despite being granted asylum by the South American country last week. The British Foreign Office says it won’t give Assange safe passage to an airport, saying it must fulfil its international law obligations and extradite him to Sweden.

Another asshat ‘Liberal’ sticks foot in mouth
Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert Today at 09:20 Laurie Penny: If you really believe in WikiLeaks, you must want Assange to face up to justice Classic nonsense from over eager ‘Liberal’ trying to score points but missing the point. You wanna talk about women’s rights? Talk about Rep. …

The Pathetic Vapourings of the Establishment
Craig Murray Today at 08:41 A number of mainstream media attacks on me today. Astonishingly, not a single one admits that Anna Ardin gave media interviews accusing Assange and put her own name in the public domain. Despite the fact I spent most of yesterday being interviewed by journalists and repeating that point over and over again.

Ecuador may turn to ICC to settle Assange problem
Voice of Russia, News Today at 07:13 Ecuador may take the issue of Julian Assange to the International Criminal Court.

Remembrances of dirty wars and nasty characters
The Greanville Post Today at 03:15TGP STAFF THE OUTRAGEOUS STANDOFF between Ecuador and Britain over Julian Assange, entirely caused by the United Kingdom’s abject desire to play loyal sidekick to imperial Washington, and a recent item on the New York Times that brought back memories of the murderous dirty war in Argentina in the 1970s, and the cynical existence of a school

VIDEO: Assange embassy entry warning

BBC News Yesterday at 18:45 It would be ‘suicidal’ for British authorities to try to enter the Ecuadorian embassy to arrest Julian Assange, Ecuador’s president has warned.

Galloway sparks outrage after blog calling rape ‘really bad manners’
Morning Star Yesterday at 18:12 Furious campaigners lashed out at George Galloway yesterday after he claimed sexual assault allegations against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange amounted to no more than ‘bad sexual etiquette.’

Assange is no left-wing hero
Morning Star Yesterday at 17:28 I strongly disagree with Keith Flett’s opinion (M Star August 20) that although he is ‘less than ideal,’ Julian Assange somehow ‘fits the bill’ as a ‘modern left-wing figure.’



Ecuador’s leader says open to talks with Britain on Assange


QUITO (Reuters) – Ecuador is ready to negotiate over the fate of Julian Assange if Britain withdraws a threat to raid its embassy in London where the WikiLeaks founder has sought refuge, President Rafael Correa said on Tuesday. Ecuador was incensed by …


WikiLeaks: From ‘Torch of Democracy’ to Anti-American ‘Cudgel’ (Die Presse …

The Moderate Voice

Is anti-Americanism on the part of Julian Assange at the heart of

WikiLeaks? For Austria’s Die Presse, columnist Michael Laczynski asserts

that what seemed to have begun as an effort to give whistle blowers a safe

place to expose corruption and …


WikiLeaks‘ Assange Supporters Hit UK Websites With DDoS Attacks


Hacktivists in the Anonymous collective have taken credit for a series of

attacks in the last 24 hours against United Kingdom government sites in

protest of efforts to extradite WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange. Dubbed

Operation Free Assange, the …


Wikileaks Finds A Friend In Anonymous With #OpFreeAssange


Wikileaks and Anonymous have been close for quite some time now. Many of

the recent leaks that have come out of Wikileaks were obtained by members

within Anonymous. With Julian Assange under fire at the Ecuadorian embassy,

Anonymous have taken …


Melbourne radio host suspended for shouting ‘Sieg Heil’

Jewish Telegraphic Agency

SYDNEY, Australia (JTA) – A Melbourne radio host who claims Jewish

descent was suspended for one month for shouting “Sieg Heil” three

times at the mother of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. John Michael

Howson, 76, a talk-back host on 3AW Radio, …


WikiLeaks and Free Speech


We therefore have been deeply grateful for the accomplishments of

WikiLeaks, and applaud Ecuador’s decision to grant diplomatic asylum to its

founder, Julian Assange, who is now living in the Ecuadorean Embassy in

London. Ecuador has acted in …


Let’s Help WikiLeaks Liberate the Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiating Text


