WikiLeaks intervenes in the U.S. federal election – Vote WikiLeaks!

3 October 2012Wikileaks

From today WikiLeaks has decided to intervene in the U.S. federal election. It is clear that whether Republicans or Democrats are in power, without the sort of pressure we can exert when we are at our strongest, the U.S. government will continue to declare the whole world a battleground.

Last Friday, the Pentagon publicly reissued its threats against WikiLeaks, demanding that we destroy our previous publications and cease “soliciting” U.S. military whistleblowers — and that our failure to do so was an ongoing “crime” and “law enforcement matter”. The FBI file for the pending prosecution of WikiLeaks, according to court records from earlier this year, has reached 42,135 pages.

WikiLeaks is determined to stop these and other moves towards what appears to be – let’s be honest – a transnational security state dystopia. We believe knowledge is power and that knowledge should be in the hands of the people. By placing huge quantities of secret knowledge into your hands we can stop the concentration of power that is driving these trends.

We ask that you cast the only vote that matters, and vote with your wallet.

It is possible for you to make donations with your credit card, despite the attempted blockade. To do so, visit

Also, please consider visiting our campaign website, at and passing it on to your friends and family.


Julian Assange and Team

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