Wikileaks Newslinks 14 April 2013

14 April 2013 —


Wikileaks cables: Don’t think you’re supporting Pak, Indira Gandhi told …

Indian Express

This is what Indira Gandhi told US President Richard Nixon just days before India-Pakistan war when she met him in Washington in November 1971, according to a US diplomatic cable made public by Wikileaks. The cable on October 19, 1973 is based on a …


The Life and Career of WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange

Vancouver Sun

Born July 3rd, 1971 in Queensland, Australian, Julian Assange took his

roots as a computer hacker to become the man behind WikiLeaks, one of the

biggest non-profit whistleblowing organizations today. In 2011, the

organization was behind one of the …


Australia closely monitoring Manning prosecution

Sydney Morning Herald

The Embassy also noted private Manning’s assertion that WikiLeaks did not

encourage him to leak information. However further text relating to this

statement has been redacted by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

on the grounds that disclosure …


At what point does a person become a spy?

Perth Now

Wikileaks cable beg question: At what point are you a spy? Americans found

Hawke’s language “too blue”; Whitlam accused of possessing self-destroying

ego. THE latest release of WikiLeaks cables raise a question: at what point

does a person become a …


WikiLeaks documents reveal India nearly bought two Swedish naval submarines …

Daily Mail

India was looking to buy Swedish submarines in the seventies and was even

inclined to use development aid loan to fund the proposed acquisitions,

according to WikiLeaks cables. Diplomatic sources claimed that Indians were

willing to use Swedish …


Media always knew about Congress what WikiLeaks has revealed


The tell-tale Kissinger cables have failed to excite the political class.

That was only to be expected. Every political party is stained with the tar

of corruption, some more so than others. However, the collective amnesia of

the media is inexplicable …


Wikileak cable revelations ‘piece of fiction’: Leila

Press Trust of India

New Delhi, Apr 8 (PTI) Socialist leader George Fernandes’ wife Leila today

termed as “piece of fiction” the Wikileak cable revelations that the

fire-brand activist sought financial assistance from US spy agency CIA to

organise sabotage activities …–piece-of-fiction—Leila


Bin Laden Raid Member Can Be WikiLeaks Witness

KKTV 11 News

The government says the witness, presumably a Navy SEAL, collected digital

evidence showing that an associate of bin Laden provided the al-Qaida

leader with documents Manning has acknowledged sending to the WikiLeaks

website. Defense attorneys …


Judge allows prosecution to call team member from Osama bin Laden raid in …

South China Morning Post

Judge allows prosecution to call team member from Osama bin Laden raid in

Wikileaks trial. Saturday, 13 April, 2013 [Updated: 23:35]. In Pictures.

37th Hong Kong International Film Festival/7th Asian Film Awards · Migrant

mainland workers’ happy …


Julian Assange granted asylum in Ecuador

Vancouver Sun

… VancouverSunOnline’s video to your playlist. Sign in. Transcript

Statistics Report. Published on Apr 13, 2013. Thu, Aug 16: WikiLeaks

founder Julian Assange, who’s facing sex assault charges in Sweden, has

been granted diplomatic asylum in Ecuador.


Assange seeking political asylum in Ecuador

Vancouver Sun

… video to your playlist. Sign in. Transcript Statistics Report.

Published on Apr 13, 2013. Wed, Jun 20: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is

trying to avoid extradition to Sweden, so he’s seeking political asylum

from Ecuador. Will it work? Sean …


Assange continue seeking asylum in Ecuador’s embassy

Vancouver Sun

Transcript Statistics Report. Published on Apr 13, 2013. Fri, Jun 22:

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has given his first interview since he

sought political asylum at Ecuador’s embassy in London. CBS’ Monica

Villamizar reports from the British capital.


Assange speaks to supporters outside embassy

Vancouver Sun

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has called on President Barack Obama to

end a “witch hunt” against his secret-spilling website, after appearing in

public for the 1st time since he took refuge inside Ecuador’s embassy in

London 2 months ago. (Aug. 19) …


Wikileaks cable: Antony refused to support Sanjay

Press Trust of India

New Delhi, Apr 9 (PTI) A K Antony was “one of the only” leaders apart from

Priyaranjan Dasmunsi who “flatly criticised” Sanjay Gandhi during 1976 AICC

session in Guwahati during Emergency when the latter’s political graph was

on the rise, US diplomatic …–Antony-refused-to-support-Sanjay-


Stephen’s Avenue: Diplomatic notes

Vancouver Sun

A lot has been made this week about the leaked comments from a bunch of

diplomats. With WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in jail, hackers and

financial institutions battling it out in cyberspace, Herald columnist

Stephen Hunt wonders what the fuss is …


Britain’s highest court rules against Assange

Vancouver Sun

Wed, May 30: Britain’s highest court has ruled against Julian Assange —

the man behind the controversial WikiLeaks website. But Assange’s lawyers

say they will keep fighting to stop his extradition to Sweden for sex

crimes. CBS’ Monica Villamizar …


Assange defiant in London speech

Vancouver Sun

Addressing his supporters for the first time since he sought refuge in the

Ecuadorian embassy in London, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange denounced

what he calls the war on whistleblowers by the United States government.

Stuart Greer reports.


Sharad Pawar predicted year of polls after Emergency

Times of India

The recently released WikiLeaks cables indicate that he was among the few

Emergency-era politicians to precisely predict the year of general

elections. A cable dated September 17, 1975 said Pawar was not expecting

Indira Gandhi to hold elections on …


US’s million-dollar question:when is Malta’s National Day?

Times of Malta

US diplomatic cables published by Wikileaks this week include an

interesting exchange between Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and US

Ambassador to Malta Robert Smith. A cable signed by Dr Kissinger on

September 25, 1975, points out that the State …


Maulana Azad Medical College finds mention in WikiLeaks cable

Times of India

Maulana Azad Medical College finds mention in WikiLeaks cable. The writer

has posted comments on this article PTI | Apr 14, 2013, 12.07 PM IST.

Tweet. Share on Linkedin. Comments. More. Google Bookmarks, Newsvine. Live

Bookmarks, Technorati …


US doubted non-political role of Irish president after Hillery election

According to a cable released by Wikileaks this week, Ambassador Walter

Curley said the accession of Hillery was a “plus for Fianna Fáil” but

a “definite minus” for the governing coalition. Both Labour and Fine

Gael failed to nominate a candidate …


US Felt SF Had Poor Economic Knowledge

Sunday Leader

A leaked US cable, made public by Wikileaks, quoted the then US Deputy

Chief of Mission in Sri Lanka Rebecca Cohn as saying that Fonseka is a

military man who has publicly admitted that he has little knowledge of

economic issues, and other than …


‘I don’t blame Mintoff for my father’s death’

Times of Malta

The episode remains imprinted in Mr Cassar Torreggiani’s mind but his

memory was refreshed this week after Wikileaks published US diplomatic

cables from 1973 saying his father’s heart attack after a four-hour meeting

“provoked” the run on the bank.


Wikileaks reveals US-Australia relationship – Defense Technology …

By StingrayOZ

Wikileaks: At what point does a person become a spy? | Information,

Gadgets, Mobile Phones News & Reviews | Pretty interesting, a



Bin Laden raid member can be WikiLeaks witness – Yahoo! News

From Yahoo! News: FORT MEADE, Md. (AP) — A military judge cleared the way

Wednesday for a member of the team that raided Osama bin Laden’s compound

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