ColdType Issue 77: The Crime of War…

1 September 2013 — Coldtype

The September issue of ColdType is now on line at

CONTENTS  – 88 pages

THE CRIME OF WAR – This month’s cover story is an 8-page graphic representation of Wilfred Owen’s  classic poem about the use of poison gas in World War I, a poem that has assumed greater resonance in this tumultuous time. Other important stories in this issue include David Edwards’ examination of the media’s hypocritical responses to other massacres, revolutions and military coups, and John W. Whitehead’s indictment of the US National Security Agency. Felicity Arbuthnot contrasts two recent births – one in London, the other in Iraq, Stan Cox peers into the future, Chellis Glendinning remembers the past, and Tony Sutton writes about the milking of soccer’s fans. Plus much, much more.


WHISKEY, SNAKES & JOE – Our second feature this month is a wonderful 
 40-page e-book featuring tales of life and death in Joe Bageant’s family in Virginia over a period of more than 50 years. It’s chilling, heart-warming, adventurous, and written in the singular Joe Bageant style. Don’t miss it. .

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