Leaders of the member countries of the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic

Partnership Agreement (TPP) meeting on November 14, 2010. (Photo: Gobierno

de Chile)On September 6, negotiators will go to Leesburg, Virginia, for the

latest round of secretive …


Rape or politics? Assange sex case splits Britain


The founder of WikiLeaks has turned his legal travails into a political

issue, causing a diplomatic row by taking refuge in the Ecuadorean embassy,

but a growing number of critics want to focus attention back onto the

allegations of sexual violence …


Wikileaks Greatest Hits: The Venezuelan ambassador’s emails

Democratic Underground

So, naturally, somebody hacked a server, got thousands of emails from the

account of Freddy Balzan (who had been Venezuela’s ambassador to

Argentina), and handed them over to Wikileaks! Which finally brings us to

the decisive light that Wikileaks shed …


Hackers target UK government websites over Assange case


LONDON (Reuters) – Hackers have targeted British government websites in the

last 24 hours, the government said on Tuesday, after activist hacking group

Anonymous said it had launched attacks to protest against the handling of

the case of WikiLeaks‘ …


Hackers target UK government websites over Julian Assange case


Anonymous says targets Cameron’s office, other departments. * UK govt says

hackers failed or caused little disruption. LONDON Aug 21 (Reuters) –

Hackers have targeted British government websites in the last 24 hours, the

government said on Tuesday, …


If you really believe in WikiLeaks, you must want Assange to face up to justice

The Independent

Which would you rather have – women’s rights or freedom of speech? For

the crowd standing outside the Ecuadorian Embassy, listening to various

venerable activists give rousing speeches, that’s the choice that seems to

have been placed before the …


Respect internet freedom, US tells India

New York Daily News

Asked to explain its stand on WikiLeaks in view of its professed support of

full freedom of the internet, Nuland said: “WikiLeaks didn’t have to do

with freedom of the internet. It had to do with the compromise of US

government classified information …


Michael Moore And Oliver Stone Join Forces To Defend Julian Assange In New …

International Business Times

August 21, 2012 3:15 PM EDT. Controversial film directors Michael Moore and

Oliver Stone joined forces to pen an op-ed Monday in the New York Times in

support of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s effort to seek political

asylum in Ecuador.


Political Asylum For Wikileaks’ Assange, Greendays Gardening, And A Brand …


US: Assange Trying To Deflect Attention: Julian Assange, speaking from a

ground–level balcony at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London last weekend,

accused the United States of a “witch hunt” over his secrets–spilling

website Wikileaks. The Obama …


Sweden unlikely to extradite Assange to US: Australia


SYDNEY — WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was unlikely to be extradited

from Sweden to the United States if there was a risk of the death penalty

or a military court, Australia’s foreign minister said Wednesday. British

authorities won their case to …


Hacker Group Anonymous Targets U.K. Web Sites in Support of Julian Assange

Hollywood Reporter

LONDON – Computer hacking collective Anonymous said Tuesday that it has

launched cyber attacks on British government websites to protest the U.K.’s

plans to extradite WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. our editor recommends.

Julian Assange Calls on …


Correa: Storming embassy to seize Assange would be UK’s ‘political suicide’


Correa said that if British authorities forced their way into embassy to

arrest the WikiLeaks founder, then other people could enter British

diplomatic premises all around the world and the UK “wouldn’t be able to

say a thing.” During his statement on …


Assange asylum seen as travesty of justice in Sweden


Women’s claims seen belittled by WikiLeaks head. * Nordic nation has strong

human rights record. By Patrick Lannin and Mia Shanley. STOCKHOLM, Aug 21

(Reuters) – While WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange battles to stay in

