Wikileaks: The Public Library of US Diplomacy: “PlusD” (and the Kissinger Cables)

9 April, 2013 — Wikileaks

Wl2On Monday April 8, 2013, WikiLeaks launched the Public Library of US Diplomacy, or PlusD, “the world’s largest searchable collection of United States confidential, or formerly confidential, diplomatic communications”. It includes the “Kissinger Cables”, which are diplomatic records from 1973-1976, and also the  documents from Cablegate. PlusD has search tools like a  text and tag search, and the ability to make timegraphs. WikiLeaks is currently working with 18 media partners in 16 countries and this release has  made a lot of  headlines in the international press.

Search in the data base:

Read the press release:

Look the videos from the press conference:


Look in the data base by yourself, to find stories you want to come into light, and for further info, follow @wikileaks or @wlpress. See also the very interesting blog This Days in WikiLeaks for a daily update.

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