Britain, Sweden is incensed …


Don’t lose sight of why the US is out to get Julian Assange

The Guardian

To get a grip on what is actually going on, rewind to WikiLeaks‘ explosive

release of secret US military reports and hundreds of thousands of

diplomatic cables two years ago. They disgorged devastating evidence of US

war crimes and collusion with death …


Julian Assange: Swedish prosecutors censure sex case naming diplomat

A WikiLeaks spokesman did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

Meanwhile Ecuador’s president, Rafael Correa, said it would be “suicide”

for Britain to enter his country’s London embassy, where Mr Assange has

been holed up for two months …


UK lawmaker criticized over Assange rape comments

Kansas City Star

British lawmaker George Galloway was chastised by the leader of his own

political party over his claim that sex crime allegations against WikiLeaks

founder Julian Assange do not constitute rape. It drew some parallels to

U.S. congressman Todd Akin, who …


A dialogue that even Wikileaks wouldn’t reveal

The Nation

THE FOLLOWING conversation among three world-class crim … er …

political victims is imaginary. I do believe, howeverr, that if you put

Thaksin Shinawatra, Viktor Bout and Julian Assange in one chat room and

asked them to be sincere and …


Michael Moore – Michael Moore And Oliver Stone Applaud Ecuador For Granting …

Filmmakers Michael Moore and Oliver Stone have applauded officials in

Ecuador for granting WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s request for

political asylum in a new opinion piece. Assange has been fighting

extradition to Sweden, where he is accused of …


Julian Assange’s Rape Case Has Nothing to Do With Free Speech


The latest Wikileaks farce came to a head this weekend, with Julian Assange

thundering from a balcony at the London Ecuadorian embassy that Obama must

end the “witch hunt,” against Wikileaks. That Assange is holed up in the

embassy after seeking …


Wikileaks & Free Speech

By Michael Moore & Oliver Stone, New York Times

We therefore have been deeply grateful for the accomplishments of

WikiLeaks, and applaud Ecuador’s decision to grant diplomatic asylum to its

founder, Julian Assange, who is now living in the Ecuadorean Embassy in

London. Ecuador has …


Wikileaks Boycotts Too Big To Fail With Bitcoin – Max Keiser

By Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert

watch Visit Max Keiser, Pirate MyFilm and MaxkeiserTV on YouTube on

maxkeisertv About the guests of keiser report on the keiser report. Max &

Stacy: The Most Dangerous People in Financial Media · Markets finance

scandal Maxkeiser dot …


Why is Wikileaks’ Julian Assange Asking Obama for Help? | The …

By Sharon Rondeau


DIRECTLY by Sharon Rondeau Julian Assange is an Australian citizen accused

by two.


Poll: Should the Public Cheer WikiLeaks for Posting Government …

Founder Julian Assange, seeking to avoid sex-case trial in Sweden, assails

U.S. “witch hunt.”


WikiLeaks and the Global Future of Free Speech … – Gerd Leonhard

By Gerd Leonhard

This is a great piece in the NYT, see below. Regardless of what you think

of Assange or Wikileaks, the point below is correct.WikiLeaks and the

Global Future of Free Speech –


Polish WikiLeaks

Enjoy ya ll: Polish WikiLeaks.


Assange asks for end to US Wikileaks ‘witch hunt’ | IceNews – Daily …

By Malcolm

Wikileaks figurehead Julian Assange has urged Washington to end its

Wikileaks ‘witch hunt’ after he was given amnesty by Ecuador last week.


Julian Assange, USA: Wikileaks; Sweden: Willi-leaks « Hung, Drawn …

By hungdrawnandcultured

Julian Assange, USA: Wikileaks; Sweden: Willi-leaks. Asange seeks sanctuary

to avoid extradition to … Like this: Like. Be the first to like this.

Tags: Assange, embassy sanctuary, extradition, Julian Assange, rape

charges, Sweden, wikileaks …


Lionel – Wikileaks Secrets Revealed – KPLR 11

By Lionel

NEW YORK, NY (WPIX) – Secrets, spies, and Wikileaks. Commentator Lionel

talks about the spymasters and the data they’re releasing….


WikiLeaks cable: Gaddafi funded, trained CPP-NPA rebels …

MANILA, Philippines – Libyan strongman Moammar Gaddafi was a key financier

of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and its military wing, the

New People’s Army (NPA), according to a US Secretary of State secret cable

published …

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